DS9 Clips in HD, CGI Re-Rendering Next On Wish List for Documentary — Exclusive Details & Video Sample

Example of DS9 CGI re-render using original assets

The production team working on the Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind have revealed to TrekMovie that they are in talks with CBS to not only remaster clips from the show into HD, but to re-render CGI scenes.

The What We Leave Behind production team revealed the following to TrekMovie:

The What We Left Behind documentary team is pleased to share that we have been in talks with CBS Television Studios to gain access to archival masters and original film elements from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. Pending completion of our final crowdfunding goals and accessibility to the materials, the film team intend to provide select Deep Space Nine content for the first time in high definition format for presentation in the new documentary.

Further, the documentary team is working with Trek VFX alumnus Doug Drexler and his colleagues to remaster a number of original CGI sequences in high definition for presentation in the film, from their original 3D scene files. The remastering for the documentary is an expensive proposition, so it is contingent upon continued funding through the Indiegogo campaign.

Here’s an example of the remastered CGI in HD that was provided to us by the production folks, done by a CGI modeler as a kind of proof-of-concept for a project like this.

If you are clamoring for this documentary as we are, and clips from DS9 in HD, please visit the Indigogo page and make a donation!

UPDATE: Here’s an official video announcement of the next stretch goal from the team:

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