BREAKING: First Image From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – Video Coming Later Today [UPDATED]


The upfronts begin at 4 PM Eastern. TrekMovie will be using our Twitter feed to provide updates coming out of New York. You can track those live updates below. You should be able to update the below widget by clicking on new updates at the top when there are new tweets, so you don’t need to reload the page. Bear in mind that the the CBS Upfront presentation will cover all aspects of CBS programming and so any discussion of Star Trek: Discovery will be just a small portion and we don’t know when they will get to it.



This morning CBS released the first ever image from Star Trek: Discovery. This first photo features Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou and Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham of the U.S.S. Discovery.

First image from Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

The image has the pair on some (presumably) alien planet. While the show is shot in Toronto, the above image comes from location shooting in Jordan, making Star Trek: Discovery the first Trek TV series to shoot on location outside of North America.

Closer look at some new props

While these officers don’t appear to be wearing standard Starfleet uniforms, it is possible they are carrying some Starfleet gear. Zooming in on the high-resolution picture released by CBS gives you some detail on some of the props.  If you look closely you can see the top of what may be a Starfleet Communicator on the belts of both Georgiou and Burnham.

Is this a communicator?

And on Burnham’s belt we also see a larger device inside of a pouch. This appears to be a Starfleet Tricorder.

Is this a tricorder?

Update: Supervising producer Ted Sullivan confirmed that it is indeed a Tricorder.

UPDATE 2: Details On Clip Coming Later Today

As previously reported, today is the CBS Upfronts presentation to advertisers and affiliates. This morning at a breakfast with the press, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves gave some details on what we can expect:

At today’s presentation you are actually going to see a presentation from Marc DeBevoise…talking most specifically about CBS All Access and you will see the first clip of Star Trek today. So we are ready to show you something. It’s a small clip, but I think it is really impressive and we are really proud of it.

The presentation itself is at 4 PM Eastern and the video should be made available shortly following the conclusion of the event, possibly sometime after 6PM.  TrekMovie will update this article during the Upfronts with any details that emerge and post a new article with the video as soon as it is released.

New info may also emerge during the day, so stay tuned to for all the latest updates.




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Her name is Mike?

Yep. It really is.

OMG, not this discussion again :/

Lots of guys out there with no awareness of nomenclature history. Lots of guys out there who call themselves Trek fans who tend to react negatively to the unfamiliar.

This image is a ray of hope. Or should that be “Rey”?

Yeah, that’s right, everybody knows that Star Wars invented the traditional desert clothing that has been used for centuries. You guys are just ridiculous in your effort for criticize everything related to Discovery just for the sake of it.

@Adama – I haven’t criticized everything. I made a joke about a single photo. I’ve defended the show’s potential against the trolls, such as Enter Prize, so you’re barking up the wrong tree here, cupcake.

Develop a sense of humor. You’ll need it around here, and in life in general.

Same can be said for tons of commentators on this site. Nicely said PaulB.

Well said! Die hard fans do my nut. They wouldn’t be happy with a TOS reboot unless the set designs looked like the 60s version! Was always stupid the cast would be on planets in nothing but their uniform and no protective clothing. Move on people! It’s 21st century

In Spock’s Brain Kirk ordered the landing party to set their suit temperatures to 72. The 60s had better technology apparently.

— I’ve never seen Star Trek or Star Fleet lead with Robes in a Desert. It’s usually a Fleet Suit and on a Bridge. Even the semi-terrible show Star Trek Enterprise. I mean those are the same Goggles and everything off Star Wars photo or likeness. Star Wars pends its self on Monks, Samurai, Space-Cowboys but Star Trek has always had more of a “Space” theme. I just think its a bad 1st image to use to konvey Star Trek story, lore, and “heart”.

comment image

that’s exactly what I was about to say. TREKS homage to STAR WARS..again

— Ha. Well I saw the same thing.. I assume he’s overly “mad” bekuz he knows its a realistic analogy. And out of all the Trek.

I didn’t see this image as “We want to be like Star Wars.” I saw this image as “We’re pouring so much money into Discovery that we filmed in freaking JORDAN!”

In other words, I think what CBS wants us to get out of this picture is “no expense spared, high quality show.”


nice jedi robes

You really drank the Disney kool-aide?

This is just Fuking Sad at this Point.
Star Trek is Dead.

You mean like the one Spock and the Vulcan’s wore in STTMP during his Kolinahr? And in TSFS, and TVH?

