Star Trek: Discovery Producer Hints At New Reveal ‘Soon,’ Reaffirms Show Is A Prequel

There has been as much anticipation for the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery as there is secrecy around it. Yesterday, this was acknowledged by Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan in a tweet to fans which promised that the ‘quiet’ will end ‘soon.’

There is a good possibility that the ‘soon’ Sullivan is referring to is this Wednesday, which is when CBS makes their annual ‘Upfront’ presentation to affiliates and advertisers. If you remember, last year CBS revealed the logo and a teaser for the show during their Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall in NYC, where they will be again this year. As we did last time around, TrekMovie will be monitoring the event, which kicks off at 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

Star Trek: Discovery has been in production since the end of January, but they have yet to reveal any images or footage from the show, or reveal a specific premiere date beyond the estimate of early fall. So there is much that is yet to be revealed, and we are just as excited as Ted is to see it. Maybe more!

Of course, there’s no guarantee. CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise told Vulture that he couldn’t comment on whether All Access would be part of the CBS Upfront presentation, and that the show was not tied to any release date yet. Still, Sullivan’s tweet seems to indicate that some sort of new information is on the horizon, and the Upfront does seem to be a likely place to reveal it.

Reaffirmed: Discovery is a prequel, not a reboot or re-imagining

This may not seem like new information, but there has been a lot of speculation about the nature of how Star Trek: Discovery relates to the rest of Star Trek. In a pair of tweeted responses to fan inquiries earlier in the week, Sullivan set the record straight.

Rainn Wilson ‘spoils’ his Mudd script

As we reported a few weeks ago actor Rainn Wilson has been tapped to play Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Discovery. And this week the actor offered the following ‘spoiler,’ showing that he was gearing up to shoot his guest appearance … and pretty excited about it.

 Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.


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Eagerly awaiting the revelations!

I am still awaiting this project’s launch with great joy. That said, prequels worry me: repeated beats played as if they were happening for the ‘first time’; canon issues; awkward references; etc. I just hope they get it right.

Bear in mind. They WILL be happening for the first time for a whole generation or two of trek fans.

“Bare” in mind.

It’s not too difficult to watch the original series’ ladies and “bare” in mind. Not that there aren’t some ladies in DS9 and ENT that it’s nice to “bare” in mind.

No, Fool, it’s “Bear”, which means to keep, support, carry, keep in mind etc.

“Bare” means empty, naked, exposed. “The cupboards are bare”.

It must be difficult to see with all that egg on your face.

Exactly it’s “bear”, not “bare”. Those are however homonyms (they sound the same but have different meaning).

Ummm, the misspelling was key to tipping the reader off that it is a play on words. There is a long history in literature of just this very tactic in delivering a double entendre or other pun. And you thought you were MORE sophisticated than the poster, calling him fool, when in reality you were less sophisticated. Ironic, no? Going forward, remember the Golden Rule.

zoe, I don’t think you understand that replies to post are put in chronological order, not in the order of the poster the comment is responding to.
The comment was aimed at “Trek, Star Trek”.

Now you have egg all over your face too

Enter Prize,

Re: Trek, Star Trek

No, you didn’t. If you had pushed reply on “Trek, Star Trek”‘s message it would have inserted your reply immediately after “Trek, Star Trek”‘s message and kept it there whether it had room to indent it or not.

As with all prequels, particularly the last two Star Trek attempts, the producers get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The rock being the TOS fans they had hope to draw in by recasting and retconning characters, and the hard place being the people who have absolutely no interest in, or in many cases an active dislike for TOS, but end up giving it a chance anyway. Who do they aim the show at? Can they please both at the same time? Will the “give it a chance” crowd pay CBS AA a subscription for that chance?

So, again as per the last two prequel attempts, this ends up as something neither party really likes, and ultimately end up a failure. It’s far to advanced for TOS..I can’t wait to see a young Sarak..these are nothing like the TOS characters…the ship looks really bad.. the ship looks really awesome and retro…You see the issues with trying to please two very distinct and highly divisive sections of the fanbase? Why do that in the first place?

In forums you start to see arguments like “Beyond was the best one of the three”, yet by the 3rd movie audience retention was lost to the point of a box office flop costing Paramount millions of Dollars.

