Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR Adding IBM Watson-Powered Voice Recognition

The upcoming VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows up to four players to join together (in person or over the Internet) as a crew to play missions on board a starship. When you are short of human players, the game will fill in the extra slots with AI virtual players, who can be commanded using in-game controls. But today Ubisoft announced they are partnering with IBM to bring Watson-powered voice recognition into the game, so you’ll be able to issue orders by speaking aloud to your virtual crew just like you would with regular human players.

A beta this summer will allow you to voice give commands to AI players in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In a statement Ubisoft Studio Red Storm’s Sr. Creative Director David Votypka said:

“We have been eager to find the right way to use interactive speech to tap into the more immersive and interactive experiences that VR offers. Watson gives Captains in Star Trek: Bridge Crew the ability to issue commands to non-player crew members in the same way they do with a human crew; by using their voice. IBM provides an easy to integrate solution that is cloud based, so it’s light on code and performance while letting us remain fast on feature turnaround.”

Ubisoft will be making use of IBM’s new “VR Speech Sandbox” software development kit (SDK). Beta support for this new voice recognition function will be rolled out later this summer, following the May 30th launch of Bridge Crew. This speech recognition functionality will be a welcome addition to gamers who prefer to play with smaller groups or even on their own.

Bridge Crew with Intel Core i7 comparison

Ubisoft has also just released this comparison video showing off how the game looks with an Intel Core i7 processor with advanced physics turned on.

Bridge Crew arrives at the end of May

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be released May 30th on the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive platforms for $49.99. The game will be playable cross-platform, so if you and your friends all have different VR gear, you can still play together. For more information, surf on over to their official website.

Check back regularly for more news about what appears to be the most promising Star Trek game in many years.

You can pre-order it at at Amazon.



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can’t wait for this one – too bad the price of admission is so high

Too bad it looks like a bunch of hipsters in an Apple store.

Its the Enterprise D which I would love. VR is way too expensive for me though….

First let me clarifiy something i’m beyond excited for the game, but as a tech geek i can just lough at the demo i5 vs i7! That was probably just a paid adwetisement from Intel. I vould love to see a comparison of physics effekts on a moder GPU from Nvidia or AMD vs the best Intel CPU. I can give you a heads up it would looke like a comparison of pac man vs the i7 demo ;) Here a demo if the site will alow my link:

…hope they have a TOS version …cuz, as most everyone knows: nu-trek is not very good ;-)

The game does come with the TOS bridge as well as the NuTrek Aegis bridge. Both will be playable right out of the box.

Early word is that playing on the TOS bridge is more challenging because the layout of the buttons is identical to the consoles on the original series and as such performing functions is a bit less intuitive than the Aegis bridge where everything is laid out more ergonomically.


…however, it’s a real pity they didn’t do the Enterprise-D rather than that crappy JJ-prise =(

Who knows. If the game does well, maybe a future DLC….

Kelvin-era Enterprise isn’t crappy but that’s not the Enterprise anyway… I’m sure you can expect a galaxy class and NX class in future DLC if the game takes off like they hope.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but Star Trek may actually have a GOOD game on their hands with this one! I think this title could be one of the first defining games of the VR era. Some of those graphics look movie-quality, and from what I’ve seen of playthroughs it looks thrilling and really fun. Could Bridge Crew be to VR what Zelda Breath of the Wild is to Nintendo Switch? That would be a dream come true.

Looking forward to this and I have a PS4 Pro and PSVR but at the same time expectations need to be kept in check. VR is still, relatively speaking, in its infancy and even the highest res VR headsets (currently the Vive and Oculus Rift) have a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye (PSVR’s resolution is 960×1080 per eye), which is lower than 1080p (1920×1080), which is what you’re seeing in these videos. Because your eyes are so close to the screen when you’re wearing a VR headset you also get more of a “screen door” effect where the individual pixels are more visible. There are tricks the headsets use to mitigate these limitations and higher end PCs will be able to enhance the visuals with additional detail and effects. The complete immersion of being in the environment also helps make up for the lower resolution. So, while it will still look good, it won’t match the quality of the videos you’re watching.

True but the graphics won’t make the game, just the experience of it. I believe Bridge Crew has all the elements for a truly breakout game to prove just what VR can do.

Absolutely. The immersion I get from the PSVR more than makes up for the drop in graphical resolution. Can’t wait to visit the bridge….

I can’t wait for the game!