The Borg Invade Star Trek: Timelines In Month-Long “Process of Assimilation”Event

The mobile game Star Trek Timelines has kicked off a month-long Borg-themed mega-event entitled “Process of Assimilation.”  All month Timelines players can fight to repel the Borg by joining weekly in-game events, participate in Borg-themed Gauntlets and engage in limited-time Distress Calls – all with Borg-themed rewards such as assimilated versions of fan-favorite Star Trek characters and the much-requested Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

Check out the trailer

The first of four events, Zero Hour, has just started. Starfleet receives an unexpected visit from former Unimatrix Zero members who confirm the Federation’s worst fears: the Borg are on their way.

Borg Queen character card from Star Trek: Timelines event

Star Trek: Timelines is available to play for free on Android, ioS and Facebook. More information about the event and the Timelines game can be found at