Watch Chris Pine on Fallon Making Phaser Sounds, and Admit He’s ‘Terrified’ to Host SNL

Chris Pine and Kate McKinnon in Saturday Night Live promo

Last night Chris Pine was on The Tonight Show to promote both Wonder Woman (which opens June 2nd), and this weekend’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. The conversation also ventured into Star Trek — how could it not? — and Chris confessed that his phaser looks like a stapler, and that he makes shooting sounds on set to make it real (much like Enterprise‘s Connor Trinneer). 

Pine also talked about how he is “excited” but also “terrified” to be hosting Saturday Night Live, which will be broadcast live coast to coast. He razzed Fallon for how he famously couldn’t keep in character when he was on the show.

And of course you can’t show up on The Tonight Show without playing a game. This time it was ‘Slapjack,’ an interesting variation on blackjack.

Watch Pine’s SNL promos

NBC has released some fun promos for Chris Pine’s big “live from New York” moment.  First up, the standard collection of short commercial bits, with musical guest LCD Soundsystem.

They also released this longer and somewhat avant-garde musical promo with Chris.

Saldana talks Avatar shooting schedule

Chris Pine wasn’t the only new Star Trek celeb on late night TV last night. Zoe Saldana appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to promote the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (now in theaters). She didn’t talk Star Trek, but she did give some details on the upcoming Avatar movies, including that she will be shooting for  eight months straight, and that the long delay between movies is understandable, as she feels like director James Cameron is “following a very natural sequence for his own journey.”

Keep up with all the Star Trek celebrity news at TrekMovie.



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Fallon is awesome!

I just LOVE Chris Pine

Really hoping more directors take notice of him after Hell or High Water. He was a much more polished Kirk in Beyond as well!

Now if Kirk is to return somehow in Discovery, it should be Pine, not the ego-maniac octogenarian who would make James Doohan in his later years look slender.comment image?fit=550%2C515

Congratulations on being incredibly hateful for absolutely no reason, Harry.

That wasn’t even close to hateful, I’m just thinking of all the overtime that poor seamstress is going to have to put in to make a uniform for Jabba the Shat. She probably has a family of her own to tend to, not spend so much extra time to stitch a size 64 jumpsuit for the worst actor on the planet

Shat will don the girdle once again and bring Prime Kirk back to life!

There is a girdle?