William Shatner Weighs In On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And Canon

Star Trek’s original captain William Shatner is well known  for being prolific on Twitter, but every once in a while he dives into the world of Reddit (and TrekMovie has verified the account is authentic). In the last couple of weeks he posted there to promote the online auction of various bits of Hollywood memorabilia for his upcoming Hollywood Charity Horse Show. While he was there, he got engaged in some of the discussions, and last night he commented on one of the many about Star Trek: Discovery in the r/startrek subreddit. In a thread called “It’s disgusting how the new Trek doesn’t respect its history” (which was actually a bit of a parody thread mocking those who are pre-judging the show), Bill weighed in:

I just love how frazzled some of you get about canon. It’s a show and they are doing a prequel to something that was made 50 years ago. Star Trek was always more about the stories and messaging than the look. If they screw that up; roast em alive and kick em in the you know what! If they don’t; then enjoy it. Kirk out!

Bill’s comment to nitpicking fans about Star Trek being “something that was made 50 years ago” is reminiscent of his classic Saturday Night Live “Get a Life!” sketch from 1986.

Shatner talks Kirk’s death scene and waiting for the sequel

Earlier this week William Shatner was a guest on the Hallmark Channel show Home & Family and during the interview Bill recounted an experience of a horse falling on him and injuring his leg and how he struggled to get up after the accident, saying he used the experience as inspiration for the death scene in Star Trek: Generations:

That getting up and falling down, when it came to play the time of Captain Kirk dying I thought “shot in the back, stand up, fall down, stand up, fall down. Struggle to live, and then let go. And then wait for the sequel [laughs]

He also talks about how he gave horse riding advice to Sir Patrick Stewart when shooting Generations, telling him to wear women’s nylons to avoid chaffing. Bill also participated in a DIY segment where they built a home-made Star Trek captains chair. During the segment Shatner talked about when he was working on the original Star Trek the buttons on his chair always came off when he pressed them. Watch the full episode online.

Bill on getting his start with Star Trek and how Star Wars brought Trek back in the 70s

Another stop on his media tour promoting his new book “Spirt of the Horse” was DirecTV’s Rich Eisen Show where Bill talked about getting the call to be on Star Trek and how surprised he was that the franchise came back in the 70s thanks to a popular gag reel. He also attributed to the success of Star Wars to Paramount giving a green light to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You can watch that full interview below.

Hollywood Charity Horse Show

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