Alex Kurtzman: Bryan Fuller’s “Big Ideas” Still Part of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – Hints At Celebrity Cameos

On Discovery you need to bring everything you need

While out promoting his new film The Mummy, Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman took time to speak to Collider about the upcoming show. He talks about the departure of original showrunner Bryan Fuller last October and says that even with Fuller out, his influence strongly remains with the show:

“He’s just unbelievably brilliant and I really, really loved working with him and I loved seeing the way that his mind worked. Bryan was very involved in American Gods and I think that the scope and scale of what Trek has become made it so that Bryan elected to say, ‘I don’t wanna short-change either of these two things,’ they’re both sort of beloved to him, so we sat down and we figured out how are we going to take what we can have of you and continue that through not only this season of Trek but hopefully set up things that are coming next season. So much of what’s there in terms of story and certainly in terms of set-up, character, big ideas, the big movement of the season, that’s all stuff that Bryan and I talked about.”

5 episodes in – hints at celebrity cameos

As for the state of production, which began at the end of January, Kurtzman confirmed they were currently shooting the 5th episode of the 15-episode first season and he addressed the delays on the show, saying it was because the original “vision expanded” and CBS were “extremely supportive” to giving them more time, noting as the show was on a streaming service and they didn’t have to “beat out right away.”

Kutzman also hinted that we may see some celebrity cameos in Star Trek: Discovery, noting:

“So many actors are fans. We literally got a list of them that were like, ‘Here are people who said they want to be on Star Trek’. It was awesome… To just be in an episode or come in or out.”

There is more in the full article at Collider including Kurtzman talking about the importance of having an LGBT character.

Alex Kurtzman sharing a Star Trek moment with his The Mummy star Sofia Boutella, aka Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond (Photo: Instagram/Sofia Boutella)

Sonequa at CTV Upfronts

In other Star Trek: Discovery news, yesterday Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green appeared made an appearance during the CTV Upfronts presentation in Toronto, which is also home to the show’s production. She gave a mostly boilerplate statement, saying in part how Discovery is “connected to a remarkable history of storytelling”, and how all involved in the show are”tremendously honored to share an enduring legacy that has lived long and prospered.”

You can see her statement in this Instagram video via Black Cosmopolitan:

In Canada, Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CTV the same night as it does on the CBS Television Network in the U.S.A. Subsequent episodes will air on the Space Channel and via the CraveTV streaming service.

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Tom Hanks?

Well he is a fan, and I believe was the original choice to play Cochrane in First Contact, wasn’t he?

I believe that is correct. He’d be a solid cameo or recurring character.

Unfortunately all I ever think of when I hear is voice is Disney, that’s just the vibe he gives me

@albatrosity — I agree, Tom Hanks is almost too big to play even a guest star role, much less a brief cameo — his presence will take the audience right out of the story, especially when considering a cast of relatively unknown actors.

Tom in alien make-up would work. How about Tom from Andor?

Nah, he could play a top shelf Admiral. If they could get him on a recurring basis as the head of Starfleet, that would be awesome. He’s a very good actor. There would be a moment of “wow, Tom Hanks!”, but his work would suck us all back in.

So is this show going to be STD for short, like sexually transmitted disease, or it that more of a Kirk thing?


they decided to abbreviate it as DSC.

“DSC” fits with the previously accepted acronyms like TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT.

I call it DIS. Just like VOY and ENT the first three letters and easier to remember and pronounce. Just one simple syllable.

It is a studio thing, and DIS means Disney in Hollyweird.

It’s really the fans who collectively determine the accepted acronym (just as it just became accepted to refer to the reboot film as ST09 rather than STXI), and so far it seems most fans are using DSC.

Not really talking about the movies though.

Neither was I specifically just using it as an example. The commonly used acronyms were not officially designated by the studio they were what the fandom collectively started using in early usebet groups and they became official when the Okudas started printing the chronologies.

Ed Sheeran for sure and he can make it two from two. :)

Two words: Hassel hoff.

Hey, hey, hey. Don’t Hassle the Hoff.

If you guys haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then go. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Loved Michelle Yeoh’s cameo … not to mention the Hoff’s.

Yes loved both of their cameo in GOTG 2 as well. But Yeoh especially because while we’re not sure my guess is she may show up in GOTG 3 and we think her part in Discovery will be longer than the pilot (again think). If so its kind of cool she may be part of two great franchises and two of my favorites.

more like Wonder Woman, which was even better

Oh dear God no. . .

No thanks

I remember when Whoopi Goldberg wanted to be on TNG, and the producers weren’t sure they believed her, but she insisted that she loved Star Trek and wanted to be IN it. I can well believe that there are lots of others, especially now that Trek has been around for so much longer.

The reviews I’ve read of The Mummy say that it’s terrible, so we’re really lucky that we got Justin Lin for Star Trek Beyond.

Unless I missed something, Alex Kurtzman was never involved in Star Trek Beyond as a potential director. That was Bob Orci. Actually, Kurtzman wasn’t involved at all in Beyond.

Given reviews of his recent work, that’s probably a good thing. Unfortunately he is involved with Discovery. I’ve gotta say that with the list of Alumni working on Orville, I’ve got more faith in that working out!

I still don’t know if Whoopi Goldberg should have been in TNG. If they had never cast her, would Guinan have existed? I certainly don’t need that character, and I’m not sure what she offered that other characters couldn’t have absorbed in their roles. The one exception is her role in Yesterday’s Enterprise, which despite being one of the better episodes, has a couple of fatal flaws, and Guineans ability to perceive things outside of time space played a crucial if dubious role in getting the Ent-C sent back and Tasha with it. But there were better more plausible ways to write that, especially for the Trek community, and without hiring Whoopi Goldberg, who while doing a decent job, was a huge distraction when she first appeared. Christian Slater has the same effect in TUC, as does Kelsey Grammer in his cameo, and on and on with the stunt casting hit parade. Much like Troi, Guinan had no functional purpose, and was mostly there for no valuable reason, other than whoopie wanted to be. But unlike Troi, she presented a distraction from the otherwise previously unknown cast in bringing a larger than life celebrity to the role. So the bottom line is, just because a celebrity wants to do something, doesn’t mean they should.

I generally cant stand Whoopi. And I’d say its very likely the importance of the Guinan character is directly related to the status of the actor (at the time, anyway).

Yesterday’s Enterprise is the most egregious – she had no proof and even seemed somewhat in doubt of her own senses and yet Picard sent that ship back to die. If the war was so bad, why not send the E-D back, obliterate the Romulans and provide the Federation with a major leg up as far as technology goes?

And of course Generations…ugh. Otherwise, Guinan was mostly harmless.

I enjoyed the Grammar cameo and wished they had followed up. How interesting a concept would it have been to follow that ship…

“How interesting a concept would it have been to follow that ship…”

EXTREMELY interesting.

And Grammer is such a good actor. Seeing him and Stewart together in Trek would have been awesome. When that episode ended, I just wanted to imagine Picard revealing the truth to Grammer’s character…

Goldberg was another nail in the TNG coffin for me. Who keeps a phaser rifle under the bar? Stupid. Almost as dumb as the phaser rifle itself. I love when they fire one of those amazing weapons and it barely leaves a singe mark when it misses. Next gen nearly ALWAYS fell short.


There were some…questionable… bits with Guinan but generally she was a fine addition to the series’ ensemble cast, who added something unique that no other character offered. Her wisdom acted as a good sounding board for the characters’ learning lessons, as well as good conduit for social messaging, in episodes like “Measure of a Man,” “Rascals,” and “The Offspring,” among others.

Shouldn’t that had been Troi’s job? She was so worthless they had to invent another character to do things she should have….

Maybe initially, but she developed into a very different character over the first 2-3 seasons. As has been said time and time again, Guinan was designed as a bartender, someone for the crew to meet and interact with during the much-needed off-duty area of the ship.

Eventually, Troi became more of a bridge officer who would go on away missions. Guinan became the moral compass.

I always thought they should have expanded Troi as a doctor. She comes across as sort of a “counselor” in the sense of a summer camp counselor. Making her a shrink who has a medical degree could have expanded her role to work with Crusher and the medical team more.

My favorite part was when she took command due to technically being a commander even though she had zero experience. Oh and the time she piloted the Enterprise even though it was never shown she had any ability to do so.

Torch, I honestly have no idea what Troi developed into or, quite frankly, from. The character was never fleshed out to be much more than a one time romance Riker had. Bridge officer… Well… She was there a lot. But what was her role? Why was she even on the bridge? In meetings? I suppose in some instances. But command crew? The only time I can recall she was of any help whatsoever was when she helped Worf zero in on the Scimitar.

@ML31 — I agree completely. And per my original comment, there’s nothing Guinan couldn’t do that the other lesser known actors couldn’t have done as part of their roles — especially Troi; there are a few episodes with her I simply can’t watch.


I agree.

I love Guinan! She was a great character to me and they didn’t overly use her. If she was on every episode like the other cast members would be one thing but she basically appeared about 5 times per season. And yes loved she was a conduit for social messages. Measure of a Man especially.

Although I always enjoy her stabbing Q in the hand when he was mortal. Never could stand Q.

Its too bad that Whoopi couldn’t hold onto some of that Guinan wisdom. She seems more insane by the day on The View. I don’t know what it is about that show but it turns who ever is on it into crazy idiots.

I know in ST:VI they showed an alarm goes off, but I thought I recalled Picard proudly demonstrating on the E-D all unauthorized weapons are disabled automatically, i.e. unable to fire?

@ Disinvited: This would only work for Federation technology, wouldn’t it? I mean if there was a way to automatically disable any “unauthorized” weapon you could scale that up to ships’ weapons and wouldn’t need shields anymore.


Just check out:

Where you’ll note the usage that I mentioned and where VOYAGER encountered civilizations that had done just what you suggested:

“Similarly, the Voth and Night Aliens employ large-scale dampening fields capable of rendering entire starships powerless, mitigating any danger they may pose. (VOY: “Distant Origin”, “Night”)” — Dampening_field, Memory-Alpha

And why the Federation developed the TR-116 rifle:

“The rifle was developed by Starfleet Security for use in dampening fields or radiogenic environments where conventional energy weapons would be useless.” — TR-116 rifle, Memory-Alpha

An expert marksman. And Guinan was written as such; there was a scene when she was shooting on the phaser range with Picard.

I too have pictured what that meeting might have been like after one or the other beamed aboard each other’s ship. What a missed opportunity, adding to a formidable list of great missed opportunities for the franchise, imo.

Curious Cadet,

I’m not sure I get your thesis? Montalban was a film celebrity with a long list of films and I believe his notoriety was still riding THE SINGING NUN craze when Roddenberry scooped him up for SPACE SEED. William Windom’s celebrity grew from being in the noted films TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY as well as with the popular Inger Stevens’ in her, THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER, before THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE.

I’m fairly certain casting well-known actors isn’t what overwhelms STAR TREK in and of itself, but, rather, miscasting them in ill-conceived roles seems to be the culprit.

@Disinvited — my “thesis” has nothing to do with guest stars, and everything to do with a regular recurring character. It’s perfectly acceptable to cast well known actors for guest rolls, but it’s another thing to cast a well known actor as one of the central figures who upstages a lesser known cast otherwise dependent on their equality and chemistry in lieu of star power. One major spotlight on a star shifts focus. I recall at the time, that’s exactly what Whoopie’s presence did, made worse by the pointlessness of the role. Today it’s moot since they are all well known actors, at least in the Trek world.

Curious Cadet,

OK. but the reason I lost your “recurring” angle is you mentioned the singular cameo of Christian Slater whose character did not recur beyond that. Not to mention I have a real difficult time with the hint of a suggestion that Slater upstaged Plummer or a cast with a historic iconic TV series and 6 picture movie franchise under their belts being somehow “lesser” known.

Slater shows up all the time in that stupid “Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were In Star Trek” click-bait. He in no way upstaged anyone in ST6, especially not Plummer, who dominated every scene he was in.

@Disinvited — I was broadly addressing the topic of celebrity cameos. Slater didn’t upstage Plummer, since he wasn’t anywhere near a scene Plummer was in, but rather took the audience out of the story. There are many reasons why Slater was a poor choice. He was a bigger celebrity than almost any other cast member, including Plummer, for all but the Trek audience, asp do as much as it pains me to say, even much of the Trek audience likely didn’t know who Christopher Plummer was. It’s not like they cast Tom Cruise in that film. I understand your perception that Shatner and Nimoy were “movie stars” but they weren’t, and certainly neither was Takei regardless of how many movies he’d done. They were TV stars who released a couple of long form episodes of a niche TV show on the big screen — Gil Gerrard’s pilot episode of Buck Rogers was also released in theatres, but that didn’t make him a movie star. Like it or not, Shatner was likely the best known of that cast to general audiences, but still was only a TV star in a movie — I can’t imagine him starring opposite Michael Douglas for instance at that time. Plummer ironically worked because A) he was in heavy character makeup, and B) played his role as almost as big a blow hard as Shatner. If anything, they blended Plummer in with a cast he broadly outclassed both in talent and celebrity.

Curious Cadet,

Re: Celebrity Casting

I still think you are overgeneralizing poor casting and utilization of famed celebs as being solely a problem of their fame. For me, your argument boils down to you trying to convince me that because I knew who Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee were and I went to the premier of STAR WARS with high expectations because of that knowledge, that I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed the movie or the performances of Fisher, Ford and Hamill, and thst’s just nuts, because I did enjoy it with absolutely no distractions from those two NAMEs.

@Disinvited — no sorry, we’re not connecting on this one. You’re inferring far more than I’m implying. Best we let this one drop as it seems to be going off on a tangent … I can’t be any more clear and don’t really want to try for fear of going even more off course in a frustrating debate.

And Goldber’s Guinan character is arguably the weakest of all the TNG characters. Rivaled only by Troi.

I detested Crusher even more than Troi. They seriously wrote the female characters in TNG really badly. Some male characters were just as bad. Overall TNG really didn’t have the best characters in my opinion.

At least Dr. Crusher had a true function. Troi’s main worth was telling the audience what we already knew. She provided nothing. I’m forced to agree that with the possible exception of Worf pretty much all the TNG characters weren’t all that interesting. Picard was watchable only because of Patrick Stewart’s acting skills. At the time it was on I didn’t analyze it that much because I was just happy as hell to be getting new Trek. But after, especially after watching DS9, I realized that TNG really wasn’t that good a show.

Troi should have been something other than a Counselor. In fact, as a counselor it would have been better if she was a lawyer. And I agree, the writing of the women was horrible. At least by DS9, they portrayed Dax and Kira as strong women (while still being feminine).

I remember an episode of TNG with Troi and Crusher doing aerobics. And one when they lamented the condition of the breasts (or did I imagine that? lol).

There was a joke in Insurrection where they were talking about how their boobs have firmed up on that planet Birkenstock, or whatever it was. But that I think was done with an invisible wink to the audience.

Starfleet lawyer… Perfect of CBS. Next Trek show… Star Trek JAG.

Or rather, Starfleet JAG

Boy, TNG was far from perfect, but a lot more hate for it here than I expected. The characters (post season 2) were the series’ strong point.

Dont get me wrong. Im a big fan of TNG. The work of Spiner and Stewart carried it and the chemistry of the cast was solid. But they definitely werent feminists writing that show…lol

The commander who helped them with the Borg, Shelby? She was portrayed as a bitch and the object of affection for the old man Admiral. Crusher had some good scenes at times though.

To be fair, Troi was better as a character away from her duties. There was a lot to mine there with her relationship with Worf and Alexander. She came across independent and strong. As noted, the weakness in her character was being a counselor and being forced lines of exposition we didnt normally need.

That’s exactly the way I feel when TOS is attacked!

TNG was a mess that they kept sending people in, year after year, to try and clean up. Like someone said earlier, looking at it’s entire body of work…literally hundreds of hours worth…as a whole, outside of Stewart, Burton and Spiner, the acting was weak and the poor writing didn’t help. We wont even get into the bland music and sound design of the series.

Its amazing how differently people see things. To this day most people hold TNG up as THE Trek show out of all of them, certainly on Reddit. Of course it doesn’t mean everyone agrees, but I think the consensus is from season 3 on it was a really quality show and put Trek on a much bigger map and why we got so many spin offs due to it.

But yes I can’t disagree it did start off as a mess. Probably not as big as one as people make of it considering it had strong ratings in the beginning. It just didn’t reach the crazy levels of fandom until season 4. And I never had a problem with most of the acting. Anything beats Shatner chewing up the scenery every episode.

