Review: QMx’s 1:6th Scale Dr. Leonard McCoy Figure is Stunning + Picard Figure Coming In May

The third offering in the Quantum Mechanix Star Trek 1:6th scale figure line, following Kirk and Spock from The Original Series, simply had to be our old country doctor…Leonard McCoy. Additionally, QMx has announced that their next entry into the series, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, will be available in May.

This is the first 1:6th figure from QMxthat TrekMovie has been able to get our hands on, and we could not be more impressed. QMx is a company known for its fine artisanship, especially when it came to their mouth-watering (and wallet-busting) artisan replica models of the U.S.S. Enterprise and other ships. But even for fans with more modest means may already have one of QMx wide selection of badges, art prints, jewelry, or perhaps a tribble.

QMx 1:6 McCoy figure (click to enlarge)

McCoy Is 3rd Release In QMx’s 1:6th Scale Articulated Figure Line

QMx last year began releasing its line of 1:6th scale Star Trek figures with TOS versions of Kirk and Spock, retailing at $179.95 each. Both characters featured an exclusive edition, the Kirk figure coming with a phaser rifle and Spock with a Vulcan Lyre, for $20 extra. The exclusive edition of Dr. McCoy, however, features Bones sporting his short-sleeved medical uniform at no additional cost.

QMx 1:6 McCoy figure with stand

Standing at nearly twelve inches tall, we were immediately impressed with McCoy’s uniform. Previous larger-sized Star Trek figures either did not include cloth clothing, or when they did they seemed to not fit the figure. McCoy’s clothing is perfectly tailored to him, not to mention mostly screen accurate (the tunic does not come with the signature invisible zipper at the neckline, not as if the foot tall doctor needs one.) Amazingly, every other aspect of the uniform was perfect and functional. The pants and boots both had working zippers. QMx accurately replicated the boots our heroes wore as part of their uniforms, and the pants even include the signature hidden pockets. We have never seen such detail applied to the fabric clothing of a figure.

QMx McCoy figure’s cloth costume detail

Capturing DeForest Kelley’s Likeness

Unlike other figures, such as the Select Series from Diamond Select Toys, the 1:6th McCoy only comes with one head. This hand-painted image of DeForest Kelley captures exactly how he looked during the original Star Trek series. The figure’s face and neck have been carved to match every line and detail in Kelley’s face. Kelley’s famous blue eyes have not been left out, having meticulously been painted, they give off the slightest shine when reflecting light. His hair is perfect and his one eyebrow is slightly raised, capturing an all-too-memorable McCoy look.

Head sculpt for QMx McCoy figure

Accessories: Everything A Doctor Needs

McCoy comes with five accessories so that the figure can be displayed doing a variety of things: a leather Medical Kit that comes with a hypospray, medical scanner, and four hypospray inserts; a Tricorder that actually opens; a Communicator the size of one’s pinky finger that also opens, a utility belt as seen during Season 1; and, a Type II Phaser with a removable Type I Phaser. Speaking of pinky fingers, QMx has also included McCoy’s staple: his pinky ring.

Accessories for QMx McCoy figure

To accommodate all of these accessories, the figure comes with ten swappable hands with a variety of grips. Unlike the aforementioned DST Select figures, which feature swappable heads, limbs, and hands, we found that swapping out McCoy’s hands was a breeze. Doing so required no struggle, and you do not feel as if you risk damaging the figure.

Swappable hands for QMx McCoy figure

Built into the figure’s pants and utility belt are tiny magnets that attach objects like a phaser, communicator, and medical kit to the figure’s uniform. The aforementioned accessories also contain magnets, and a guide included in the figure’s packaging shows you exactly where to attach each accessory.

QMx McCoy includes instructions on how to use your accessories

The Base

The figure comes with a round stand with a gold delta shield. Instead of attaching a peg through a plastic boot like smaller figures do, the stand holds the figure upright with two black braces positioned at the figure’s crotch. They blend in well with the figure’s black pants, making them hardly noticeable. The pair of braces also move independently of one another, allowing collectors to position McCoy securely in more extreme poses.

Figure stand braces blends seamlessly


The figure features a stunning 30-points of articulation, allowing you to position McCoy in just about any classic pose with accompanying accessories from TOS that you can imagine. If collectors so choose, the figure can stand on it’s own without the base in a variety of poses ranging from standing, sitting, and kneeling on one knee.

Articulation allows the figure to be posed without the stand

In Summary

Overall, this figure is worth every penny. The size, level of detail, number of accessories, and articulation remind you of your favorite TOS moments at every glance. Assemble McCoy with Kirk and Spock, the the triumvirate will be complete. The QMx 1:6 Leonard McCoy figure retails for $179.95 and is available now. You can purchase it at Entertainment Earth and other retailers.

QMx McCoy figure packaging

Here are even more photos of the QMx McCoy figure (click to enlarge):

Coming in May: Captain Picard

QMx’s 1:6th Scale Articulated Figure line jumps to Star Trek: The Next Generation in May with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart’s face has been hand sculpted and painted, looking perfect from the pictures we have seen. He wears the duty uniform features in Seasons 4-7 of TNG. Accessories included are a Type II phaser with holster, a Tricorder that opens with holster, a PADD, and a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

QMx Jean-Luc Picard 1:6 figure coming in May

The new Picard figure retails for $179.95 and for $20 more the exclusive edition comes with a Type III Phaser Rifle. You can pre-order the figure now at Entertainment Earth and

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It really does look good.

Looks great but I wish it were a bust to match my Titan Kirk and Spock. I don’t want a doll on my shelf. :/

Fabulous sculpt. But at that price, there ought to be a set of hands covered in thermal concrete.

Very nice review John.


I love his facial expression.

It’s got a bit of that crazed look he got whenever he was under the influence of alien mind control…or drugs…..or his own libido.

Men of that century seemed to struggle with their libido a lot.