And Trip and Archer wore in Enterprise in two or three episode. And T’Pol in the Vulcan reformation arc.

That communicator just shows the lack of imagination and guts on the part of Enterprise producers for making their flip top communicator as small as c. 2000 cell phones. On the other hand, c.2017 cell phones are now larger than TOS communicators.

Great point. There was a time when everyone thought items would get smaller and smaller. Not true. Plus this isn’t a cell phone. My i7 is cool but I can’t call the space station on it.


Re: I can’t call the space station on it.

Are you absolutely certain of that? Because I recall Nixon making a landline call to astronauts from his desktop phone and I’m fairly certain other presidents up to and including Obama have made calls to astronauts including those on the ISS.

I don’t recall using a cell but any call that can be made from a desktop landline should be possible from a cellphone.

“U.S. President Barack Obama made an ultra long-distance call to American astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren aboard the International Space Station on Monday.” — ‘Come in International Space Station, This is President Barack Obama’ | Mark Rivett-Carnac | TIME | Oct 19, 2015

I wonder whether the communicator has its guts embedded in a Lucite block, a la Pike’s communicator.

The first of many problems with prequels.
You just can’t take it seriously when they try to make something less developed than the show it’s a prequel to.

So now Enterprise communicators look much better developed than Discovery, which is trying to make things look less developed than a 1960’s show.

I don’t know how in all seriousness they will not expect such glaringly obvious issues to be accepted by anything other than the Kirk era fanatics who are chomping at the bit for a connection to their childhood and adolescent nostalgia and willing to overlook them.

In the mean time it’s supposed to be bringing on board a wider audience who simply won’t understand why the tech looks far more dated than in 2017. It’s absurd and continually breaks the 4th wall.

“Glaringly obvious issues” to no one but you Enter Prize. I can watch this show without throwing a fit no matter what the props look like. Now that I think about it, the props had very little to do with my love of Trek…it was all about the stories they supported. Huh, what a concept!

you’re nitpicking….

There’s something called “suspension of disbelief”, look it up some time. Just because TOS had a very limited budged doesn’t mean future installments set in a similar time-frame have to ape that look. If they can hit a similar feeling that should be enough. As long as we don’t suddenly see crazy tech that would break the logic of the universe, I’m fine with it looking more modern.

um…EVERYTHING about Enterprise looked better and glossier than TOS so that’s a can of worms I don’t feel like opening. Rogue One translated the old 70s era of Star Wars perfectly without feeling out of place. It’s just about doing it with care. Some things will look better, some wont.

Enterprise made a lot of mistakes. If faced with copying those mistakes and making them more glaring or correcting them in a series that takes place even closer to TOS, they are very wise to ignore Enterprise. And I imagine they won’t completely ignore it, but you know what I mean.

Okay, if you provide them a list of what you wanted to see and they provided it, you’d complain. You’re so entrenched in your irrelevant whiny opinion that you simply NEED the show to fail and be bad or else you look like a complete moron. That’s the problem with being irrational.

Had they used Enterprise-based Communicators, you’d say “oh look of course, more advanced than TOS.”

You don’t know what “break the fourth wall” means either. Look it up.

Have you watched start wars the technology in that film looks classic still and no gives a dam. No one is going to moan because it doesn’t look like an iPhone 7. Why would a tricorder even be small when it collects data and have to be readable and display multiple data. The TNG tricorders were too small with tiny screens that really weren’t practical

Kevin Bleasdale,

Re: … tiny screens that really weren’t practical

We already have the technology to give people better than 20/20 vision. Why do you expect common eyesight in the 24th century to be poorer?

“In the mean time it’s supposed to be bringing on board a wider audience who simply won’t understand why the tech looks far more dated than in 2017. It’s absurd and continually breaks the 4th wall.”

No one will care.

We don’t know what needs we will have in the future on future worlds – a communicator that works on earth with cell towers and satellites might NEED to be bulky on new planets. ETC ETC

Trek in a Cafe,

Re: a communicator that works on earth with cell towers and satellites might NEED to be bulky on new planets

using faster than light subspace.

Re: Bringing canon to a gunfight

In CONSCIENCE OF THE KING, Trek’s 23rd century Shakespearean acting troupe had updated its historically based plays’ sets and costumes such that they weren’t identical to the 1960s Shakespearean acting troupes’ sets and costumes familiar to Trek’s original audiences.

So the producers, writers and directors already telegraphed that it was to be expected that there’ll be changes to future dramatic presentations done in an already dramatically established prior era.

