“Star Trek: Discovery” to Premiere by Early Fall

CBS Chief Les Moonves told investors today that Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in late Summer or early Fall 2017. More details follow.

Moonves spoke about Star Trek: Discovery before investors at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference on February 27th, according to Deadline. Moonves noted that the premiere had been pushed back from its (re)scheduled May target date because “It’s important to get it right, and Star Trek is the family jewels [sic].” Moonves elaborated, “We’re not going to rush it in. There’s a lot of post-production. But I’m very confident in what I’ve seen so far.”

Speaking to the decision to air Discovery on CBS All Access, Moonves said:

“There are millions and millions of Trekkies out there. We know for a fact that the other versions of Star Trek — there were seven [sic] other series, some of them were great and some of them were terrible — they all did really well on Netflix. That gave us great confidence that this was the right choice to put the full court press on All Access.”

Late Summer/Early Fall Premiere Lines Up with Production Schedule
As we have previously reportedDiscovery is shooting at Pinewood Studios Toronto through September 7th. The target of a late-Summer or early-Fall release, means the majority of the first season’s episodes will be done filming by then, giving the production plenty of time to polish the episodes in post-production. Assuming a September release date, the first season would finish airing (or in this case, streaming) around mid-November or early December.

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Yeah for now. But you never know, Moonves might change his mind again. Stick to it now!

Have they even found an actor to play the captain of the USS Discovery yet? Nevertheless, the delay for the third time is most troubling but we’ll just have to live with it.

I bet they already have an actor in that role but are keeping the character hush hush for plot purposes.

It’s Genevieve Bujold.

oh god please no

Lol the first time she would need to wake up at 5am she would quit 😉. We know how that went the first time around.

I have NEVER commented on this site. But your post was so funny I laughed out loud hard…. at work! LMAO

“Engage [sigh].”

Not Denise Cosby?

Crosby, damn it!!

I thought they already announced the actress who was to play her

Wasn’t it established early on that it wouldn’t follow the format of having the captain as lead actor? Instead look at who’s been cast so far: crew from two ships, a bunch of Klingons, an admiral and an ambassador. I suspect they’re going for a multi-viewpoint story. Unimaginative people are calling it Game of Thrones In Space, but I’ve long been thinking of it as The Wire In Space.

TL;DR Anyone waiting for them to announce a hunky white thirtysomething male actor as Teh Heroic Starship Captain better get ready to be disappointed.

Oh believe me no ones expecting that. You’re more likely to see a unicorn than a good looking, young, straight white male captain on this show.

I think they are saving the mor major anouncments for the summer-fall timeframe so thay can build hype befor airing the show.

The Captain is Poss Michelle yeoh as the Shenzou becomes the Discovery?

Or the Discovery’s captain is killed, the Shenzhou is destroyed, and Yeoh’s character takes command. Something like that makes the most sense. Michelle Yeoh is enough of a name that it would be odd to waste her in what would have to be only a recurring role.

Is there even a USS Discovery in the show? I thought the show was set on board the USS Shenzhou…

It’s panic on the Titanic…

With conservatives in power, perhaps not the best time for a left-leaning show to return, no?

That’s the best time, surely! 🖖🏼

Star Trek isn’t going to run on any state-owned TV station, so what do you suppose conservatives would do about it? Even if you believe that one should count out everyone who voted for the current administration there are still a lot of potential viewers left.


People’s viewing habits change depending upon the polices makeup of the three branches of government.


Why would a show be considered ill-timed because it might contradict those in power? Isn’t that exactly when you put on such a show? What’s the point of even having a show if it doesn’t challenge the status quo in some way? If someone wants to watch something that safe, they have decades of material to watch. Star Trek needs to be dangerous and gutsy again.

Trek fans worried that the new series might inadvertently annoy President Trump and result in him nationalizing CBS just to cancel Discovery.

Heh — TUP, I wouldn’t put nationalizing business entities beyond Mr Trump, but I doubt he has ever heard of “Star Trek.”

Remember, Trump is a big wrestling fan. I suspect he has enjoyed an episode or two of Star Trek as well!

As long as we see a USS Obama but not a USS Trump ship I’ll be happy. #NoBanNoWallNoTrump #ForeverWithHer

‘druther see the continuation of “Obamacare” than a warship named after him …. [sigh]

Personally, I’m okay if it just tells engaging stories. The problem is that if we are going to celebrate programming that challenges the status quo, then we need to be open to the idea that not all conservative values are inherently evil. If power flows from the consent of the governed, then perhaps the ability to compromise can be enhanced a bit by not insisting all who may not agree with us can only be portrayed in a negative light.

Just saying…..

Wtf does this has to do with politics? Leave it to a liberal to bring politics into a conversation that didn’t have any.

@snugglepuff leave it to a right wing nut job to attack a liberal for voicing their opinion. Typical.

Bigotry is defined as intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. It is not solely a trait of conservatism. To assume that only a liberal minded person watches and enjoys Star Trek is ignorant. Both side paint each other with a broad stroke. I for one am a conservative and lifelong Star Trek fan. Odds are I do not fit your idea of what a conservative is. I believe people have the right to love who those chose and all people have the right to marry whom they choose.

