“Star Trek Beyond” Nominated For 4 Saturn Awards + TAS Blu-ray Too


The nominations for the 43rd Saturn Awards were announced today and Star Trek Beyond has been nominated in four categories. Not only that but Star Trek: The Animated Series and some Trek alums have also been nominated. Get the details below.

Beyond Picks Up 4 Saturn Nominations

Today the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror announced the nominees for their 43rd Annual Saturn Awards. Star Trek Beyond garnered four nominations, including Best Science Fiction Film where it will be going up against Arrival, Independence Day: Resurgence, Midnight Special, Passengers, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Two Beyond cast members have also been nominated: Chris Pine for Best Actor and Zachary Quinto for Best Supporting Actor. And finally Monica Huppert and Joel Harlow are nominated for Best Make-up.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto both nominated for Saturn Awards

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto both nominated for Saturn Awards

The nominations were announced today via video by Greg Grunberg, who himself appeared in Star Trek Beyond (see video below).

Also up for four Saturn nominations is the JJ Abrams produced 10 Cloverfield Lane and Deadpool, however other films racked up even more, especially Rogue One which lead with 11 nominations. Beyond’s four nominations is the fewest of the Abrams trilogy, with 2009’s Star Trek garnering six nominations (including one win) and Into Darkness had five nominations. Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: First Contact tie for the record number of Saturn nominations with ten each.

Barney Burman with his 2010 Saturn for Best Make-up for "Star Trek"

Barney Burman with his 2010 Saturn for Best Make-up for “Star Trek”

TAS Nominated

Beyond wasn’t the only Trek honored by the Saturns. CBS’ 2016 Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Animated Series was nominated for Best DVD or Blu-ray Television Release. It’s going up against releases from Banshee, Hannibal, Mr. Robot, Salem’s Lot, and Versailles.

Star Trek: TAS Blu-ray nominated for Saturn

Star Trek: TAS Blu-ray nominated for Saturn

Giacchino Nominated For Star Wars not Star Trek + More Star Trek Alums nominated

A number of Star Trek alumni are nominated for Saturns this year. As noted before, JJ Abrams is nominated as producer for Best Thriller with 10 Cloverfield Lane. Star Trek Into Darkness’ Khan Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated for Best Actor for Doctor Strange. Winona Ryder (Star Trek‘s Amanda Grayson) was nominated for Best Actress (TV) for Stranger Things. Three VFX artists who worked on Star Trek before were nominated for Best Visual Effects: Richard Bluff (Doctor Strange), John Knoll (Rogue One) and Robert Legato (who won the Oscar last weekend for The Jungle Book). Finally, Michael Giacchino didn’t get nominated for Best Music for his work on Star Trek Beyond but he did for his work on Rogue One.

Composer Michael Giacchino nominated for his work in "Rogue One"

Composer Michael Giacchino nominated for his work in “Rogue One”

A full list of nominees can be found at the official SaturnAwards.org. The 43rd Annual Saturn Awards will be held on June 21st in Burbank, California.

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How is Spock a supporting character???

Always has been.

For reference, Leonard Nimoy was nominated for an Emmy as Actor in a Supporting Role in 1967 and 1968.


Mr. Nimoy was nominated all three years that TOS was on the air.

Giacchino is good, but he’s no John Williams.

That’s true but who is?

John Williams is a good composer. In fact, he’s MANY good composers….

I dunno how MG got a nom for Rogue One but not Beyond!!! Night on the Yorktown alone should’ve gotten him not just a nom but a win

As good as his work on Rogue One was it did lift some cues for John Williams’ original work from 1977’s Star Wars. It worked great but it incorporated some unoriginal elements. His work for Beyond he lifted a great deal from himself.

The folks who made “Arrival” can probably start preparing a spot for the award now. Far and away better than the other nominees.

Totally agree. With the possible exception of 2001, it’s very likely the best movie about first contact ever made. I’m no hater of BEYOND, but it’s cheap fast food by comparison.

I haven’t seen it but I think it might be tough to surpass Close Encounters of the Third Kind… Looking forward to seeing it when it gets to the top of my Netflix Cue.

No comparison. CE3K is a well-made (natch), feelgood pastiche of UFO encounter cliches, with Doug Trumbull’s visual marvels as the payoff for sticking around for the third act. ARRIVAL doesn’t even pretend to be that kind of crowd-pleasing spectacle, but it’s based on a standout short story by one of the genre’s best writers, relates some fascinating notions about the conundrum of communicating with aliens who are truly alien while keeping the motives of its very human characters front and center, and is only slightly burdened by a standard Hollywood subplot about the world’s nations overcoming tribalism and learning to cooperate. If it manages to lose to BEYOND or ROGUE ONE I’ll have to consider the Saturn awards as not to be taken very seriously.

Another one of those nominated movies that no one saw this year! But on that note a lot less people saw Beyond..so???

Greg Grunberg just absolutely takes me out of everything he’s in.

He’s a non-talented sack of fat who only get roles because he’s been BFFs with JJ Abrams since they were kids.

The Saturn Awards website says the show is slated for June 28, not June 21.

Congrats Beyond! :)

Gumball one of the few actors who been in Star Trek and Star Wars. And both essentially in the same year of each other. Pretty cool.

LOL did I really say Gumball? Don’t drink and post kids.

How many razzies?