Keep in mind that the detail captured on 1960s’ shot 35mm film was absolutely NEVER expected to be realized on the notoriously low-resolution color televisions on which it was intended to be exhibited and sales of which, promote.

It’s absurd to expect a 21st century High Definition Widescreen television production based somewhat on a mid-20th century TELEVISION production to be absolute slaves to the details that can be discerned from 35mm film images of then.

One would hope that such a newer production would at least use updated art such that it would suggest, in some way, the prior art but not have to be chained to details that no one in the 1960s’ era audience was EVER expected to be able to discern — after all, those old props, sets and costumes were definitely intended to appear aesthetically appealing on the televisions of THEN. Much as, again resorting to canon, the Melkotians didn’t have to realize every detail of the OK Corral’s historical West in SPECTRE OF THE GUN to make their version of it absolutely real for the 23rd century men of Enterprise’s landing party.

My takeaway is that every TV show has its own visual style. The important thing is for that aesthetic to be engaging and consistent within the series, to pull you into the story world while you are watching it. It is less important (and not possible) to enforce consistency across series of the same franchise. TOS had a different style than TNG. Maybe the fact that the four modern Trek series were all made by the same team and looked very similar has conditioned us to the idea that all Treks need to look alike. The truth is they don’t–and it can still be the Trek universe. (PS there was a great blog about the intentional nostalgic look of Rogue One, and how there is technology today that would have rendered major plot points moot, but Star Wars tech is now frozen in what was common in the 70s. Point is that this doesn’t matter because its all about suspension of disbelief)

Note the flip communicator with gold cover and tricorder. Exciting times ahead.

..For TOS fanboys maybe.

You’d hate it no matter what they did Enter Prize. Seriously.

What if you’re right? There are A LOT of TOS fanboys out there. Or is it a coincidence that TOS went on to do six (or 6.5) movies, while TNG did 4, and JJverse did 3, maaaybe 4? I don’t see a problem with trying to please the larger chunk of your target audience. (Remember: they don’t want 20 million casual viewers with this; they want 3-4 million fanboys willing to pay for a whole new service just because they love Trek.)

You’re right. When you think about Trek in pop culture it’s more TOS-related that sticks out in people’s minds. It’s a no brainer that CBS wanted to do something that was tied into that in some way. If the JJ films had been post TNG era you probably wouldn’t see such a callback to TOS

— One flaw in that. Spock… people love Spock. Also, the “TOS” Movies werent all that.. “old”. The Tech level in those movies felt past Voyagers level. Even if they used the character names of the past.. the “feel” felt progressive. And that feeds allot people interest w/o them knowing. Even Star Wars Ep 1~3 suffered from its lack of a progressive feel or “added lore” for fans, overall. Star Trek Enterprise had this same issue. Good show, no real progression.

Enter Prize you realize you’re in the minority with the TOS hate right?

Stop being a TNG fanboy. See this is easy. Or are you a Star Wars fanboy? Or just a contrarian fanboy?


I hate TOS. And I’m still totally stoked for Discovery. So his point is invalid.

The truth is, beyond TOS “fanboys” the mass audience wants to tune in and see Star Trek– what does that mean?

It means transporters, phasers, communicators, photon torpedoes, Klingons, Romulans, etc.

There’s a reason why JJ used Kirk and Spock and not a new crew, or TNG, Voyager or Enterprise– because the mass audience recognizes Kirk, Spock, Khan, etc.

Simple as that.

If you don’t like Star Trek, why dont you watch something else instead of expecting them to make Star Trek different for you?
Sadly you are the Target Audience they are aiming for.
Sci-Fi fans with a passing interest or knowledge of Star Trek but preference for Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica

I took particular notice of that gold flip communicator, Director Sloan. Loved it.

Can’t judge too much but this image can definitely be placed in the “positive” category. Flip communicator. Old style tri corder. Great costuming. And on location filming? Give me more!

I am still so surprised that this is the first time a Trek tv show has filmed outside of North America

This may very well be a digital matte and not actually on location. Just sayin.

the actors have said they were in jordan. Isn’t jordan where the king wanted to build a trek theme park?

I’m delighted to see Trek’s first Jedi!

Umm yeah, Star Wars invented desert clothing, lol. People crack me up. . . . Before 1977 people who lived in the desert wore heavy parkas with pink and blue polka dots. With Big Baller $500 tennis shoes. And hats made out of tin foil. . . . It’s a good thing Star Wars came around to education those desert folk on what to wear in the desert!


