Diamond Select And Bif Bang Pow! SDCC 2017 Star Trek Exclusives Revealed

As we reported two weeks ago Diamond Select Toys was planning an exclusive Star Trek vehicle variant for San Diego Comic Con, which kicks off on July 20th (with a preview night on the 19th). And today we can reveal that SDCC exclusive is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 “Final Flight” Starship. The translucent rendering of the Enterprise is meant to replicate its fiery last flight of the Enterprise as it plummeted down to the Genesis planet in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Diamond Select Toys SDCC 2017 exclusive “Final Flight” USS Enterprise with stand

The ship measures approximately 14 inches long, and includes a display stand but no electronics. It comes in commemorative window packaging and will be limited to just 400 pieces. It will be available at the Diamond Select Toys booth #2607 for $65.00.

Diamond Select Toys SDCC 2017 exclusive “Final Flight” USS Enterprise without the stand

And if you want a pre-destruction version, the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan refit Enterprise (not-battle damaged) ship will be available again in July at Entertainment Earth. You can pre-order for $59.99.

DST’s Refit back in stock next month

Bif Bang Pow! Enterprise D Monitor Mate SDCC Exclusive

Also announcing a Comic Con exclusive is Bif Bang Pow! who this year are offering a Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate. The bobble ship comes on a clear base and is made of PVC plastic and features a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks it to a monitor or any smooth, even surface. It comes packaged on a TNG-themed blister card.

Bif Bang Pow! Enterprise D monitor mate

You can pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth for $11.99 or pick one up at booth 2343 at SDCC.

Keep up on all the Star Trek merchandise news at TrekMovie.



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… but the saucer is intact, whomp whomp

lol, my thought exactly. The 1st thing I remember about the 1701’s self-destruct is the saucer quite literally blowing sky-high

Yeah, if the saucer was compromised in line with the film scene it would be more compelling. Original, though.

Sorry but I just want to add this little nit pic… Never really understood the saucer blowing up as if it were intentionally sealed with some super duper 23rd century plastique on all seams. Seems to me the way to easily destroy a star ship would be to remove all safties from the warp core. BOOM! Yet in that self destruct the engines remained perfectly intact.

I’m sure that happened for dramatic effect – clearly they wanted to show the “NCC-1701” sizzling. The after the fact technobabble explanation was that explosives were used as a warp core breach would have potentially rendered the surface of Genesis uninhabitable with all that matter and anti-matter coming together. So Kirk’s “Destruct Zero” was for explosives to be used, “Destruct One” is for M/AM destruction or something.

Make no mistake… It sure was done for dramatic effect, quite obviously. But I had never heard the fan based explanation you gave. Wasn’t “Destruct Zero” the same command he gave in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”?

Re: warp core breach

Wouldn’t that be overkill given that the only actual self-destruct previously shown was in THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE and THAT was an impulse engine based H-bomb?

But one assumed the first series introduced the timer so that presumably the crew could abandon ship SAFELY before the ship blew. As this likely would include crew evacuating in shuttles and spacesuits, even an H-bomb self-destruct seems dubious. Not saying that weaponizing the ship’s self-destruct options doesn’t have tactile value — only that it makes sense that there be an evacuation mode option where the ship would be laced with some sort of controlled explosive that could NOT be unintentionally triggered by fire, weapons fire, etc., i.e. it has to be armed to blow and the danger to fleeing crew would be minimal while the destruction of the ship total.

I read something somewhere, but can not find the article. In story, it actually could make sense that the warp core self-destruct was offline based on the condition of the warp core. The Enterprise was in bad shape, most systems were offline. If the warp core is offline, they would not be able to mix the matter and anti-matter supply to trigger the breach. In this event, in order to prevent the ship following into enemy hands, a fail safe would occur that would essentially create a massive energy surge that would cause cascading explosions throughout the ship, which is what we see in STIII. Lifesupport systems, computer terminals, energy conduits would all overload. This would not completely destroy the vessel, but would cause so much damage that she ship would be essentially useless. Pair that with a massive energy spike in the computer core, all information would also be useless. In real life maritime, this event is called skuttling a ship. They would plant charges on key areas and intentionally sink it so it would no longer be a danger or so it won’t get caught in enemy hands.

In the novelization, it was explained that there were two destruct modes given in the authorization code sequence, destruct-zero (explosives) and destruct-one (overload the warp core). I think they didn’t want the latter as it would have blasted a much, much larger radius, and they needed to rescue peeps on the Genesis planet and steal the BoP to get away afterwards.

