DST Talks “Star Trek: Discovery” Toys, Plus Trek On Vinyl, Tikis And More New Merch

Time to catch up on the latest in Star Trek merchandise including a beautiful new 2-album set for Star Trek: The Motion Picture on vinyl, some interesting Trek tiki mugs, an update from Diamond Select on the possibility of Star Trek: Discovery toys and more, including the latest bargains for Trek stuff.

DST: No Plans for Discovery Toys (yet), TNG Phaser Delay Explained, No New Role-Play Planned

Diamond Select Toys posted another Art Asylum blog update this week and it covered some questions about upcoming Star Trek products. Regarding the possibility of new toys for Star Trek: Discovery, DST’s Chuck revealed nothing is happening yet, but they are considering it:

We have ongoing talks with CBS about Trek all the time – we’re known to be persistent, so you never know. As more is known about Discovery, I think those talks can begin as well.

One product Trek toys fans have been patiently waiting for is DST’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Electronic Phaser role-play toy. It was first revealed at New York Toy Fair two years ago, but still has no specific release date. Last week TrekMovie reported that DST told us the toy was still being finalized at the factory. On their blog this week they provided some more details, saying:

We have not actively [set a date and price for] that item yet, but once you see it in [the Previews catalog] we will be confident in its ship date. An electronic issue we did not expect cropped up late in the development cycle.

Diamond Select Star Trek: TNG Phaser toy shown at Toy Fair in 2015

Diamond Select Star Trek: TNG Phaser toy shown at Toy Fair in 2015

Chuck also revealed that DST “have not planned our role play items beyond the TNG phaser.” He also noted that it is “unlikely” they will re-issue their Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol and Communicator set, and it is unlikely their next Star Trek vehicle ship toy will be the USS Voyager.

Cool Trek Stuff of the Week: Star Trek: The Motion Picture Vinyl 2-Record Set Coming this Tuesday

The fine folks at La-La Land records are issuing a new limited release two-record set of Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack on vinyl. This is the vinyl version of the 3-CD set issued in 2012.

 New La-La Land Vinyl Set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack - original album jacket art by Daren R. Dochterman

New La-La Land Vinyl Set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack – original album jacket art by Daren R. Dochterman

Available in a gatefold double LP set, the music has been mixed and mastered by Bruce Botnick, who produced the release with Mike Matessino. The records in the set are 180 Gram colored vinyl and comes with a 12-page insert featuring cover art by Bob Peak.

New Limited Edition 2-LP Star Trek: TMP soundtrack from La-La Land

New Limited Edition 2-LP Star Trek: TMP soundtrack from La-La Land

Full track listing:

1 Overture 1:41
2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:59
3 Total Logic 3:54
4 Floating Office 1:07
5 The Enterprise 6:00
6 Malfunction 1:29
7 Goodbye Klingons/Goodbye Epsilon Nine/Pre-Launch 2:08
1 Leaving Drydock 3:31
2 TV Theme/Warp Point Eight :48
3 No Goodbyes :53
4 Spock’s Arrival 2:03
5 TV Theme/Warp Point Nine 1:46
6 Meet V’Ger 3:02
7 The Cloud 5:02
8 V’Ger Flyover 4:59
1 The Force Field 4:15
2 Micro Exam 1:13
3 Games/Spock Walk 9:50
4 System Inoperative 2:02
5 Hidden Information 3:56
1 Inner Workings 4:04
2 V’Ger Speaks 4:03
3 The Meld 5:35
4 End Title 3:13


The release will be limited to just 1,500 units and goes on sale March 14th at noon (Pacific Time) for $34.98 at www.lalalandrecords.com.

Unusual Trek Stuff of the Week: Star Trek Tikis Coming this Summer

Beeline Creative, the makers of geek-themed tiki mugs from franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, announced this week they are going to the final frontier. Beeline’s “Geeki Tikis” are made to “combine some of Trek’s most-beloved characters with the unique stylization seen in traditional tiki culture.”

Star Trek gets tiki treatment

Star Trek gets tiki treatment

This summer they’ll be rolling out a line of Star Trek Collectible Tiki Mugs which will include Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, the Mugato, a Klingon and a Gorn. Each ceramic Star Trek Geeki Tiki will stand seven to eight inches tall and boast a capacity of approximately 14 ounces. Beeline say they are already planning for more TOS tiki mugs and a new line of Star Trek: The Next Generation ones too. For now you can go to GeekiTikis.com to sign up for the Beeline Creative newsletter and for product alerts, and follow them at @beelinecreativ on Twitter or on Instagram.