Funny, I thought bigotry was defined as intolerance toward those of different physical appearance, sexual orientation, or religion … not opinion.

Webster’s here I come!

Just to add a clarification to your comment, your definition of bigotry is the limited-one. Bigotry is not merely confined to being intolerant of different opinions, it also can include the bigot’s PREJUDICE. As anyone who has studied the history of our Nation knows, bigotry has not routinely been exercised against people merely for their “views” (as during the McCarthy-era anti-communist era). The bigotry was based purely on prejudice against “those people”. Not their views – merely their sex, their sexuality, their ethnicity
, their religious-background, their skin-color, etc, etc…

Yeah Torchwood we all need to be more like the tolerant left lol.

We do. We should not tolerate the intolerant, when they act on it. Some people can’t think, and it seems you’re one of them! lol.

No the left are quite literally the most intolerant people there are. Anyone who doesn’t think their way will be destroyed. It’s quite pathetic and immature. Not surprising you’re a snowflake leftist who lives in dreamland.

Factually, you are incorrect. The right is the most intolerant group of people that exist, or have ever existed in the galaxy. A study by the University of North Carolina in 2012 already proved this. Not surprised you’re a fascist neo-con who lives in a world where tyrants and bigots are heroes! LOL! you keep being special! The world will leave you in the dust in not time. And we liberals will be waving goodbye as you rot in the past.

I might add, that my issue is your ridiculous initial attack. I don’t agree with the OP’s opinion, but you were upset that he brought politics into it– and I by extension found it extensive that you turned it partisan, and included a derisive personal attack.

In this, it is you, the conservative, who is showing the lack of respect. He is intitled to his opinion, and to bring it up, without being attacked personally for it. Argue his point all you like, from your opposing viewpoint, but to deride someone for being left or right wing is not the correct way to respond to the innocent remark.

His initial comment did not attack either side (left or right). You brought the attacks to the table. We need less of that in our discourse in our country, from both sides.

Sorry, I don’t know why I typed “extensive.” I meant “offensive.” Got my words mixed up having just typed “extension” I guess…

Trekstar, what the heck are you even talking about? That comment made no sense at all.

Dude who cares? Shows will go on no matter who is in power. I think Hollywood has made it clear a long time ago politicians isn’t going to dictate their content nor should. Thats the beauty of America in the first place.

It’s never a good time for a left leaning show. I seriously hope this one doesn’t lean left.

Did you sleep through TNG? #NoBanNoWallNoTrump #ForeverWithHer

Maybe you didn’t notice but trek always has leaned to the left.

SG 1893, Some people, oddly, seem to believe it’s all about firepower and starship wars.

Alas, much of it *has* become all about ‘splosions and “kewl” FX. :/

It’s the BEST friggin time. And if you think of it: TNG went on the air when Reagan was still in office, ENT first saw the light of day under Dubya. Only DS9 and VOY were Clinton-era shows.

There is no bad time to promote tolerance, acceptance, and a world of equality.

Torchwood, Just for this, I wish there were a thumbs up option

But seriously, no, no thumbs up/down ever again

I’ve got faith in Discovery to be great, but would be interested to know which series he thought were terrible. Admittedly some aren’t as great as others, but none are bad. Possibly the one he imagined

Enterprise. Critical and commercial failure.

It’s not the best, but wouldn’t describe it as bad, and definitely not terrible. First couple of seasons are patchy, but 3 and 4 are a lot of fun. Weakest for me is TAS, and that’s still a good show

Voyager is a fun show but the overall series could be described as terrible in the context of its inital potential. Same with Ent.

Deep Space Soap Opera: That was a HUGE mistake and as boring as

hell. To center stories and most everything on a Space Station

was as dumb as they come…Day by day exploration is the key and IF Discovery can’t or won’t do that then they better fold it all

up ASAP and not bother….

Disagree with you on DS9.

Somebody needs to tell me where the good part of “Voyager” starts, because I gave up during Season 3.

I stopped watching VOY when Kes left.

Voyager peaked with the premiere really. They quickly crapped all over their own concept and that was that. It was just rehashed, warmed over TNG left-overs without the characters and acting that made TNG great.

The problem is ENT only had 4 seasons, so that’s roughly a 50% suck rate. At least TNG had more excellent seasons vs. the terrible S1 and some of S2.

100% agreed, without a doubt.
And I’m a HUGE Trek fan.

Really? You’d be interested to know? Just watching a couple episodes of the last series should answer your question. The one before that wasn’t that great either, but the word “terrible” I would reserve for Enterprise. It was bad in all respects.

Each to their own, I enjoy them all. Some great stuff in Enterprise, especially in the latter half. I’ll admit that and Voyager are the weakest live-action series, but by no means terrible

Yeah I enjoy them all too, even the KT films. But I don’t mind if others say they are bad, its their opinion it doesn’t stop me from liking it any less. And Trek fans are some of the most fickle and anal fans on the planet. Believe me there will be plenty saying Discovery is the worst Trek ever and it should not allowed to be canon by episode 3. This is what the internet does. End of the day though I respect all opinions even if some of it gets a little too much sometimes.

I agree, Iain, and I actually thought part of ENT season 2 was pretty good.

