‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Takes Center Stage For CBS At Licensing Expo, Displays Classic TNG & Movie Props

This week the annual Licensing Expo is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is THE place to be for companies to show off their hottest brands for potential licencors, and CBS Consumer Products was there among them. While they are the owners of multiple properties, CBS has always made Star Trek a major part of their presence at Licensing Expo. This year CBS has Star Trek: Discovery at center stage with a big sign with the show’s logo prominently displayed in the middle of the booth along with Discovery flyers on the booth desk, making it clear they are ready to cut licensing deals for new Discovery products.

Star Trek is front and center at the CBS Booth (Photo: Licensing Expo)

Earlier this week CBS announced their first licensing deal for Star Trek: Discovery, with McFarlane Toys. Hopefully they will able to strike even more deals for Discovery and more Trek this week at Licensing Expo.

Star Trek props displays

CBS is backing up the Star Trek prominence with four displays full of authentic Trek props from over the decades:

Star Trek movie and TV props on display at Licensing Expo (Photo: Lew Halboth)

Star Trek movie and TV props on display at Licensing Expo (Photo: Lew Halboth)

Star Trek movie and TV props on display at Licensing Expo (Photo: Lew Halboth)

Star Trek movie and TV props on display at Licensing Expo (Photo: Lew Halboth)

More close-up shots (Photos: Lew Halboth, click to enlarge)

And here are some more shots from around the CBS booth(Photos: Lew Halboth, click to enlarge)

Thanks to Lew Halboth of Fansets for his assistance with this article.


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no close up of the Dustbuster? will that be for sale?

Amazing how ‘old’ looking those propa now look. The computer padds and the ‘laptop’ monitor for example. My smartphone is more modern compared with those.

Yes and people are shocked Discovery is updated lol. This is exactly the reason. In time everything feels dated but you don’t want a show that feels dated out of the gate talking about the freaking future.

Yeah, that’s time for you. Who’d knew, right?

To promote a show that looks like it doesn’t even belong to the same universe.

I wonder if the Discovery props will come with a lens flare option so you can’t look directly at them.

I’ve actually held a phaser and communicator from Discovery and both are fantastic props that do justice to the respective TOS counterparts. I think between those and the tricorder, they will be something fans can be excited about no matter what side you fall on regarding the series.

***To promote a show that is retconning the visuals of a universe spawned from a goofy shoe-string budgeted kids show.***

Fixed that for you.

By the way, CBS Consumer Products is at the Licensing Expo EVERY YEAR and promoting Trek in a big way every time. Two years ago they had a 40-foot 1701-A hanging above their booth. It’s not some kind of retcon.

i find your lack of respect disturbing

Z3, your Depends is full. Go see your nurse.

I wonder how “authentic” these props are, since the actual Ressikan flute sold for $40,000 at the 40th anniversary auction. I suppose the buyer could have lent, or sold it back to them. A backup maybe?

As you mentioned, Paramount, and then CBS after the Viacom split in early-2006, started to liquidate all real Trek stuff of value at auctions when they saw the end of the Berman-era coming. So I’m pretty sure there are very few screen used props in the CBS Trek archives at this point.

What’s on display in Vegas are almost certainly the props that went around with the Star Trek The Exhibition tours. http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Trek_The_Exhibition

As a guy who’s in to details and likes props, etc. I could tell immediately that most were replicas. Some of the placards even correctly stated they were replicas. My assumption was that they were the authorized replicas that roddenberry.com and/or Master Replicas used to sell in years past.