Enterprise was much the same, the popular argument by those who enjoyed it is “The 4th season was when it just began to get good!” But again, by that point audience retention was lost as all but the TOS fans turned off after it became a parody of it’s self.

You have to question just who the people flying the flag for the last of each prequel attempt actually are, but in either case it’s a matter of fact that said flag flyers were clearly not enough to keep the productions financially viable.
In both cases, it’s the TOS fans who claim that each version found it’s feet at precisely the point in which the wider audience was no longer interested. Of course they are the loudest voices! By that point everyone else had turned off.
Now, far be it from Paramount or CBS to learn from their historic mistakes (particularly when they bring TOS fans in to the production, or god forbid as showrunner) just who do they think they are aiming STD at? Is it a full on push to the TOS fans, a high budget “Star Trek Continues”, or is it aimed at the wider viewership who have no real specific interest in TOS?

Will the producers end up irritating the TOS fans by pushing stories which violate the canon, and indeed the childhood memories of TOS they really hoped STD would be, or will the producers try to retain the wider viewership at the expense of the core TOS fans?

Only time will tell.

As a non-TOS fan who was disappointed that Enterprise looked more “Star Trek Continues” than a continuation of Star Trek, and who feels the Bad Robot movies have burned the values and cerebral narrative which has been the hallmark of Trek since the early 80’s and before, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I am setting my expectations in to a negative value from the outset. I’ll not be enticed by CBS/Paramount spin anymore, they lost that goodwill a long, long time ago.

Additionally, I sure as hell won’t be paying a penny to watch it until it has a good few seasons and universal critical acclaim under it’s belt. Maybe after it’s fourth critically acclaimed successful season? It’s all online now, so we can just binge watch it from seasons 1 to 5 and then get wrapped up in the hype for season 6.

I’m done with pre-production enthusiasm, I’m done with disappointment, and I’m done with stupid production direction and all-round showboating of the Star Trek brand by idiots who want to turn it in to something different. You’ll find that over a decade of this rubbish has pushed pretty much everyone away from Star Trek, aside of course from the TOS fans who have been caught hook, line and sinker in to getting themselves a CBS All Action subscription. Why would CBS go down the TOS route? Because the TOS fans can’t possibly resist, can you?

Try it! It will appear to be in order, then refresh your page darling ;-)

Enter Prize,

I did. And my message:

which was generated by pushing the reply button in your message:

is still right immediately under your message where the reply process inserted it.

I wonder if you are switching the “Sort by: newest | oldest” as “newest” is flawed and doesn’t maintain chain order but “oldest” does.

I just tried the NEW sort and it actually seems to work now and in reversing the order of the unindented sub chain that you replied to, makes it clear who you were replying to.

It’s gonna tank so hard.
Remember when the first Beyond trailer came out and everyone lost their shit? It’s going to be similar here, only the bone of contention is that it’s a prequel, rather than Beastie Boys.

In this case it will be an age swap. Instead of the millennials liking the Beastie Boys while everyone else condemned it, it’s going to be the middle aged TOS fans who love it while everyone else completely rejects and refuses to support it an ounce.

God forbid hard core trek fans should get a wake up call.

Enter Prize,

Re: It’s gonna tank so hard.

What’s your goal in getting the word of your prediction out there? Who and how do you see this information helping if it pans out? Investors? How do you expect to benefit personally from your wake up call being heeded? If I come around, what’s in it for me? I like Christine Baranski and her THE GOOD FIGHT, is there any downside to subscribing to ALL ACCESS for that and availing myself of the access to STAR TREK DISCOVERY?

SABOTAGE is from 1994, and thus more relevant to graduating classes in the 20th century than 21st century millennials.

If anyone needed any more reason to hope for Discovery’s success, it’s so that this Enter Prize guy dissapears forever.


“God forbid hard core trek fans should get a wake up call.”

You idiots just can’t see it, can you? It’s absurd. Totally, unequivocally absurd.
They could pin a comm badge on the poo emoji, (which is a pretty good analogy, actually) and you lot would still be telling us to wait until we see it before judging the disappointing, completely uninteresting and way, way too specialist turd STD has become.

