New Star Trek Roller Coaster Preps For Launch At Movie Park Germany

A new Star Trek roller coaster is closing in on completion at Movie Park Germany, and we’ve got an an “on ride” video preview for you.

Movie Park Germany’s Star Trek Coaster Nearing Completion

This spring, Movie Park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany, will open up a new roller coaster called “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise,” making it the only amusement park in the world with a Star Trek-themed attraction. According to Movie Park, “Operation Enterprise” will will feature a 40-meter twisted halfpipe and be a “triple launch coaster,” meaning instead of starting with a single long incline, riders will be “launched at high speed three times.”

Official poster for "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise" opening this spring at Movie Park Germany

“Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” roller coaster is opening this spring at Movie Park Germany

“Operation Enterprise” will be themed around an original story based on Star Trek: The Next Generation: 

Starfleet’s enemy the Borg have the U.S.S. Enterprise locked in their tractor beam. The ship and its crew have been captured. The bridge of the Enterprise is deserted. The only hope of rescue is to send Starfleet cadets on a bold rescue mission. And this isn’t going to be easy. The Borg ship’s deflector shields will have to be breached so that its main systems can be destroyed. It’s the only way to save the crew of the Enterprise. Despite an incredible adrenaline rush, the cadets have to fully focus on the task at hand.

Construction for “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” has been ongoing since last fall and work on the coaster itself is almost complete. They recently released an “on ride” video to show what the coaster experience will be like.

While Movie Park has shown us what the ride is like on the coaster itself, they haven’t yet shown much of the Star Trek experience you can expect inside the main building for the coaster, which will be called “Federation Plaza.” So far, the most Star Trek-ish thing that has been revealed are the coaster’s cars, sporting 24th century iconography such as the 1701-D ship registry of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


One of the cars for "Operation Enterprise" being delivered and shown with more detail

One of the cars for “Operation Enterprise” being delivered and shown with more detail

Federation Plaza under construction

The “Federation Plaza” portion of the attraction is the current focus of construction and it promises to “bring the Starfleet Academy world to life,” and it will of course also include a Star Trek gift shop. Just yesterday Movie Park released more photos of construction on the area where cadets “will be trained for their rescue mission.”

And recording for original music for the attraction began a couple of weeks ago with the Budapest Philharmonic.

A Movie Park spokesperson tells TrekMovie they hope to revealing more of the Star Trek-themed components and some “surprises” soon, so we will be keeping an eye out for that. TrekMovie will provide more updates as “Operation Enterprise” gets close to launch. For more information visit the official website.

Official poster for "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise" at Movie Park Germany

Official poster for “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” at Movie Park Germany

Update on Paramount Resort London

In 2014 the Paramount London Resort was announced as a new theme park to be built in the UK which would include a Star Trek attraction. Originally the plan was to open in 2020 but construction has yet to begin on the 3.5 billion pound resort and the open date has been moved to 2022. While Star Trek was originally part of the official announcement, a spokesperson for the resort tells TrekMovie that as of now they cannot confirm any specific attractions.

Artist rendition of possible Star Trek attraction at Paramount London Resort - now delayed to 2022

Artist rendition of possible Star Trek attraction at Paramount London Resort – now delayed to 2022

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Wow-to needlessly go where no one has gone before. Whats next? The Galileo bowling alley??

Could be nice to ride with. But I do not expect a strong Star Trek feeling, though it’s interesting that they composed a special soundtrack.

From one video editor to another, nice editing on the video. The guy took a very boring subject and made a half interesting video. Good job.

Ride looks average, but it’s nice to see that Trek still has that kind of pull in todays day and age. We’d never get something like that in the states.

Actually there was a Trek themed coaster in NC/SC (literally crossing the border) between 2004 and 2007 called the Borg Assimilator.

They renamed it to Nighthawk when Paramount sold all its theme parks.