— Use the Force Captain Kirk. Reach out in the sand.. feel it all around you.

Star Wars: Discovery

And coming soon from Paramount Star Trek: Guardians of the Galaxy

just a question…with all my respects…if you don’t like any of this, then why are you posting here ?? whats the use??

Im surprised he’s still here. I thought trolling wasn’t allowed and his posts are very close to it. Adds nothing. Having a contrary opinion is great, but he’s basically screaming nonsense repeatedly. He’s likely about 14 years old. So we can at least be thankful he’s literate.

I can understand some initial griping, but at this point, it’s pretty clear what this show is, and it’s not for him. If I were him, I would have stopped paying attention months ago, once I realized it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I love DC comics. But I loathe their films. After Man of Steel, I just stopped complaining and now, if anything, I just sort of poke fun at it.

But whine, moan, and gripe? Yeah, i’ve accepted that the DCEU is not to my liking.

Maybe Enter Prize just needs to go through the five stages of grief.



Will you shut up already.

It’s funny because Obi Wan wearing a robe in SW actually made sense, given that he lived in a desert. It was George Lucas who decided in the prequels that all Jedi wear robes because that’s just how they looked before. Like, what? Tell me how form follows function when they’re all sitting in a chamber talking about boring things? Deserts are harsh environments but conference rooms aren’t.

Good point about Obi Wan’s clothes making sense! But come to think of it, the sand people wore similar type clothes . . . . Hey, maybe the sand people were Jedi, and “Arrrghhh arghh rrrr argh,” meant, “May the Force be with you.” And the whole thing that happened in the desert was just a big misunderstanding.

Plus when nonhuman-Jedi aren’t wearing robes they are wearing space ethnic appropriate clothing…despite the fact they are taken as babies and raised in a temple and should have no real connection to their species’ culture.

Good one!
To Boldly go where no Jedi Has gone Before- Canada!

@El Chup, no that honor goes to Spock in STTMP.

This is great! I love that the landing parties get environment-specific gear.

And a closer examination of the “communicator” suggests it might even be the original Cage-era Wah Chang design, or possibly close to the TWOK design!! The tricorder looks cool too!

Yes, they’re wearing desert robes, but Star Wars doesn’t own the desert. Remember DS9’s “Shadows and Symbols??”

I can’t wait for the trailer.

I’m pretty sure what they’re wearing is just the appropriate local area clothing so that they blend in to the alien environment. Starfleet desert gear has always had a distinct Starfleet-issue look, as in ST5, DS9, ENT

They are wearing it because it looks like star wars & is relatable cause they cant wear starfleet uniforms or people might think its that boring nerdy Star Trek show

why is someone named “trekboi” so negative about trek?

Likely, just trolling. Maybe his life isn’t good and being negative on the internet is an outlet for that. In which case, I hope things get better.


Looks like Burnham might have a Starfleet insignia on the scarf at her throat, too.

I see the small white delta you’re talking about, but it’s hazy. I can’t tell if it’s actually an insignia or a trick of the light/weird fold in the scarf. But good eyes, Denes.

I think it’s a happy coincidence that the light hit the scarf that way, but a happy one nonetheless

Star Trek: A New Hope

Grow up. You must be very dim to think that desert clothing occurred because of Star Wars and/or to make a pathetic attempt at satire.

Especially since Lucas was inspired by Star Trek when he wrote Star Wars. So again, this ignorant person is whining about something he knows nothing about.

Star Trek: No Hope.

That is Vulcan. I’m excite!!

That’s a great guess! I’d be excited, too!

If it is, what’s even more exciting is that it’s NOT blown up!

JJ-verse should definitely be blown up, though

Vulcan would still be around during this time period, Nero’s attack is roughly a decade away.

Nero’s attack ain’t happening in this timeline. Also if this takes place roughly 2255, Nero’s attack is only 3 years away, in the Kelvin timeline

Squeeee! Very exciting times… TREK IS BACK, PEOPLE!

Where’s that trailer now??

A reminder to everyone that we are supposed to keep things civil here at TrekMovie. No personal attacks, name calling, etc.

Can you please ban Enter Prize? All he does is spew negativity and hate.

Whoa now. He spews valid opinions. Different and sometimes silly, but still valid.
No point turning this into an echo chamber. That’s what facebook is for. ;)

I alweys wanted to be featured here on Trekmovie😉 now i am with my tweet and a confirmation from Ted Sullivan 😅

I like the look of the props already. From what I can see they look JUST bulky enough to be credible as pre-TOS era props.

