The Media Embraces ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer While Fans Debate The Details

The release of the first images and trailer from Star Trek: Discovery wasn’t just big news for the world of Trekdom, it was big news pretty much everywhere. CBS finally revealing footage from the long-awaited series was one of the bigger news stories to emerge from the last week of network upfront events.  In just over a day the trailer has been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube, more than any other new trailer released in the last week from any of the networks.

Media mostly love their first look at Discovery

Much of the media presented the trailer and new images in a ‘just the facts’ fashion, but some also offered some opinion or commentary as well. Of those that did, the reaction has been mostly very positive.  Here are some of the words used to describe it:

Hollywood Reporter: “lavish”

E!: “gorgeous”

Time: “epic”

Vox: “sumptuous”

People: “gorgeous”

Esquire: “incredible”

HuffPo: “out of this world”

ET: “stunning”

Mary Sue: “entirely fresh”

A.V. Club: “puts questions to rest”

Radio Times (UK): “visually stunning”

Digital Spy (UK): “breathtaking”

However, the praise wasn’t universal. Some outlets were less impressed or focused on the behind-the scenes changes and the long wait for a trailer. Here are some some the words seen in these more mixed views:

The Wrap: “underwhelming”

Forbes: “Gets actual trailer confirming existence”

Ars Technica: “falls a little flat”

Collider: “disappointing” “confusing”


Fans go ‘Point/Counterpoint’ over how Discovery fits expectations

One only needs to peruse the many active threads here at TrekMovie to see that there are a lot of fan opinions about the new trailer. Opinions seem to be falling into a few main camps, with some not liking the emphasis on action, the choice of a prequel or how the look of various things doesn’t ‘fit’ with what they feel is the right way things should be. Then there is another camp that embraces the new show and is excited or at least open to changes. We have collected some examples of how this point/counterpoint debate played out on social media.

Star Wars owns deserts now?

Uniforms aren’t supposed to be blue?

There is only one way to Klingon?

…and let’s not forget our history, Star Trek and otherwise:

Striking a note with women, especially women of color

Out in the general public it seems that the trailer is striking a chord with a lot of women, who like the emphasis on lead Sonequa Martin-Green along with Michelle Yeoh. Women of color seem to be particularly taking note of this new show. Here are some reactions.

All quiet on the celebrity front

One group that hasn’t been talking about the trailer are the various veterans of Star Trek. The writers, producers and stars made famous for being part of the Star Trek franchise over the last few decades have mostly not offered up any opinions on the newest entry into the family. One exception was Roberto Orci, co-writer/producer of the 2009 Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

For everything there is a first time

There was one particular tweet that caught our eye and reminded us to put things in perspective.

What say you?

What’s your reaction and those of your peer group? Are your non-Trekkie friends excited or even aware of Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know in the comments below.

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