There’s a strong fan base in Germany, so who knows. Disney has gutted the Anaheim park to incorporate all things Star Wars, WDW will be following suit. Then again, Trek isn’t Star Wars….

Thats not true. I live near Disneyland. THey haven’t gutted anything for Star Wars. They just took backstage buildings and knocked those down for the land. Every ride and land that was there before Star Wars will still be there after Star Wars. Its only been added as an addition, not a sub tractor.

Most of the Big Thunder area is gone for good, and the Rivers of America attractions will be closed intermittently during construction, about 14% of the park, according to the LA Times. At a hundred bucks a pop now, if I’m feeling the need to kill a day at an amusement park, I’ll go to Knotts…

The Big Thunder Area was a restaurant and a goat farm. Its not like they got rid of Splash Mountain over it. And yes the Rivers of America is closed to make the area, like A LOT of attractions are closed when they are building a new land or ride. But they will be back and will be open again this summer. It was only shut down for a year.

I’m only saying stop the hyperbole. No rides, shows or lands are leaving because of Star Wars. It will all be there as it always was. You made it sound like as if they razed Fantasyland to put it in or something.

And look I wasn’t trying to get on your case about it. But when you say things like ‘gutted everything’ it presents an image in peoples heads 20% of the rides are now closed or shut down. Thats just not the case. The park hasn’t lost anything over Star Wars other than a restaurant, a goat farm and a reduced Rivers of America. But 99.1 of the park is still there like its always been and not a single ride was lost over it. Pretty amazing when you think the Star Wars land will actually be the biggest land in the park.

14% isn’t 1/10, so I’m not sure what the break even mark is on hyperbole. Doesn’t matter, Disney parks have always been a work in progress since they opened, attractions come and go – they did move at amazing speed to graft the Star Wars brand into the fold, which was my point that I didn’t seem to make all that well….

The 14% is the River that is closed, which is only temporary. C’mon this is silly. You made it sound like half the park was shut down. And thats been closed plenty of times over they years. It was closed for nearly a year back in 2009. Yeah thats what happens when you improve or build new things sometimes. But end of the day everything will still be there as it always has minus a restaurant and goat farm. But in addition we get Star Wars!!! And they will have plenty of restaurants. No goat farm I’m guessing.

But yes the land is being built at an amazing rate. They just put in At At inside one of the show buildings. Incredible!

There doesn’t seem to be any connection to Star Trek with this coaster other than the coaster car says “Star Trek” on it. What is that about?

We can’t really tell yet how themed it will be. Traditionally themed rollercoasters will place 90-100% of its theming in the queue. But even the rare theming element that is situated along the tracks will be placed after the heavy construction is completed.

What are you talking about? Did you even read the article?? The ride will have a story line that will involve the Borg and riders will be Starfleet cadets on their first mission. They are composing specific music just for the ride which would probably be TNG based. The area the ride will be in will be called Federation Plaza and the piece specifically said they are going to bring Starfleet Academy to life inside it and create the story line of the ride in there. They even quoted it. And not to mention they specifically said there will be more surprises coming for fans.

To say there is ‘no connection’ is disingenuous at best.

There is no need to be rude, Tiger2. The video shows no connection to Star Trek other than the car having a logo and the words “Star Trek” on it. The press release promises all kinds of things, none of which are in evidence in the video.

Not trying to be rude, just honest. The video was just 30 seconds showing off the roller coaster itself. But when you say there are ‘no connections’ but ignore whats actually said yes its kind of false to say there are NO connections right?

Look, I guess sometimes it bothers me how exaggerated people say things sometimes on message boards. If you just said the theming doesn’t sound strong enough to you or something that would be one thing. And look its a cheap roller coaster at the end of the day its not going to be anything grand, its just a simple thrill ride with a Star Trek over lay. But same time its not like they are just throwing stickers on the cars and a title on the queue. They are trying.