You may have a few of you here ready to jump in and bat for each other, but in the wider audience this is supposedly aimed at, we’ve all been referring to it as shit since the day the prequel bombshell dropped.

Since then it’s just become a torrent of shit, from all your beloved TOS character recasting, to arguing between yourselves at trying to canonize the Klingon retcon.

It’s only you lot who care, because frankly you are in complete denial of the hate STD has garnered by pandering solely to you little group of TOS addicts ready to shell out your money to CBS AA’s marketing aspirations already paid for in full by Netflix.

You should head over to a more balanced environment, like reddit, where there are still people like you guys there, but you’ll see just how hugely outnumbered you are by the vast majority.

Are you aware that the current position of large groups of international Netflix subscribers is to torrent the first season just so they can argue the abysmal decision to push a prequel with some degree of authority in having watched the car crash unfold in full, but without skewing Netflix’s ratings in watch minutes?

CBS really has bought this on it’s self, and you lot have bought in to it with a completely inaccurate assumption that everyone else wants to see your TOS tripe leaving space doc again.

I personally guarantee that the TOS fans will have more gripes with it than the people who really couldn’t care less, because everyone else has already been offended and lost all interest.

Enter Prize,

Only an individual with the intellectual capacity represented by Edison’s first light bulb emoji actually believes that people he regards as idiots will magically have the scales fall from their eyes and will suddenly turn into super intellects once he personally tells each and every one of them what idiots they are.

Re: You should head over to a more balanced environment, like reddit…

I don’t need to go to Jonestown to drink the Kool-Aid because all the other lemmings are doing it, as you suggest — I’d have to be an even bigger idiot than the one that you claim that I already am to fall for that.

Re: … hate STD has garnered …

I was born and raised in The South. I know EXACTLY how dangerous it is to accept an invitation to a hate party. Contrary to what you keep suggesting, Momma didn’t raise no fool.

Re: … torrent the first season just so they can argue the abysmal decision to push a prequel with some degree of authority …

Where’s the logic to submitting yourself to spend countless hours with something that you’ve already determined that you hate? Life’s too short for that sort of madness.

And, I might had, thoroughly undermines your soapbox that no one is going to watch it!

Re:…completely inaccurate assumption that everyone else wants to see your TOS tripe leaving space doc again.

So which of your contradictory positions is it? Do large groups of people love to hate it so much that they are going to watch it with authority or NOT?

Re: … everyone else has already been offended and lost all interest.

Except for feeding their LARGE appetite for speaking about it with authority, right?

I truly hope they release a trailer next week – I can hardly contain my excitement!

A trailer, that is the type of reveal that I can get behind!

So, it’s a prequel where Klingons look nothing like the ones in TOS ~OR~ Enterprise? ‘K

I am thinking the klingons seen are either from a distant past or future. Maybe the time of Kayless or something wild.

I agree. Although I am wondering whether they will have the guts to make the ‘modern-day’ Klingons look like the TOS Klingons, or somehow coincidentally only ever run into ones that have already been cured of the virus (who will have to go out of circulation by the time of TOS and regain their prominence by the time of TMP.) Thus far, based on the designs released, I’m not optimistic that they would trade iconic visual status for canonical accuracy confirming what was already established in Enterprise. But, I am willing to be pleasantly surprised…

I would love these new Klingons to be a sect dabbling in genetic engineering to “cure” the Augment virus, and it makes them even more crazy looking than before.

What modern viewer would want to see TOS Klingons (based on North Koreans , I suppose?) ?! TOS Klingons have been covered capably by many of the dedicated Fan Serials !

…most of which are poorly acted and very amateurish, which makes them not worth watching.

The ship design was labeled a “coffin ship”, I suspect the weird looking Klingons are an isolated ancestral clan of some sort, maybe abducted by the Hurq or otherwise left Quo’nos long before the Augment Virus.

No offense, but it’s spelled “Kahless”,not Kayless.

We have no idea what the Klingons will look like. All we’ve seen is a behind-the-scenes photo from an extra claiming to be hanging out with Klingons. They might not be.

I’m hoping we see a mixture of classic TOS Klingons interacting with the later design Klingons. I mean, in Undiscovered Country, Chang basically looks like the TOS ones, nobody batted an eye at that until “Blood Oath”‘s production began. :)

The leaked design is horrible and I’m desperately hoping those aren’t Klingons.