YMMV folks :^)

The middle seasons of TNG (3-6) are the high water mark for Trek for me– good stories, strong characters, good presentation, thoughtful commentary on society. DS9 is hard to pin down for me as for when it was at its best, but broadly it had the best writing of any Trek Voyager was weak, but still enjoyable, and had quite a few standout episodes with good stories that were just heavily flawed in one area or another. Enterprise was bland most of the time, but in hindsight i’ve been able to see the positives, and enjoy it by-and-large, despite them.

But I would never say any of them are actually *terrible.* At their worst they are still well-made, competently written and produced, decently acted science fiction.

For truly terrible, you need to look at things like Andromeda, TekWar, and Galactica 1980. Just awfully written, poorly acted, and badly produced all around. Those are shows where audiences would struggle to get through ANY given episode.

Here’s a good article on truly bad sci-fi shows…


He sounds like one of those salesmen you always manage to come up against, who don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s never been a terrible Star Trek series. Possibly he thinks The Big Bang Theory counts as the seventh.

I think you’re right, Chris. When Moonves is talking “family jewels” he doesn’t seem to have his native language straight, let alone Star Trek show titles. I don’t care for him much. Sales is his thing. He loved Trump bc Trump brought revenue! Good grief.

Can’t wait for this. The show should be top notch. Crossing fingers that it does well.

Give us a post Voyager series!

Move on Billy.

You mean, move on CBS. Stop dwelling in the (future’s) past.

They did 3 consecutive spinoffs that kept moving the era forward (TNG, DS9, VOY) with ratings declining each time. It makes sense for them to try another prequel, particularly considering the large audiences that showed up for the last three films.

Give it a rest and give DSC a chance before condemning the concept. We haven’t seen a single shot from the show, so it’s laughable that you would dismiss the prequel idea already.

Well, actualky that would BE moving on…

Moonves is an idiot. Just because something does well on Netflix, which has a bazillion subscribers, it does not follow that it will do well on CBS All Access, which nobody watches and nobody wants to pay for.

You’re missing the point, this is a LONG TERM strategy for the company. Of course putting on one show isn’t going to make AA a success over night. They are pulling Netflixs strategy. Back in 2013 Netflix had only one original show on: House of Cards. Now just four years later it now has 40 shows and HOC is still going as well. Thats probably what Moonves envisions, a site that can expand their revenue base and so its first big get out of the gate is Star Trek. But if that site only has 3-5 shows running in the next four years then something is wrong. But that won’t happen. Even Amazon and Hulu are now making more shows and none of these started out as actual production arms, just distribution wings.

All Access will be the first streaming site that is controlled by an actual network. Yes Hulu was too but that really started as a way to get people to watch already produced programs legally instead watching them on Youtube.

All Access seems to be the first site that started with the intent to produce original content from the beginning. And this is just the start. Everyone knows traditional TV is simply dying and the future IS streaming. Its not to say TV will be gone in a decade or anything but I predict you will have just as many shows online as you do broadcast by then.

What pisses me off is that I already pay money for Showtime, which is another CBS property. Why could it not also be available on that premium service? And as a Netflix subscriber, it bugs me that only US customers are forced to subscribe to another service when the rest of the world does not have to.

So what? There’s a lot of things that are better overseas that bug me. England has better chocolate. Germany has better sausage. Italy has better public transport. Norway has better education.

Things aren’t always the best where you are. Tough noogies.

The problem with that is far less people get Showtime than they do CBS and Showtime streaming site is $15 a month so many people would balk more if they didn’t have Showtime but forced to pay that to watch this show. And also I think they want to differentiate their Showtime shows (which are basically R rate and adult themed) from their network family shows although I heard the Good Fight uses stronger language on AA but its just my guess. I doubt most people even know CBS even owns Showtime because those shows are 180 degree different from what is run on their network. Its pretty unreal House of Lies and Big Bang Theory are run by the same company lol.

I get your point clearly and understand. I mean I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea I have to pay to watch it lol. But I can’t blame CBS for going this direction because this is the future of TV. In time others will probably follow and have their own separate streaming division that will make shows and movies specifically for their site.

CBS is the one who is the first network striking out on their own fully. We’ll see what happens with it since so many people are bothered by it but my guess is they are going to stick with it for quite awhile even if its failing early on.

Kudos, Tiger, for pointing this out. Ultimately, I am skeptical it will work, but I do not begrudge them the attempt at all. If I were a betting man, i’d put money that CBSAA will eventually fail, and any successful original programming will move to Netflix for future seasons.

If I were an investor, I’d definitely wait a couple of years. So far CBSAA has one good original show [“The Good Fight”], with “Discovery” to meander along in Fall. Everything else is reruns!

I think CBS would have done well to develop the shows, then sell them for $$$$$ to Netflix. That is where I predict they’ll end up.

DSC will be on Netflix internationally, sooo…

It’s funny how people keep struggling with this concept of what CBS is using this for. And as if cbs doesn’t have a clue what their subs are going to be like

Can people think before they post please

No, as a Trump supporter I don’t have to think and you can’t make me!

Yeah. Good for everyone who isn’t in North America? How DARE people complain that they have to subscribe to some two bit subscription service to watch Star Trek, because OTHER people will be getting it automatically on the only subscription service that matters.