When the new movies came out and people saying it is too much like Star Wars, now we have a single photo of 2 officers in robes and still saying it’s like Star Wars. Can’t fucking win with the fandom. Quite pathetic really.

I think it’s just a handful of trouble makers that are saying that. Real ‘Trek fans know that in the real world there are real deserts, not just in Star Wars. They have also appeared in ‘Trek before.

Most of these people are Grade A trolls, I wouldn’t worry yourselves with their inflammatory posts

Star Wars also has frozen planets. I hope Discovery doesn’t rip off those too because there’s no damn way there can be a frozen planet in our galaxy. Impossible!

Perhaps if they stopped trying to make Star Trek into Star Wars people wouldn’t have to call it out?

Awesome, great stuff.

I hope the inclusion of Capt. Georgiu here with the DSC’s FO doesn’t speak to the early departure of Jason Isaacs. I know there’s been talk of merging crews etc. Hope he’s around for a while.

Given when he was cast, I suspect the opposite may be true.

The material looks like the robe Spock wore in STIII.

No its clearly Rey from Star Wars, it can only be Rey and ever be Rey. Trek fans all over this board have already said so which makes it fact.

Girl power.

Really proud the first official image of this show is two women. About damn time.

Yea no kidding that’s super important. I was just watching a video with two women. . . but that’s not important here.

The nudity in DSC will serve you best of all, Plinkett!

That’s really going to depend on a few factors, at least two anyway

It’s quintuple titties isn’t it? Or purple skin. You seem like a purple skin man. ;)

Proud? Seriously? Are you missing a greater purpose in your life, or is there any other reason would you be “proud” about something so insignificant and inconsequential? “I just saw two people walking in the desert, I am so proud, it was about damn time!”

Yea, that’s what I saw in the picture: two people. I only noticed their gender when you pointed it out. Must be my privilege showing. :-P

Uh yeah I’m PROUD Paul does that rub you the wrong way? I’m PROUD when I see women take a leading role in things. I’m PROUD Star Trek has moved away from its incredibly sexist roots and morphed into something more true to its vision. I’m PROUD that Trek inspires people to achieve something, PROUD that it motivates men and women of all colors and races, PROUD that so many people in STEM fields can trace their inspiration back to this show. So yeah, I’m f-ing PROUD that two powerful women share the spotlight, and I don’t give a flying fk whether you’re butt hurt about that.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Dude, why be mad at people being happy to see themselves in a context they rarely get to?

How does that hurt you in any way? Do you get mad at deaf people because they are happy to see a character who can sign? Seriously, that’s some really odd jealousy and hatred to have for something that does absolutely nothing to harm you, but only makes people feel good about themselves.

Communicator reminds me of an old Sony Clie I had ages ago. It flipped up to reveal a keyboard. The hinge is what made me think of that. I am not saying it looks like a Clie, otherwise.

I’m liking it based on this simple image. I would like to see some creative bridging and design between the look of TOS and today. Glad to see they aren’t simply ignoring the TOS aesthetic since they decided to go prequel.

My first thought when looking at the photo was the Kolinahr scene in the Star Trek the Motion Picture, but I haven’t watched Star Wars since the Phantom Menace.

Yeah, The Phantom Menace will do that. To be fair though, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were better than Phantom Menace. Still disappointing movies, but better than Little Anakin and his pal Jar Jar. While The Force Awakens has a very familiar story, the performances are vastly better than the prequels (which squandered a very good cast) and there is more charisma in one minute of that movie than in all the wooden prequels combined. You might really like Rogue One, it is very different than the prequels.

Can’t wait for the video!!

i gotta good feeling about this..!!

Wonder if this is going to be one of those Treks where they contrive as often as possible to have the characters out of uniform and wearing leather jackets.

See this is the kind of nonsense, nothing concern that makes me want to punch Trek fans in the face. Who cares if they wear leather jackets. Do you wear your McDonalds uniform when you aren’t working?

I love it when people try to dismiss someones point by proving it.

This is the kind of nonsense that a mentally disturbed person keeps repeating.

We agree Harry. They use costuming that looks great that resembles costuming from another film. Presumably for a similar purpose. Desert plant. Who cares. Stupid over sensitive whiners

Or Jedi Robes

Did Lawrence of Arabia steal from ‘Wars too? or 1000’s of years of Middle East history? Your comment and other Star Wars related ones are utterly foolish and ignorant.


