Chase Masterson To Moderate Gender Gap Discussion at U.N.

Photo: Hero Round Table

Deep Space Nine‘s Leeta and founder of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition will address the United Nations Friday morning at their headquarters in New York to discuss the gender gap in the entertainment industry as part of the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.

She’ll be moderating  the panel, titled “Closing the Gender Gap in Entertainment: Systemic Social Change Through Media,” which will feature Women’s March National Co-Chair Carmen Perez, Teen Vogue Editor Lauren Duca, and UN Women’s Ravi Karkara. Masterson’s Pop Culture Hero Coalition, UN Women, Teen Vogue, and the Women’s March are all co-sponsors of the event.


Since her time on Deep Space Nine, Masterson has lead multiple efforts to further equality and the ideals of IDIC through her work with Homeboy Industries, a group that provides support to formerly gang-related and incarcerated youth, and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, a group co-founded by Masterson that seeks to end bullying. Masterson says that Star Trek’s message of equality is part of what drives her passion for helping others.

“I have always been an advocate for women, but the integrity of Star Trek’s message of equality has resonated with me increasingly due to DS9,” she told “The future is a place of unremitting inclusivity. Let’s make that future start now.”

Chase Masterson as Leeta on Deep Space Nine

Chase Masterson as Leeta on Deep Space Nine

Masterson pointed out that as more women are hired to work in front of and behind the camera, the more women’s stories and perspectives will be told.

“This fact also doesn’t escape me: both as an employee of Quark’s, and then as the wife of a Ferengi, Leeta was never expected to speak out, or to have any strength or voice of her own.” Masterson said. “She was basically expected to exist in service to men, objectified. But she didn’t conform to those stereotypes. Originally, some people saw Chase in the same way. So, yeah, not bad, for a Dabo Girl.”

The panel will be streamed on Facebook live 10:30 am – 12 pm ET. Check out the Facebook event page.

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Go Girl!

Your worries and Rothschild’s money, my dear… I’d love to have them both.

Is your tin foil hat on a little tight?

Haha… ain’t that the truth. It’s hard knock life.

It’s always great when Star Trek inspires someone, and it’s especially heartwarming when it inspires former cast members.

My wife is my hero, especially since she made big cracks in the glass ceiling! :)