How DARE an American company in a capitalist economy try to make money off it’s own brand on it’s own subscription service! While I’m at it, what am I going to watch it on?? You mean I have to PAY for the television set or computer monitor too?! Inconceivable!

Seriously though, if you really want to stick it to them and not pay for that subscription, I’m sure there will still be ways to watch it… Not that I’m condoning that or anything. Of course a company is going to try to make money, not only for their own pockets, but to also keep making more episodes (which of course is partly to make more monies). If you don’t think it should work that way, well.. push for an economic system that is more favorable to you, and hope it supports the creation and mass distribution of your favorite media. (And for the record I’m not advocating capitalism either, I think it has a lot of problems as is.) The companies involved have every right to make money from this, just as the people who complain about it have the right to do so. However, this seems like such a stupid thing for people to be constantly complaining about. So a show you want to watch isn’t going to be conveniently available to you on Netflix… Consider, is that the worst of your first-world problems?

CBS doesn’t own Netflix man. They don’t have to put on a site you already have. Do you see HBO putting Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Yeah everyone gets the point, it sucks to be on a site you don’t already have. Again people seem to miss the boat on this over and over again. Thats the POINT of AA to one day become the next Netflix. Now it may fail for sure but so far Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are all doing pretty well and looks like they are all expanding their sites with more original shows. Well CBS is trying to do that while it has several networks. Thats what successful American companies do, EXPAND!

All the whining over it is just ridiculous. Its $6 a month kids. $6. I would pay double that if I can get Star Trek weekly again instead of waiting 3-4 years to pay $20+ dollars to see one two hour movie that may just be ho-hum.

Of course I’m not a blind fanboy if its sucks then I’m not paying beyond the first month which is probably why CBS is doing everything in their power to make this a good show. They KNOW if its not great people can cancel any time so thats the risk when you are a start up. Netflix and Amazon are strong enough now they can put on a bad show and have people loyally paying every month at this point. AA is in a bigger hole, obviously listening to the whiners here acting like you have a right to watch a TV wherever you want, it has to prove itself. So far its clicking all the right buttons for me. I’m not overly happy with the premise thus far but it sounds pretty ambitious and different. My guess is its going to basically be a soft reboot and redo a lot of things which I’m good with. I want Trek to thrive, not be the same show it was in the 60s. 80s and 90s.

So if they deliver a good product I will HAPPILY pay. Won’t remotely complain about it. I pay $150 a month for cable now and in all reality I watch about 25 channels religiously. The other 400+ channels I have I’m lucky if I find something on them I want to watch in a month….and yet paying for it anyway. With ALL I know one show I will be watching and at the moment enough for me.

I wonder though if CBS will really stick with Star Trek for a couple of seasons regardless? Traditionally every show had a mediocre first season until the writers and actors really figured things out to finally become great in later seasons. Recently CBS (maybe all big networks) have been fast to cancel if a show didn’t reach multi-millions of viewers right out of the gate.

If it does poorly I wonder if they will produce another season, and also will they blame the failure on Star Trek itself or on CBS All Access?

Yeah, I hate that movies aren’t on netflix, instead of theaters. I don’t want to have to wait. I already have netflix, and I hate having to pay $12 to see the new Marvel movie. EFF YOU DISNEY! All your Marvel and Star Wars movies should be direct to Netflix because I already have that and it would be free for me!!!

Okay, we read you loud and clear. I think what a lot of people are whining about is the likelihood that a success for CBSAA will lead to more and more streaming platforms, mounting up their monthly viewing bills.

I’m still astounded that people pay over $100/month for cable. Perhaps many are big fans of ESPN and all its progeny?

@Marja – but here’s the thing, the Networks won’t invest in streaming services and lose a ton of money…or they won’t invest in them. Probably the reason Star Trek is something they feel could help boost CBSAA is that its not a show that has a really great chance of surviving on the Network but the core audience is rabid enough to make it successful in a universe where success is measured differently.

Same with The Good Fight. They could have just kept making The Good Wife on CBS if it was a huge money maker. But they see a quality show with a solid, if not spectacular audience, and feel the dedication of the fans will get them to seek out the streaming service.

If the market can handle multiple streaming platforms, so be it.

In Canada, two of our cable providers spent an awful lot of money on a joint streaming service and recently closed it. It can happen.

Everything will be delivered via the Internet eventually anyway. Get used to it.

Cable? What’s THAT? ;)

My wife and I have been together for 26 years, and we never had cable! It’s either the antenna, or something from our video collection. :)

Jeff, it does concern me that Moonves is looking for massive profits, because it likely won’t get great until midway through Season 2, thus won’t bring in new fans until later. Previous Star Trek fans are good with it and will watch, but the audience may not build quickly enough for Moonves. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of patience. I think there’s a Ferengi in there somewhere.

I think no matter what Discovery is safe the first three seasons.I only come to this because first season CBS has paid little in actual production costs thanks to Netflix deal to distribute the show worldwide and so it doesn’t sound like they had to pay much to get the show running. Based on how much we know it cost per episode and there are 13 of them first season it sounds like Netflix paid around $60-70 million (if not more) just to run the show. So no matter how badly first season does its not going to hurt them.