I wish they would be more specific about what they mean about “short clip.” Does that mean a teaser trailer or does that mean an actual clip of a scene from an episode?

“Let’s dress the women like Rey from Star Wars when they go to sandy planets. I spoke to the guys at Anovos and did a quick Imgur search and that costume was really popular for both so I think this is a good idea.”
-Les Moonves

You understand that network executives don’t make these decisions, right?

Drew Melbourne,

You honestly think they deviate from the ‘Look, we’re not banks.’ philosophy?

“It came to a point where the studios would say to me, ‘Look, we’re not banks. If you’re asking us for $12 million, we want to read your script, we want to know who you’re casting, and we want to have some input. We’re not just bankers. I, on the other hand, regard them as at best bankers, if not criminals, and I said, ‘No, you can’t read my script and I’m not interested in your input.’I said this politely… And they said nicely, ‘Get lost.’” – Woody Allen

Hmmm… 4 PM ET – that would be 10 PM CET. 6 PM would be 12 AM. Damnit, how much longer do I have to wait…

I hope the small click is similar to the that horrible clip they showed of the ship initially…but this time created by someone who isn’t a 9 year old using a Mac from 1993.

Nimbus III?

Ha! That was my very first thought too!

I got it! This will be about the establishment of the “planet of galactic peace”, which as we know will fail and will ultimately be why St. John Talbot becomes a binge smoker, while General Korrd becomes a binge drinker. “Beam on down!” 😁

Wow the first Images from Star Wars The Force Awakens, I mean Star Trek The Force Awakens I mean Star Trek trying to be Star wars.
Star Trek DIS-ing the cannon.

They filmed in JORDAN for A TV SHOW? Wow! CBS is pulling out all the stops with this one. Guess we won’t get to see our beloved Vasquez Rocks again. :-)

To Boldly go where no Jedi Has gone Before- Canada!

How is to humanoids dressed as Jedi Star Trek- wheres the strange new Worlds- new civilisations- space exploration- just more humans on earth type planets (Planet Canadian backlot)

What a horrible little troll you are on these forums.

Another one is TOS episode “The Return of the Archons” – clearly they ripped off not only the robes, but the lightsaber, too – they just didn’t have the budget to illuminate it – lol.

Landru, guide us!

— Terrible First image to publish. Looks just like Rey from Star Wars.

Yeah, that went bad for Disney and Lucasfilm… :-P

Depends on what your goals are — if your goal is to placate a bunch of Trek fans, many of whom are likely to be there no matter what, then maybe. If your goal is to excite a bunch of advertisers and potential buyers, not to mention create a buzz and attract fans who have never seen Star Trek, then you’d be wrong. This is actually not a bad idea — it looks really good, conjures up good feelings of a recent scifi success, and intrigues potential audiences, both consumers and investors.

so it is real and not made up lol

— Swag.. stolen: [imgcomment image[/img]

Observation: things look like other things.

I don’t know why supposed Trek fans have their panties in a bunch over costuming that is similar to other costuming. Get over it. If it looks good that’s the important part.

The Discovery’s adventures occur on or about the same time period that the U.S.S. Enterprise is dealing with the Talos IV Affair under Christopher Pike. I’d like a little bit more homage to “the Cage” in the uniforms.

Why is her name Michael?

Maybe we’ll get that story in the course of the series?

Or ask Michael Learned (Olivia Walton on “The Waltons”) or Michael Michelle (Cleo Finch on “ER”).

All I have to say is Sasha cleans up beautifully.

So, Michelle Yeoh is Romanian? XD

Nationality and ethnicity are two different things. Remember Harry Potter’s Scottish-Korean first girlfriend?

People need to relax. It’s obviously a desert planet, hence the desert garb reminiscent of Star Wars, which is also set on desert planets… Get it?

Sybok robes?!

The 2 part Shatner episode???

They’re also getting a post episode talk show

Is there a good copy of the trailer yet?

Not sure about those uniforms but hearing very positive reviews so far.

CBS (and Netflix) must be very happy if they extended this expensive show to 15 episodes.

YOU GUYS I AM SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! AHHHHH… I love that there are so many Klingons in the show. ANd I’ve been curious about Sarek before Spock for a long time.

Refreshing LIKE A MAD WOMAN come 6 pm.

Trailer is on CBS All Access if you’d ever got it

You beat me by a minute! :)