THANK YOU Dingo…I never understood why some took rumor to be fact or why (if those costumes were Klingon) some fans would jump to conclusion without even knowing what the context was. Maybe it’s just their anticipation getting the best of them

You’re second guessing the show. Who says they are normal Klingons?

They could be a different type. They could be a mutation.

Frankly I don’t care as long as there is an in-universe explanation that fits into overall canon.

I Love You Denny Crane

I am excited to see what will be revealed. Trying to not set my hopes over the moon because that is an easy way to fall hard back to Earth.

Yes, a genuine prequel to TOS that thus far seems to be ignoring the design, aesthetics, uniforms, and probably tech established for the period IN TOS. Par for the course for prequels, I know, but if they want creative freedom, maybe STOP MAKING PREQUELS???

The real problem is that the Trek timeline is so confused and the history (and future) of the Trek world so set in stone their hands are tied no matter where they set it– even in the future. I think if they wanted TRUE creative freedom they’d re-imagine the entire franchise and start over.

Which, frankly, I would be totally fine with.

I agree with you 100%. That’s why I was so happy with the Star Trek movie reboots. Because, changing things gave them the liberty to go in any direction they wanted. Maybe rebooting the series would breathe new life into Star Trek.

You’re forgetting Enterprise, which changed history via time travel. It’s entirely possible that things might be different in 2255 than they were before.

Again, you hit the nail on the head Dingo. That was always my argument for Enterprise because of the events of First Contact and the Temporal Cold War.

Prequels suck!

Everyone wants to go farther into the future past TNG. Why does Paramount and CBS never listen to the fans?!

There are three types of people this show is being targeted at:

1-TOS fanboys who, like Fuller want Enterprise Mk2, hoping that this will do right what Enterprise pretty much did universally wrong. In their minds this is picking up the franchise where it left off with Enterprise.

2-Non TOS fans who had no interested in TOS, or Enterprise, but love pretty much everything else. For these fans another prequel is the absolute worst direction the franchise could have even considered heading for.

3-Casual viewers who have dipped in and out of the JJ movies, like Marvel fans who like Captain America and may or may not watch a TV spin off, but won’t be too bothered if they miss a few episodes here and there.

Is there a big enough audience in 1 and 3 to keep it afloat, and will 1 like what they see anyway, or be turned of by recasting and rewriting canon?

2 have pretty much made their minds up already, because the entire concept is unappealing. 1 keep telling 2 to wait and see, but 1 does not understand that 2 doesnt care about the writing and cinematography because it the format itself which is the problem, and it is the one thing that now can not be changed.

3 will probably start to notice the show more as it gets closer to the release date, but will one TV episode be enough to entice Americans in to subscribing to CBS AA just for that one show? Time will tell..

Why do you bother coming to a Trek board and routinely insult people? I really wonder why the mods havent lost patience with you. You’re a broken record saying the same nonsense over and over again. It would be one thing if you had a point to make, but you dont. You’re irrelevant.

You’re right, and 1 will keep telling 2 to open their minds a bit because that’s really the only thing to say to them. They may condemn the style and execution to death, but it’s still an unproven idea that needs to be *seen* in order to be evaluated. Group 2 talks like they know with 100% certainty they’ll hate it. The message boards were similar a year ago regarding Beyond. A lot of those haters got a rude awakening when they realized they enjoyed it. It’s like, wow, maybe you should’ve just had a little faith?

All good points. It seems prudent that CBS are bringing Trek back to TV by observing what Marvel has done with their various Netflix original series. It’s already presold via Netflix worldwide (I think) and via specialty broadcasters (like Space in Canada), and then paid for in the US by direct CBSAA subscriptions. Ad revenue / TV ratings share in the traditional sense doesn’t play as much of a factor; just recurring revenue and whatever behind-the-scenes metrics they use to establish viewership numbers. Which raises the question, if there aren’t ads, why promote it at the upfronts which are for the US ad market?

So excited we are finally getting something, anything at this point! And just a few short days from now. I suspect thats going to be a busy day for all of us.

