Shuttle Pod 31: The One About The Discovery Promo Video

Close up shot of a brand new delta insignia and a blue Starfleet uniform with gold accents.Close up shot of a brand new delta insignia and a blue Starfleet uniform with gold accents. Possibly a 2255 duty or dress uniform.

Star Trek: Discovery has officially left space dock. The Shuttle Pod crew react to the sets, costumes, aliens, and more in the first DSC promo video.

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The first promotional video for Star Trek: Discovery hit the internet last week. See our full breakdown of the video here, and watch the video again below:

YouTube  – region locked

Twitter announcement, may work for other regions 

This week on the Shuttle Pod, Brian, Kayla, and Jared dissect the video and talk about costumes, sets, aliens, and more. Plus, we talk about the latest confirmed casting announcements (like Sarek) and other casting rumors.

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While I’m not a fan of the Discoveries proposed design (as far as I’m concerned, until I see it on screen, it’s not final), I’m sure I personally will learn to love it as long as I think the show is great. To paraphrase a popular speech between Quark and Garek:

QUARK: What do you think of the Discovery?
GARAK: It’s vile.
QUARK: I know. It’s so pointy and a forgone design.
GARAK: Just like the Federation.
QUARK: But you know what’s really frightening? If you see enough of it, you begin to like it.
GARAK: It’s insidious.
QUARK: Just like the Federation.
GARAK: Do you think they’ll be able to convince us?
QUARK: I hope so.

LLAP, guys – love the podcast!

Wow, thanks, Doug! We love doing it.

Well that ship geometry is valid in universe – and ugly ships just make the point that the Constitution class was the state of the art design. The chatter about hybrid technology is silly – this isn’t Babylon 5. Star trek physics dictates paired nacelles and front to back asymmetrical hulls. A Klingon D-7 and a Daedalus have the sphere on a long neck design geometry. A TOS romulan warbird and the Miranda and psuedo-canon NX class have essentially the same geometry too.

I’m excited to see what they do with the show.

In the regards to the comments about Fuller leaving/being pushed out, is it not fair for a studio to want their showrunner to have a bit more tunnel vision to their project instead of juggling multiple series like it sounded like Fuller was going to do? What if keeping Fuller on hand would have drug this out even longer? I could be wrong, just playing devil’s advocate.

I think you’re right on. And I think Fuller stepped away willingly, agreeing that his focus couldn’t be on the show, and it was best for everyone if they got a new showrunner. Frankly, while I love Fuller, and think he’s great for the series, I don’t think he’s so special that you’d want to wait around for him.

As it is, the series bible and concept are still his, his first few scripts will be used, so in essence, it’s still largely his show.

Good point about the TOS uniforms vis-à-vis the Star Fleet badge.

That’s exactly the kind of arcane trivia that the likes of us come here for.

Because where else is that sort of discussion appropriate?

Not in polite society, I can tell you that.

“Because where else is that sort of discussion appropriate? Not in polite society, I can tell you that.”

Waitaminute! When did *this* become “polite” society? Did I miss a memo? :)

Your ‘pull stuff outta their butt’ line made me laugh. I just rewatched ‘Spock’s Brain’ for the first time in many moons. There’s a bit where Jimmy Doohan is supposed to put his phaser back on his belt. Jimmy clearly knows his phaser will make a very loud noise falling to the floor, because he’s not wearing Velcro at that moment. He beautifully takes forever putting the phaser away without ever looking down or ruining the shot. I agree that STDSC (how do you abbreviate this without making it VD?) is a very tight fit between two known periods. I really wish they’d pushed it into the 25th century. Ah well… Neat that we get a Federal plus a Klingon crew.

This show will have Time Travel or have people from the Future on the Discovery, This is what I think either 1 the show Starts Post Nemesis in the year 2417 and they build the First Time Ship to go after a bunch of Villains maybe Klingons Cardassians Remans Romulans and others who go back in time to the year 2255 and they try to change History so this ship the Discovery go back to the year 2255 to Stop them. or 2 maybe section 31 from 2255 get contacted from the Future by Temporal agents warning them that villans from the Future are coming to Destroy them so they build a ship with information from the Future and they go after this new threat.

Good to see you’re enjoying your Saurian Brandy. I’d watch the show you describe, but I think we just gotta watch what they give us. I strongly suspect STD will have more to do with current TV trends than it will with TOS-style storytelling. Time travel will no doubt crop up… because it’s all over every franchise. But, I hope it doesn’t get too muddy.

They had previously said that time travel would not happen in the first season, but that was before Fuller left, so who knows.

If you’re Vulcan, I think you pronounce it as “Saw-rek”. If you’re not Vulcan, then it’s most likely “Sah-rek”.

‘treat her like a lady and she’ll always bring you home’

This was good stuff…I’ve gotta say that I hope that this does make Trek as big as it was in the 90s again….and in order for that to work, we need more than just one series. For now that’s all we will get but in the near future I hope they will put out some new material.

A show set post-Nemesis would be good too, or who knows, just something that is different. I also wanna see more alien looking aliens, less humanoids.

Anyway I think that they should stay true to the designs shown in THE CAGE, since it is of that era, but only if we actually see the Enterprise. I think as long as it’s a different class of starship it doesn’t have to have that retro look. I hope to see the laser pistols at least. If Pike or Spock is in it at any point, they should CG Jeffery Hunter and Leonard Nimoy’s faces.

Sorry. I don’t agree. Creative risk is the only thing that matters. To plop another TOS/TNG clone after doing two consecutive star ship based shows, just demonstrates the bankrupt minds and lack of creative courage CBS and this creative team have. A great example of this would be STAR WARS. It may not be commonly known, but originally George Lucas attempted to buy Flash Gordon from Universal and make it his introductory space opera, and failed. This failure FORCED him to be creative, and because of that, we got STAR WARS. With the last three TREK movies and the last two TV series, STAR TREK creators are just playing it safe. Just create a ship, put a crew on it and that’s it. They are not even trying to push the envelope–except, as a member of this Podcast states–by spending money? Really? That’s not how you ignite and expand the creative process to the universal popular culture. I wish them luck.