Star Trek: Discovery Returning To San Diego Comic-Con For 2017 Hints Anthony Rapp

Star Trek: Discovery’s Anthony Rapp, who plays USS Discovery science officer Lt. Stamets, is dropping little bits about the show again. Last week in an interview promoting his new movie bwoy, Rapp spoke about being “honored” to play a gay character in Discovery. And in a new interview, this time promoting an upcoming performance in Philadelphia, the actor/singer made an off-hand remark regarding San Diego Comic-Con. Here is the exchange from The Philadelphia Gay News.

PGN: Your career alternates between theater and film. What can you say about your roles on Broadway and the big screen? Are you always looking to reinvent yourself?

AR: I don’t think of it in terms of reinvention. I’ve been fortunate to do interesting projects. I haven’t done a huge number of films and TV shows. I’m proud of what I’ve done with “bwoy,” and other small films I’ve made. They are collaborative and creative and outside of the pressures of the [industry]. I’m just getting my feet wet in the “Star Trek” experience, and that’s the biggest machine I will be a part of. We’re supposed to do Comic-Con. I helped establish BroadwayCon, and that’s the biggest experience like that I’ve had so far. But this is a going to be a bigger event and have an international aspect. I’m curious to see how it’s going to manifest itself — how many countries and cultures I’m going to experience.

It should be noted that CBS has not announced or confirmed plans for Comic-Con at this time.

Of course at last year’s SDCC CBS held a big Star Trek 50th anniversary panel in Hall H which revealed the title for Star Trek: Discovery and teaser video. More details also emerged from a separate press Q&A. At the time it was expected that Discovery would have premiered well before this year’s Comic-Con, but the show has subsequently been delayed until early fall of this year. So SDCC 2017 is another opportunity for CBS to build buzz for a show which is vitally important to their corporate strategy.

Former showrunner Bryan Fuller talking about Star Trek: Discovery at Comic-Con in 2016

TrekMovie will be reporting all the Discovery news that comes out of SDCC, which kicks off July 20th.

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At least CBS gets it. Remember when Paramount didn’t take Star Trek to ComicCon until it was too late?

Expect to see the first real trailer with footage from the show in the hall when Discovery has it’s official coming out at Comic-Con. It makes lots of sense and hopefully once it’s full steam ahead and (fingers crossed) the show is a hit, they’ll be a constant fixture at SDCC for as long as they’re making episodes.

Trekcore has now pulled this story saying that Anthony Rapp contacted them to tell them that he had been misquoted.

Meaning Anthony Rapp wasn’t supposed to reveal anything yet. LOL

Well that will be cool. My guess is the whole cast will be there and they will show off some clips at least. Honestly I’m hoping we get something before then but at this point not holding my breath either.

It actually starts July 19th,not the 20th. And of course they’ll be there,no matter what anyone says or stories get pulled,lol! Probably ONE of the reasons it got delayed,till after CC,lol!