REVIEW: Star Trek Enterprise – The Complete Series Blu-ray

A well executed repackaging of the single-season sets that offers a tremendous amount of content for a great price.

The 5th live action Star Trek series divided fans when it premiered in the fall of 2001, with some questioning the need for a prequel set before The Original Series. After making a strong debut, the show struggled to find focus over the next three seasons and was teetering on cancellation when producer Manny Coto took the creative reigns from series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and produced what is generally considered the best season of the show.


Unfortunately it turned out to be too little too late, and the show was canceled, becoming the first Star Trek series since TOS not to enjoy a 7-season broadcast run.


The show has plenty of fans, however, and has received a more positive critical reappraisal the past few years, making now a perfect time to revisit the series on Blu-ray.


All 97 episodes are spread across 24 discs and are housed in the plastic casing pictured above. The audio commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes, and superb documentaries that were produced by Roger Lay and Robert Meyer Burnett have all been brought over to this release. The set is currently retailing on Amazon for $77.99 and is, in my opinion, an absolute steal for anyone who hasn’t already picked up the individual season sets.


Enterprise Cast Reunion feature

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