Star Trek: Discovery Producer Hints At New Reveal ‘Soon,’ Reaffirms Show Is A Prequel

There has been as much anticipation for the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery as there is secrecy around it. Yesterday, this was acknowledged by Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan in a tweet to fans which promised that the ‘quiet’ will end ‘soon.’

There is a good possibility that the ‘soon’ Sullivan is referring to is this Wednesday, which is when CBS makes their annual ‘Upfront’ presentation to affiliates and advertisers. If you remember, last year CBS revealed the logo and a teaser for the show during their Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall in NYC, where they will be again this year. As we did last time around, TrekMovie will be monitoring the event, which kicks off at 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

Star Trek: Discovery has been in production since the end of January, but they have yet to reveal any images or footage from the show, or reveal a specific premiere date beyond the estimate of early fall. So there is much that is yet to be revealed, and we are just as excited as Ted is to see it. Maybe more!

Of course, there’s no guarantee. CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise told Vulture that he couldn’t comment on whether All Access would be part of the CBS Upfront presentation, and that the show was not tied to any release date yet. Still, Sullivan’s tweet seems to indicate that some sort of new information is on the horizon, and the Upfront does seem to be a likely place to reveal it.

Reaffirmed: Discovery is a prequel, not a reboot or re-imagining

This may not seem like new information, but there has been a lot of speculation about the nature of how Star Trek: Discovery relates to the rest of Star Trek. In a pair of tweeted responses to fan inquiries earlier in the week, Sullivan set the record straight.

Rainn Wilson ‘spoils’ his Mudd script

As we reported a few weeks ago actor Rainn Wilson has been tapped to play Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery. And this week the actor offered the following ‘spoiler,’ showing that he was gearing up to shoot his guest appearance … and pretty excited about it.

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