Shuttle Pod 29: The Five Ages of Star Trek

The Star Trek franchise has certainly changed over the course of its five-decades long existence. This week, the Shuttle Pod crew attempt to classify each “age” of Trek, in the style of the classical Ages of Man (as is done in comic books: golden age, silver age, etc). And, to do it, we use TrekMovie editor Jared Whitley’s series of articles, “The Five Ages of Star Trek” as a guide.

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Follow along as we dissect Star Trek through the ages and argue about where to draw the lines set by Jared in his original series of articles, “The Five Ages of Star Trek”.

Golden Age: 1966 to 1976
The Dilithium Age

Start: Sept. 1966 (Man Trap)
End: Sept. 1976 (NASA names shuttle Enterprise)
Episodes: 101 – 79 (TOS), 22 (TAS)
Movies: 0


Silver Age: 1977 to 1986
Transparent Aluminum Age

Start: May 1977 (Star Wars)
End: Dec. 1986 (Shatner hosts SNL)
Episodes: 0
Movies: 4


Bronze Age: 1987 to 1996
Latinum Age

Start: Sept. 1987 (Farpoint)
End: Nov. 1996 (First Contact)
Episodes: 340 – 178 (TNG), 108 (DS9), 54 (VOY)
Movies: 4


Iron Age: 1997 – 2005
Polarized Hull-plating Age

Start: Jan. 1997 (Star Wars special edition)
End: May 2005 (These are the voyages …)
Episodes: 284 – 68 (DS9), 118 (VOY), 98 (ENT)
Movies: 2


Modern Age: 2006 – 2016
Vreenak Age

Start: July 2005 (Vreenak meme drops)
End: July 2016 (Beyond)
Episodes: 0
Movies: 3 


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