Watch Sir Patrick Facepalm Over TNG Bloopers with Whoopi, Alexander Siddig Heads To ‘Gotham’


Sir Patrick Stewart is facepalming again, Alexander Siddig is leading a shadowy league, William Shatner is dancing the can-can and Chris Pine and J.J. Abrams are awarding Zachary Quinto. See all that and more in our latest Star Trek ‘CelebWatch’ update.

Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg Watch TNG Bloopers 

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Sir Patrick Stewart has been doing the rounds publicizing what he has said will be his final time playing Charles Xavier in the new X-Men series film Logan, which opened this weekend. One of his more entertaining interviews was on The View, where he was reunited with his TNG co-star Whoopi Goldberg. In between talking about Logan, his upcoming role voicing “Poop” for The Emoji Movie and his recent GQ fashion shoot, Goldberg and Stewart shared a delightful moment watching some Next Gen bloopers. And while watching the bloopers Sir Pat recreated his famous facepalm meme, watch it below.

The folks at The View also had a bit of fun with this behind-the-scenes video of a producer who was a bit too excited to meet his favorite captain:

Alexander Siddig Headed To Gotham, Alice Eve To Lead Pilot For CBS Sitcom

It was reported this week that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig is headed to yet another genre show, this time into the DC Universe. Siddig has been cast in the role of Ra’s al Ghul in FOX’s Batman prequel series Gotham. Alexander joins some illustrious actors who have played the mysterious leader of the League of Shadows in the last decade: Matt Nable on Arrow and Liam Neeson in the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Look for Siddig later in the season; Gotham returns to FOX  on April 24.

Siddig to play Ra's al Ghul in "Gotham"

Siddig to play Ra’s Al Ghul in “Gotham”

In other casting news, Alice Eve (Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness) has been tapped for the title role in a new CBS comedy pilot Hannah Royce’s Questionable Choices, created by Matt Tarses (Mad Love). According to Deadline, Eve will be playing a nurse who is “a bit of a train wreck” with a family that includes three kids from three different dads.

J.J. Abrams Hosts Oscar Wilde Awards Honoring Zachary Quinto

On Oscar weekend, Star Trek producer/director J.J. Abrams opened up his Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica to host the annual Oscar Wilde Awards, and also acted as emcee. One of the honorees this year was Zachary Quinto, whose award was presented by his Star Trek co-star Chris Pine; also on hand was another co-star, John Cho. See below for a slideshow from the event (via Getty Images).

Shatner Joins The Circus, Dances The Can-Can

Last night William Shatner was in Las Vegas for the One Night For One Drop charity event with Cirque du Soleil. The One Drop charity brings sustainable clean drinking water to communities around the world. Here is a little taste of what you missed. (Video courtesy of John Katslimotes/YouTube).

Celeb Tweet of the Week: Robert Picardo Has Fond Memories of His Co-Star

Bonus Tweet of the Week: Shatner a Fan of Star Trek Slash Fiction?


That’s it for Trek Celeb news for the week. Stay tuned for more updates on the stars of Star Trek.


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Lot of Trek to partake this weekend. Thanks, Staff.

Stewart’s monologues after citizenship are highly anticipated.

Bashir is going to make an awesome Ras al Ghul.

Clever how the video starts after he talks of becoming an American citizen only to fight against Trump. Like it or not snowflakes, Trump is our President and Stewart should respect that when he is in our country speaking to an American audience. Imagine an American going to Britain and bitching about the Prime Minister. Wanting to become a citizen of a country just to fight against their leader is beyond obnoxious. Why doesn’t he become a citizen of Iran or Venezuela? Not a chance the hypocritical coward would. I wonder how much he even speaks out against their leaders and governments? I guess he doesn’t realize that the dopes on this show do not represent the country. And he comes to visit his Washington insiders. Talk about privileged. Must be nice. And hes’s against Brexit? The people voted for it and all it is that Britain makes laws for it’s people instead of being at the mercy of other countries which doesn’t make sense. I guess he’s still upset about the Revolutionary War.Thought he was more TOLERANT. Lost a lot of respect for him. And this post would be the same if he did the same thing against Obama but we know he would have.

Me thinks there are more right-leaning Trekkies than many others within the fandom would like to believe.

Thou thinks correctly but the main issue is insulting the country you are visiting. Mainly a matter of respect apart from the other issues. But then again he is really just applying to a specific community, Hollywood.

He’s not visiting – he’s lived here for over 30 years.

Trump didn’t build a huge company – he inherited one. And, regardless, he’s reprstedly shown he’s unfit to be president.

He inherited money much after he built his company. Yes the money was a big help but that didn’t build the company he has today. even so inheriting money doesn’t make success.
The only people who say he’s unfit are the people who can’t get over the election.

I grew up with Star Trek and I don’t understand why there all these right-leaning Trekkers. I’d think they wouldn’t even like Trek – why do they even watch the shows? I guess they like it just for being entertaining and not for any of the philosophy. I enjoy Mad Max movies but I wouldn’t want that world to be my reality – maybe that’s how they view Trek. I don’t know.