As far as it being just a prequel and not a ‘reimagining’ it was actually Bryan Fuller who used that direct term in interviews. I think he called it a prequel too but he made it clear things would be different than what we saw before, mostly the design and aesthetics. We already seen glimpses of the Klingons and its fair to say they do look different.

Now that said it doesn’t mean story wise its not a direct prequel and maybe he’s right, they are doing less of what Fuller originally wanted to do now that he’s no longer there but from what I can tell they basically followed every idea he’s had since leaving so I have a feelings its going to look a lot different.

But if I so I’m excited about it personally. If not, I’m still fine with it looking within TOS as long as it looks updated and not cheap looking. Thats my only real concern and of course I think it will look very good if nothing else.

Does anyone feel that the 23rd Century will look like 1960s Star Trek, or for that matter, 1990s Star Trek!

Star Trek is an imaginative fiction that is realised in its time. This is Star Trek in the 23rd Century as imagined in 2017. Fact. And I am sure the reality of the 23rd Century is nothing like it!

DataMat exactly.

Bingo! I think Enterprise did a pretty good job at the time of looking sufficiently advanced, but still in line with the past of TOS… sort of. As could as they could have… and even now the tech in Enterprise looks less sophisticated than what we have in 2017!

Do we really want a Trek show that looks like it belongs in 1960? And do you really think that would be something non-Trek fans (the fans they need to attract to be successful) want to see?

There is a pathetic mentality among many fans that seems to be “make Star Trek the way I want it or let it die!”

DataMat, I know that, you know that. I have constantly said this show should look at the filter from today and not from a show 50 years ago. This is kind of ‘duh’ to me as it is you. But then you read the comments section such as these and people are literally saying if its looks too ‘advanced’ than what they saw from TOS then its not Star Trek to them. Not all, not most, but enough where its sad.

And I think they are going to be in for a rude awakening. Again the KT films were very updtated as they should be and some people hated it based on that although it was easier for people to accept because it was a ‘different’ universe. Discovery will probably do what the KT films did only in the universe everyone knows and loves. I think they are playing with fire in that regard but as I constantly say over and over again why they shouldn’t have made it a prequel series if it looks too advanced for some fans.

Why they were so smart to put TNG farther in the future and that show was only 20 years out from TOS at the time.

So excited for the Klingon War.

I think it’s going to be something to do with the Tomed incident, and the photos so far are Klingon Romulan hybrids

The Tomed Incident was post-ST VI… the reason the Romulans turned inward, in 2411. Very hard-canon dated thanks to TNG….so that’s a long fuse. Explored in a TOS novel, on that level, but never on film.

2311 ;)

Damn detailed, multi-century universe actually better constructed than any other!

Which is why I think the Battle of Donatu V is more likely (2245).

Prequel is a swear word.

“Prequel” is a Yang holy word. You will not speak it.

A trailer soon would be nice, even a small teaser but I’m not holding out my hopes as it still seems kind of early but crazier things have happened.

I would like my friends here to consider that Captain Kirk is the first captain to bring his Starship back with most of his crew intact. All the people we will get to meet may in fact die. This could be a lot of fun.

Nowhere in Trek history/canon is that said…this ain’t Rogue One

As much as any other figure in Starfleet history, the tall tales about James T. Kirk’s exploits over a 40-year career are as numerous as the official record — and probably closer to the truth in some instances. Kirk’s renown began by becoming the youngest captain in Starfleet to date at 34 and the first captain to bring his starship back relatively intact after a five-year mission…..

@albatrosity: It *is* said, quite clearly, in the TMP novelization by Gene Roddenberry. Whether it’s canonical or not now, it was canonical when Trek’s creator wrote it, and at the very least it was indeed said “in Trek history” if not in onscreen canon.

Yes, and when I read it I was like wow, that’s why he doesn’t altogether trust Star Fleet

And also why Archer should have just failed over and over and over and got lots of people killed and not been a happy guy.

Archer wasn’t a happy guy ! He had a long-running breakup with his best friend , who was killed shortly afterwards ! And the only other person he was close to was a Vulcan !


Re:…the only other person he was close to was a Vulcan !

And we all know how that tragically ends up.