Is she? I can’t recall people complaining much about Guinan. She served an interesting role on-board as sometime advisor to Picard, knower of things mysterious, and really a pseudo ship’s counsellor. I didn’t mind her at all.

In THE CAGE Dr. Piper told Pike, “there are things a man will tell his bartender that he’d never tell his doctor.” Substitute “shrink” for “doctor” and you have the rationale for Guinan vis-a-vis Troi.

Whoopi was perfect in the role, and if she’s your Exhibit A for “stars shouldn’t cameo on Trek,” well, I’d hold your resume submissions at the casting agencies.

@ML31 — Again agreed Guinan’s character was pretty weak, however in the end there were redeeming factors that alters the rankings:

Picard by Stewart is unquestionably at the top.
Data also due largely to Spiner’s capabilities.
Dr. Pulaski — I know this will get a lot of grief, but I liked her. I liked the character, I liked the actor, and I liked the stories around her.
Worf probably comes next, though I could debate that with the next two:
Crusher and Geordie are a tossup for me. Both were played by capable actors on the same level as Worf was, and both are equally compelling in their own right. The reality is Worf only maintains the edge if you care about the Klingon mythos built around him. Many of those episodes bore me, because I don’t really care for these 24th Century, touch-feely Klingon stories. But the same can be said for some of the sappy stories built around Crusher and Geordie. There’s no clear winner here for me.
Next is Guinan, largely on the strength of Whoopie’s acting ability.
I put Riker pretty low on the list since I hated Frakes interpretation of the character, almost as much as I hated the stories they wrote for him.
And finally there’s Tasha Yar, who gets the edge over Troi because I actually liked the character a lot, and she would rank much higher if played by a decent actor.
Troi is dead last thanks to both a pointless character, and generally horrible performances.
Oh wait, I almost forgot about Wesley. Yeah, I think he might actually just have the edge to keep Troi in last place.

@ML31 — Oops, I almost forgot about Miles O’Brien. For me, he comes in ahead of Worf, Crusher and Geordie, thanks to the interesting character, and fine performances, which often stand out even though he often had very small roles.

This is amazingly subjective, but I found Worf to be the most interesting person on the TNG ship. In fact, a running joke among my friends back in the day was that TNG would be a ton more interesting if it were set aboard a Klingon ship! The rest of the characters were pretty uninteresting. Picard was a boring and quite frankly, impossibly perfect character that was made watchable only because Stewart is such a good actor. He had a charisma no one else on the cast could hope to get. The rest of the cast were pretty much all mediocre at best actors. Not entirely their fault. They were playing boring characters so you have to be pretty darn good to make them interesting.

O’Brian was just window dressing but amazingly became interesting on DS9. And Wesley… Well the less said about that character the better. Again, I don’t want to rip on TNG. At the time I was thrilled it was on and it did do it’s job and revive Trek. And it lead to better shows like DS9. So I give it credit for what it was. I also blame Roddenberry a TON for why the characters were so cardboard. That was how Gene wanted them from what I read. Because I guess in Gene’s mind humanity in the future was so perfect they became dull.

Colm Meaney was a great natural actor, not unlike the tragically under-utilized natural acting ability of Levar Burton. It made his performance stand out among all the stiff, cardboard performances usually delivered by the rest of the cast.(excepting Stewart, of course…and SPiner, who was supposed to be robotic.)

That Guinan’s history with Q and her strong bond with Picard were never really fleshed out (“Time’s Arrow” failed in that regard, though it is still a fun episode to watch) shouldn’t be held against Goldberg. She had some genuine good moments, especially in “Q Who?” where she makes Picard realize the danger the Federation is now in from the Borg.

Guinan: “But now that they’re aware of you…”
Picard: “They’ll be coming.”

The Klingons still look like Ghostbusters hell hounds…


Hab SoSlI’ Quch

“In Canada, Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CTV the same night as it does on the CBS Television Network in the U.S.A. Subsequent episodes will air on the Space Channel and via the CraveTV streaming service.”
Which means that most likely it will be released to file sharing and torrent sites within
24 hours of each episode airing. *NYUK,NYUK,NYUK*

That’s how Manu saw the entire original run of Enterprise in Denmark. It wasn’t on TV here in Denmark, literally the only way to get it.
Hanging out in an IRC channel at 5 in the morning so you could start the download before heading to work and have it ready when you got home.
Now I have my blurays and am happy with that.
Good thing Netflix has Discovery here.

It will only be a popular torrent if the show is good. Note that the top 10 most downloaded shows in 2016 were among the highest rated for their networks:

Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
The Flash
The Big Bang Theory
The Grand tour

It’s no coincidence that the top 6 are all “geek centric” shows, as that audience tends to be more tech-savvy. But the point I’m making is that all of these shows are highly righted and, generally, are critically praised.

3 of the top 10 are also on premium services ( #1 and #3 on HBO, #10 on Amazon), but that doesn’t seem to be hurting those services, at least not enough to affect their renewals

What I think I’m saying is, if DSC is good enough to be among the top downloaded shows, it will likely also be attracting lots of viewers to CBSAA and Netflix International, enough to warrant renewal.

*only 3 out of 10 also proves that it’s exclusivity on CBSAA is no more an incentive to be illegally downloaded than it being on network TV like Big Bang Theory, Flash, Arrow, and Lucifer, or basic cable like Vikings, and Suits.

“the importance of having an LGBT character”

.ie none at all? Trek has been there, done that, let’s move on

Star Trek has had straight people. Been there. Done that. Let’s move on.

(Time for 100% LGBT Trek. Enough of the boring breeders over and over. Why do they have to flaunt their sexuality and shove it in our faces? We get it. You’re straight. Do we really need to see you make out and talk about it in every episode?) ;)

Ummm so, if they have one gay character, they should then “move on” and never have a gay character again? I guess they shouldn’t have a black or asian character either…

I really wonder if the population is this bigoted or this stupid…

Well, to be entirely honest, I’ve seen *hundreds* of awesome TV shows and movies with absolutely no black or Asian characters. And I never ever felt like there’s something missing.

Maybe I’d feel otherwise if I were black or Asian. But then again, I am not. *shrug*

Well, now imagine watching TV shows and movies with NO white people in them. You probably wouldn’t because you’d feel that something was missing.

‘Maybe I’d feel otherwise if I were black or Asian. But then again, I am not. *shrug*’

Way to empathize, Paul.

“Straight people” is the default setting. You can hardly make a show about people without having straight characters.
Meanwhile, having LGBT characters serves pretty much no purpose at all. The only purpose of having LGBT characters is 1. to make fun of them, or 2. to use them as quirky and deranged villains, or 3. to make LGBT people all warm and fuzzy inside. Neither of which is strictly necessary to have a good show.

Seems to me that you really like that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of only seeing “your kind” of people.

@Paul — or to paraphrase your true sentiment — “LGBT people serve no purpose at all”? The sooner your kind die off the better. Good thing nobody needs you to have a good life.

You got some real issues Paul and a disgrace to fandom. Please do us a favor and don’t watch the show then. Fans like you don’t have much of a purpose either other than to disregard people different from you….the total opposite of what Star Trek is about.

I love this site but Im increasing shocked by what is allowed. They will warn people for having an extended disagreement but wishes of death and cleay bigotry gets through.


So what was the purpose of include a black woman, a russian, an asian, and a scotsman in TOS? The only reasons I can see:

1. to make fun of them
2. to make them quirky and deranged villains
3. to make blacks, women, russians, asians, and scots all fuzzy inside

or you, now, to show that the future is a place of inclusiveness, diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, where humanity has discarded the backwards attitudes you clearly still hold.


yeah, get rid of the straight characters too. And the women. And the white guys. Hell, just show us an empty ship and all the bigots can just make up their own stories.

“Hey Star Trek had a black person before in the 60s so we don’t need anymore of those. Been there, done that let’s move on now.”

Its amazing. Do people actually hear themselves?

Its a shame. The bigoted always think they’re right and its a foregone conclusion. Thats why they gravitate to other bigots, for self-assurance. Weird that they are Trek fans though.

Yes it is sad its so-called Trek fans who says this stuff. The series that has prided itself on diversity literally since day one. And I love the idiots who try to tell themselves having minorities in the 60s was somehow different from having minorities on this show today. Yeah the difference is they didn’t have the internet to whine about it all day long as they do today. And back then bigots could be more open about it. At least today they can really only do it online at least. I guess thats progress.

Can you imagine though if someone said. “Star Trek has had white people on. Its time to move on. Been there, done that.” Or “Star Trek has had plenty of straight people. Its time to move on. Been there, done that.”

Again listening to these people is just mind boggling sad. There are people complaining now there aren’t enough white people on it even though, yes, shocking the majority of the cast is actually still white. Go to the cast list, so far there are 18 actors listed for this show. Take a guess how many of them are white? 12!!! Now how many are actual minorities? 6. Again this just says it all. They are moaning there are too MANY minorities when the minorities of the show are, yeah, still the freakin minorities of the show. Two black people, three Asians and one mixed of Asian and white. The other 2/3rd are white.

Oh they say there are waaaay too many women, not enough of a sausage fest. Guess what, there are 12 men on the show and only 6 women. Once again 2/3 of the cast are actually men so WTF is the problem??? Isn’t half of the planet female? Are men this insecure about themselves they can’t have a show that has a whopping third of the cast are women? As for gay character, so far literally one. And yet one too many for these idiots too.

In fact EVERY Star Trek show has been majority white and obviously male. Until recently all been straight. But you put in just one colored person, gay or I guess more than two women on these shows then they act like the world is about to end. Their bigotry and hypocrisy is amazing. Where do some of these people live?

Sounds like the Mummy will be another winner for Kurtzman.

More unnecessary PR from CBS trying to gloss over Fuller not being there anymore. Yeah…his leaving has nothing to do with Les Moonves wanting the show to be more like the current Trek films & less ‘dated’. No, no…nope….nothing at all. Perish the thought. You know, the more they do this kind of stuff the more obvious it is.

This is not PR from CBS, this was during an interview with Kurtzman while he was out promoting The Mummy for Universal. Blame the interviewer for asking, not Kurtzman or CBS.

That final sentence in the article is just a reminder of how irritating it is that the show is easier to see in Canada than it is in the USA.

Its easier to watch it on Cable than on the Internet? What if you cut your cable in Canada and now are upset you cant watch the show because you dont get Space?

We get it, you have lousy internet. Upgrade and watch the show.

No, you don’t get it. It’s easier because if you don’t have cable all you need to do is subscribe. If you do, then you are getting already. If you are in the states, you need to subscribe to YET another streaming service and even then you need to by an otherwise worthless device if you want to see it on your TV. At a lesser quality image with sub par sound to boot. This has been said before but you are refusing to uncover your eyes and ears.

None of that makes sense. You’re over-stating things to try and support your narrative.

If I dont have cable, I need to subscribe. The programming isnt beamed into my brain. I need my service provider to come out and set it up. Then I need to pay for cable as Space is not a basic channel. It’s not available with rabbit ears. it costs money, more than the $10 for All Access.

On the other hand, if Im in the US and have Internet which most people do, I just click and sign up.

And stop with your lies about lesser quality image and sound. You’ve been told numerous times that the quality of other programming on All Access is not lesser and you’ve been told (quite nicely) that issues YOU have with streaming Netflix is likely related to the internet package you have.

Sorry kid, but you dont get 4K with dial up service from 1996.

As it is, I already have Space because I dont whine about paying for TV. I also pay for my own service and dont have a cable running from my buddies place. I also have crystal clear Netflix with surround sound. I have access to numerous other streaming services should I want them. And if I wanted to watch All Access, I could do so…on my big screen TV because Im not an idiot.

So yes, keep whining. Its no easier or harder in either country. Just because you already have Netflix doesnt mean its free on Netflix (if you actually paid for your own account, I mean).

It makes perfect sense. You just refuse to accept the realities because you are in love with a tech that is little more than at the toddler stage of development and still has a way to go before it can catch up to what is already out there. Subscribing to cable is quite simple and easy. If it is the Canadian equivalent of Si-Fi (as I have read it is) then it is indeed a basic cable channel and there should be little issues with getting it. If what I have read is wrong, and it’s a premium channel like HBO, then yes. It now ceases to be worth while. That said, it would STILL be better than streaming if it were because you would get the afore mentioned superior picture and sound and have the ability to watch on your TV rather than your tiny devices.

In the US, we are required to sign up for yet another streaming service. Not only that, if you want to watch it on your TV you are also required to buy a device you never wanted to begin with. So yes… It’s STILL much easier for our neighbors to the north.

Sorry you are denying the facts. But the image and sound is less than you get over the air or on cable due to bandwidth issues. That is a fact you are denying.

Good for you. I don’t whine about paying for my TV either. Nor do I steal my cable from my neighbor or my buddy. However, I do have plenty of good friends who have offered to share their netflix streaming accounts and a few others who are interested in sharing a CBSAA account as well because that is what friends do for each other. Not that I couldn’t do it myself. I could. But why when I, like most, have good friends who do things for each other.

I will thank you to cease your silly obsession with me (I do indeed pay for my own netflix account) and your BS responses. It would be best if you just drop it. No one wants to hear your constant whining on this.


Get over it man. You have been whining about this forever now. The show will be on a streaming site. Guess what MANY shows are on streaming sites today. Yes it sucks you have to pay more for it, thats life. If you don’t want to watch it on the streaming site (which you made clear many times now) then just don’t watch it and move on with life. The constant whining about something that people have known for literally over a year now is ridiculous.

Its not some new technology, its been around about a decade now, is obviously a popular format which is why more companies like CBS is even investing in it and it will only get more popular as younger people cut the chord from cable and watch less live TV. These are the sign of the times. You can still watch and own cable, this is for people who are leaving that behind.

And if other people who are offering to share an account of CBSAA why are you still whining about it?

You aren’t really getting it I think. I’m not the one who needs to get over it. It’s tup and torch, who just can’t let this go. It’s not about paying extra for it. You would have gotten that had you been paying attention to what was written. That is a very small part of it. Not going to get into what it truly is about as it has been said multiple times already. It you aren’t getting it by now you probably never will.

I will repeat this… of course I’m aware of the tech. I know that is where the industry is moving. None of that is news. Will it get more popular? No way to know. The market will get saturated with pay streaming services eventually if it hasn’t yet already. Not all will make it unless changes get made. This is not for people who have “left cable behind”. Discovery is supposed to be for Trek fans and people who want a good sci if show. Preferring the current superior quality of cable and blu ray over the lower quality of streaming has little to do with it,


Yeah you DO need to get over it. Seriously. You’re the one moaning about CBS not putting the show on something you already own. Boohoo, life is tough isn’t it?

And you’re moaning about how much ‘easier’ it is for Canada to see it than America which is ridiculous lol. It takes all of TWO MINUTES to sign up to watch AA. I don’t have to call my cable company to get the channel. You just don’t like its on a streaming site, we know, we sooooo know at this point. Get OVER it.

And you don’t need to ‘go into it’ because all you do is repeat the same tired mantra over and over again.

We get it already. Everyone gets it. Stop moaning about it like you’re 12.

Tiger, I’m not moaning about it not being on a platform I already have. Once again, you aren’t paying attention.

It is actually much easier in Canada. They get it with superior picture, sound, and are able to watch it on their TV’s without having to jump through hoops. But then, this has been said before. You either are forgetting or just not paying attention to begin with.

Obviously getting into it again, like the small bit I just wrote above, is worthless to you. Its been crystal clear yet you still aren’t understanding the points. As your above post demonstrates.

Please, take your own advice.

You act like this is the first time you have brought this point up. For most people out there they are more than happy to get it on streaming vs cable because with streaming they have WAY more control.

Again I get it, we alllllllll get it. What YOU don’t seem to get is for many people out there they rather stream a show these days then get it through cable even if what you say is true. But this is the reality today. You don’t seem to either get that or simply ignore it. CBS is not ignoring that or many channels today.

Perfect example is the Syfy network. They are now actively pushing for people to watch their shows online vs cable. They actually aired the 3rd season of 12 Monkeys, all 10 episodes, in a single weekend just so they can throw it on Amazon. No one is moaning its being regulated to a streaming site because my guess is as Syfy knows most of their shows just get more views online so that ‘superior picture and sound’ doesn’t mean much if most of the audience is going to just wait for a season to be over and binge watch it on their laptops or tablets.

I don’t know what to tell you. No one does. Simply DON’T watch the program until you can find it on a more suitable format for you. I’m not trying to be mean or snarky about it, I’m just being obvious. You’re not going to get on board with AA, everyone gets that, so just wait to see where it goes instead of whining about it in every article. I’m pretty sure they will make it available somewhere at SOME point.

But for ME I would take the show on a streaming site vs cable ANY day. Many would…and are doing just that today.