That’s a false equivalency. Britain no longer holds the status of superpower the United States currently holds, with its massive nuclear arsenal, naval fleet, and military bases and troops spread around the world, not to mention the economic and cultural influences. With Trump in charge of that superpower, Stewart has every right to be concerned and want to fight against his agenda. Every person in the world should.

No Stewart is right, Trump is a loud unqualified idiot who spends more time hashing conspiracy theories instead of dealing with his own house.

And I lived in multiple countries and moaned about the leader there all the time. Democracy doesn’t stop at if you have a citizenship or not. Funny calling others ‘snowflakes’ but then can’t handle some (justified) criticism of this guy.

And he’s lived here for a long time, who cares? Sound like you never been anywhere in your life if you believe no one ever speaks bad about a foreign leader before.

That’s right, an actor who never ran anything or created one single job is more qualified that someone who created thousands of jobs and built a huge company. Sure that makes sense. And judge the man by his family. All his children are successful and respectful.

Yes I’ve been to many countries and I don’t insult their leaders when visiting. It’s called respect for other people home. Something you obviously have none of. Regarding not being able to handle a little criticism, I guess you just aren’t smart enough to understand my point so further explaining is useless.

Trump doesn’t deserve respect. It’s just that simple.

Oh he’s not so bad. After all he sleeps four hours a night and works constantly for zero salary. Contrast that with his predecessor who spent huge amounts of time cruising about on Air Force One and honing his golf game. In the spirit of inclusivity give him a chance.

Absolutely spot-on. Anyone wanting to become a citizen of this country with the main purpose of protesting its’ leadership is extremely self-indulgent. Extremely.

I agree with your last sentence only – you’re continuing to try to explain your BS point of view is absolutely useless – just like your president.

I’m an Englishman, most of us laugh at the Election of Trump. We’ve had huge protests against him coming to England. Personally, I think he’s dangerous, unhinged and will be impeached.

Considering that your nation just voted to commit economic suicide and is probably the catalyst that will lead to the collapse of the EU, I’m not sure the UK’s opinion is worth all that much right now.

Agreed. America’s not got a monopoly on stupid.

Actually that prediction was predictably wrong. Since the Brexit vote, the British economy has become stronger. Doomsday fear mongering by the left always wrong.

G66… “Actually that prediction was predictably wrong.”

The Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

So is he humorous or dangerous?

Both in my opinion. Even funnier is that he was elected, despite everything he said about grabbing women inappropriately and his evident lack of geo-political knowledge. It’s hilarious to read his angry tweets that he posts in the middle of the night without thinking. It’s not so hilarious to consider that this buffoon is actually in a position of real power. As I say I predict impeachment within the next year.

G66, you sound tormented and angry. I’m going to assume that your poor grammar is a result of your current distress, and not a reflection of your intelligence. I could easily call you a ‘dope’ just as you accused others of being, but I won’t. I would also suggest you refrain from using derogatory terms like ‘snowflakes’ as it is currently used by various Aryan movements as a euphemism for human ashes falling in Nazi extermination camps. If you didn’t know that, consider it part of your education. Now go work on your grammar.

Wow! You really got me wit that one. I didn’t know it was a test. Nitpicking a few typos on a message board when the English was totally correct. You must be the teacher no one could stand. Your able to pick out the few errors but not bale to get the point. Brilliant.

You’re. Not Your.

Keep practicing.

He aint my president !!!

And here I thought only the leftists in the US were whiny crybabies about safe spaces and words that only they approve of. The right is equally against free speech and full of snowflakes. “Oh don’t you dare make fun of our president Trump. Don’t you dare say anything mean about the narcissistic tweeting 8 year old in the oval office.”

So if PS became and American citizen IT IS HIS RIGHT to complain about Trump. Man the hypocrisy on BOTH sides in your country is astounding. If I was ever stupid enough to WANT to become and American citizen, (which I’m not stupid enough to do) you’re damn well right I’m going to USE MY RIGHT and scream what an idiot Trump is from the tallest building.

There’s a big difference. No one is silencing him. No one is shutting him down. No one is saying he doesn’t have a right to speak his opinion. No one is assaulting him etc. All that the left has and continues to do. This is only an observation and opinion. There appropriate times and ways to make statement like he did. You can’t see the difference between a citizens statements and a guests? As I said before it’s about respect. He acted like everyone watching the show agreed with him. Also, no one is saying you can’t make fun of our president.

Americans do that all the time.

Way better Ra’s than on Arrow

Sir Patrick is such a class act! He’s both funny as h*ll and smart as a whip! If only he could be our president… ;)

You should’ve included the video of Stewart talking about his circumcision status. It’s hilarious.

Well, it certainly puts the geopolitical lectures in perspective.

Heh. Good point.

I couldn’t make it through five seconds of those cackling hens. Yeesh.

Patrick Stewart is always the class act, unlike the clown Shatner who I was hoping would get shot out of that cannon.

Does anybody know what he thinks he’s going to do when he gets citizenship? What does he think he’s going to accomplish that hasn’t already been tried by all the other Trump haters.