Peter Mayhew Takes Shot At Star Trek, Shatner Fires Back, As Trekkies Troll Star Wars Celebration

Trekkies at Star Wars Celebration Orlando(photo: Twitter/@NLNieuwsAlert)

Mayhew Reignites Feud With Shatner With Crack At Star Trek

This weekend the big Star Wars Celebration convention is going down in Orlando. Of course, many Trek fans are also Star Wars fans and are enjoying all the new trailers and announcements, so a little bit of Star Trek has sneaked in here and there. Yesterday, while being interviewed on the official Star Wars Live show, actor Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was asked about how fans have changed since the seventies. While praising the fans and cameraderie of his own franchise, he used the opportunity to take a crack at Star Trek fans. To the delight of the assembled audience, the actor said four generations of Star Wars fans can be united in fandom, adding “even Star Trek doesn’t do it.” You can watch the moment below.

This “shots fired” moment briefly lit up Twitter, which got the notice of William Shatner, who shot back:

This isn’t the first time Shatner has gotten into a dust-up with Mayhew. Last November, he kicked off a twitter feud with him, starting with a shot at the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.  And Shatner’s still at it: today actor (and Trek fan) Daniel Logan (Boba Fett) sent Bill a friendly tweet asking if he could put a bounty out for a “certain Wookie.” Shatner came right back with a shot at Harrison Ford (Han Solo), hitting him for his problematic real-world piloting:

Star Trek ‘Protest’ at Star Wars Celebration

A group of Trekkies poked some fun at Celebration by dressing in Star Trek uniforms and carrying ‘protest’ signs. I guess you could call this a form of civil disobedience.

Trekkies hold a ‘protest’ at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (Twitter/@thrillgeek)

This landing party even found their way onto the Star Wars Show live stream, which had the desired effect of riling up some Star Wars fans:

More Trek cosplay at SWCO

They weren’t the only fans that braved Star Wars Celebration Orlando in Star Trek cosplay.

(Photo: Twitter/@Matchity)

(Photo: Instagram/Gentle Giant)

(Photo: Twitter/@InsideTheMagic)

(Photo: Twitter/@instalyssa)

(Photo: Twitter/@TheLovelyBrad)

That’s it for Star Wars Celebration’s brush with the Trek franchise. Keep up with all the conventions and events news and reports at TrekMovie.


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