You have no idea that “most” people are happy with streaming only. Based on responses here over the months I’d say most are not. But that is not a good source. So I’m not prepared to make such a rash comment. You seem to have no problems doing so, however.

It’s funny… you say you get it yet your posts continually show you do not. You even added many worthless sentences that had nothing to do with any of this. Almost as if you are trying to distract and take things in a different direction. Not going to do take that bait. Very happy this works out for you since you love streaming so very much. Explains much or your comments. I stream some too. i just don’t stream things where I want to watch on the tv with superior quality. And I don’t plan to stream more until more things become available to stream directly to my tv with the same quality and extras I get using other means.

Thank you for your concern. It’s not needed. Please please please.. Let this go.

Blah blah blah

This guy wants it on disc NOW even though it’s not the norm to get premium tv shows released episodically to disc same time as it airs.

This guy wants it to stream but only if it’s a service he can get for free.

This guy thinks streaming technology cannot deliver quality video and audio that doesn’t repeatedly buffer even though numerous people have advised him he has an internet issue that he can choose to deal with because others don’t have issues.

This guy can’t be bothered to run AA to his tv (assuming cbs won’t have a tv version available by air date) and regardless he doesn’t want to stream it anyway.

Was your tv free? Was your Blu ray player free? Was your internet access free? (Although it does sound like you have a lower tier internet plan).

You sound like a cheap old man whining about today’s modern technology because you don’t understand it.

Not everyone can afford cable or Netflix or Blu rays etc. But it’s not CBS’s fault.

I almost bought an escalade but it was too expensive so I bought a Jeep. But i don’t blame Cadillac for not sending me a free Escalade because I’m a fan.

Grow up. And please don’t reply with your usual “you don’t get it” bs. We all get it.

Sigh… Same old same old from you, TUP. Even when spoon fed the points and the facts you still ignore all of it and cling to what you WISH were the case. Making stuff up that was never said to boot.

Correcting you has become and endless task. It’s a dog chasing it’s own tail.

Instead of asking you to try and understand what was actually said or asking you to grow up and drop it I think I will just ask you to do something I’m pretty sure you can and will do…

Please… Continue living in your fantasy world where only you are right and no one else has a valid take on anything you personally disagree with.

ML, do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound with your immature replies? Everyone can see through you.

I really felt for you before which is why we suggested you upgrade your Internet so you could experience better quality Netflix. But I get it, for $7 you want all the disc right now or you want to watch it on your friends’ account so its free.

Well, thats not the way the world works. CBS is selling a product. If you dont feel its worth paying for, dont pay for it. Im sure they wont miss you. Case closed.

Thank you, Tup. For doing exactly what was predicted. Once I gave up trying to reason with you I knew I could count on you to continue with your made up world no matter what the reality is. Good for you. Keep it up.

@ML – wait. This is you trying to reason??? hahahaha no wonder you dont understand how internet, streaming, netflix, CBS, business & common sense works. *rolls eyes*

PS: Please call your internet provider and upgrade so you can enjoy beautiful Netflix and stop whining (maybe you’re friend can do the same and you can both enjoy your $3.50 Netflix).

TUP.. No surprise you are not recognizing reasonable conversation. I just dished out preferences supported by facts. And you couldn’t handle it. Still can’t.

PS. I already enjoy Netflix. But I’ve told you this already. Your response is you covering your ears every time someone tries to talk to you.

@ML – no you said Netflix sucks. You said Netflix buffers so much you can barely watch it.

And you have ignored my question concerning your TV/sound set up…probably because it will reveal you dont have the equipment to even notice much difference between high quality streams and the blu rays you claim to love.

TUP. I enjoy my netflix subscription. But I rarely stream anymore. Don’t like the buffering and the delayed action controls among other things. But this has been said rather plainly already. I do not see you suddenly understanding it now.

I did not ignore your question. I addressed it. I cannot be held responsible for you not paying attention. Go look at the response again.

And again, I point out, Netflix does not buffer or have delays. That’s your Internet. But you’re probably not paying for Internet so you arent able to call them for an upgrade.

How long is your Ethernet cable to stretch all the way to your friend’s house?

By the way, what type/size of TV do you have? What sort of surround sound? Why wont you answer?

Dude.. how many times do I have to tell you there is nothing wrong with the internet? It works perfectly. You keep going there inspire of being directly told it works great. Obviously it is because you have nothing but lies and distractions.

I really get a kick out of your 3rd grade responses, btw. Really shows what level you have put yourself on.

How can you claim your internet works perfectly and complain that streaming services are buffering and suffering delays?

You even admitted you finally agree that buffering is not an issue with Netflix. So if it’s not Netflix and your internet is perfect, what is it? Aliens?

Your internet isn’t good enough. Admit it.

Because my internet literally works fine for EVERYTHING else but streaming to the TV. I’ve told you this before. Why do you keep going in circles?

Whate do you mean “finally agree that buffering is not and issue with Netflix”? I never ever claimed it was. You were claiming that. I never did.

The answer is…. duh… streaming tech. Even the best car suspension on earth isn’t going to work great when the road you are driving in is terrible. Again, this can be filed away under the heading of, “DUH”.

Yes you did, ML. You ripped on streaming, specifically Netflix. You claimed streaming technology “sucks” and also explained the tech wasnt up to snuff. You said Netflix was not consistently and often buffered.

When we explained to you that sounds like an issue with your Internet, you doubled down saying, no, it’s Netflix. You further said you’d be more open to Netflix if they fixed their issues with buffering.

And again, people pointed out how that was an INTERNET issue with your service. I mean, if it was a Netflix issue, how could so many people watch 4K streaming with zero buffering?

I realise you’re dont get this stuff. We did you a favour by advising you contact your internet provider.

And here’s some more education – just because your internet “works fine” for other things doesnt mean its capable of streaming HD video to your TV or computer without issue. Different things require different bandwith.

So again, you flip flop on this issue. Repeatedly. But its clear you dont want to believe you have an internet issue. You really have an intelligence and common sense issue.

Netflix is fine. If you dont want to up your Internet service, thats your choice. But dont lie about a service or tech because you dont know how to use it.

Netflix is using the same tech everyone else is using, is it not? So why would their service be different from others? The bumpy road is bad for ALL vehicles. Not just some. Further, when it was suggested it was my internet it did not “double down” as you say. I told you my internet worked fine for everything else. You just admitted I did that. But the you also say I blamed Netflix at that point. Which was false. I never once blamed them. I’ve told you over and over and you neve never been able to cite a post where I did. You are asking that we all take your word for it. Which has little value.

I am aware that different things require different bandwidth. Was that something you actually understand or did you just parrot that back from somewhere? I told you I have not had streaming issues with other smaller displays. Just on the tv. The pre loaded browser works worst. The pre loaded apps work better. But still not as good as discs, that’s for sure.

There has been no flip flopping on my part. I have been amazingly consistent here. And you have never cited any post where there has been any. All you have offered is “because I say it is”. As if that is all anyone needs. Well… Sorry to burst your bubble but accusations require evidence. And you offer none.

No, not all streaming services are created equal actually.

And you repeatedly stated that you did not use Netflix because of your poor experience which you then assumed (incorrectly) was due to poor streaming technology. Why do you lie about this?

Let’s assume you are now ready to admit that streaming technology is, in fact, a tremendous thing where people can watch glorious 4K images without buffering.

Would it not stand to reason that if you have buffering issues, its an issue with your Internet?

You do know how WiFi works right? Just because you can surf the web on your phone doesnt mean you can stream HD Netflix so please stop with the “it works for everything else”. it doesnt work for streaming so you have a poor internet connection or lesser tier. Its not the technology.

Except, that’s not a lie. It is factual. Netflix is using the same road all the other streaming providers are using.

I am unprepared to call streaming “glorious”. I will only go as far as saying “promising”. Because of that flaw in your post the rest of what you wrote became moot.

Not all streaming services use the same platform. In fact, WWE Network uses MLB Advanced Media (so does HBO Now & ESPN).

You’re unprepared to call streaming glorious? You’re using lesser technology to watch your Blu Rays and calling it the best quality. Im streaming better technology from Netflix than you’re blu rays.

The quality on my TV is absolutely glorious. Far better than you’d experience.

The streaming tech is the streaming tech. There are ways to max out the best you can get but the companies still deliver no the existing format.

I am using superior tech to watch blu ray. Yes, BD is not 4K. But it is still superior to streaming. Better picture. Better controls. Better sound. Better extras.

Again, I would thank you to NOT speak on my behalf. You have no idea whatsoever that I have experienced on that front beyond what I have already confirmed. (He asks fully expecting him not to comply)

Simply not true.

You’re using an older, albeit wonderful, technology. If the extras you get on a Blu Ray (when included) are that important to you, great. Good for you. i rarely watch those extras.

But dont tell me the blu ray you’re watching provides a better quality than the 4K Dolby Vision Im streaming with ZERO buffering. Not only is the quality better, the cost is better since for my $11/month, I cant a ton of things in 4K.

You cant. So all your months of complaining boils down to your ignorance of CBSAA as a business model and your ignorance of Streaming as a technology and you’re insistence that they should support YOUR older technology because YOU dont want to pay for advanced tech.

Please get your internet upgraded.

Yes exactly!

He does need to grow up. I get people need to vent about it. *I* vented about it when I first heard it was being moved to their own streaming site but that was over a year ago now. Then I moved on and accepted it. Of course no one is saying anyone they HAVE to subscribe to the site, but this is the deal, you can subscribe or you can decide not to buy it. Those are your only options for now legally. To completely whine about it just comes off childish.

This is the future. CBS knows it. They all know it. They are simply trying to get ahead of the curve. I imagine in a few years no one will even care about it because like everything in life once something is here people simply adapt. If he doesn’t want to adapt that’s clearly his right but for the majority of people out there this isn’t a big deal because streaming is now just an accepted part of their life as watching TV. If you are over a certain age as I imagine ML31 is, probably less so and again I get that too. In time there will probably be another format. If he wants to watch it on discs he will probably have that chance, but my guess not until well after the season is over. He’s given an option to watch it, he refuses and thats fine but he simply has to wait until another option arrives. WHINING about it makes him look way below his actual age.

I mean I don’t want to watch every film in a theater. That was my choice. My only other options is to wait until it arrives on disc or cable/TV. Same issue here. I get we don’t know if that option will arrive but I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t release it on disc as some point considering Trek fans still buy DVD/Blu Rays as their collection….at least some still do.

Dude… You are the one who needs to grow up. You are the one whining every single chance he gets. You are the one offering “bygones” and then not following through. You have a problem, talk it out like a an adult. I know this is the internet and asking for rational conversations is a stretch. But I can still hope….

I was offering ‘bygones’ because I understood your point even if I disagreed with it. And then of course you acted like *I* had the issue of not being able to move on….although anyone is even talking about it because you can’t stop WHINING over AA lol. GET OVER IT!

“Rational conversation?” You mean an old man who can’t accept a show is being put on a streaming site, which has happened to dozens of shows at this point and many quite popular as well? Yeah man, seriously stop whinning about it.

First, I am not “acting” like others have the issue of being unable to move on. Others ARE unable to move on. As this very tangent demonstrates.

Further, offered bygones and I accepted. You then came back and continued as if your offer never took place.

It is indeed difficult to have a rational conversation with someone who insists on being right on everything, refuses to listen to reason and then makes empty gestures of peace.

The great majority of complaints about Discovery on multiple sites the response is usually why not put it on Netflix. That easily seems to be the number 1 choice people want. And notice do you hear any complaints for people abroad that DOES have Netflix? Have you heard anyone anywhere complain they don’t want it there but on their TV channel instead? I haven’t seen one complain about it anywhere and I’m on multiple Trek sites. The main issue DOES seem to be about AA itself and not streaming in general. If I’m wrong, prove it.

Most people don’t seem bothered at all about the show coming to a streaming site so much as its coming to one they don’t own mostly. I have seen very few people even here other than YOU whine about it being on a streaming site.

And please man, you’re the one continually whining about it so YOU let it go lol. You brought it up (again) in a topic that has NOTHING to do with it being on streaming. Nothing. But you needed to whine about it one more time. You known this for a year and a half now and yet you’re still whining about it over and over again.

ML31, this is the deal, you don’t like it, too bad. But its not going to change. I’m not trying to ‘distract’ you. What does that even mean? And I have said NUMEROUS times now you don’t have to use CBSAA or stream. Talk about worthless sentences but this has been addressed. But like a spoiled 12 year old YOU keep repeating the same mantra. Yes we KNOW lol. But UNTIL there is an announcement of another format you are out of luck. Am I wrong? No. ;) In time there probably will be. All you can do is just WAIT man and see what they do. The show is still months away from even premiering, so relax.

Yes you want to have it on TV. And I would like to be own a Mercedes and live in the Hamptons. We don’t all get what we want in life. Most of us just adjust to the one we have now.

Please please please GET OVER IT!

A lot of complaints are that it is not on Netflix, yes. I never disputed that. And I never had an issue with streaming. The main problem is it is difficult to get CBSAA on a television. Silly me… Wanting to watch a TV show on a TV. Yes, I know, my kid and nieces and nephews watch a ton of stuff on their non-TV devices. But that is not a end all be all. Unlike you, however, I have also heard a number of others complain it is streaming ONLY. Even my college graduated nephew has moaned about it. And HE is plugged into his tablet all the time. It is not as uncommon as you like to think.

I was merely responding to a comment made in the article. I didn’t pull it out of thin air. It was right there. If people commenting on the article is too much for you then I would argue it is YOU who needs to stop perusing the threads or at least, let what is said in them bounce off your back. You are the spoiled 12 year old who cannot handle other people’s opinions. Who does not like it when someone responds to an article in a way that you personally do not like. Who perhaps even feels threatened when negative comments about something he is looking forward to are made in a place he can see them. To you I say, grow a backbone or avoid internet threads. People say things you may not like. Boo Hoo. Delete your browser since you are the one with the issues. If not, put on your big boy pants and move on.

ML31, A. not a single person has agreed with you HERE. Not one. Has it hit you WHY yet? B. You constantly bring up the same 4 points as if you said them for the first time. Yeah maybe the first time in this thread lol but everyone knows them by heart at this point. C. I have said MAYBE they will offer more as time comes around. People complained AA had commercials, so they offered a non-commercial option. They complained AA had no movies, and now they are adding films. They complained AA content wasn’t worth getting it just for Star Trek so now they are working on an option you can add the Showtime app to it and get a better deal. In other words they are still making changes and additions. Instead of whining about it for the 30th time, just wait and see. How many times can that be said? MAYBE they will add that option. The show is still months away at this point. I just find it funny how you keep whining over something for a show that has even debut yet.

I don’t care you don’t like AA, why would I? Its the constant complaining about it as if you are being forced to own something you’re not being forced to. If you don’t want to watch AA DON’T watch AA. If you want to wait until you can see Discovery in a different format,then WAIT to see it in a different format. Jesus Christ I remember making these suggestions numerous times already. Its like talking to a kid. I and others are not getting on your case over AAA its your bizarre obsession and whining about it that has gotten annoying. Everyone GETS your complaints, you say them over and over again. Be an adult, accept this is what it is for NOW and move on already. Or just keep sounding like the kid who isn’t happy you you’re not getting exactly what you want for Christmas. Yeah that is really working out for you.

“ML31, A. not a single person has agreed with you HERE. Not one. Has it hit you WHY yet?”

Because there are pretty much only 3 people talking at this point. Also, just because none of the three are allowing themselves to even understand the points I am making doesn’t mean they don’t have merit.

The other points you just made, about perhaps CBS will still improve the availability of their product, as already been made by me. Not in this thread but in others. Again, what you think is not what is.

“I and others are not getting on your case over AAA ”

Except you kinda are. The very fact that you can’t just let this go is major evidence of that. It is ironic that you are demanding the only reasonable and adult sounding person to be exactly what they already are being while you, and your cronies, are the ones being amazingly babyish about the entire thing.

There are more than 3 people on this thread and no one else has backed you up. Get a clue already.

Everyone UNDERSTANDS the points you are making man lol. What is not to get???? YOu say them over and over again like someone with ADD. Jesus.

No, we are getting sick of HEARING about it. Man, just relax and sees what happens. You keep saying ‘let this go’ genius YOU BROUGHT IT UP! Can YOU let this go??? Or do you need to whine about it in every TM article?

LOL, did you just say the only ‘reasonable and adult sounding person’? Get over yourself, seriously. You are coming off as a baby. Completely opposite of an adult because you can’t get your way on this and want to keep moaning about it.

“There are more than 3 people on this thread and no one else has backed you up. Get a clue already.”