Second season will be the real test and if the cost of the show will justify it if AA is not getting the subs they want. But I don’t doubt second season won’t be made.

By third season thats probably when its do or die time for the show because AA will have been up two full years and there should be other shows up by then. Thats something else people have to remember, if CBS doesn’t have many shows its first few years its not going to immediately cancel the ones it has now. But if by season 3 they manage to get a dozen or so on then they will probably be fine cancelling a few and Discovery might go being so costly.

But my thinking on this is believe it or not its actually GOOD Star Trek will be the few original running programs on that site because it will literally be one of the few shows that will even get people to sign up. Once they get to Netflix rate of production and have 20 shows then it will be pretty easy to cancel if it doesn’t hit its views. But at the moment I think the shows running now will be fine the first few years unless they are just getting dismal viewings. But again thats why CBS was pretty smart in doing this because all the shows thus far are just spin offs to other successful shows like Good Wife and Big Brother. I suspect in time there might even be another CSI or Big Bang spin off coming to this site.

But they won’t give up on AA anytime soon. UPN was a dying network by the third year and Voyager was actually the one show keeping that network alive for most of its run outside of wrestling. CBS took over in 2000s and that network still ran for years. They finally folded it but just made another network, CW, transferred the actual few hit shows from it and has finally found a niche with the DC shows and nightly soap operas. So AA will be going for awhile regardless even if it sucks out the gate.

This lack of understanding by some people is the best thing to happen here in a long time. The arrogant assumption a Network would “put their show” on Netflix because a lot of people already subscribe and pay for it as opposed to a subscription site they dont have is highly entertaining.

If you dont want to pay to watch it, dont pay to watch it. But CBS is under no obligation to make it available to you for free.

Yeah thats really the most mind boggling thing about it. As if companies with their own original IPs should put their shows on another site because they already have it lol. I don’t think they are listening to themselves. Its like saying instead of Wizarding World of Harry Potter being built in Universal Studios (or its own park) they should’ve built it in Disneyland because they already have an annual pass there. I mean thats literally the analogy people are saying here. Yeah sorry it doesn’t work that way.

People have just become spoiled because Netflix and Amazon are some of the few streaming sites who are willing to pay an arm and a leg to run third party content but people don’t seem to get the OTHER problem with this is when you don’t actually own the actual IP its no guarantee how long it will even last at those places. I can’t tell you how many times I was going to watch a show or film on one of those sites just to find out later they are no longer available. Thats the problem none of this stuff lasts forever over there and I think Netflix finally realized the only way they can keep loyal subscribers if they had their own original programs and films that would always be there and why they expanded with so many original shows and films.

They have made a lot of long term deals with Disney, CBS obviously and etc so most of that stuff will probably be there for a long time. But as more and more media companies make their own sites like HBO did, Hulu, etc the reality is this stuff will be on their own independent sites in time. Sites like Netflix is great now but only because the landscape is TINY at the moment. What people don’t seem to get in a decade there are going to be plenty more of these sites so yeah. When cable first started HBO was the only movie channel in the 80s. Today there are around 10 of them. Thats how it works. Did people complain when Starz showed up?

I’m actually surprised out of all of them that Disney has not made its own site yet. If ANY company can make one for their IPs and charge you an arm and a leg for it its them. With Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, ABC shows, Disney Channel, their huge library of hit films, documentaries, animated films, classic TV cartoons etc I’m shocked they haven’t gone this direction yet. They could charge $15-$20 a month and people would pay without hesitation. And no one here would be whining about it either considering the content that company has today. Give it time though.

Yeah what has Moonves ever done?!! What makes him think he knows anything about TV???

Apparently Moonves has a lot of shows that aren’t on Netflix, like the NCIS spin-offs and Scorpion. I rarely watch them. Why? Because they aren’t on Netflix or Hulu.

Why is many coto not on board? I saw Ent season 4 again this week. It is so wonderful, clever, has good stories and honors tos! I miss him

Because the ratings kept declining

The numbers watching Discovery won’t be significantly better than those Enterprise achieved. The only difference is they’ll now be paying for the privilege of being the first to see new Star Trek.

But no one really knows that though. It could be higher…and yes it could be lower. And people pay for TV shows all the time these days. I signed up for Netflix JUST to watch Daredevil believe it or not. I’m a big MCU fan and a 13 hour DD show I had to pay to watch was a no-brainer. Actually I didn’t pay for it at all since the first month was free lol. Point being I been a loyal customer ever since. I have no problem paying for TV since most people already DO pay for TV. I mean how many people in this day and age don’t have some form of cable? Even the so-called ‘chord cutters’ are just paying for online subscriptions because its way cheaper and you get stuff you really want to watch directly. But they are all still paying.

People network TV is DYING. Look at the basic ratings of shows today. A decade ago a network show would easily get cancelled if it brought in around 5 million viewers. Today, thats considered decent and thats for the big 3. Oddly CBS is really the only network that has a ton of shows that at least pulls in around 10 million viewers average. ABC and NBC pulls around 7 million today. How long can they keep this up? Thats the problem, there are just too many options today. Too many ways to watch a show. Time shifting is destroying free TV. I still watch a lot of first run TV at home but most of my friends just wait for a season to end and binge watch it on Amazon or Netflix. Or just wait a few days and watch a new episode online because of less commercials and so forth.

