Chris Pine Flies With The Thunderbirds, And Supports A Young Star Trek Fan

Chris Pine Feels The Need … The Need For Speed

On Friday, Star Trek’s Chris Pine joined the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration squadron as they prepped for this weekend’s Los Angeles County Air Show. He went up in Thunderbirds #8 F-16 Fighting Falcon and according to the Air Force, they “showed him what 9.2G’s feels like while also getting to experience Mach 1!”

Chris Pine boards Thunderbirds #8, which has been personalized for him for the day (photo: Markeloper Aviation Photography)


Chris Pine preps for his flight with the USAF Thunderbirds (photo: USAF)


Chris Pine gives out hand signals before taking off at the LA County Airshow (photo: USAF)


Chris Pine does a flyby with the Thunderbirds (photo: USAF)


Chris Pine with the USAF Thunderbirds pilots and ground crew (photo: USAF)

Pine Supports The Children’s Miracle Network

It’s not all fun and flying around for Pine. This week The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has been promoting Children’s Hospital Week on social media to raise awareness, and he joined in to support the campaign.


The way the campaign works is that anyone can post a photo wearing a bandage with the name of a child who has benefited from a children’s hospital with #ChildrensHospitalsWeek hashtag. Pine is showing his support for 15 year-old Pennsylvania lung transplant recipient Luke Maeding, who  happens to be a big Star Trek fan. Pine and Luke did a photo shoot together last month, and Pine gave Luke a collection of Star Trek toys, as well as a personally signed Star Trek Beyond t-shirt with the message “you know more about Trek than I do.”

Pine and Luke together at Children’s Miracle Network photo shoot

Pine and Luke and another boy from the same photo shoot

Learn more about Luke and how to donate money to help him at his Facebook page: Love+Lungs=Life for Luke.

In case you’re wondering when Pine got his new ‘do, it was revealed last week by his hairstylst David Cox on Instagram.

Check out Chris Pine’s new haircut by @davidcoxhair! 💇🏻‍♂️#ChrisPine #ArtDepartmentAgencyLA

A post shared by Art Department LA (@artdeptagencyla) on

Updates on Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Patrick Stewart, and Linda Park 

Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy, Karl Urban, has been cast alongside Sofia Vergara and Andy Garcia in the new thriller Bent, where he’ll star as a “shamed and discredited narcotics detective.” Shooting begins this month in Rome.

Zachary Quinto (Spock) was just cast to co-star in Who We Are Now, with Julianne Nicholson and Emma Roberts. Quinto will be playing a former U.S. soldier in the drama about a former felon who is trying to regain custody of her son. The film has just started shooting in New York.

Star Trek’s Uhura, Zoe Saldana revealed her character’s new poster for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 on Twitter this week. She also did a new interview with E! News talking about the film, and confirmed that she’ll begin work on the next Avatar movies in August.

Sir Patrick Stewart took time out this week to visit his beloved Huddersfield Town AFC, where he hosted a private screening of his new film Logan for the players. The Star Trek: The Next Generation star is president of Huddersfield Town AFC’s academy and lifelong supporter of the club. The Terriers, as they are known, currently sit in third place in the English Football League Championship with ten games remaining in the season. Stewart is confident that Huddersfield Town will at least make the EFL Championship play-off at Wembley Stadium, where they will have the chance to secure promotion to the English Premier League, and promised he will try to “attend every match until the end of the season.” Should they win promotion to the Premier League, Stewart’s Terriers would come up against Tottenham Hotspur, who count Marina Sirtis as a die-hard supporter. It’ll be chaos on the bridge when those teams meet! Watch video of Stewart visiting Huddersfield Town AFC at

Last night Linda Park, Star Trek: Enterprise’s Hoshi Sato, debuted in her starring role in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Anteus Theater in Glendale. The actress recently gave an interview to LA Weekly talking about being the first Asian-American to be cast as Maggie. She also shared an opening night photo on Instagram:

Opening night for this Cat. Hopping Johns y’all! #catonahottinroof @antaeustheatre

A post shared by Linda Park (@reallindapark) on Mar 24, 2017 at 3:39pm PDT

Keep up on all the Star Trek Celeb news at

Thanks to Dee with assistance for this article.

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I agree with Samantha bee about these haircuts.

Did she say they look goofy? In that case I agree

…I live near a military base and to be totally honest, I love haircuts like Pine’s. Really works for for guys with strong jawlines and facial features/striking eyes. Works a lot better than Pine’s longer cut.

To be fair, his haircut is not so bad — it’s more or less a high and tight traditional military haircut, and I had forgotten a likely necessity for his role as Lyle Waggoner — I mean Steve Trevor … Samantha Bee was targeting the 30’s era hairstyle, which usually has a big tuft of hair heavily styled with product, a la 1930s Germany, and the current trend I’m told is known as a “hard part” where the part is carved into the scalp. Several actors have adopted this, and for their age is really unappealing to me — Rob Lowe is one, he may have finally hit the age where he’s actually aged, and Tom Cavanaugh in the Flash. Extreme hairstyles tend to favor the young. A “military” haircut tends to work for any age. What I don’t like about Pine’s cut are the “hashmarks” etched into his scalp, though he’s young enough to still pull that off — barely.

Good looking guy. Fine actor. A decent human being.

I do wish they’d quit making these ‘fake Captain Kirk’ movies, though.

They’re official movies, dare I say “canon”. So how exactly are they “fake”?

Because it’s not Shatner, the guy he wanks off to.

Harry Plinkett.

Re: ‘fake Captain Kirk’

myofb dog didn’t say the movies were, but rather, their Captain Kirk was. However, Captain Kirk, himself, is a fictitious character; so I’m lost as to what is meant by a fake fake Captain Kirk?

It definitely has my curiosity up as to how the 3 Kirks in the episode, THE ENEMY WITHIN, fall in this attempted conceptualization?

You mean Star Trek 1,3 and 5? Me too!

We all know that Chris Pine’s plan is just going to crash land on an island inhabited by warrior women.

That’s my plan, too.

With my luck, they’d all be harrier than me.

Pine is awesome in ‘Hell or High Water.’ Looking forward to WW.

I’ll second that. He was great in Hell Or High Water, just great. Goes to show what good writing can bring out of an actor.

Good man

Chris Pine as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in TOP GUN — a part he already got to play in the 2009 remake.

For a cast that takes a lot of grief from a portion of the fanbase for being talentless hacks, they stay busy. It’s a shame we aren’t likely to see them in the Trek universe again.

Time to move on…

I think that if they do another Kelvin era Trek movie that Kirk should have the beard Pine has in the Children’s Hospital Week poster. Looks good on him and would make him look less “young” when captaining a ship and (if the rumors are true) somehow we get Hemsworth as his Dad in the movie. Hemsworth is sure to be not in the Thor “beard and long hair” mode, to distinguish his character from Thor so it would make sense to me if Kirk would go the opposite route…