I think the problem is that the park describes an immersive theme experience, but all they show you is a coaster that currently has no theming really. Maybe it is just a matter of prematurely announcing stuff before they are ready to show it off.

Ok fair enough!

The cash cow continues.

Right. Let me get this straight. A way to promote Star Trek in a more mainstream viewers, supposedly a younger audience, so they can perhaps go and view the original material… as well as getting them to watch future material making it more likely that Star Trek will continue rather than get overworked and get cancelled again.
And people complain.

You know it, Stuart. that’s all Star Trek ‘fans’ do now. Pisses me off no end.

Trek used to be a source of inspiration for people to become astronauts, scientists, engineers, medical professionals and the like. Hey, there is nothing wrong with roller coasters, or amusement parks, but it could just as well be the Smurfs roller coaster. I understand that the franchise makes money off the licensing, but hey, why not have MIT or Villanova ( or any other technical university) create a Trek themed curriculum, or have Paramount/CBS offer scholarship programs in Treks name? Perhaps partner up with NASA to offer a Trek space camp for kids. No need the cheapen the franchise name with roller coasters or bowling alleys. During spring break they can go on the “awesome” Smurf roller coater:)) And hey, not all Trek fans are cranky old whining geezers.

Taking your point and running with it, wouldn’t it be great if science fellowships in universities and STEM programs in schools were connected in some titular way to “Star Trek”? After all, more science nerds have been spawned by Trek than Star Wars.

Aw geeze Quark, I regret I didn’t read your whole post. You addressed it already! Forgive me. Here’s some gold-pressed latinum

It would be fun to read a TrekMovie article about all the scientists, astronauts and scientific programs inspired by Trek. And maybe some science programs could be renamed accordingly :-)

As for Paramount funding anything, it’d be great! But I wouldn’t hold my breath. They seem to be all about making money off Star Trek fans, not inspiring a new generation ….

Last I checked, roller coasters were designed by … wait for it…. ENGINEERS!

You seem to be WAY over thinking this. Its a theme park ride, almost every popular movie franchise gets them. You act like this is the only ride Star Trek has gotten. Everyone obviously remembers Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas which was amazing but sadly it closed after a decade. Point being some experiences will be better than others. Sounds like the actual Paramount theme park being built in London is going to be a really themed (read: expensive) place and I can see them doing something like the Experience in Vegas. Obviously all just speculation but it sounds like they are spending big for that resort and no doubt Trek will be a big anchor there (although my guess is Transformers is going to be the big king of that park).

Anyway, its just a cool way to get fans to ride a roller coaster and for coaster fans to get a little Trek culture. No biggie.

Looks like there’s still a little life left in TNG, after all.

TNG has always been the “biggest” of all parts of Star Trek here in Germany. TOS is not even remotely as beloved as in the US. So its understandable they would choose that over anything else.

That looks like the kind of roller coaster, I am afraid to get in. :-P
But I really want to see the whole start before it. What they do there.
I already was a handful of time in the Movie Park and when you go there, when many have time and the weather is sunny, the waiting lines can get long. So some attractions have something there to entertain the people along the way. Different waiting rooms with different decorations. Videos of people telling a story in connection to the theme of the ride, etc. I guess it will be something like this here, too.

I know the park (it´s just a few miles north of where I live) and although I understand the thought that this has nothing to do with Trek despite the logos on the carts, Movie Park always includes the story into the waiting area. You go through there and become part of the story before you get to the ride itself. The ride might take only 2 or three minutes, but the whole story can be up to 20 minutes, so I guess there will be exclusive movie scenes and rebuilt set pieces you wander through on your way to the rollercoaster.

This would be cool if this was part of a Trek park…like Star Wars land. On it’s own it’s a bit…eh

Ooh! a Paramount Star Trek-themed resort! Sounds fun ….


The German project appears to be exclusively CBS licensed while the London seems to be some sort of co-license with Paramount. Does any of this, or Brad Grey’s exit for that matter, have any bearing on the Spain project?: