Limited Edition “Star Trek: Voyager” 4-CD Collection Out Now

Today, LaLaLand Records released the long-awaited series music from show composers Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Paul Baillageron.

Star Trek Voyager LaLaLand

While it took the U.S.S. Voyager only seven years to return home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, a collection of music from the television show would take a little longer to see the light of day – 16 years to be exact. LaLaLand Records has tabbed Star Trek: Voyager for its latest, and 10th overall, release of music from the Final Frontier with its four-CD collection released on February 28.

The collection includes music from the four composers who produced cues for Voyager during its seven seasons: Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattway, David Bell and Paul Baillageron. Unlike The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise (all of which had more than four composers work on the series), the above four were the only ones to produce music for Star Trek’s third spin-off.

Composer Dennis McCarthy

Composer Dennis McCarthy

Previous Star Trek series releases from LaLaLand have broken the collections into discs highlighting composers, as well as single disc spotlights on recurring musicians and new recruits. However, since McCarthy (64 episodes), Chattaway (53 episodes), Bell (36 episodes) and Baillageron (17 episodes) are the only four to have worked on Voyager, LaLaLand has packaged this set as single discs focusing on each musician’s work.

There have only been two dedicated soundtrack releases for Voyager up until now – the soundtrack for the series premiere, “Caretaker” by Chattaway, and a separate disc with just Jerry Goldsmith’s “Main Title,” both by GNP Crescendo. Music from “Heroes and Demons” (McCarthy) and “Bride of Chaotica” (Bell) were included on GNP Crescendo’s 1996 Best of Star Trek: 30th Anniversary Collection and 2000’s Best of Volume 2, respectively.

Composer Jay Chattaway

Composer Jay Chattaway

With Voyager, LaLaLand will have released music from all five Star Trek live-action television shows, plus The Animated Series. The company’s nine previous releases include the 15-CD Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection, Star Trek: The Motion Picture 3-CD Limited Edition, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 2-CD Limited Edition, two four-disc collections for both TNG and Enterprise and single volume for DS9. Plans are in the works for at least another volume of DS9 music. LaLaLand capped off Star Trek’s year-long jubilee celebration in 2016 with its 4-CD 50th Anniversary Collection last November.

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

As with previous LaLaLand releases, the Voyager collection will be limited to only 3,000 units, for a price of $59.98 USD directly from the LaLaLand website.

Click here to buy The Star Trek: Voyager Collection from the LaLaLand website.

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Finally! It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this release for years now. Although I’ve bought every other box set so far, this is by far the most interesting as I’m a huge fan of VOY’s music in later seasons. It was “interesting” to see how many other box sets they could release before finally coming to this one: TNG – Vol. 2, ENT – Vol. 2, 50th Anniversary including TAS… all good stuff, but it wasn’t VOY.

I’m so much looking forward to finally getting the score of SCORPION, my all-time favourite Trekisode!

Are you sure it isn’t being released by Moonlight Records? ; )

Spot-on joke, biggfrogg! It definitely is Moonlight Records, although I was hoping for an Arrival Records release. :-)

Ha! Very good :)

nailed it