Out Today: A Preview of Star Trek: Waypoint #4 and Star Trek Magazine #60

We have a couple of new Star Trek items for your perusal hitting your local comics shop today. We also have previews of the latest comic book and the new issue of the official Star Trek magazine.

New Comic Out Today: Star Trek: Waypoint #4 (of 6)

The fourth issue of IDW’s bi-monthly anthology of short stories spanning across the franchise continues.


First, an ENTERPRISE story by Vivek Tiwary and Artist TK. Captain Archer’s pet beagle Porthos takes center stage in a Temporal Cold War tale that sees the beloved pooch traveling back in time in order to save a young Jonathan’s life. Then, a NEXT GENERATION story by Scott Bryan Wilson involving double trouble – quite literally – for an away team when they explore a strange new planet!

Cover and 5-page preview






New Magazine Out Today: Star Trek #60

A brand new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine hits newsstands today (if you are a subscriber you may already have your copy). Just in time for International Women’s Day, the new issue features a focus on the women of Trek, which includes a quote from TrekMovie’s own Dr. Kayla Iacovino.

Star Trek Magazine #60 cover

Star Trek Magazine #60 cover

Previews of spreads from the issue.




If you can’t find the latest issue you will be able to pick it up as a back issue soon at titanmagazines.com. You can also subscribe for up to 30% off the newsstand price and they have an offer that includes a free little Kirk figure from Titan

Free figure with subscription of ST Magazine

Free figure with subscription of ST Magazine

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Kind of strange to see Crusher and Troi, guns blazing, on the cover.

Good Lord, Star Trek Magazine is expensive. I was kicking around the idea of subscribing for fun’s sake, but wow. No way.

Its so cool to see how many women have become a fixture in Star Trek. Obviously Uhura was the first and it was great she was both a woman and black. But lets also be honest, she was mostly just wall paper on the show. I think she was given one episode with an actual story line. Outside of that she was there as communications to tell Kirk what the Klingons were saying. Yes Chapel was there too but she was even more wall paper than Uhura but it was good to see both roles at the time it was still less uncommon.

But like our culture in general things advance and I think with each show the women roles got stronger. On TNG you had Troi, Crusher and for a little while at least Yar. Those were more service roles but the characters got tons of development and didn’t fall to just basic stereotypical roles. Then DS9 came along and you got Kira, the first kick butt woman on Star Trek and was a first officer so actually had command power for the first time. Dax was also great who was the Data/Spock role and could be smart but still sexy. Then of course we finally got the first woman Captain with Janeway. Thats when Trek hit a first huge milestone but it was great to see. Sadly we haven’t gotten another one since. I was hoping we got another on Discovery but looks like thats not happening now (we think lol). Although YES we do have a woman Captain with Yeoh’s character even if she’s not the main character. And a woman of color at that.

So I’m happy to see how far women characters have come in Trek. They all been pretty popular and strong. The only one I can remember people had problems with in terms of representation was 7 of 9 and the cat suit…but I didn’t complain lol. And she was still probably the smartest woman character in the entire franchise. She just looked extra hot too. ;)

So female empowerment is living long and prospering. I’m excited Discovery the lead will be a woman as well if not the Captain.

I think to downplay Uhura, Chapel, and even Rand as wallpaper is to forget the severity of the position of women in that era. By today’s standards no, they didn’t have meaty or complex roles but for that time it was pretty groundbreaking. But other than that, I do see where you’re coming from.

The date in the first panel of Waypoint #4 is wrong (“December 2020”, should be “2120”). Guess some people still do not know how to use Memory Alpha wiki to check dates and such.