Deep Space Nine Doc “What We Left Behind” Surpasses Fundraising Goal, Moves Into Stretch Goals

Terry Farrell and Ira Steven Behr - DS9 doc

Ira Steven Behr’s documentary about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has already been extended to 90 minutes, and just keeps getting better.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for What We Left Behind launched the night of February 8, and reached its initial goal of $150,000 within 24 hours, covering post-production costs plus the hefty licensing fees for clips from the show. A few days later, with donations still pouring in, they reached their first stretch goal of $250,000, upping the length of the doc from 60 to a more feature-length-friendly 90 minutes.

Once they hit $350,000, they’ll be able to add an original score by a live orchestra as well as an extended writers’ room feature. (As a reminder, five of the writers gathered to talk about what they’d do with an eighth season of DS9.) If they get to $425,000, they’ll be able to do more interviews with DS9 crew members and fans, and from they’re they’ll try to reach $500,000, with specific goals tbd for the moment.

As they add new stretch goals, they’re also adding new perks, from a Garak lapel pin to a batch of cookies made by Terry Farrell. Farrell took to Twitter a few days ago to walk around the Deep Space Nine stages on the Paramount lot where they used to film, and where she answered fan questions and talked up the documentary. (She also celebrated Valentine’s Day with boyfriend and What We Left Behind director Adam Nimoy.)

She also stopped by the “What We Left Behind” offices:

She and Behr made a point of thanking the fans as well:

And most recently, she demonstrated that yes, she is actually making those cookies herself:

There are still a few weeks left to donate, and while some of the big perks are already sold out–lunch with Ira Behr, special photo of Terry Farrell with tribbles, NYC screening party premiere tickets, dinner with the DS9 team & stars in Vegas at STLV, a dinner party at Nana Vistor’s, and more–there are still opportunities for everything from a set of lapel pins to an invitation to the L.A. premiere.

You can get more details  on the doc here, as well as watch the teaser for it.

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