You speak about getting clues. Yet you seem to be clueless on what is going on here. Only 3 people on this thread have been ripping on me to the point of not able to let things go.

“Everyone UNDERSTANDS the points you are making man lol.”

The three who have kept going here aren’t. Or are at least pretending they aren’t.

“No, we are getting sick of HEARING about it. ”

Then let it go!

“Get over yourself, seriously. You are coming off as a baby.”

And the amusing thing is YOU have made that claim. (facepalm)


On more time EVERYONE understands your points. This isn’t rocket science. We simply DISAGREE with your argument. THATS what you are missing.

No one agrees with you. Get the hint already jesus.

Tiger.. Here is the problem with your comment. You say “everyone” points. Yet it is painfully obvious that there are three people who absolutely do not. Their posts are riddled with mistakes and lies. To them, it’s not just a matter of disagreeing. You have to ask them why. I have not answer to that.

And for the record, not that having people agree with me is necessary to support my point, but plenty do. I just don’t subscribe to wikiality. That’s why I don’t bring it up all the time, I let facts do the talking.

Yes most of what you have posted is mistakes and lies. Thank you for finally admitting that.

Only you could possibly construe such a thing from what I said. ROTFLMAO.

You’re really barking up the wrong tree with this silly debate about quality of streaming technology. I can watch Netflix in 4K. I cannot watch most cable channels in 4K

You’re so consumed with winning you’re stupid arguments that you have dug in and no amount of evidence can convince you. You really need to grow up.

No, you keep bringing up 4K. I never did. 4K is a different animal altogether as it is requires special equipment to get it beyond just the 4K capable display. But then, I’ve told you that before and you keep ignoring it. Opting instead to live in your own self made reality. This is where I would ask you to be an adult and deal but we both know you can’t or won’t. So by all means… Respond with another ignorant comment.

@ML – then you’ve sunk your own argument since streaming technology compared to regular HD can deliver better images. I assumed, by your anal arguments that you were comparing best to best…in which case, sure a physical medium will give a better prospect for the best of the best vs non-physical.

Out of curiosity what is the TV you have (type/size) and surround sound system. Im betting it is not worth all your crying over streaming. And again, I implore you, dont sully Netflix when you simply dont have an Internet plan that can sufficiently carry the stream. Its simply not fair.

” then you’ve sunk your own argument since streaming technology compared to regular HD can deliver better images. ”

You saying that only endorses what I have claimed. Blu Ray today is superior to streaming in every way imaginable. I know you will never accept that. One day in the future what you say may be correct. That’s as far as I can honestly go.
I can tell you all about the set up I have but it’s not like any of that will matter. You will believe what you wish to believe no matter what I tell you about my A/V set up.

” Blu Ray today is superior to streaming in every way imaginable.”

Thats a false statement.

“Thats a false statement.”

On the contrary. And here is some evidence to back it up…

You said it was better in every way imaginable which is not true. If I want to watch House of Cards right now and my two choices are to watch it right this second in brilliant 4K, I can via streaming. if I want to watch the same 4K on blu ray, I have to wait for it to arrive and then I need to be rooted to my blu ray player and TV.

If 4K discs offer the same extras and have the same superior controls that bd’s have then even at hat level they are still superior.

If I want to watch something in 4K now rather then waiting for a disc to arrive how is waiting for a disc superior?

Have you ever watched 4K? Probably not because you don’t seem to have any idea what you’re talking about

What’s your TV set up? A 32″ sharp from 1996? Why won’t you tell us

The tech is superior. Availability is not linked to the quality of the technology.

Yes, I’ve told you already I have seen 4K. But that is off topic. It has nothing to do with anything I have said here. I know it’s a lot to ask but you might want to at least give an even tiny bit plausible bogus response instead of the thoughtless stream of illogic and ignorance you do post in response.

ML31 – what TV do you have? Not 4K so you keep whining about technology you arent even engaged in. Its like someone whining about how Beta was better than VHS. It’s over, move on.

You definitely cannot tell the difference. If you say you can, you’re lying. And besides which, you’re not comparing equals since streaming requires you have a good internet service which you admit you do not have.

I’ve said nothing about 4k. That is something you keep bringing up. And it has no bearing on what I said anyway. Enough about 4K. It’s not a part of this discussion no matter how much you want to force it in.

The funny part here is, you do not have a 4K TV or 4K player. And yet, when asked, you are evasive about it. Because you know it sinks your whole argument.

You’re whining about 1080P discs vs streaming technology when streaming can bring a far superior produce than what you’re watching.

I guarantee my 65″ OLED TV streaming 4K Netflix in Dolby Vision is superuior to your 1080p Blu Ray. Im also using an OPPO 4K blu ray player so even if I watched one of your old Blu Rays, it would still look better on my set up.

So stop whining about quality when you’re still using a tech less than streaming.

Not that you care but you just wrote two consecutive sentences that contradict each other. You claim I don’t have anything 4K related and followed that up by saying I have been evasive on that very subject. First, that’s a lie. I already directly addressed it. And next, if the first sentence were factual your 2nd one undercuts it. If the 2nd sentence were true that would make the first sentence nothing more than baseless speculation. Which you do all the time.
I already addressed the 4K thing. It doesn’t sink anything I have said. You keep running back there pretending I never responded. I don’t know why… You could acknowledge the response and then just claim I said something 100% different than I did. You do that all the time. Why ignore that particular one?

I say again… 4K is not a part of the discussion for reasons already explained. You want to debate those reasons, fine. If not, there is no need to keep repeating yourself.

I asked you, probably a dozen times, what set up you had. based on your dismissal of 4K, it was clear you did not have 4K.

You’re correct I made the assumption you had a 1080P TV only because I didnt think you were so foolish as to do this much whining and be using a pre-1080 technology. I could be wrong though.

You did admit you dont have 4K. I went back and quoted you since you refused to reveal your set up.

The point is clear and I never contradicted myself.

Your whining falls about because you’re whole argument is to evade your ignorance of streaming tech (your insiastence that all streaming tech sucks because you have a lousy internet package you wont admit to) by claiming you simply want to watch on Disc so you get the best quality.

But you cant get the best available quality because you dont have the ability to watch it.

And streaming tech is capable of providing a quality superior to what you are whining about wanting.

Your arguments have no basis. Zero.

You’re using old tech and whining about a superior tech.

I have no issue with people who cannot afford 4K TV’s or top of the line Internet/Streaming services. But you’ve maligned people and businesses and technology out of ignorance and you owe an apology.

Enjoy your old tech a year after Discovery’s premiere. lol

If you don’t have cable in Canada then you need to subscribe to cable to get Space. Just like if you don’t have Netflix you need to subscribe to it.

And if you don’t have a TV you need to get one.

Point being, nothing is free. You either pay for a service or in your case your whine because it’s not available on the service you essentially steal by using someone else’s account.

You moan about quality of streaming (which is oddly great for everyone but
You) and also proudly admit you can get it for free. If you won’t pay for it don’t whine about it.

“And if you don’t have a TV you need to get one. ”

You have said this a lot. No one, and I mean NO ONE has disputed this. That is all you got beyond lies and personal attacks. How about contributing something that, you know, actually makes this a discussion? I know… Too much to ask. You just have to be you….

@ML – because when someone tells you that you can easily buy an in-expensive device to stream AA on your TV, you whine and complain about CBS making you buy equipment to watch it.

Its the same thing. It’s 2017. The good old days of 12 inch B&W TV’s and rabbit ears are over, pal.

” because when someone tells you that you can easily buy an in-expensive device to stream AA on your TV, you whine and complain about CBS making you buy equipment to watch it.”

A. That is not entirely true.
B. It’s not the same thing at all in any way shape or form.

“Its the same thing. It’s 2017. The good old days of 12 inch B&W TV’s and rabbit ears are over, pal.”

Once again, baiting arrogant comments like that are among the many reasons why nothing you say can be taken seriously.

You’ve repeatedly been critical of CBS for “making” you buy equipment to watch All Access because YOU dont have that equipment currently.

So when I moved out of my parents so long ago and called the cable company and ordered cable, guess what, they told me I had to get a TV to watch it on. How dare they!

Further, when HD service came to my area, I had to buy an HD receiver. How dare they!

Then when PVR service was available, guess what, I had to buy a PVR. How dare they!

One day, I decided to try Netflix. But they wanted me to pay for the service. How dare they!

Worse, once I paid for it, my non-connected TV wouldnt even play it. How dare Netflix not make it appear on my TV! How dare they insist I buy something to connect. How dare they!

Then Netflix began airing in 4K but my TV wasnt 4K. They wanted ME to buy a 4K TV to watch it on. How DARE THEY!

And to top it off, the internet package I ordered in 2008 when I had one computer was not sufficient years later to connect two phones, lap top, desk top, ipods, blu ray, xbox etc etc etc and my internet provider wanted me to pay for a better tier. How dare they!

In summary, people provide a service and expected me to pay for it.


“You’ve repeatedly been critical of CBS for “making” you buy equipment to watch All Access because YOU dont have that equipment currently. ”

Again, not entirely true. Although I am stunned you picked up on the tiny correct bits in there you have. I’m not annoyed because I don’t have the items they are requiring we purchase. I’m annoyed because they are making me do something no other streaming service is making their customers do. What is wrong with CBS that they can’t make it as easy for their potential customers to get as their main competition does? Until they do that they will NEVER catch up to them and their endeavor will have a greater chance of failure.

No one is asking any streaming service, including CBSAA (or cable providers for that matter) to provide them with TV’s or tablets or laptops. Your continued insistence that people are akin to asking for that is laughably foolish.

No one is saying they want free stuff. That is just you missing the obvious points even a 5 year old could pick up on.

Yet here you are, continuing to harp on something not ONE person has ever brought up as if you are responding to it. Open your eyes. You are arguing with yourself on that point. No one has ever made it.

CBSAA is asking you to do something no one else is? How do you view Netflix? Do you not need a device? Of course you do. How do you watch Apple TV? Or Chromecast? It just magically appears on screen?

I get it. You want to sit on your ass and stare at your TV, not because it’s easy but because it’s familiar. Streaming is actually far more flexible than broadcast TV. I can watch Netflix on my TV, my phone, My lap top. I can sit on my deck. I sit on my toilet. I can watch it while flying on a plane. I can watch it whenever I want to. Cant do it with broadcast TV.

But AA doesnt have a smartTV ap yet. So you whine and complain and act like its a personal affront to you. When so many other streaming services rolled out that availability over time. But you always assume the worst… “it wont be released on disc” “they wont have a smart TV app”. And you whine on here instead of either using common sense and waiting to see what reality is or inquiring with CBS in a number of different ways.

Or God forbid, you spend a few bucks on a device to satisfy what seems to be a problem that has been plaguing you for months.

Stop with the immature insults. You are embarrassing yourself. How many people have had to wade through your cesspool of ignorance and have had to put up with my kind-hearted efforts to educate you? Its simply not fair.

You lack courage to admit you were wrong.

Also, what size/type of TV do you have? What’s your audio set up? Why do you refuse to answer?

“But you always assume the worst…”

Thats EXACTLY it! Thats why his posts have become eye rolling because its NEVER one single positive thing about CBSAA, its always viewed as negative or a minus. ML31 is constantly coming up with one bizarre scenario over AA after another. They won’t put the show on Itunes. They won’t make discs for it. They won’t put up all the episodes up at once after the season is over. They won’t make a Smart TV app. It doesn’t look as good as TV. Its not as easy to get as a cable channel. And on and on and on.

Its constant negativity because this guy just can’t accept a show is going to a streaming service he doesn’t have or want. Get over it. AA is doing EXACTLY what Hulu does today. People like ML31 has to realize this is just the future, period. No AA isn’t perfect but its STILL being structured. Its new, in time all the things he moaning about will more than likely come. And as said over and over again the show is not even on yet, my guess is you will have the ability to put it on your TV without a device by September. If not, moan about it then, but for most people its not the end of the world. Yes, you have to buy a device to do that, but you can still do it. First world problems.

And by the way its reported today Netflix now has more subscribers in America than cable. THIS is what CBS sees coming as I imagine all these studios do today. They know in the next decades streaming will probably pass TV viewing. When you already have Netflix have more subscribers because A. Its cheaper and B. Because its EASIER to get then its a no-brainer its going to get more people, even if you have less options.

Tiger, you are wrong. That is NOT exactly it. I never assumed the worst.
I never complained about it not being on iTunes.

I never said they would never make discs of it.

I never said they won’t make a smart tv app.

I never said it doesn’t look as good on tv.

That is 4 amazingly wrong comments on your part. And the only list that goes on and on are your incorrect comments.

Here’s more… cbs is not doing what Hulu does. Hulu is available not smart tv’s.

This entire site is a first world site. Anytime anyone says anything it’s a first world comment be it positive or negative. That sort of thing is just you trying to put down others and make yourself feel superior. Like you care more than others. Please. Your are being transparent.

I don’t care how many subscribers Netflix has. That data has NOTHING to do with anything I have mentioned here. But for the record, it is cheaper, but you do get what you pay for.

One last chance and reminding you… some day in the future streaming will work fine. Just as fine or even better than cable. It’s not there yet. But that day is coming. I think you are going to find a way to misunderstand that. Please… I want you to prove me wrong. I really really do.

Yes you did say those things and you e complained ad nausium about it

If you believe everything will work out why do you keep whining about it?

TUP, you know I never claimed those things. Tiger even did us all a favor and cut and pasted one of my earlier comments that shows I never did. Much to his dismay, I’m sure.

I also never said those issues WILL be worked out. None of us know as yet. I’ve been saying that all along. Of course, you aren’t going to get that. You’ve understood precious little thus far. I don’t see that changing in the future.

How do you CBS is not making AA available on Smart Tv’s? Usually, they dont explain all their plans to ML31 lol

WWE Network is a streaming service that launched a couple of years ago and followed a similar trajectory to All Access has since CBS began investing in it this past year – and Smart TV app was basically the last thing launched.

Give it time. No, you’d prefer to just whine about it now. Plus, you dont want to watch it on TV anyway. You want a free disc sent to you,

I never said they wouldn’t make an app available. Only that they haven’t yet and I as hoping they would. Your comment shows you r ally don’t understand what you are responding to. I’ve already addressed that issue yet you want to continue to cry about made up stuff.

Tup… How do I watch Netflix? I use a blu ray player. I also stream Netflix through that or with an app that came preloaded on my tv. Can I get cbsaa through that player? No. Can I watch it on a preloaded app? No. Have they made an app available through software upgrades? Not yet. I r ally don’t know why this basic concept is so very difficult for you to grasp.

No. You don’t get it. You think you do but your posts show time and time again that you do not. I understand what streaming allows you to do. Some things on my phone or tablet are fine. Others, not so much. I get that many people do not mind watching on minuscule displays. I’m not sitting here telling people what they should like, (like some others here). I’d rather watch most of the stuff I actually want to watch on my nice big tv and great sound system. That’s what I like. Sue me.

I never assumed what you are saying I did. Ever. You read something, didn’t fully understand and aced like you understood when it is painfully obvious you don’t.

Even though many might think you deserve it, I have not made any immature insults. That is your preview, I just correct your numerous errors. it seems like your constant put downs (“stupid”, etc) are a direct consequence of your inability to own up to your own mistakes. Your “kind hearted” efforts was a pretty funny comment, however. At least it shows there may be a bit of a sense of humor on your part, :)

Btw… instead of repeating your question over and over again, why not address what I originally said about it? Could it be that you know my response was 100% spot on and you would rather continue to pretend I never did? That sounds like the right answer to me.

And you were educated ages ago about inexpensive options to watch AA on your tv.

But you continue to whine about it as if
CBS intends to never offer a tv app. But if you did the tiniest research (or just listened to what we all told you) the smart tv app was usually among the last things rolled out for streaming).

Or you whine about how dare cbs make you have to buy a device to watch it on your tv as if every other technology was offered free. You want everyone to bend over backwards for you.

Grow up.

Inexpensive is subjective. In addition to that there really is no need to make potential subscribers jump through extra hoops anyway.

This is the very first time you or anyone else has mentioned that smart tv apps are among the last things rolled out. Of course the one new thing you contributed is something that you presented to have mentioned before. But in any event, there really is no reason for that appp to not be available now. The service has been launched for some time. They have started exclusive content already. Yet still no tv app. Again, doesn’t mean there will not be one in the future, but it doesn’t bode well for it happening. That’s all I’m saying.

Btw.. every other major service IS available without having to jump through extra hoops or buy otherwise worthless add ons. Take your own advice, Learn to comprehend what you read and treat other people with a just a tiny bit of respect. You will be amazed at how much better people will respond to you.