@PaulB @Trek in a Cafe yeah ok I guess it’s written on the page…big deal tho. There’s a lot written on the page that isn’t strictly canon, although I suppose this little factoid is slightly elevated since it’s written on the official Trek website. But honestly if it’s to be taken seriously then it completely ruins my perception of Starfleet. NCC-1701…who knows how many ships there have been in the fleet, and you’re telling me Kirk was the ONLY one to have the competence to bring his people back alive and ship intact? So is Starfleet like a suicide mission? That’s the least believable fact in all of Trek, sucking up black holes with red matter included.

@albatrosity They’re not talking about Kirk being the only captain EVER in all of Starfleet history to do so. It was about the original Constitution-class fleet, Enterprise and her 12 (or 13–some discrepancies in numbers) sister ships, the original “starship” fleet (and ships before then, but not the massive fleets of TNG/DSR era Trek).

From the TMP novelization, in an “Editor’s Note” (that is, Roddenberry’s comments in footnotes): “…Kirk commanded the USS Enterprise on its historic five-year voyage and became the first starship captain in history to bring back both his vessel and his crew relatively intact after such a mission.”

Like the OP said, “first” captain to do so, not the only one.

That was why the Enterprise’s 5-year mission was such a big deal, big enough to warrant having their adventures told.

Aye, aye, PaulB, this is what I was talking about. And that’s why if DSC has that onus of risk, then the stories could be good.

Hmmm fine, I’ll buy it on sale. It just seems absurd to me. Space is dangerous, sure. We saw a ton of Constitution ships get destroyed. But this sounds like romanticizing the TOS era, like the Constitutions were the best ships ever, the five year mission is the gold standard of space exploration, stuff like that. I think Kirk just kicked butt and we happened to hear about it. The Enterprise had been flying off on missions 20 years before he even got her. I don’t see the need to exalt his adventures by making him some special case in Starfleet history. There were plenty of good ships and captains out there way before he came along. He just happened to be the one we saw, and a fine example at that. That’s how I see it even though the official writings disagree.

Albatrosity , Rogue One was great ! A lot of anguish went into making that movie !

The question is: How many people still care as much as they used to at this point?

It’s pretty much just the hardcores left now, and they’ll slap you down if you dare berate their beloved STD.

I actually care more (and no Im not a TOS fanboy, whatever that is, nor am I middle aged). There is an excitement to a new Trek series, especially coming on the heels of the failures of the JJ film series. This is our best hope for Trek rising again.

And you see them making a lot of wise decisions. The streaming idea is very good for Trek, despite some people not understanding it. The speculation that Moonves is the one that demanded better quality SFX etc is a good sign. And ofcourse, Netflix being more involved than we originally knew is definitely good.

Them reiterating that this is a prequel has be intrigued. If they are truly committed to that, then it will be great. But ofcours, they must be committed to that.

So yeah, Im excited. Ask me again on Night 1 if Im still excited…

@Enter Prize – No, we’ll only slap you down if you incessantly whine and sneer at a show that you haven’t even seen ONE SECOND of footage from. It’s not beloved. It’s not anything yet. Yet YOU insist of constantly pissing and moaning about it.

It might suck. It might be great. NOBODY knows which yet. So get off your high horse and stop whining because nobody wants to join your sneerfest.

Star Trek: SJW coming soon!

What a sook you are. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were a ‘regular’ here masquerading as some random drop a comment.

What does this have to do with… any of this?

Bigots gonna bigot.

Coming soon, unless, it’s delayed a few times!!

I hear “genuine prequel” and I feel relieved.

What’s worse, waiting for this show to air or a that little 3 wheeled car(Eleo, I think) or maybe watching paint dry ingredients or grass growing!

Strange to see a piece about Discovery and the official quiet this past 365 days with no mention of the widely reported turmoil – including Fuller’s departure – swirling around the show, and risk that the suits have taken over and may have ruined it for fans who know anything about Star Trek. Fingers crossed that won’t happen. But the lack of any mention of that tempest and the repeated push-backs of the premiere date, is a big gap in this piece.

Nope, not a gap at all. Why would they waste time talking about the nonsensical noise made about rumors and business dealings? The DSC producers aren’t sitting around on Trek sites, speculating and spreading rumors. They’re MAKING THE SHOW. So that’s all they need to talk about.

Just because some fans (not all) think there is “turmoil” behind the scenes doesn’t make it true.

