Celeb Watch: Sir Patrick Officially A Legend, Shatner Lands ‘Senior Moment,’ And More

Patrick Stewart is a legend (and is talking about marijuana), William Shatner has been cast in a new romantic comedy, Linda Park talks new Enterprise fans and her upcoming projects, and Robert Picardo will record your voicemail message. Also, there is sad news with iconic Star Trek guest star Lawrence Montaigne passing away.

Patrick Stewart Wins Empire Legend Award

On Sunday night in London Sir Patrick Stewart became the seventh recipient of the Empire Legend Award at the 22nd annual Empire Magazine Awards. Past honorees include Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, and Tom Cruise. The award was presented to the Star Trek: The Next Generation star by his long-time friend Sir Ian McKellen. After some jibes at Stewart’s expense, McKellen got serious saying “The range of his work is so gratifying and enviable…He’s one of my heroes for the way he stands up for his causes. He’s the actor that people of my generation would like to be.”

Stewart was greeted with a standing ovation, and not just because he gave McKellen a big kiss when he got on stage (see above photo). Stewart got philosophical while accepting the award, saying (via Empire):

“‘Success is an impostor. It conceals the flaw, the wound, the fundamental doubt at the core of the artists’ being’. Well, I only quoted that as I wanted to go down as the only actor in history to quote Nietzche. But nevertheless, sometimes, Mr Nietzche, you are right.” He also makes sure to thank his “brother and friend, Ian.”

Star Trek Beyond was also nominated for Best Makeup and Hair, but the award went to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. More details on the ceremony at empireonline.com.


As if we didn’t already know Patrick Stewart was a legend (photo: Empire)

Stewart Backs Medical Marijuana in UK, Reveals He Uses it Every Day for Arthritis

Speaking of Sir Patrick, this week the actor took on another cause, advocating for medical marijuana in the United Kingdom. Oxford University announced a new study on the medical benefits of marijuana, titled the Cannabis Research Plan. Backers hope to influence the debate over changing laws in the UK to allow for medical marijuana. In the US Massachusetts legalized the use of marijuana in 2016, and in 2018, recreational marijuana dispensaries entered the game as well. From novice growers to expert cultivators, explore i49 and you’ll be on the right path to a successful crop! Stewart was one of the key celebrity backers of the new research project, and revealed that two years ago in California he was prescribed medical marijuana to treat arthritis. Stewart told the UK’s Telegraph he regularly uses a marijuana-based ointment for his hands, as well as edibles, to treat pain.

Stewart says he uses marijuana ever day - but it's medicinal

Stewart says he uses marijuana ever day – but it’s medicinal

Shatner to Star in Romantic Comedy

William Shatner is set to star in the upcoming romantic comedy Senior Moment, according to Variety. Shatner will play a retired Navy fighter pilot and NASA test pilot who battles the law as his town seeks to get dangerous senior drivers off the road, resulting in his coveted convertible being impounded, and his license revoked. Shatner had this to say about the production, which begins shooting later this year: “I’m thrilled to be working with this group of talented people,” Shatner said. “I’m really looking forward to making a wonderfully funny movie.”

An Early Poster for "Senior Moment."

An Early Poster for “Senior Moment.”

Park Talks New Audiences Finding Enterprise and New Play

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Linda Park recently began starring in the classic play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Maggie at the Gindler Performing arts Center in Glendale, CA. To promote the play she has a new interview with the official Star Trek site where she talked a bit about how Enterprise is finding new audiences:

I’ve been meeting so many young children who’ve had Enterprise introduced to them by their parents. So, that’s been really exciting for me, to have young audiences get excited about the show and the work we did. We came on very late in that whole Star Trek run. We didn’t really get the promotion we should have. We never had a lot of eyes on us when we were on the air, so it’s nice to know that people are finding Enterprise now, all this time later. And there are people re-discovering it, too. Some of the fans maybe did give us a chance when we were on and they’ve gone back and realized it was really pretty good.

Park also discussed her role in the upcoming third season of Amazon’s Bosch, which has previously cast Trek alumni. Jeri Ryan had a large role in season two. Bosch‘s third season will begin airing on April 21st.

Park yesterday offered this photo preview (below) of her character Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof via Instagram.

Perfecting the cat eye for Maggie the cat #catiscoming @antaeustheatre

A post shared by Linda Park (@reallindapark) on

Robert Picardo Will Record Your Voicemail Greeting If You Help Fund His New Play

Robert Picardo, Star Trek: Voyager’s Emergency Medical Hologram, has signed on to co-star in a new comedy play called “A Joke.” The production is trying to get enough money together to premiere at the Edinburgh Festival later this year. As with many crowdfunding projects, there is an abundance of possible rewards available. Picardo will record a custom ringtone or voicemail message for you for £50 (or about $63).  More info on the play and possible funding rewards at danfreeman.co.uk.