Nothing you wrote has any bearing on anything I have said. This is typical. Why even bother responding? That was rhetorical. Please don’t bother answering.

Any easier than watching Westworld, Game of Thrones, or Homeland, all of which you have to pay extra beyond even basic cable to see?

Nope. It’s actually quite easy to see all those shows without paying to subscribe to HBO or Showtime. I don’t and I see abou10-11 months after they air. The discs are available on Netflix. No word on if Trek will be available on Netflix after. I would hope the international distribution deal also allows for disc distribution in the states after airing. But that’s still just hope at this stage.

Really, you can get GOT discs the week after they air? WOW!

Here we go again with the “discs from netflix”. Its even easier when you dont have a Netflix account and use someone else’s.

Its like complaining that I really like Burger King but a guy dressed like the King doesnt come to my house every Wednesday and hand feed me free Whoppers. It might be nice if that were to happen but in the real world thats not how it works and you’re whining over nothing.

Its no easier to see in Canada than the US. If I didnt have cable, I’d have to subscribe, have them come set up my service and give me a cable box. if Im in the US, I click online and subscribe. Whats the issue?

Agreed. This age of “everything has to be free and easy” is silly. What happened to paying for things you like?

I get that some fans are frustrated because overseas it’s on Netflix, a service more people have, but them the breaks. Not everyone gets equal access to everything.

Try talking to countries that don’t have easy access to clean drinking water.

Especially when the argument is “they should put it on netflix so its free”. Netflix isnt free. Just because you already have it (or in ML’s case, steals it) doesnt make it free (well free for him I guess).

His other complaint is about streaming technology. He’s literally saying internet isnt good enough yet, streaming tech isnt good enough yet to provide HD picture and sound. Which is completely false. He has bad internet (he’s said his netflix buffers a lot). A phone call to his provider would fix that (at a cost but hey, if you want dial up internet dont complain about the quality). Its like saying “I bought a cheap 19″ TV and the damn picture is so small!”

Someone else even told him they stream The Good Fight on All Access and its excellent quality and he ignores that and continues to claim the picture and sound quality is lesser (than Blu Ray’s). And Blu Ray quality is moot anyway as this is a first run program…wait a few months and get the Blu Rays then.

Its insane ramblings.

What about other streaming networks, too? Would this have the same backlash if say, they’d put it on Amazon or Hulu? Yet if you have Netflix only, you’d STILL have to pay extra.

At least if it were on HULU (maybe Amazon… I haven’t checked) I could watch it on my TV without having to buy extra stuff. But the quality would still be an issue. So in that respect, it would indeed be a bit easier. It would be easier still for me personally if it were on Netflix because A) I could stream using the account access my friends have offered of B) I could wait until they put things on disc and get the superior quality. Although that wait has been getting longer and longer for their original shows.

But in the end, it isn’t as much about the paying extra (but few would prefer the extra payment if they already have other services) as it is the annoyance of having to jump though so very many hoops to get low quality streaming when superior tech is already out there.

Translated “if it were on Netflix i could watch it for free by stealing the service”.

You’re issues are all related to the fact you don’t want to pay for it. Grow up.

“Grow up.”

Says the person who can’t accept what others say to the point where he feels he must make stuff up just to feel better about himself…. Sad.

You’re making up stuff all the time. You’re hill to die on being that streaming tech can’t deliver quality video and audio which is absurd. When pressed you try to qualify it by saying well, a great blu ray is better than an average Netflix.

So I assume you have the latest technology huge screen 4K TV and a state of the art surround sound? Im being sarcastic because we know you’re cheap. So you’re arguing you want the best quality available to humanity when you very likely cant see the difference.

Regardless, your argument isnt that the best blu ray is better, its that streaming tech sucks because its always buffering. Which is an Internet problem related to YOU.

What hoops does Netflix want you jump through to get 4K? PAY FOR IT?

Tup Tup Tup…. You just have to be you, don’t you.

“You’re making up stuff all the time.”

No, nothing I said is made up. And even if it were you would have no evidence of it. The things I call you out on are the things I have corrected you on regarding comments I personally have made or other personal issues you have no way of knowing.

Example… I never argued that I wanted the best quality available to humanity. I just wanted a quality level that didn’t suck. Again, you are making ridiculous leaps. And here you are on about 4K yet again. Something of your own making because I never once brought it up. Yes. 4K is nice. But I’m not asking for that level.

I’ll freely admit, I can be cheap at times, sure. Most people are. But I’d rather have good friends and have more money in my pocket than have no friends and less money in my pocket.

@ML – so again you’re saying quality of streaming, specifically Netflix “sucks”? You’ve claimed it constantly buffers for you. This is an Internet issue with YOUR service.

If its the technology why doesnt that happen for everyone else?

And you’re basically condoning stealing because it leaves more money in your pocket. If everyone was like you there would be no Trek because everyone would want it for free.

“so again you’re saying quality of streaming, specifically Netflix “sucks”? You’ve claimed it constantly buffers for you. This is an Internet issue with YOUR service.”

Wrong. Quality of ALL streaming is not as good as getting it right from the source. Not that any of this will register with you. I’m sure you will mangle this and find a way to claim I said something I didn’t again.

“If its the technology why doesnt that happen for everyone else?”

“No one else” is quite that absolute. Maybe many people don’t care? That seems like a pretty good explanation. You’d be surprised how many cannot tell the difference between SD and HD.

“And you’re basically condoning stealing because it leaves more money in your pocket. ”

Yeah (he says rolling his eyes). THAT exactly what I am saying. And everyone who looks for the best value for their money when shopping for… ANYTHING… Are all thieves. (SMDH)

You’re the one that used the word “sucks”. Which certainly doesnt imply whatever relatively minor differences exist between a blu ray program and the same one streaming in 4K on Netflix that most people cant see the difference. You said that.

You still refuse to reveal what sort of home theatre set up you have. Why? Because it will reveal you cant tell the difference either. You’ve chosen a hill to die on. I dont really care. If its a psychological thing where you NEED the disc because you perceive it to “billions” of times better than a 4K stream on Netflix, so be it. But that still doesnt make it true.

Again are you saying I experience consistent buffering issues when I watch Netflix? You have a poor Internet connection and are far too stupid to realise that or far too cheap to rectify it so you make the broad and incorrect claim that its the streaming technology that is at fault when its your Internet and by extension YOU.

My Netflix is crystal clear. HD. No buffering. No delays. You can pretend that what I am saying isnt true, but that would only make you a fool.

You choose to have poor internet and thus a poor Netflix experience. Can you admit that? Netflix is not the problem. Do you understand?

How is “looking for the best value” a reasonable excuse for stealing? I just bought a new car. I could have it cheaper if I just took it for a test drive and never brought it back.

Tup, I did indeed use the word “sucks”. Because it was an appropriate, albeit subjective, description of the tech in its current state. And again, I knew you wouldn’t drop the 4K thing. I never mentioned 4K. Ever.

“Again are you saying I experience consistent buffering issues when I watch Netflix? You have a poor Internet connection and are far too stupid to realise that or far too cheap to rectify it so you make the broad and incorrect claim that its the streaming technology that is at fault when its your Internet and by extension YOU.”

And there you go again. Talking down to people and being your irritating and arrogant self. Instead of just repeating myself I will just refer you to one of the many other posts where I responded to your drivel.

” Netflix is not the problem. Do you understand?”

I do understand. I never once claimed Netflix was the problem. For some reason only you can understand you seem to think I say or infer things I never came close to doing.

You are the one who claimed that getting the best value you can was the same as stealing. Not me. But then, you also think when your friend shares his rake or socket set with you that’s you stealing as well. So….

” Because it was an appropriate, albeit subjective, description of the tech in its current state. And again, I knew you wouldn’t drop the 4K thing. I never mentioned 4K. Ever. ”

This makes no sense. On one hand you’re admitting you said streaming tech sucks but you’re also acknowledging the existence of 4k streaming.

How can it suck AND deliver that level of quality? What is wrong with you? I’ve given you every opportunity to save yourself further embarrassment and walk back your “sucks” statements and you keep doubling down and digging a bigger hole.

You have the intellectual capacity of a turd. If you buy a rake, it’s yours. You can lend it to me. The rake company sells you the rake. They dont sell you a license under which you can use it under specific conditions.

My friend owns a bar. He can order a PPV event for $50 and watch it himself. Guess what, brain surgeon, he can’t share that with 500 people in his bar. Because he isnt buying the PPV event, he’s licensing it under conditions.

When you subscribe to Netflix, you’re buying a membership under condition. Just because Netflix does not aggressively pursue people like you who steal their content doesnt mean they support it.

You’re a thief. Worse, you’re a self-professed Trek fan who spends most of your time whining about a new series for which you have no intention of even paying for. You’re shameful.

It makes perfect sense. 4K is a different animal completely. I never brought it up because it is just not a part of the equation. yet you keep doing so even though it never was a part of the equation. I’ve told you why before so wthis will be the last time. 4K is not a standard streaming thing. You cannot just get Netflix and stream 4K to your 4K tv without jumping though extra hoops. It is NOT the standards. It’s a little like complaining about squeezing into coach when first class is available. Well, that just isn’t the norm.

Seems your “kind hearted ” posts where you complain I make immature insults actually include calling me a “turd”. Typical TUP.

And now you are going back to try and justify your silly notion that when a company allows you to share your account up to a certain numbe actually doing that it tantamount to stealing.

TUP posts… insult. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s weird. I bought a new tv this weekend. 4K. It was actually a lot easier to stream Netflix than my old set up.

They don’t make you jump through any hoops at all unless you consider it a hoop to click “yes” when it asked you if you want to watch Netflix in 4K

Literally that was the extent of it. Clicked yes. Watched Netflix in glorious HD.

But the point is you won’t even tell us what your set up is because you know it will reveal that for all your whining about Blu ray vs streaming that you don’t even have the ability to take advantage of disc based medium above and beyond streaming.

If that isn’t correct tell us your set up. I’d tell you mine. It ain’t a secret.

Since I don’t follow the comings and goings of 4K streaming it is possible Netflix has evolved their 4K streaming. I have spoken to someone last year who was streaming 4K who said it only worked through certain external devices. That was my last information about it. You see? This is what adults do. We admit if our information might be slightly out of date.

The rest of your post was just your typical mindless garbage that had nothing whatsoever to do with anything anyone other than yourself has said. I’ve already said all hat I will say on 4k unless you offer anything that advances to discussion. In most cases you just repeat things you and only you have eve brought up.

Whoa whoa whoa, it only worked through certain external devices? You mean, those devices capable of displaying 4K??? Of course!

But again, you are admitting you know nothing about 4K which means you do not have a 4K TV or 4K Blu Ray Player. And yet, you are complaining about the quality between streaming and disc??? lol

My God…I thought at least you had the equipment to enjoy the best possible quality and yet you dont. You’re literally complaining about an almost imperceptable difference.

While some of us have experimented with broadcast, Blu Ray, 4K blu Ray, Netflix, Youtube etc on the latest technology screen. I can assure you, you cant tell the difference (you as in YOU), certainly not to the degree that warrants this level of whining.

You’re probably still mad Netflix doesnt have a Betamax Rental program…lol

Oops… I made the assumption that you were a rational thinking human. Standard thinking is that one needs a 4k tv to get 4k images and doesn’t even need to be said.

You then wen on and on wth an irrational rant that I honestly do not know exactly where to start. I’ve already addressed everything you have mentioned yet you are getting off spewing the same insulting drivel. Well… knock yourself out. You couldn’t possiblly paint yourself in a worse light than you already have.

Standard thinking is you need a device to stream a stream too but you have attacked CBS for not giving you everything for free.

No one, including myself, have ripped CBS for not doing this for free. Once again, if it were true you would have no problem referencing a post I made where that was said. You never do it because it doesn’t exist. And it’s not a matter of going back and taking the time to look. According to you I do it quite often so it should not be very hard at all. You go find that post and I will back off on calling out your inability to understand common words and phrases and concepts that are so very basic they go without saying.

What’s that? Ignoring someone asking you to actually cite what you keep saying is there? Imagine that….

yes you have. You have lambasted CBS for making you pay for a streaming service and making you have to invest in the devices to stream it.

You have done this many times. You’re a liar, that has been proven.

“Especially when the argument is “they should put it on netflix so its free”.”

No one has been arguing that. Again, you made it up.

The complaint about streaming tech is legit. The picture is not as good nor is the sound. This is because streamers use the lowest common denominator to get as much through as possible. Something it seems you just aren’t understanding. My internet works great. Never had any problems except when I stream to the big TV. It’s gotten better over the last couple of years, but it’s still not close to what I get through other means. Those are the facts no matter what worthless out of place analogy you dream up.

“wait a few months and get the Blu Rays then.”

And again… More proof you either ignore or do not understand what is written. This has already been addressed. We do not know if the discs will be available. If they will be, then I have no problem waiting even up to 10-11 months. I do for GoT. I’ll do it for Trek.

Ignorance must indeed be bliss….

Again, your argument about streaming technology is hilarious when I can watch Netflix with 4K video and surround sound.

Just because YOU won’t deal with YOUR internet issues doesn’t mean the tech is bad. It means you’re a fool.

“Again, your argument about streaming technology is…” etc etc…

We’ve been over this. So here I go banging my head against the wall again.

A) Netflix requires jumping though extra hoops for the 4K.
B) Currently, in my opinion, the jump from HD to 4K is not worth the added hardware investment.
C) There are no internet issues despite your continued insistence (lies) that there are.
D) The fact that you have once again lowered yourself to personal direct insults like that of a 2nd grader undermines your position and enforces my take to be the correct one. Something you will not understand but I’m saying it anyway.

Yes, I imagine CBS will hide the discs somewhere. The last thing they want is people buying blu rays of Discovery. God forbid.

Hide? There has been no statement whatsoever if there will even be discs. But I don’t want to buy them even if they become available. Not unless I see the show first. And even then it needs to be of such a high quality that it would be worth the purchase. I can totally see CBS deciding to sell “streaming rights” instead of actual discs, though. But that’s just speculation. We shall see…

I wont watch the show unless I can do so on disc. and I wont watch the discs unless I can watch the show first.

Seriously, get lost. You make no sense. Are you a child?

Speculate all you want. The norm is to sell a series on disc even when there are streaming rights. But common sense wont stop you from complaining about something that hasnt even happened it.

ML31 is the same guy that tried to argue AA won’t keep all the shows up on their site for people to binge watch, based on absolutely nothing but his idiotic theory.

But this is problem with people like this. You can’t reason with them when they are convinced the sky is falling. He has basically made all these weird doomsday speculations based on nothing than he thinks CBS is trying to screw people everywhere. OF COURSE there will be discs. Go to Amazon, CBS has practically every current show on DVD/Blu Ray. You can get every season of Big Brother for god sakes. Star Trek sells big in discs, they are still pumping out multiple versions of the Trek shows today. And obviously they are going to have discs for Discovery for all the people who don’t have AA. The only question is when they will see them? It could be weeks after the first season ran, it could be next year, no one knows obviously but they are coming.

So much moaning. Just be thankful we have another Trek show to watch. All this other stuff will get worked out in time.

@Tiger2 – you are correct. This is like arguing bed time with a 5 year old. He’s being obtuse for the sake of deflecting his shallow perspective.

“ML31 is the same guy that tried to argue AA won’t keep all the shows up on their site for people to binge watch, based on absolutely nothing but his idiotic theory. ”

Wow… I don’t know where you get this stuff from. I NEVER argued that. Not once.

“He has basically made all these weird doomsday speculations based on nothing than he thinks CBS is trying to screw people everywhere. ”

Never made anything of the sort. Notice how generic you are being since you know it is totally made up.

” OF COURSE there will be discs. Go to Amazon, CBS has practically every current show on DVD/Blu Ray. ”

Why do you say that? Because that is how that have always been? Ridiculous. Things change. Even Amazon doesn’t sell their own shows on disc. Much lest rent them. I’m actually a bit floored how how blind you are being to these things.

This is why we all laugh at you. Tiger makes the point that its the norm for these types of shows to be released on Disc and you take the position of “things change, this could be the one time they dont release it on disc” and decide to whine about it.

You’re going on and on and on about the outcome with the least likelihood of coming true. Why dont you stop whining about things that have not happened and are unlikely to happen as if they are fact and wait to see what actually happens?

“This is why we all laugh at you. ”

It’s funny that you say that… You are taking it upon yourself to speak for “everyone”. As if you know better than the world. Good for you. I guess ignorance is indeed bliss.

“and you take the position of “things change, this could be the one time they dont release it on disc” and decide to whine about it.”

Incorrect, yet again. I didn’t say this could be the one time they don’t. I said there are plenty that aren’t being done NOW. And pointed out that even Amazon themselves aren’t selling their own content on physical media. Let alone renting it. But hey.. You speak for the world, right? If you say 5+5=100 then it MUST be true.

Use your brain. What is most likely to be true? That CBS wont release Discovery on Disc at some point, despite releasing everything else Trek related on Disc numerous times? Or that they will?

You’d probably be the guy laying on a beach in Mexico in July worrying about a blizzard.

Dude… that’s the difference. I AM using my brain. What is different about Discovery from all other things Trek? It’s streaming only! So right there it’s not the same as ANY other incarnation of Trek. And once again, I’m not saying they WONT release discs for rental. But I am saying it is POSSIBLE they won’t. It wouldn’t be the first time. You are ignoring what is actually said here.

It’s possible they might send the actors to your house to explain how it works too. But it’s highly unlikely.

Your problem is you are a whiner. A complainer. A negative person.

You come up with all these negative possibilities that are less likely to happen and complain about them.

Wow. Just… wow. You have hit yet another new low even I didn’t think was possible. There was absolutely zero in your post that had anything even remotely to do with the comment you were responding to. It was just you being argumentative, ignorant and generally obtuse. In other words… Typical you.

@ML – again, you’re post is completely untrue. My post was the reply to you justifying your usual negative stance and embracing the least likely scenario to support your whining. I was being sarcastic, for sure, to illustrate a point.

Im sorry it went over your head. But the point was (Ill explain it to you), that usually the least likely thing isnt what happens. And yet you cling to things to be critical of CBS for literally no reason.

No… your post was a crybaby put down. It didn’t address anything except your compulsive need to belittle anonymous people on the internet. Own it.

Why do you persist with the insults? Why can you not be a mature adult here? I feel sorry for everyone who has to weed through your nonsense. Please engage in relevant discussion for the sake of everyone else (and Im sure the mods too).

Is pointing out an apparent compulsive need an insult? My apologies. I had no idea you were that fragile. Especially when you toss out terms like “idiot”, “stupid” and “turd” in my direction. Thought you might be mature enough to accept or perhaps even explain away my observations. Again, my mistake.

Using “idiot” as an insult should not be acceptable. Using it as a factual description should be fair game. You’ve proven that to be true on many occasions.

I took the time to quote you verbatim and you won even admit the quotes are yours. You’re a piece of….work.

“ML31 is the same guy that tried to argue AA won’t keep all the shows up on their site for people to binge watch, based on absolutely nothing but his idiotic theory. ”

“Wow… I don’t know where you get this stuff from. I NEVER argued that. Not once.”

LOL, WTF??? You don’t remember making this argument at all? What? Man you went on and on and on about it for countless posts. Here, jog your memory. Scroll down:

Here is a nice recap from one your lame arguments in that thread:


Because if CBS’s goal is to build up subscribers and they are planning on showing Trek episodes once a week, it makes way more sense to limit how long previous episodes are available. Why, you ask? Duh… Because this way you FORCE people who would buy the service JUST for Trek to shell out money for a minimum of two months (possibly 3) rather than just buy one month, binge, and cancel. It makes total sense that they do this given how they are operating their service to begin with. They may not with garbage like The Good Fight or Big Brother. But for something that they hope to actually bring in subscribers it seems VERY likely. Given how much people who have streaming love it I just don’t see anything beyond a teeny blip of a backlash for such behavior from them.

May 8, 2017 10:57 am”

You seriously don’t remember making these arguments at all? It was a month ago. Man how OLD are you lol. And yes it was a lame argument, so lame that you realized it and refuting the whole thing. Good, but you still said it multiple times. ;)

If you told me ML was about 12, I’d believe it. But supposedly he’s a grown adult. Go Figure.

Yes. Because YOU don’t understand what is said the OTHER guy MUST be the one is is a child. Nice.

You just used the same example to insult me. Four days later. Because you parrot back at people.

Try being original. Better yet,stop with the insults altogether.

You’re defaming a technology due to ignorance. Many people have shown you the truth and you still refuse to see it.

” Better yet,stop with the insults altogether.”

If I were to actually stoop to your level, the rest of the above line might read, “because I’m too much of a baby to take what I dish out to everyone else all the time.”

But that would not be my style. ;)

It seems obvious that your ability to cut and paste is superior to your understanding of the English language. Please note, that NOWHERE in that comment did I say they for sure would be doing this. Not once. Just that it seems possible or likely they could.

I’m a little surprised that I had to actually explain that to you. And you are the one asking how old I am? SMDH.

LoL, dude you said in BIG CAPS you “NEVER argued that. Not once.” Huh????

Uh you’re trying to backtrack over an argument you CLEARLY forgot lol. Because now you’re suggesting you were saying they weren’t going to do that for sure (gee, you think lol) when your original point was that you NEVER argued it at all.

Yeah I understand English, pretty well. I can tell the difference between denying you said something at all vs how you said it. In your case it was the former chief. ;)

Again, I’m glad you come to your senses with that idiotic argument. You clearly forgot everything you said but yes it was that stupid.

I used caps to emphasize the point. Nowhere did I say in my post you quoted what you claim I did. Repeat.. nowhere. Backtracking on my end is not possible as a result. My original point was that they might not make it available. Then you wonderful trio showed up to claim i said something I never did. So my next argument was tat I never argued what you claimed I was. It’s really not that difficult to follow.

You clearly did not read or understand what you cut and pasted. It’s as simple as that.

“ML31 is the same guy that tried to argue AA won’t keep all the shows up on their site for people to binge watch, based on absolutely nothing but his idiotic theory. ”

“Wow… I don’t know where you get this stuff from. I NEVER argued that. Not once.”

LOL, You don’t remember making this argument at all? What? Man you went on and on and on about it for countless posts. Here, jog your memory.

Here is a nice recap from one your lame arguments in that thread:


Because if CBS’s goal is to build up subscribers and they are planning on showing Trek episodes once a week, it makes way more sense to limit how long previous episodes are available. Why, you ask? Duh… Because this way you FORCE people who would buy the service JUST for Trek to shell out money for a minimum of two months (possibly 3) rather than just buy one month, binge, and cancel. It makes total sense that they do this given how they are operating their service to begin with. They may not with garbage like The Good Fight or Big Brother. But for something that they hope to actually bring in subscribers it seems VERY likely. Given how much people who have streaming love it I just don’t see anything beyond a teeny blip of a backlash for such behavior from them.

May 8, 2017 10:57 am”

You seriously don’t remember making these arguments at all? It was a month ago. Man how OLD are you lol. And yes it was a lame argument, so lame that you realized it and refuting the whole thing. Good, but you still said it multiple times. ;)

Also, his reference to “garbage like the Good Fight” is hilarious since it did bring in Subs and was renewed for a second season by episode 3 I believe. But like all his opinions, if its not something he personally likes or has, he dismisses it.

Your comment is hilarious because when someone says a show it “garbage” most rational people understand it is a subjective opinion. Obviously there are people who watched it’s parent show and some of them followed it. Being renewed in streaming does not necessarily mean what you think it means. There could be all sorts of things behind that that the general public is not privy to. Maybe your assumption is correct. But then again, maybe not.

(Note, this is me behaving like a grown up. Admitting you may be right on something neither of us really know fully about. Would be nice if you could take note of such an attitude. The thread could be a lot shorter.)(unless this is your goal…. Could be for all I know)

No you once again talked out of your ass and look foolish.

You remarked about the odds of success of AA because they just have garbage like the good fight. Now you back track again.

Obviously the good fight brought in subs because 1) it was very quickly renewed 2) they said it did.

Lol. That was literally my first reaction to your comment. To laugh. I continue to act as the mature adult here and you continue to be the impudent child.

Let’s point out more of your errors. I never used the quality of the programming as potential reasons why cbssaa might fail. Not once. Ever. This was you making stuff up again. Like the child getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar making outrageous lies in weak attempts to get away with it.

You don’t know how many subscribers it brings in nor can you fully trust that “they said it did” as a reason for it. That is the height of naïveté. It’s like when a team GM getting canned was a “mutual” decision or when a free agent baseball player says he went to his new team because of any reason other than the money in his new contract. Jeez….

Ummmm so, you’re position of what is garbage and what isn’t and what generates subs and what doesnt should be taken as fact but what CBS itself says, the people who are accountable to their shareholders, should not be. They just lied?? Because if they were lying, they’d lie better than to go with a low number.

Guess they also renewed The Good Fight as part of this crazy lie to convince anonymous idiots on the internet that they are doing better than they are?

HAHAHAHAHA do you even listen to yourself? lol And dont go into sports, you know nothing about anything and I’d school you on that subject too, kid.

Once again, you fail to grasp the most basic concepts. My opinion of what constitutes garbage is my opinion and only my opinion. Most rational thinking humans understand that without having to be spoon fed the obvious. Yes. Believe it or not, public statements made on behalf of giant corporations (gasp) may not be entirely correct. I’m sure that comes as a shock to you. What shareholders hear is NOT what the general public hears dude. They publicly put on s great s face as they can and never air their dirty laundry if they can avoid it.

Dude… I’m not intending this as a put down because I’m petty sure the reality is you are not… but you are arguing like a 9 year old would argue. I know. My kid was nine once. He did the same thing. So I’m thinking you are just someone who gets off making outlandish comments designed to incite anonymous people on the internet just to get your jollies. That is the best and most reasonable conclusion here….

I feel very sorry for your kids.

Whew… If you felt otherwise I would think I might have failed them!

Another clear example of your failure as a human.

Except, ML, you used the criticism of The Good Fight as a shot at CBS and their reliance on Trek to bring in subs since nothing else would, which is untrue.

So again, you have been caught stating something untrue but rather then simply admit you dont know what the Good Fight is or CBS’ comments about its success, you double time on your lies and ignorance.

So now you’re saying The Good Fight is a popular show that generated subs for CBSAA and was quickly renewed but YOU think it’s garbage (you’ve never seen it though, let’s be honest). Also, do you even know what it is…? Probably not but if you did, “garbage” would not be the term you’d use given the acclaim it’s predecessor show enjoyed.

So you are now of the opinion that The Good Fight is CBS’s tent pole production that is expected to bring in the most subscribers? Really? Given your other comments it is not unreasonable that you might think that.

You are also all over the map with your silliness. Not sure even you are keeping track of your own rhetoric any more….

@ML31 – for a guy who gets so hot and bothered that people put words in his mouth (I have shown repeatedly that we are simply quoting you), you sure like to play that game.

When did I say the Good Fight was CBS’s Tent Pole production? Stop lying. You’re a shameful disgrace.

“(I have shown repeatedly that we are simply quoting you)”

You have? How could I have missed that? Do you mind referencing one of the “repeated” instances where you actually quoted me correctly? Should be easy. You just said there have been a lot.

You did not say exactly Good Fight was a tentpole specifically. But you did describe it in such a way that defines what a tentpole is in this business. All but ignoring what Discovery would bring to the table. You need to learn the difference between “lying” and “understanding what words mean”.

Every single quote in my long post quoting you were absolutely accurate. I provided dates. You’re welcome to go look.

You wont because you are classess and shameless and wont admit you were wrong.

Incorrect. Trek IS CBS’s tentpole for CBSAA. It’s just ignorance of the popularity of the two brands to think otherwise. You did not “catch” anything as “untrue”. All you succeeded in is displaying your lack of understanding of the business.

I also never claimed The Good Fight is a popular show. All I said was my opinion of it was very low. And that was based on its source material. I also claimed that Trek was CBSAA’s signature property and what they are relying on to gain the greatest leap in subscribers at the moment.

Your constant misunderstanding has GOT to be intentional. No adult could possibly miss all the painfully obvious ideas that have been presented here. I’ve thought this before and I’m now back on it. You are just playing. You’ve got to be….

Again, you are now contradicting yourself and actually proving my point which is you are so ignorant to facts your head is spinning.

Trek is CBSAA’s tentpole. Clearly. But you described The Good Fight as garbage. When CBS holds it in high esteem (as do many critics). You once admitted you had no idea what it was.

You comment about the business aspects of CBSAA without even knowing anything about it or the programming.

You run your mouth. You’re a cockroach.

Very good. Hopefully you will re-read the comments and perhaps get a better understanding of what was said.

Hahahahahahaha how anal must a guy to be to be confronted by his own BS and still maintain his facade.

There are lies, damn lies and ML!

All that reaction tells me is you either did not rad it, are incapable of reading it or incapable of understanding why you read. I’d wager the later.

LOL its amazing isn’t it. This guy is ridiculous. Now he’s trying to spin his BS by saying he never argued it in a certain way although he clearly argued it. I’m starting to think ML31 works in the Trump White House. ;)

@Tiger2 – yes, he’s a liar. The only reason I’ve continued is to pin him down and see if he was really as shameful and prideless as he seems. Yup, it’s true.

Like why not just admit you’re wrong? lol He’s clearly either really cheap or lower income and that is totally fine. Not everyone can afford great internet or multiple cable/streaming packages or big TV’s etc. But why cant he admit that rather then pretend and be caught looking foolish?

lol. Yeah… you are pinning ME down. That’s rich. How long can you keep that charade up? I guess owning up to your errors two internet strangers is jut harder and harder the more you dig in to your obviously hopeless position.

@ML31 – see my post where I used your own words to prove you’re a liar. You’ve been pinned to the mat for a King King Bundy style 5 count. You’re out. You’ve lost.

I responded to a few posts where you felt you “proved” your case. The problem is, the words you cited did NOT lead to your conclusion. And the only “proof” you offered was your own word that it was a “lie”. Just as you saying “You’ve lost” might be all you need in your world. But everyone else likes to have a thing called “evidence” before they come to conclusions.

I heavily quoted you. Your words.

I did “clearly ” argue that? Yet you can’t show me where I did. I guess there was some invisible post where it was so very clear. How about showing us the post? How about citing the exact line where this happened? Because you can’t. You tried it and it backfired on you. Not really sure why you did what you did but it didn’t come out well for you. You failed to show I said what you claimed I did. Your attempts to distract with silly comments doesn’t work either.

“I wont watch the show unless I can do so on disc. and I wont watch the discs unless I can watch the show first.”

???? I NEVER said that. You are terrible at making stuff up, you know. Do you really think you are fooling ANYONE?

Maybe a lot of shows make their way to discs. But there are many that don’t. It was also not the norm for shows to be streaming only as well. Things change, dude. Funny how you use the “times change and you need to keep up” argument and then turn right around and use the “nothing ever changes” argument for something else.

You are amazingly transparent.

You did, in fact say you’d consider getting it on disc but not before watching it to see if its worth it. You cant even keep your own nonsense straight.

“You did, in fact say you’d consider getting it on disc but not before watching it to see if its worth it. You cant even keep your own nonsense straight.”

Consider me blown away. I actually DID say that. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves you need to be reminded that you took that to mean “I wont watch the show unless I can do so on disc. and I wont watch the discs unless I can watch the show first.”

Which is not the same thing to most of us.

Oh right, you’re going to watch the show. You wont watch it on AA so you’re going to pirate it I guess. The $10 is the price level for you at which you deem it appropriate to steal. I forgot.

Every convenience store in a 100 mile radius of you must have your photo up. Want a slurpee AND a big bag of chips? Whoops, it’s $10, just steal it.

You forgot a lot of things. Including that I don’t know yet if I will be seeing the show or not. I also never once ever mentioned pirating it. Cheating and stealing is not my style. You forgot that too.

According to you, I steal from my friends when they actually hand things over to me and say, “here. Go ahead and use it”. But then, that is you. Not the rest of the world.

Yes you said you’re friends are considering buying one account and sharing it. Thus stealing.

Don’t even talk about the show. You have no intention of paying for it. So you have no right to even discuss it.

It was being considered. If they allow multiple users like Netflix does… NOT stealing. Except to you.

I can talk about whatever l like. Even when appropriate to do so. Like my comments in this thread. You are too. The difference is you do it even when not appropriate.

Netflix allows multiple users because the intent is a household account. Not a group of friends too cheap to pay for a product.

Many streaming services have dealt with this in different ways – balancing the need to allow multiple screens with restricting ones ability to steal the service.

You probably shoplift too, with the defense “well, if the shopkeep isnt watching me, then why shouldnt I”.

And now you are speaking on behalf of a company you know nothing about. Nice. But then, we’ve been over this. You think doing something that is completely allowable and known about is stealing. You think lending things to your friends is stealing. We know this. No need to keep beating that horse. It died a long time ago.

So I cannot express what is clearly known or else its “speaking on behalf of a company” but you can freely steal their service and claim its perfectly fine…are you speaking for the company?

Oh thats right, its just like borrowing a rake. lol

If it is indeed factual and verifiable, then please by all means express it. Just as I did when I mentioned the agreement with Netflix.

To most of us, doing something that is totally allowable within the terms of the agreement is completely on on the level. Sharing one’s netflix account is the same as sharing your rake. Even more so IF there were an agreement when you bought the rake says you can only rake 4 different yards with it. So long as you, or someone you personally allow, do not rake more than 4 yards, it is completely within your rights per the agreement.

When Netflix allows 2 screens (or 4) it is meant for the same customer to use among their devices or house hold. Not so cheap whiners on the internet can steal their service.

You literally have no right to complain about anything since you’re a thief and a liar.

Why even keep discussing Discovery when your only intent is to try and steal the program. And even then you’re not committed to doing that. You might simply not watch. But you will complain.

Lol you apparently say a LOT of things you don’t remember. ;)

Have to get your memory checked man. That was said like a day or so apart.

I have forgotten nothing. It is you who either forgot what was said or just never understood what was said. There is no shame is asking me to explain further if you are not getting it. I will do my best to reword it or try and make it a little simpler.

If you have a medical condition that’s one thing. But you have repeatedly lied and changed your position. Grow up.

Typical. Not addressing anything. Just some grade school put down. Obviously you have no shame in displaying your ignorance to whatever few are even still perusing this thread. But then, that was made obvious ages ago.

Again, I refer you to being shameful so then you use the word back later. Why do you parrot what other people say? Why not stop with the silliness and engage in a relevant discussion?

You keep lying. Admit you were wrong about NEtflix and streaming quality and stop whining about how CBS is out to get you because they expect you to pay for their product.

That was even weaker than usual. Getting tired? Get more sleep. You got plenty of time on your hands….

So you wont admit you were wrong? Okay. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

I’ve admitted I was wrong when presented with verifiable evidence. For example, I was wrong months ago when I first claimed there was no way to watch DSC on TV in the USA. It was later pointed out to me it was possible, but you had to jump though an extra hoop to do it.

Can you come up with an instance in this subject where you can admit to being wrong? It just doesn’t seem to be in your DNA. Keep digging that hole you referenced.

I fully quoted you. With dates. You refuse to admit you’re wrong.

You claim all streaming sucks. Numerous people have told you you’re wrong.

I just watched a glorious 4K program in Dolby Vision courtesy of Netflix. No buffering whatsoever. NONE.

But since yours buffers, how is it mine doesnt? If the poor Netflix you experience is due to the technology?

Are you ready to admit its your Internet?

Dude you ADMIT you forgot something in this thread….did you forget that too lol.

Didn’t forget anything. Have you forgotten how wrong you are? Probably not. I’m guesssing it’s just embarrassment after that cut and paste fiasco you did. Didn’t work out as well as you might have thought. You didn’t read the post through. Don’t get mad at me for that. Look inward on that one.

@ML31 – I’ve shown you have “forgotten” a lot. Lied more likely.

You got very angry about me mentioning something you wrote, claiming it was “so long ago” and I used the “wayback machine” when the two statements were two days apart. lol

Your memory is not reliable, my friend.

Seems to be better than yours… You cannot even mention what those posts were about. I recall it but want to see if you can get it right. (I honestly do not think you will)

I quoted those posts. I even noted that readers should look at the dates. It was fun embarrassing you.

Of course, you couldn’t even remember a post you made two days earlier so its no surprise you’re claiming you never made the quoted posts.

You’re a classless individual.

“Agreed. This age of “everything has to be free and easy” is silly. ”

I don’t recall anyone saying that. Sounds like millennial whining to me but no one here has been saying they want it for free. You are making that up.

Holly cow… You can’t just let it go. Why do you keep pretending I don’t have a netflix account? Why do you get off complaining about how many good friends strangers on the internet have? Why is that such a thing with you? Is it really envy? Dude… I have my own account and a friend shares hers with me. My kid has friends that share with them, too.

Your analogy is silly and makes no sense. What it IS like is complaining that someone in a neighboring country gets something delivered to their house quite easy while we have to jump though a bunch of hoops and get a lesser quality product when we do. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Because you have stayed quite plainly that you use someone else’s Netflix account.

You further stated that streaming technology is not able to deliver a product on HD without consistent buffering and audio issues. Which is completely untrue.

You also stayed that AA would not deliver quality video & audio despite never having seen it. And when someone came along and told you they watch AA and the quality is good you ignored that person and continued pushing your agenda of whining about this because you won’t get it for free.

And that’s your goal. You want it for free (through using your friends Netflix stream) or cheap (by getting a Blu Ray in the mail same day it’s released live).

So many people have tried to educate you or at least let you know how stupid you look. You refuse to let it go.

“Because you have stayed quite plainly that you use someone else’s Netflix account. ”

That doesn’t mean I don’t have one myself. There is no logic in your conclusions.

“You further stated that streaming technology is not able to deliver a product on HD without consistent buffering and audio issues. Which is completely untrue. ”

Incorrect. It is completely true.

“You also stayed that AA would not deliver quality video & audio despite never having seen it.”

Again… Untrue.

“And that’s your goal. You want it for free (through using your friends Netflix stream) or cheap (by getting a Blu Ray in the mail same day it’s released live). ”

Another falsehood on your part. I never said I want it streaming on Netflix. Not once. I still prefer the discs. Which I NEVER claimed I wanted to be available on the same day the show comes out. You made that up. Nearly everything you have said on this matter has been debunked. Yet you continue to not let this drop and keep insisting your lies are true. You have issues, chief.

ML are you challenged in some way? To come here and claim that streaming technology cannot deliver quality HD video and audio is absurd. Especially when, while you’re typing that nonsense, I was watching crystal clear video and surround sound audio, streaming Netflix to my TV.

Want 4K? No problem, you can stream that too. ZERO buffering issues. ZERO delays. I just binged OITNB. Im watching House of Cards.

Why do you lie?

People have done you the favour of explaining this – if YOU are having issues with Netflix, its quite possibly, in fact probable that the issue is YOUR Internet. Call your Internet provider.

If the majority of people who watch Netflix have no issues, but YOU do, that doesnt mean streaming technology is bad. It means you’re not smart enough to figure out YOUR issues.

*Bangs head against wall*

Discovery will be released on disc eventually. Just like all popular shows. If it’s not Netflix, you will be able to walk into Best Buy or go on Amazon.

Ofcourse, thats not what you want. You want to pay $7 and “rent” the whole series. Well, for about 20 years I’ve wanted to nail Alyssa Milano. We cant always get what we want.

Grow up.

Dude… That fact is streaming is inferior to discs and even piping it in through cable. In many ways included extras. But that has been said over and over and you still aren’t getting it. Again you bring up 4K for no reason. Great that you love streaming. We get it. It is your preferred method. Not everyone wants the limitations of streaming. Something you just aren’t understanding. Is it because you are mentally incapable of understanding that someone might be, god forbid, DIFFERENT from you?

This is an endless cycle because you will not allow for it to go forward. The problem, again, is NOT the internet. Everything on line works fine. My ISP works great and have precious few issues. So that is settled. I’d ask you to not bring it up again but we both know that is impossible for you.

You say it will for sure be released on disc when we don’t know that for sure. First, not everything is. And 2nd, just because that was the case does not mean it will continue to be the case. Not with the media changing the way it has been. And finally, I have said over and over I don’t want to BUY the GD discs! Jeez…. I’m talking to the proverbial brick wall here…

I know we cannot get what we want. I really want an intelligent and adult response from you. And I’m just not getting it. And I need to learn that I never will.

@ML – no, you’re wrong. I have a vast Blu Ray collection. I LOVE watching and collecting discs.

But I’d be an idiot to whine about streaming technology. Netflix provides better than broadcast quality. So what, you dont watch TV at all? You wait for discs for everything?

You’re whining about DSC not being on TV. And then falsely claim streaming technology doesnt allow for quality content. When the truth is, Netflix delivers better than broadcast TV quality and one can surmise AA will or will eventually. Others have told you they watch AA and the quality is good.

But you, having not seen it, still complain.

But my issue is not that you’re too cheap to get AA. Its that you are lying about things to criticism CBS. First you want to see it on broadcast TV. Then you complain streaming technology, primarily Netflix, isnt good enough even though its better than broadcast.

The average person wont tell the difference between HD/UHD on Netflix vs a blu ray disc. And I find it hard to believe you have a TV and sound system that allows you to see the difference since you openly admit to using your friend’ Netflix, admitted you might go into a HULU (or whatever) service with a group of friends. You’re cheap and you dont want to pay for Trek. So dont watch.

“@ML – no, you’re wrong. I have a vast Blu Ray collection. I LOVE watching and collecting discs. ”

Not saying it’s not true (like you do to me) but it does tend to go against nearly all you have said about where the business is heading and the tech moving forward and such….

” Netflix provides better than broadcast quality. So what, you dont watch TV at all? You wait for discs for everything? ”

Except they don’t. Discs are still superior and while the streaming has gotten better there are still a number of elements you get from sat/cable that work a billion times better than streaming does. Not that this will matter to you. I know you are going to deny it. So why waste your time actually doing so?

“But you, having not seen it, still complain.”

Unless CBSAA plan on using some sort of special proprietary new tech currently not available to anyone else there is no reason to think their streaming will be of better quality than what is already out there. Are they going to use some sort of new tech?

” admitted you might go into a HULU (or whatever) service with a group of friends. ”

I guess this might be considered a start… I never said I would go into any streaming service with a group of friends. I DID, however, say I would go into CBSAA just for Trek with a group of friends only for the time they are streaming the show. So you did kinda sorta read what I wrote. You just had a difficult time comprehending it. Better than pulling unrelated stuff out of thin air like you have been doing…

And I would imagine you have a level at which you will not pay either. Everyone does. Believe it or not, we all have subjective levels of which we personally decide something is just not worth it. Some think spending $80,000 on a Tesla is totally worth it. Others might think it outrageous to spend that kind of money on just a car. If that were you, you would say anyone who doesn’t is “cheap”.

And again the disclaimer… I do not expect you to actually comprehend anything I am saying here. Would be nice if you did, however.

You’re lying.

“Discs are still superior and while the streaming has gotten better there are still a number of elements you get from sat/cable that work a billion times better than streaming does. ”

I said Netflix is better than broadcast. Now there are some areas that have 4K broadcast but its not wide. So your point is a complete lie. You’re trying to take my statement and argue that discs are superior. I said Netflix is better than Broadcast. Streaming is offering HDR as well. You cant argue with me so you begin arguing a different point.

As for being a billion times better, the fact is, you are ignorant to streaming technology. You’re knowledge is limited to occasionally watching Netflix using an Internet their that is too low to do it justice. Which is a YOU problem not a Netflix problem.

“Unless CBSAA plan on using some sort of special proprietary new tech currently not available to anyone else there is no reason to think their streaming will be of better quality than what is already out there.”

So potentially 4K with surround sound? Oh how dare they. But yes, you wait for the discs so you can watch it in 4K with surround sound since 4K with surround sound is so much better than 4K with surround sound *rolls eyes*

“I DID, however, say I would go into CBSAA just for Trek with a group of friends only for the time they are streaming the show.”

How dare you whine this much about a product you have no intention of paying for. If you steal a car, you dont get to complain about the mileage.

“And I would imagine you have a level at which you will not pay either. ”

yes and $10 isnt it. Especially if I kept whining about how I want the BEST quality video and audio. That would leave people with the idea I was willing to pay for it. You want the best video and audio without paying for it. You’re a thief. Of Star Trek and joy.

“I said Netflix is better than broadcast.”

Ahh… You have now added a disclaimer that previously was not there. The way that sentence should have been written was, “I made a mistake. I MEANT it’s better than broadcast. Not discs” While they may be closer in picture quality the controls of that content are still far better in broadcast. Which is important to me. Perhaps not to some others.

“Which is a YOU problem not a Netflix problem.”

Again, I never said it was a Netflix problem. Still have no idea why you keep going there.

““And I would imagine you have a level at which you will not pay either. ”

yes ”

According to your own words… That makes you a thief, thief.

Don’t blame me if you can’t read or have poor comprehension. You responded to my point that Netflix was better than broadcast. If you want to play games, at least have the balls to admit you were wrong.

The controls of the content? What does that even mean? Scrolling through channels? How is that any better/worse than using Netflix? Good God you come up with the stupidest things to try and justify your idiotic points.

Next you will be saying you dont like the red/white colour scheme of Netflix so all streaming technology is bad.

“Again, I never said it was a Netflix problem. Still have no idea why you keep going there. ”

YOU REPEATEDLY CLAIM STREAMING TECH SUCKS! You have stated that numerous times! You repeatedly used your own experience of buffering and lagging to support that. Are you admitting you lied?

“According to your own words… That makes you a thief, thief.”

No, genius, it means if something surpasses a level by which I won’t pay, I wont buy it or steal it. The fact you think everyone has a point at which they will simply steal that which they want but cannot afford is ridiculous but not surprising.

How can you claim to be a Star Trek fan on this forum while admitting you want to steal the content? Sad!

“Don’t blame me if you can’t read or have poor comprehension.”

Once again, you are using the “I know you are but what am I” response. I have told you endlessly you are not understanding what is being said. As well as that it is not my fault you aren’t getting the simplest concepts. I have been clearing things up for you for ages it seems but it seems clear you have zero intention having actual conversations about this. You’d rather cry and moan and make things up.

” Good God you come up with the stupidest things”

Yes. Because YOU don’t understand then it is a “stupid” thing. No no… Don’t just ask, “what do you mean when you say…. “. That would actually be civil. You just run to “you are stupid”. How mature of you. I could clarify it but I honestly don’t think you are interested.


Dude… I have. But how is NETFLIX responsible for that? They didn’t invent streaming tech. They merely use it. And they are one of MANY streaming providers. Yet for some reason you are thinking I think they are all great but it is NETFLIX and ONLY Netflix that sucks. I don’t even want to know what twisted logic you used to come up with that beauty.

“No, genius, it means if something surpasses a level by which I won’t pay, I wont buy it ”

Except… Earlier you said that was the very definition you use for determining what stealing is. Your words. Not mine.

” The fact you think everyone has a point at which they will simply steal that which they want but cannot afford is ridiculous but not surprising. ”

So wrong. That is NOT what I said. I said everyone has a point at which they are willing to pay. You were the one who added on that they would “steal” at that point. No me. It was implied that they just won’t buy. You bring up stealing a lot. Why do you always go there? Feeling guilty about something perhaps?

Why do you parrot what other people say? Is there something wrong with you?

You’re the one that claimed Netflix sucked. You’re the one that said all streaming as a technology was not good. You’re trying to backtrack now because you look absolutely ridiculous but you’re the one that made those statements.

Have the balls to stand behind what you said or admit you were wrong, tough guy.

I haven’t parroted anything. Not anything you have said at least.

Again, I never claimed Netflix sucks. Go find me a post where I said that. Hint… you won’t because you can’t.

I haven’t backtracked on anything. That is you desperately trying to throw anything you can desperately trying to hit something. You could not possibly be further off target.

You are also all over the map. In one post you are ripping me for continuing to say what I am saying (facts and the truth) and then you turn around and rip me for not standing behind what I said.

Dude, I have always stood behind what I have said. Have been known to admit what I don’t know and admit when proved to be wrong. It’s what grown ups do. One day you might learn that. Maybe.

Good God – I wish I had the time to go back and find you’re posts about Netflix. In fact, it was in this thread where you said streaming “sucks”. It was a previously thread when you went off about Netflix.

You’re a liar though. Aren’t you a parent? Is that what you teach your kids? lie and lie and lie and deny, deny, deny? Shameful. Zero pride.

Yeah, Nice excuse. You say that because it’s an impossible task. Such comments by me do not exist. You know it, Mr Flanagan.

Silence. That’s what I figured.

Actually, Rocket Scientist, I already quoted you. You have repeatedly said your Netflix does not function well, that all streaming tech is the same and that streaming tech “sucks”.

So you’ve been schooled, educated, embarrassed etc. You have ZERO shame. My God, youd garner so much more respect if you’d simply admit you were wrong.

The fact you’d see your own words quoted with friggen dates and deny its you is the height of ignorance.

Please cite for me where I said I get the discs a week after they air. Read a little more closely and you will see what was actually said.

It will be available on disc afterward– all streaming shows are. So my comment was *sarcasm* (because you need to read a little more closely) intended to show how ridiculous you being upset by this is.