Stop trying to make an issue out of nothing.

Lies Lies Lies.
Mr Sullivan should be ashamed.
They are continuing to try to sell this series as a genuine prequel when we know from back stage reports of Moonves meddelings which forced Fuller to leave & pics of the Re-Imagined Klingons & Dwight playing Harry Mudd that it is not a Prequel

Stop Lying to the fans you may trick people into subscribing AA for the New series but when they don’t deliver they will not stay around to watch Battlestar Trek or Trek Wars or Guardians of the Trek Galaxy or whatever they are trying to Make Star Trek into this time to “Fix” it.

At least Abrams was honest that he was making his star Wars action-centric Star Wars style Star trek


Curious … what makes it a “geniuine” prequel? The use of carboard sets, and papier-mâché rocks?

Curious Cadet

Re: The use of carboard sets, and papier-mâché rocks?

No, that makes it a hit Broadway show. I’d suppose that a “genuine” prequel has transporters that aren’t fit for human consumption and so has to be cleverer about getting people on and off the ship?

Loyal fan since TOS. Own all shows/series/movies on dvd/bluray, and back in the day on vhs. IF this series is ONLY avail. online, I’m out, period. No way I’m watching a tv show(you can label it streaming, whatever). I want to sit back on my couch, viewing my 65″ UHD 4k tv and hear it through my surround bar, subwoofer, rear channel speakers. NOT my 4″ cell, or 24″pc w/ inadequate speakers. If it eventually hits dvd/BD, I’ll buy it.

They will probably make it compatible to smart TVs in time or I hear you can get some kind of device to convert it to a TV. But yeah I get your point and I understand. I think CBS understands that as well and will eventually make that change. Remember there are still months to go. If they don’t do it at the beginning, you will be able to watch the entire show in its entirety on the site later when they do adapt if you don’t want to watch it on a phone or computer. You just may have to wait.

And there will probably be DVD/Blu Rays as well but no announcement yet and could be awhile. But I say just wait and binge watch it later if you want to wait to watch it on your TV if it doesn’t make an adaption to it right away.


So its not the paying for it to which you object, but the lack of technological option equivalency?

Correct. My 2015 4k smart tv is Vizio. It has many preloaded apps. Some subscription. CBS UNFORTUNATELY isn’t one currently among them.

Do you scream at the kids to get off your lawn too? Guess what, CBS All Access is pre-installed on my 65″ UHD 4K TV. All I have to do is subscribe to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if DISCOVERY isn’t also offered in 4K HDR as well, something you’re not ever going to get off any network TV. Streaming is the future, and unless you bought the cheapest dumb UHD 4K available (is there even such a thing), then you’re already set up for it.

Agree with Curious Cadet… my 4K Roku has a CBS All Access app on it, and streams with a clarity of sound and audio that normal broadcast television has yet to match. You can score a full 4K Roku box for around $120 and use it for far more than just CBS All Access. Netflix and Amazon Prime look amazing as well.

So if the format you can stream to is the only drawback, it shouldn’t be… with the right hardware, you can still sit back on your couch and view on your big screen with surround sound!

Didn’t they already do a prequel…..recall a show called “Enterprise”. But Paramount/UPN killed it with network blunders, pre-empted for sports, etc. Just when It was getting good, they pulled the plug!

So Michael, do you believe Moonves learned from his mistakes with UPN, or do you think that he’s condemned to repeat them?

Enterprise was at best a still born incarnation put on life support by the studio and network that were heavily invested in it. While I agree the stories were getting more interesting in the 4th season — and by that I mean they had more appeal to TOS fans — they were still fundamentally flawed by poor conception and execution by Braga and Berman. Is it any wonder that Brannon has done little of note since the Berman train derailed, much less Berman who lapsed into obscurity? Bakula was horrible in it, as were most of the other cast. It was only a matter of time before it died an unpleasant death. Moonves was merciful in pulling the plug when he did — which he did for the future success of the CW, nothing more.

I think Berman just retired at that point. He was in his 60s and probably worth $100+ million thanks to his work on Trek. Thats the kind of obscurity I would like to have lol.