Thats the issue. You can’t blame networks for trying to just adapt with the times. And lets be honest if most of us wasn’t just recording everything on DVR and fast forwarding through the commercials maybe Star Trek would be on CBS.

Regarding Binge watching I think the networks inadvertently screwed themselves after:
1. creating stories that didn’t wrap up at the end of the episode. (we can probably blame Lost for really getting that ball rolling) and no way to catch up if you missed an episode.
2. Being cancel happy on shows that only a couple million people liked.

After a while it became more enjoyable to wait instead of follow it live.

Ah, Firefly. How sad that it got cancelled so early. Years after, I still seethe ….

Because he’s doing 24. I’d love a Manny Coto Trek series, but dint think it’s going to happen

I do, too, but I think Coto’s involved in the new “24” series on Fox. Don’t quote me on that, and I didn’t go check IMDB. However, I do know he’s been involved in previous seasons of that show.

Yes he’s heavily involved with 24. I watch the new season and not only is he executive producer he writes for the show as well. It would just be another Bryan Fuller situation with a producer torn between two shows and all honesty Star Trek needs people there full time. All the people who wrote for TNG, DS9, Voyager, etc this was ALL they were doing when they were writing Star Trek. Some would work on films inbetween seasons or something but when Trek was in production thats all that was for a reason. Admittedly though that was also when Trek was making 25 episodes a year. But as long as its in production then yeah I think people should just be devoted to that and do other things when the season is over at least.

Many Coto did one good season of a terrible show and suddenly he’s Steven f@#$ing Spielberg.

Chrischie, I think Manny Coto worked on “Suicide Squad” the movie, so maybe he’s moved over from TV to feature films? I agree with you, he’d be a definite asset, based on ENT S4.

The fact that Moonves likes it worries me. I remember how he treated/talked about ENTERPRISE at UPN.

OTOH, Moonves did like Veronica Mars, and that was a genuinely good show, so maybe this’ll be okay.

Just curious, what did he say about ENT?

What do you expect? “Meh. I’ve seen the dailies, and i’ve got to say, it really looks awful. I’d recommend not watching. Don’t bother. Check out reruns of Firefly– don’t you love that show? They need to bring that back!”

CBS has some of the most popular shows ANYWHERE. People may not like the guy but his channel is successful for a reason because he knows what his audience wants. ABC and NBC are draining viewers and while its true of CBS too its the only network that has shows that easily get 10+ million viewers a show. Thats saying a lot these days. Supergirl for example was drawing around 7 million viewers its first season but that wasn’t good enough for CBS and got bumped to CW where its not a big hit even with just half those viewers. If Supergirl was on NBC or ABC it would be considered a huge ratings hit there too.

His issue over Enterprise was a business one. The show cost $3 million an episode (a lot at the time) but was getting around 3 million viewers. Voyager was drawing around 5 million in the same run. So he was concerned it just wasn’t worth keeping on and while they got the budget down a little in season 4 it was still a costly show and easily UPN’s most expensive and the shows ratings were then falling behind cheap sitcoms.

Trust me, if Enterprise was pulling 5+ million on that network he would’ve been happy with and it would’ve lasted 7 seasons easily.

I think he pretty much only had complimentary things to say about ENT. The fact is, it was a very expensive show to make, that got dumped into his lap as TV production was moved out from under Paramount and into CBS during the split with Viacom. He needed to kill the show in order to cut his losses and reformat the UPN into a different kind of network so it could better compete as a brand. It’s what he’s been doing very successfully since he took over CBS. He probably also killed to get out of business with Berman/Braga. Besides, whether he personally likes it or not, he’s certainly not going to speak ill of a show that is already paid for in worldwide sales and advertising. The fact that he’s hanging his new digital brand on it, suggests it’s probably pretty good.

I’m More interested in a list of cbs shows that Moonves said he disliked and were not good before they debuted.

7 other series? I count TOS, TAS,TNG,DS9,VGR,ENT. That’s six. What’s 7? The movies? The fan made Star Trek Continues?


He probably accidentally counted Discovery. That makes seven series in all instead of seven other series.

Maybe it’s another Hollywood flub, but it is tempting to toy with the idea of a mystery 7th Trek series and why no one remembers it.

I recall an old WAR OF THE WORLD TV series that had a posit that the war was real and actually fought, but it had some explanation for why the Earth was mind-wiped about it ever occurring.

People make stupid verbal mistakes when speaking off the cuff. I mean, even Obama once said he visited all 57 states during his campaign. Trump once said everyone would like him, during his campaign. It happens.

They might wait til the latter half of September. The Emmy Awards are September 17th, and they’re actually on CBS this year, so they can use that as a promotional platform if they wanted to. For example, have a couple cast members present an award, and run a handful of promos during the show. These days award shows are one of the few things that a lot of people still watch live (and therefore suffer through commercials).

They should air it after whenever the season premiere of Big Bang Theory, which should be the Monday after the Emmys (and the start of the TV season) if they do the same as last year.

I’ll go ahead and predict they show the pilot on CBS on Monday, September 18.

Is the Big Bang Theory even a relevant show anymore? It would make sense since it’s the “nerd” audience but I haven’t watched it in years. It’s become patently unfunny IMO.

Ratings don’t lie. It is still usually in the Top 3 or 4 shows on TV.

Yes it is. It’s still one of the most watched shows on TV. The week of February 13th, it was the 2nd most watched show in L+3 with over 16 million viewers.

It, like the electorate, accurately reflects the growing stupidity of America.

That makes sense. I also think they may also show a bigger preview or have some cast members at the official Vegas convention in August.

So if so successful on Netflix then put it on Netflix! Unless reviews are spectacular no way I’m signing up just for this.

So don’t. But don’t whine you don’t get the channel if you refuse to sign up for it.

Does nobody on this site know how Kodi works? Hell just use a site like LuckTV. You don’t have to sign up for anything to watch Discovery. There are always alternatives. Hell even Spock knew that – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TqQbmC6L6A

Problem with sites like that is they are usually filled with viruses and they come and go. So many of these sites don’t last more than a year so by the time Discovery comes it may already be gone.

But sure you can watch anything illegally online. Its not hard but same time if people want a second season then hopefully more watch legally. If most is just downloading it for free it would defeat the purpose.

Trek is indeed the family jewels. It takes balls to tell stories like Trek does.

That’s nice and all that it’s gonna air in the Fall of this year but does that mean they won’t start this CBS All Access crap until then?

~Pensive’s Wetness

I’m getting Old. That girl pic’d in the ThaiMatches advertisement >>>> looks like someone I slept with long ago… and that deployment was eons ago, LOL.

CBS All Access is already up and running, so Discovery’s debut cannot possibly affect the start of the CBS All Access crap.

That I did not know… so much for STD being a major tent poll for TPTB.

Huh? CBSAA exists but they are hoping Star Trek leads to increased subs.

And its not just Star Trek. CBSAA has original series The Good Fight (which is pretty good). I get The Good Fight on the W network in Canada and one thing interesting about is now that its a streaming show is the F bombs being dropped by the characters. Adds more real world realism to it.

And something I didnt think of…because its not constrained by Network timing, it actually runs long but my cable company listed it as one hour so the end cut off my PVR. Annoying.

So when Star Trek debuts, set your PVR’s extra long and be ready for the first F bomb to be dropped a Star Trek character!

TUP, Whut? The CBS “Good Fight” series is 45 min/episode. Unless you Canadians are lucky lucky lucky!

It will be. DSC will probably be responsible for a minimum 200% increase in subscribers once the show gets close to launch.

CBS All Access’s first original show, “The Good Fight” (follow on to the broadcast network’s “The Good Wife”) started a couple of weeks ago. It has been available for watching CBS/Viacom/Paramount library classic TV and recent episodes of current CBS programming since 2014.

Enterprise put me right off star trek series,let’s hope the the first episode goes well

When will it be shown in the UK?

My guess is that Netflix will release it very close to the American debut.

Les Moonves: “There are millions and millions of Trekkies out there. We know for a fact that the other versions of Star Trek — there were seven [sic] other series, some of them were great and some of them were terrible — they all did really well on Netflix.” This is now ST canon reality. No Eugenics Wars, we are called Trekkies, there were seven Trek series, they all did well on Netflix and some of them were terrible…Wait…which ones are now officially the terrible ones!?

TOS is untouchable, sure, some cheesy moments but it’s O.G.
You just can’t deny TAS was cheap and awful.
Some early eps of TNG were horrendous (Yeah, I’m looking at you Justice & The Outrageous Okona)
DS9 started weak but finished with some really strong character development and story archs.
VOY just tried too hard and was kinda kiddie trek (with boobies), although it certainly had it’s moments. (eg;Boobies)
ENT had so much potential but Braga had just completely lost touch by that stage.
But that 7th series, well it was obviously so bad that we’ve all blocked it from our collective memories.

What there are people out there still interested. Delays mean the products not good. Probably put off release till they see how good the axanar fan film turns out.

Seriously? Wow….

I was going to refute your stupid points about delays and quality with examples of movies/shows pushed back that turned out great, and then you mentioned Axanar. HAHAHAHAHAHAA.

He’s still a douchebag.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, can we push the release date back to never?

I’m still excited to see it. I’ll be loyal as well. I’ll watch it every week.
It’s interesting to see how things haven’t really changed in 30 years. When TNG came out, there were T-Shirts everywhere that said:
“Trek Classic. Who Needs A Next Generation?”
I remember walking a con floor in Rochester NY with my first Enterprise D model.
I got ridiculed. I laughed it off.
We all know how TNG did.
I loyally watched DS9, VOY and ENT. Loved them all. Yes, they all made some clunkers.
If Moonves or CBS suits follow this page, they must scratch their heads at us.

Hey, CBS! Over here! I’m a fan, take the time you need to get a good product ready.
I’ve got my $7.00 for All Access. I only have to give up one Starbucks Latte!


“Some are great, some are terrible”

Translation: DS9 & TNG, VOY and especially ENT hahaha
But what balls for Moon Pies to just say something like that, I like it but the ENT fans might not!