Picardo was on hand at Toronto Comic Con over the weekend and NerdBastards has a con report from his panel. As is his custom, Picardo was also available for photos with fans, which he likes to share on Twitter with pithy comments, as demonstrated below.

Lawrence Montaigne passes away at 86

Over the weekend, with sadness TrekMovie reported via Twitter and Facebook that actor Lawrence Montaigne had passed away in Las Vegas. Trek fans will know Montaigne from two classic Star Trek episodes, playing the Vulcan Stonn in “Amok Time,” and the Romulan Decius in “Balance of Terror.” He has also been a regular on the Trek convention circuit for years and even returned to the role of Stonn in the fan film Of Gods and Men.  The news of Montaigne’s passing was first revealed by his daughter on Facebook, where friends, family, and fans have been offering their condolences. Fans can offer condolences on Lawrence’s own Facebook page as well.

Lawrence Montaigne, dead at 86

Lawrence Montaigne, dead at 86

Keep up with all the Star Trek celeb news at TrekMovie.com.

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Fascinating to read that Lawrence Montaigne might have replaced Leonard Nimoy after Trek’s first season, had the stars aligned differently. As the later Trek series proved beyond all doubt, not everyone can play a Vulcan or even Romulan well. Montaigne did it twice, making the most of the small roles he was given. I hope he was aware of how much that meant, to so many people.

Seems he was fairly sanguine about what might have been. To your point, I suspect he was aware…

Thank heavens (and NBC) that Montaigne DIDN’T replace Leonard Nimoy. Montaigne might have been a better Vulcan than Jolene Blalock, but Mr. Nimoy had great range and wonderful subtlety, and no one could have done Spock as well as he did.

Oh, and Montaigne also looked TERRIBLE in the ears. :-)

My condolences to the family of Lawrence Montaigne. He certainly did make a big impression in his two appearances on Star Trek.

And for what it’s worth, I want to be Sir Patrick Stewart when I grow up.

Wow Sir Patrick Stewart is quite the kisser.

I love Lawrence Montaigne’s story he told about Leonard Nimoy. He was dressed up as a Vulcan in the studio commissary. A kid came up thinking he was Mr Spock. He asked him for Autograph and told the kid to f$&@ off.

Nimoy apparently was livid until Larry admitted he made up the story. I would have loved to see nimoy’s expression. Bet that was funny.

Wait…what?? Tom Cruise is a legend?

Well he was in “Legend” .. I wouldn’t call him a legend


I agree with your puzzling. Knights, amongst which Stewart is counted, are the things of legend. Cruise only starred in KNIGHT AND DAY.

Smiley Cloud photo from TNG — LOL!

Dude…heh heh

I knew there had to be a Roddenberry reason for why Picard’s crew was always so mellow and always got along.

Lets see…drive to Glendale and catch a play, or drive to Palm Springs and get a sunburn?

William Shatner is a funny guy. Can’t wait for this one.

Linda Park said, “And there are people re-discovering it [Star Trek: Enterprise], too. Some of the fans maybe did give us a chance when we were on and they’ve gone back and realized it was really pretty good.”

Count me as one of those fans, Linda. I watched Enterprise during its original run, but when I binged the series late last year, I gained a whole new appreciation and love for it.

I only wish the producers had found a way to use Hoshi (and Travis) more. Of course, Hoshi DID end up being empress of the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe, so I guess that ain’t too bad!

I agree. Enterprise was the only one of the Star Trek “sequels” that really captured the spirit of TOS, in my opinion. I enjoyed the other shows as well, but TOS and ENT are my favs.

To each his own. I actually dislike it more now than when I originally watched it in first run. Bakula was absolutely miscast, and sadly Linda Park is one of my least favorite actors in it as well. Haven’t really seen her in much else, so not sure if it was the actor or the character that made Hoshi irritating for me, but certainly some of the writing didn’t help. What I’m realizing from watching the early first and second season episodes is that Hoshi had many storylines that focused on her, and none were very compelling. In order of my least favorite — Archer, Hoshi, Malcom, Travis. The rest do a fine job. Travis is neither here nor there. His casting choice seems to tick a diversity box, with the least objectionable choice they could have made. He blends into the backgroud as a character, due in part to his rudimentary acting chops, but mostly as a result of him being an expendable character nobody knew what to do with (Though Sulu sort of fell into this area as well). Sitting through this series again has been occasionally painful, and at best, passably entertaining. The sad part is that Bakula started out OK, but clearly at some point, somebody let him start doing his own staging, and he began to pace holes in the deck-plating during his tortured dialogue delivery. The only thing I lament about this series is that the stories began to get a lot more interesting in the 4th season, which served to mitigate the acting and character problems developed during the first 3 seasons. I really would have enjoyed seeing another season or two of what the stories might have become. Had Enterprise had better stories from the beginning, I might be more willing to overlook its considerable flaws today.

It looks like Stewart has the munchies and McKellan was the nearest food source.

I love both those actors.