As for Braga, actually he’s done quite a bit since Enterprise ended including making several new shows (but all only lasted one season although I was a fan of a few of them) and was a heavy fixture on 24 the last few seasons. He also produced Cosmos with Seth McFarlane and it looks like they are working together again with the new Trek spoof show The Orville. People don’t have to like him but he’s doing OK for himself.


Re: I think Berman just retired…

If by “retired” you mean tried to claw his way back onto a STAR TREK production, any STAR TREK production?:

”It would not have been easier for me {Erik Jendresen, to write a STAR TREK script in a canonless universe.}. The whole delight and challenge of doing this, the reason I did it, was because I was bound and determined to write a tale that was completely faithful to the canon, and more importantly, to the spirit of Star Trek.

In spite of the shortcomings in ‘Enterprise’ — which were substantial — the canon was rich enough to provide clues that make filling that gap in the tale challenging, yes, but possible to do.

Whenever there’s a regime change {Brad Grey’s Gail Berman replacing Paramount president Donald DeLine} at a studio, it’s inevitable that projects in development under the auspices of an outgoing regime are tabled or shelved by the incoming regime. When they got this script, the whole concept, the creative choice had been made by DeLine in the previous regime, and invariably, there’s a certain bias against anything that has been developed by someone else.

Despite popular belief (and what the former executive producer himself said), Star Trek torchbearer Rick Berman had absolutely nothing to do with “Star Trek: The Beginning.”

Part of the notion out there is that he’s out [of Star Trek] because of this project. He had nothing to do with it. The notion that ‘Star Trek: The Beginning’ is what sunk {Rick} Berman is really offensive.

When you make a creative choice, when you create a universe or create a world and create these characters, you become attached to them. Of course it’s disappointing [to have a story shelved], but from what I understand what Abrams is doing, [‘Star Trek XI’] could be really satisfying. I’m looking forward to it.” — Erik Jendresen speaking to SYFY PORTAL’s Michael Hinman, Mar-12-2007,

I don’t think CBS has learned the concept of letting show runners run their shows. This is why network programming is, for the most part, written for the lowest common denominator crowd. They’re still stuck in the “how much money can we make as soon as possible” narrative. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll just replace it with a low cost crime drama and move on.

If it’s not a reboot, it’s a re-imagining. It can’t be a true prequel unless costumes, sets and makeup are exactly what you would have seen in TOS. So, like Enterprise, everyone’s going to have to get used to an earlier period where everything looks more advanced and that a lot of what you thought you knew will be re-explained and modified. That’s essentially a re-imagining.

Just don’t know why there’s such a push on taking a show about moving forward and giving us 15 years of going backwards.


Re: If it’s not a reboot, it’s a re-imagining.

I’m not sure canon gives you room to split hairs or heirs (PI) on that.

In CONSCIENCE OF THE KING, Trek’s 23rd century Shakespearean acting troupe had updated its historically based plays’ sets and costumes such that they weren’t identical to the 1960s Shakespearean acting troupes’ sets and costumes familiar to Trek’s original audiences.

So the producers, writers and directors have already telegraphed that it is to be expected that there’ll be changes to future dramatic presentations set in an already dramatically established era.

It also should be kept in mind that the detail captured on 1960s’ shot 35mm film was absolutely NEVER expected to be realized on the notoriously low-resolution color televisions on which it was intended to be exhibited and, in part, promote.

So it’s absurd to expect a 21st century production to be absolute slaves to the details captured on the 35mm film images of then.

Ideally, one would hope that a newer production would at least use updated art such that it would suggest, in some way, the prior art but not have to be absolute slaves to it. Much as, again resorting to canon, the Melkotians didn’t have to realize every detail of the OK Corral’s historical West to make it absolutely real to the 23rd century men of Enterprise’s landing party.

There is a rumor floating around. I wont say what it is but its pertaining to the relationship between the two ships. Pretty much in line with what some of us speculated at times. Interesting.

Hopefully we get a trailer tomorrow. Its a bit depressing that a Seth MacFarlane comedy has better SFX and set/ship designs than a brand new Star Trek series.


Re: Its a bit depressing that a Seth MacFarlane comedy has better SFX and set/ship designs …

It gives one pause to consider that MacFarlane’s production certainly could have been one of the factors in CBS’ contributions to the delays?

…hope it’s good! =)