Uh he’s stating his opinion man, like we do here and all over the net. Why does he need ‘balls’ devoted Trek fans come here every day of the week and spout what shows and films they think are terrible for years now and never let you forget it.

He has the right to say what he feels. You can certainly disagree but I don’t think he said anything I don’t here every day of the week. He was at least nice enough not be specific on which ones he personally think sucks.

It’s interesting to see a guy so high up saying some of his product that he now owns sucks I mean. Like a dad saying well these kids are pretty good but these over here are bad news. You don’t see that very much or at least I don’t.

Yeah true but as you said Star Trek was something they bought not created so he’s more honest about it. I don’t see him ever saying that about the CSI franchise (and his statement can certainly apply to that franchise too) or anything CBS directly created.

And to me this is actually a breath of fresh air because when someone like this can just admit their product has been inferior at times then that tells you they understand mistakes have been made which they are trying to avoid. I don’t know I just see stuff like this differently because its ironically Trek fans who complain the most about the franchise and what it gets wrong and now you have the guy whose sole future of it is in his hands and if he told you it was all great and amazing that would actually be MORE alarming to me because it sounds like they can just throw up anything with the name Star Trek in it and its going to be worthy.

So I have no issues with what he said. Some of it HAS been terrible according to consensus by its own fanbase even if we are split on what that is specifically. That gives me hope that they are taking the mistakes of past shows and just trying to deliver a better product.

Is it airing a full 60 minutes commercial free, like a Showtime series [which is where it should have been in the first place]…

According to Moonves there will be a commercial free option but you have to pay more for it, like $10. The commercial option is $6. I wonder if they do this now for their new show The Good Fight?

I dont know as I get The Good Fight on a terrestrial channel in Canada but one thing is interesting – they drop F bombs and other expletives freely and the show, with commercials runs more than an hour (my PVR missed the end of the last episode).

Oh, I take it back about y”all being so lucky. There must be over 15 minutes of commercials! Crikey!

Not saying a word.

It just seems that those involved with this show are more interested in ensuring that LGBTQ characters and minorities are well represented in this show … To appeal to a certain group of people — versus telling a good story/producing a good show that appeals to everyone …who else agrees ?

appealing to a certain group of people? You mean, the human populace?

Does diversity not appeal to you?

No, perhaps they are interested in setting up a really good storyline and picking the best of all possible showrunners, and the best of all possible other things.

I imagine since the investment is huge, CBS wants to make it as good as they can to attract repeat viewers — and repeat viewings.

“So far, there have been seven Star Trek series.”
— Donald J. Trump

Seven Trek series! Sean Spicer said!

Nobody talking about the Discovery theme music from Charles Henri Avelange that he posted on youutube?


Is this for sure the music for “Discovery”? Why was it recorded at Warner Bros.? Is a puzzlement.

This was posted by the composer of the series who tweeted that it is for the show and he was presenting to CBS. Would not confirm it was the theme however.

I like the intro and its call back to TOS but then it seemed to go off in sort of a “meh” direction without a real sense of flow, like not a tune you’d hum. But its not bad. Might grow on me. Visuals of the intro always add to it too.

Warner Bros. Eastwood Stage is one of the few remaining music scoring stages in Los Angeles, capable of recording large orchestras together at once. It is a private enterprise that rents their services to any entity seeking such a facility, Warner Bros. or otherwise. The sad reality there is nowhere nearly enough work for stages of this size to dedicate them to one studio. Paramount’s historic music scoring stage M where all of Star Trek’s orchestral music was recorded was converted to sound stages and no longer exists.

Also, this theme was recorded in April, and appears to be a demo the composer recorded during an orchestral session he was probably already booked into the studio to record for another project. As such, it is unlikely to be any kind of official theme, but moreover I hope it’s not — it’s incredibly generic, with no discernible, or memorable theme. The style and orchestration is spot on, but without a hook to sink into ones ear, it’s rather dull.

While there are certainly sequences that feel generic, I think it’s funny that the one lone opinion I hear on this site is so negative considering elsewhere there seems to be relative praise. Primarily because, while it may lack the march-like theme we love about TOS and TNG, and the hook that’s present in DS9, it still retains the sense of wonder and spirit that Trek is known for.

I am hopeful that, if this is the theme, this video is just an early version while still a work-in-progress. If that’s the case, there’s a lot to like about it, because it seems like it would serve as a good starting point for a solid theme.

That said, it could just as easily be episodic scoring, and not the theme.

” they all did really well on Netflix.”

The difference is… One reason it does really well is because you are able to GET THE DISCS on Netflix. Will CBS put the show out on disc sometime during it’s run on CBSAA?

Actually he said before the shows do really well on Amazon as well and there is no disk option for that, other than paying for them obviously.

People still rent discs from Netflix?

Damn! I wish that DSC wasn’t on Moonves’s radar. I was hoping he’d just ignore it. 12 years ago, when he last took interest in the goings-on @ the Trek offices, we lost ENT, just as it was hitting it’s stride. Something tells me that all of DSC’s production delays have been due to Moonves notes, & intervention. He has the right to be involved, but I wish he was oblivious to it. His meddling fills me w/ trepidation.

Moonves calling Star Trek fans “Trekkies”. . .Jesus wept. This show’s already dead in the water without that clown opening his mouth in public.