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More New Trek Stuff: TOS Retro Lunchbox & TNG Kataan Probe Pendant

ThinkGeek has a new retro-designed Star Trek: The Original Series lunchbox, which is available now for $14.95.


Roddenberry are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a Kataan Probe Pendant from the episode “The Inner Light.” The hand-polished bronze pendant comes with a certificate of authenticity and an eco-friendly textured paper gift box, subtly evocative of the traditional green Ressikan box in which Picard received his flute from the probe. The probe pendant arrives in April and sells for $89.99 (with free shipping) and can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth.


Bargains of the Week: Pop Vinyl, ThinkGeek, Amazon, Her Universe

Entertainment Earth is running a sale on Funko Pop Vinyl Figures: if you buy four you get a fifth for free. They sell for $10.99 each. This only covers what they have available now but can be any Pop Vinyl figure and not just Trek. Their currently available figures from Star Trek Beyond include Kirk, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Bones,
Chekov, Jaylah and Krall.


ThinkGeek has a sale on a Star Trek Schematic Duvet Cover and Pillow Case set featuring the TOS USS Enterprise. At 25% you can pick it up for just $59.99 at ThinkGeek.


Amazon is currently discounting the recently released Star Trek: Deep Space Nine complete series on DVD set by 38%. You can pick it up for $89.96.


Her Universe is having a 15% online sale for all their products, including their line of Star Trek women’s wear. For Star Trek they offer shirts and a “Picardigan.” Check out all the Star Trek items at HerUniverse.com.


That’s it for Star Trek merchandise this week, but come back to TrekMovie for all our merchandise updates.

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That is not a bad price at all for the lunchbox, I am ordering two!

Art Asylum makes great collectibles for DST but dear God they can take forever. I’m still waiting for a release date for the USS Reliant, it feels like they’ve been working on that for 10 years.

I was hoping that DST would loose or drop the ST liscense. They take way too long bringing out products and have too many quality control issues. I don’t think they have much regard for ST collectors anymore! It’s time for someone else to do this!!!!!!m

where’s the Klingon D-7 too? Not even Playmates did that one…

Ugh. I’m so tired of vinyl.

DST is really dragging their feet if they haven’t even planned the next role play toy. Seems like this would be a perfect time for them to re-release an older one like the Enterprise set just to make it seem like they’re actually doing things instead of disappointing people with delays for a toy that’s now, what, a toy revealed 2 years ago?

Of course, I’m not sure why they haven’t set their effors on literally any of the Tricorders from TNG forward (I assume it’s some sort of stupid license limitation, but it sure would be nice).

The vinyl frontier?

The truth is, toys like these, with complex electronics and detailed sculpting, produced at a high quality, are extremely expensive to develop and produce. Beyond what that means for a retail price, it also means they need to sell a lot to make them profitable.

And unfortunately, Trek is not a property with enough collectors anymore who want these role play items (and want to pay a lot of money for them) to make it a top priority for them. Not to say there aren’t ANY, or even a lot, because they’re still making them… but you can bet that if there were more– a lot more– these products would be put out quickly and often, because they’d be very profitable, and making money is the name of the game.

Trek is no longer a franchise with legions of free-spending fans like in the 90s. We have to admit that. The pre-JJ Trek is mostly a nostalgia franchise now, and it won’t operate like a top-tier brand, where licensees pump out product, and make it a top priority…

…at least not when the same companies are making Marvel, DC, and Star Wars toys.

Please stop shortening the word “merchandise”. It really doesn’t take that much time to spell it out.

Please stop being pedantic. It really doesn’t take that much effort.

Yeah what’s wrong with the word merch? Merchandise and merch are two different words with the same definition but different connotations. Ain’t nothing wrong with it or anything lazy about it…

I bought the WOK vinyl from mondo and it’s a real jewel with its colored discs… I’m probably gonna end up with this one too. Damn my love for trek music! Also just got the Beyond extended edition, can’t wait to listen!!!

I scooped up TMP vinyl. Aside from being a spectacular score, the V’ger lightning discs are just too cool. A bit pricier than the $5 WOK vinyl I grabbed at a used record store a few years back, but this was just too cool to ignore.

The lunchbox is way cool!, ……………….but
The artwork on the TMP album cover is spectacular!!!

The Tikis look fun… Just wish they’d created a Risan Horgh’an as well! :)