Kirk Rings Khan In Conclusion To Star Trek / Green Lantern Vol. 2, Review & 5-page Preview

Review: Star Trek / Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds #6

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by Angel Hernandez and colors by Mark Roberts

This month signals the epic conclusion to the second Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover saga, “Stranger Worlds” with a battle for control of the universe. At the end of the last issue, we saw the tide turn for our heroes with Kirk becoming the Kelvin universe’s first-ever Green Lantern, with the ring “choosing” him. On the emotional spectrum, the Green light represents willpower and the ability to overcome great fear and, naturally, Kirk fits that description. A quick Google search confirmed this, as “Kirk Afraid” comes up with zero results.

Cover by Angel Hernandez

After being rendered powerless the last two issues, the Green Lanterns are able to recharge their rings with the giant power battery, finally able to utter the Green Lantern oath. They now join the fight against Khan, Sinestro, and the augments.

The entire issue is one giant fight sequence that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and most likely never see the light of day in a theater. Luckily for us, we have Angel Hernandez’s stellar interpretation of the most magnificent of battles.

Kirk gives his ring a test drive

Sadly, my worst fears came true as it pertains to Khan. In my review of issue #4, I wrote about Khan’s strengths as a villain and how Mike Johnson has turned him into a one-dimensional rage monster. It’s visually spectacular but lacks depth. Case in point with how he’s defeated – a dead battery. Ho hum. It’s a shame that the conclusion of his arc is as trivial as me forgetting to charge my phone before I leave the house. But maybe that’s the whole point. The only thing that Khan sees is red – so much so that he completely forgets to recharge his ring, allowing Kirk to knock him out with one punch. That must’ve felt good.

And the genetic superman goes down!

One deranged madman down, one to go. Sinestro’s Parallax-possessed yellow entity is so powerful that not even five (yes, five) Green Lanterns can stop him without the help of the Enterprise’s phaser banks. Even then, he manages to escape to the anti-matter universe, setting up an inevitable (hopefully) sequel, which MUST be titled, “Warp Corps.”

On that note, it will be interesting to see where the story goes moving forward. This is a fun series, and Mike Johnson has done a superb job melding the two universes, aside from my nitpicky gripes. I will say that I was never really a huge Green Lantern fan growing up, but this story has piqued my interest, and I’ve started reading them again with the most recent Rebirth series. That said, I’d love to see more DC superhero crossovers within the Star Trek universe. In fact, if the tease is any indication of where they’re going next, sign me up now. Since this timeline is in the past, then that means that the planet that orbits the red sun is still around…Oh, boy.

Where did he go?

5-Page Preview: Star Trek / Green Lantern Vol. 2 #6

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Star Trek / Green Lantern #6 out Today

Star Trek / Green Lantern Vol. 2 #6 arrived in comic book stores on Wednesday, May 10th and retails for $3.99. You can order it with discount at TFAW

And if you want to catch up on the first volume of Star Trek / Green Lantern (Volume 1: “The Spectrum War”) that was just released last week and can be purchased via Amazon for $10.89.



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This entire crossover series has been pointless. Come on, IDW–get back to telling Star Trek stories instead of these gimmicky cash-grabs.

Would love to see Darkseid and the rest of the 4th world characters show up.

Star Trek/Green Lantern is the first intercompany crossover I’ve read that well and truly mashes both mythologies really well and smoothly

I enjoy these DC crossovers immensely, and theStar Trek/Green Lantern series have been among the best of them. It’s nice that someone in editorial and/or marketing remembers that comics are supposed to be fun!