Yeah this is what I remember hearing, and the explanation that makes the most sense: given that the BoP was like literally right next to the Enterprise at the time, a warp core breach would’ve destroyed their getaway vessel. That’s why there are multiple ways to self-destruct the ship, depending on the type of boom you’re trying to make, and why Kirk chose the smallest boom possible.

No kidding.. it’s all because we’re schleps you know… “here’s let’s give them an orange stock mold Enterprise with some battle damage and call it a day. “

I really hope the refit one being put back in stock has better quality. The one I got many years ago from them looked terrible with a poor paint job and a lot of fragility. You could see the crappy paint through the saucer as it was somewhat translucent.

Also, for the final flight Enterpise, it’s more accurate to have the dish wrecked all to hell, but I figure that would be tough to manufacture.

Ah, the Orangeprise.

Bright orange… running hot… destined to crash… It’s the Trumprise!

A little short of a flaming wreck, but close enough. They need to add a voice chip that just repeats ‘not my fault not mat fault not my fault’………..

The folks at Voya should be pleased…

Oh brother, really scraping the bottom of the barrel for repaint variants…

But yeah, obviously these ones are a better choice than the d7 or k’tinga would be (who am i kidding — im delighted theyre still making stuff!)

But really though. D7 or k’tinga. Come on.

BFP needs to redesign their monitor mates to be more of “clip” design– I have not had a monitor with a flat top deep enough to support something like for a really long time. Probably my 2007 iMac?

The external 27″ Samsung monitor I use has a lip and bevel, and the newer iMacs are far too thin for anything to sit on top of. The last monitor I used, a 22″ LG, also lacked a flat “shelf-like” top.

Bones. What have I done?

That’s probably what’s going through the mind of the person who proposed the orange enterprise

Incidentally, that’s also what’s going through the mind of the person who bought it.

Not to mention the person who buys it. The ship had way more damage than that before it fell into the atmosphere. They could have also put some lights in it to simulate fires burning inside. 90% of these variants are just repaints without much consideration to screen accuracy. Very underwhelming.

It looks to me like they took the “virgin” model but instead used orange plastic, and took a blow torch to it for a few seconds!

Who the hell would want that on his shelf?

Eh….not impressed. Where’s the Diamond Select Voyager, NX-01, and Defiant???

Actually they recently reissued the NX-01 recently; its beautiful. The paint job is so impressive that it literally feels like youre looking at the cgi model. It even has the option to leave the running lights and sounds on!

Goodness me. The quality here is appalling. Why cant we have quality products like Star Wars fans enjoy. This is really lame.

Wow. I know it’s a comic-con exclusive but $65 for a model with no electronics? I also see the Enterprise still has that flimsy stand with the little plastic ball joint that will break off the first time you try to rotate the ship. Bad enough they keep recycling the same ships over and over, you’d at least think they would improve the stand after all the troubles they’ve had with it.

Ive never had a problem with said stand and i own / rotate them all…

Mine snapped in two the first time I gently tried to adjust the ship to balance it better. The ball joint at the top of the stand was way too snug when inserted into the corresponding hole at the bottom of the secondary hull and did not pivot.

Mine never wanted to hold. I finally had to glue the mating piece to the mount on the underside of the secondary hull.

No thanks. I’ll wait for the lime flavored Enterprise.

Nit Picking i know – but wrong Kirk era image on the box for the pre-destruction version, the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan refit Enterprise lol – and as for that ” fiery last flight of the Enterprise” who would buy that?
really craping the bottom of the barrel with that!

Oh shucks, I dropped my Enterprise model in my Costco size bag of Cheetos.

I agree not to fond of DST rehashing the movie Enterprise again.

Regarding the Reliant delay I believe the rep from DST said one of their employees who is an artist passed away this year. I read the comment on their FB page. Sorry can’t share the link b/c I am not home.

Not to sound negative but I’m guessing well hopefully the Reliant will be released 1st Quarter 2018.

The “Final Flight” Enterprise has to be one of the stupidest, lamest pieces of Trek merchandise I’ve ever seen in my near half century on this planet.

Worse than Playmates’ “Lt. Thomas Riker in DS9 Duty Uniform?”

At least that was only $6

As much as I hate to pile on, the “Final Flight” Enterprise isn’t just a lazy concept, it has lazy execution. If they’d painted it up to look like it was actually burning through the atmosphere — more yellow in front, hull still visible in back, etc. etc. — it might at least be an interesting piece. As it is, it looks like they stamped something out of orange frisbee plastic and burned it with a cigarette lighter.

Are we really genuinely out of movie-era variants? I suppose maybe we are.