Your complaints about it being on CBSAA are just plan idiotic. Customers have to pay for Netflix, you pay for Hulu, you pay for Amazon, pay for cable, pay for premium channels like HBO– you’re just mad it’s not on a service you don’t already get.


Thank you! People act like someone is getting a sweet deal with Discovery as if they are getting it for free. EVERYWHERE its being shown its on a pay wall. Everywhere. Yes if you ALREADY have Netflix it feels like a steal but not EVERYONE has Netflix either. Whats funny is in most of the world Netflix doesn’t have the library it does in America, Australia and parts of Europe. Its still considered pretty expensive channel with a much smaller library and here people think its some kind of advantage.

Why do people think Netflix bent over backwards to even get Discovery to distribute overseas? Because most of their library is pretty thin in a lot of the world and so they need more exclusive content to attract newcomers. And if you don’t have Netflix its no different than if you don’t have CBSAA. Same for the others, you have to pay for ALL of them.

And yeah, not every show or movie is going to be included on the sites you happen to already have. This is the lamest argument of all of them. Marvel is making a TV show, Runaways, on Hulu. But wait a minute, why is it not on Netflix???? Or ABC??? They already have tons of Marvel shows on Netflix and ABC. Hey I have Netflix and ABC, not Hulu, so why isn’t it on those??? Why is Disney trying to screw me? You have to pay for Hulu now just to watch one more Marvel show?

Yes, yes you do. And are people MOANING about it like they are this show and CBSAA? No. Because this is how it is. And guess what kids, how it will BE, so get use to it or simply don’t watch. No one is begging anyone to watch it. But the constant whining because a company DARES to make their own site to put their own intellectual property on is not to make your life hard, its a business decision and smart one.


Dude.. you THINK you know what is going on here but it is perfectly clear that you do not. It’s not about paying. That has been explained ad nauseum. It has been dumbed down as much as possible. You aren’t getting and you probably never will. Best to just drop it and get over that not everyone thinks like you do. People have subjective values. What shock!

Dude get over it. I mean look at the replies. You are coming off idiotic for a reason. Yes its been explained ‘ad naseum’ and here you are ONCE AGAIN moaning about something you can’t just seem to accept. No one is telling you you HAVE to but thats the way it is.

CBS isn’t trying to screw you over, its trying to create a new business model for itself which it has every right to do that. No one is saying you have to accept it but stop moaning about it as if they are doing something evil. They own Star Trek. They own AA. It makes perfect sense why its being done even if others like yourself are not happy about it.

And you are telling other people to ‘drop it’ lol. That’s rich. No one is telling you to think like anyone. What we’re saying is if you can’t accept AA and the format and you obviously can’t, then just MOVE ON and stop moaning about it like a kid already. Its not going to be on Netflix, its on CBSAA, deal with it already.

Tiger… yes. The replies show how blind a few anonymous internet people can be. Thank you for pointing that out. You are part of the reason it has been explained over and over. It’s been explained and dumbed down as much as possible and you and your pals STILL aren’t understanding. I honestly have no idea why such basic concepts are so difficult for you to grasp. All I can offer at this point is to look up the archival threads and read my comments very slowly. Maybe it will sink in.

Alas you are attributing comments to me I never made. I never mentioned anything about CBS screwing anyone. Again, you need to pay closer attention.

You may not have been telling me to think like yourself. But others for sure have been. It’s funny that you find it “rich” that I suggest you guys drop it. You are the ones mainly responsible for this. I just made a simple comment you were incapable of ignoring. Talk about acing like a 12 year old…..

Ok fine man. Bygones.


“Ok fine man. Bygones.”

Handshake accepted. With you at least, moving on. Thanks.

LOL YOU need to move on man. Everyone here has accepted it being on AA but the old men shouting at the sky their life is ruined over it.

I was trying to be civil here but I find it hilarious you keep saying ‘move on’ as if *I* have the issue. The only reason we are talking about this is because YOU bought it up…AGAIN!!! And on a page that has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with the issue of streaming in the first place.

So you throw it out there anyway because you have whine about it for the 42nd time, then shocked when you get push back? Then why bring it up at all? Are you really shocked?

This is what is funny, everyone will have ‘moved on’ if you stop bringing it up everywhere. If you at least brought it up in a suitable article would be one thing, but you didn’t right? And what’s more funny is no one BUT you on this page complained about it. You are the only one to bring it up at all. Not even that Enter Prize guy and his dozen sock puppets hasn’t showed up to derail the page how the show was going to fail for being on AA and a prequel.

So again, if you want others to ‘move on’, why don’t you stop whining about it everywhere and people will. ;)

“Everyone here has accepted it being on AA ”

No, a few here have. And it’s not even accepted. It’s more like happy because this seems to be their preferred method.

“I was trying to be civil here but I find it hilarious you keep saying ‘move on’ as if *I* have the issue. ”

You were… I even accepted your e handshake. But I guess it wasn’t sincere on your part because… Here we are. You just not letting it go. Again.

“The only reason we are talking about this is because YOU bought it up”

Incorrect. We are talking about it because you and a couple of others are incapable of letting small comments about something said in an article go. I’m not shocked what was said caused a response. I’m a little shocked that a few cannot let things go. That they feel that small comment was some sort of personal attack on their very way of life that they MUST retaliate at all costs. Even distorting facts to do it.

“This is what is funny, everyone will have ‘moved on’ if you stop bringing it up everywhere.”

A. The few here who keep responding obviously haven’t or will not “move on”. And B. I only responded to what was said in the article. If you have a problem with that then take it up with the article’s author. Not with me.

What bothered me is you telling ME to move on, as if I’m the one with the issue here lol. You moaning on and on and on about this is the one who can’t seem to accept something that is pretty trivial at the end of the day.

And people only responded because YOU brought it up lol. Unbelievable. You sound like Trump, he says something left field that no one was even thinking about until he said it and then gets upset that others keep bringing up something HE brought up and the only reason its being discussed in the first place. You’re on a message board man, if you didn’t want responses WHY bring it up at all?????

The article simply stated where you can watch the show, which everyone here has known about for well over a year at this point. The actual article was about something else entirely. You just wanted to vent about it for the umpteenth time.

“Oh wait, is ML31 upset Discovery is being put on AA and not on TV…that’s news to none of us whose been here longer than a week.”

Everyone knows it. Stop sounding like a child about it. If you don’t want to watch it on AA, fine, don’t, stop crying about it.

Tiger, I’m sorry you are bothered by being told to move on but that is kinda sorta on you. I cannot control you.

Yes, I made a comment from something that appeared in the article and a few others couldn’t just leave it with a response to that subject. They HAD to take it down a path we have all been down before. Again, not my doing. Except that I was a willing passenger on that train to oblivion. Not that driver. And it’s not that I’m not interested in responses. I’m not interested in the same old BS that was hashed out over and over already. You have something new to add, OK I guess. But you and your pals haven’t done that. You keep with the same thing and you absolutely cannot let sleeping dogs lie. You just HAVE to stir the pot.

Regarding my initial comment, I have never made that assessment before. And it felt appropriate to make it. If you don’t like what you have devolved the thread into then why respond to begin with? Sorry, chief. But that is on you, too. You are crying and moaning about something that is of your own making. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”.

WTF YOU need to move on man, this is the issue. No one agrees you, no one is moaning about it, JUST YOU!

You bring it up all the time, period. And stop saying ‘my pals’ I don’t know these people anymore than I know you. We only agree you have become annoying and obsessed with AA to the point of sounding childish over it.

And yes I responded because of your silly claim in your OP: “a reminder of how irritating it is that the show is easier to see in Canada than it is in the USA.”

LOL thats not remotely true man. If you don’t have that cable channel (or cable in general) how is it easier?? You never even registered for AA, so WTF are you talking about? Do you even live in Canada and get that station so how how would you know?

Maybe if this was 1997 and not 2017 you may have a point. Today when EVERYONE has computers, phones and tablets its no less harder than watching anything on TV IF you have to order it. Whats funny is this constant need to find some negativity with AA. Its always some weird angle how everyone is getting screwed. So on that basis alone is why I spoke up and why you should really get over it.

So I’m refuting your silly claim like everyone else.

“No one agrees you, ”

I’m sure you WISH that were the case so much that you put it out there as if it were fact. The fact is, three people here disagree with me. But in other threads have have had multiple people agree and also here in the real world there are a number who do as well. I’m not so arrogant to think that the whole world thinks like I do on the matter. Far from it. But the fact is, there are plenty who agree on this matter whether you like it or not.

“You bring it up all the time, period. And stop saying ‘my pals’ I”

Incorrect. It only seems like that to you because you are incapable of dropping it. I call them your “pals” in that they are your only allies here. You are taking that comment a lot more personally than I though you would.

“thats not remotely true man. ”

Just because you say so doesn’t mean it is. You want to use this site? Back when this was announced there was a TON of people saying the exact same thing. About how much easier it was to get this show in Canada than in the US.

” Do you even live in Canada and get that station so how how would you know?”

Because I can read and actually comprehend what I am reading.

” Its always some weird angle how everyone is getting screwed. ”

That is a term you keep using. I never once said that. Maybe we can strike a deal… I stop calling those other two your “pals” and you stop making up stuff and claim it came from me? I knew you backed out of your peace offer before but I’m willing to give you a 2nd chance…

Oh, and you can refute all you like. I have already refuted what you are refuting. Care to offer anything new or are you going to just keep the wheel spinning without going forward again?

Yes, people here are really jumping to agree with you.

The problem is, even if someone agreed that they dont like the show being on All Access, your points are so silly, no one will support them.

“Yes, people here are really jumping to agree with you.”

I have gotten support here. You just aren’t remembering it. I’ve also gotten support in the real world. Among people I actually speak to. Face to face.

“The problem is, even if someone agreed that they dont like the show being on All Access, your points are so silly, no one will support them.”

Except you are wrong. Those same points were made and they were indeed supported. Go look at old threads. I’ll wait. (fully expecting nothing but the standard unsubstantiated BS in return)

Support in the real world? You mean your pals, the people like you who want a high quality Trek series but dont want to pay for it? “Hey lets all go in on a HULU membership and pay $0.60 a month each, its almost worth it”.

What size/type TV do you have? What’s your surround system like?

“Support in the real world?”

Yes. That is, the non-internet world. Where I actually meet and talk to people face to face at work, the ball park, friends and family, who don’t always agree with me on everything. Not everyone I know DOES agree with me on this issue. But I know many who do. That is the real world. I’m sorry you don’t understand this. I truly am starting to feel a little pity here…

So all your friends in the real world are running up to you to provide silkworm for you for your statements on this site? Suuuuuurrrrrrrrreeeeee lol

Besides you specifically said “I have gotten support HERE”. Now you claim you meant “in the real world”.


What? I personally do not know anyone on this site. Just because the only people you talk to might be e-people doesn’t mean that is how everyone else is.

And yes, I have gotten support here. As in, this site. You three are not the only people who write things on the site. This thread is not reperesentative of everyone. Not even close. But even if i didn’t it wouldn’t disavow anything I have said. Again, I do not subscribe to wikiality.

Yes, again, all your “real world” friends who dont post here are lined up to support your statements made here. Sure. We already know you’re a liar.

Can you explain to me why people who choose not to post things on line should suddenly decide they want to post things on line? Just for your amusement? I think they need greater motivation than that to change their take on internet threads….

Its you’re fall back. When so many people here tell you you’re wrong, your defense mechanism is to say “yeah but my friends who dont post here tell me Im right”

Its an obvious lie. And since you’ve been caught lying numerous times already, it’s easy to accept that you simply lie.

Is this the way you teach your kids to act? When you’re wrong, just keep lying?

@ML – YOU keep bringing it up. Dont get mad because some of us dont let your crap slide by unchallenged.

You were educated about your internet issues, streaming technology, quality of AA and basic common sense and you still spout the same nonsense as though it were fact.

TUP… I’m not the one who is mad. Based on the language you have been using it seems you are the one who cannot contain your anger.

That facts have been presented to you over and over. But I cannot force you to open your eyes to perceive them. That is your own doing. Not mine. Man up. Take some responsibility for your own actions. (He pleads fully expecthing TUP to remain TUP)

@ML – you’re so childish. You dont even know what you’re discussing anymore.

You repeatedly stated YOUR Netflix isnt very good and have extrapolated that to mean the technology isnt very good. We’ve all told you that yur experiences are not the norm. Why can’t you admit that?

“you’re so childish. You dont even know what you’re discussing anymore.”

Says the person who makes stuff constantly and attributes comments to others that they never said. How charming of you.

“You repeatedly stated YOUR Netflix isnt very good and have extrapolated that to mean the technology isnt very good. ”

Nope. I never said that. I said streaming tech is not up to par of other outlets. And YOU extrapolated that to mean Netflix and only Netflix was the problem of that.

And I don’t know who “we all” are. You and your two internet pals don’t really fit that bill….

ML, you absolutely said your Netflix consistently buffers and is of poor quality. I recall this vividly because I recounted a story that about two years ago I experienced issues with lagging wifi and when I called my Internet provider they indicated I had the same tier for almost a decade. Bumped up the speed and never an issue.

Just today (or yesterday) you referred to netflix as “sucks”. You stated disc based media is “billions” times better.

You really have no clue what you’re talking about.

Further, you’ve repeatedly claimed streaming tech cannot deliver top quality. You’ve never qualified that by suggesting specific services are poor. You’ve been very general. I use Netflix because Im most familiar with it and it delivers 4K video which is more than you claim you want yet you continue to lie about the technology for some reason.

Do you admit that streaming technology can allow for 4K, HDR, surround sound?

AND, ML, you repeated it again a moment ago, that you do not use netflix due to buffering.

That’s YOUR internet issue, not Netflix (or more accurately, whomever you’re stealing internet from).

Wash, rinse, repeat… Instead of actually addressing what was said you just go back and repeat it as if my responses were never made. Many many times.

You always pretend the things you said never happened.

If it was pr tending why not prove me wrong? Why not go find the post where I allegedly said what you claim I did? Answer… you can’t. Because it doesn’t exist. You know it. I know it. Anyone unfortunate enough to follow this thread knows it. Why keep up the charade? Is your ego really that fragile?

You really want to lie and say you never said your Netflix repeatedly buffered and you used that as an example of why streaming tech wasn’t good?

Oh boy…okay, whatever. You’re a classless, clueless, lying piece of work then. Really disappointed to see that you’d simply lie like this. Have some pride.

No. I need you to tell the truth and admit you fabricated the ide a that I blamed Netflix for the current state of streaming tech. What you said in the above post is indeed what I have said. But nowhere in there am I blaming Netflix. I think you know this but either can’t bring yourself to admit it or are keeping this going because you get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.

@ML31 – stop splitting hairs. Netflix is the leader in streaming (and the service you’ve admitted using) so it stands to reason we can discuss Netflix when discussing streaming.

You’ve repeatedly said streaming tech doesnt work properly and used Netflix as the example. You dont get to trash Netflix when it serves your purpose and also pretend like people are putting words in your mouth.

Fact is, you wanting to make your criticisms MORE general to ALL streaming services hurts your argument and makes you look even more foolish.

“@ML31 – stop splitting hairs. Netflix is the leader in streaming (and the service you’ve admitted using) so it stands to reason we can discuss Netflix when discussing streaming.”

It’s not splitting hairs at all. All streaming services use the current tech.

Once again, I never trashed Netflix in the example you site. I trashed the tech that Netflix (and everyone else) uses. If I’m driving a car with the best suspension possible and drive on a crappy road, I’m going to blame the road. Not the suspension I happen to be using. That would be foolish. I’ve reminded you of this over and over and yet you still cling to that amazingly illogical conclusion. Is it because you have said it so many times that you just are afraid to admit it was silly at this point? Or are you, and I think this is more likely, just screwing with me for your own enjoyment?

Only a raging idiot would think all streaming services are created equally. They are different, often competing businesses, and employ different providers. As I noted. You know, like I provided actually facts not stupid moronic “by Netflix doesnt work” BS.

Did you get your Internet checked yet? No you didnt because you are a 12 year old who doesnt understand how it works.

Grow up.

Why are you ignoring my list of questions a couple of posts up, ML31? Is it because you know they are all true?

This is important. If you’re going to engage in discussion, you really cant lie about it. We deserve to show that we were being honest and you were not. A simple “yes” or “no” to the list would be sufficient.

Thank you

I haven’t ignored your questions. I’ve addressed each and every one of them. The only time I avoid answering is when I tell you it was already addressed. You want to discuss the answer? Go back, read my response, then talk about it. Only then can the discussion move forward. Repeating the same thing over and over doesn’t do it.

You telling the truth would be a good start. You simply wont admit you have been wrong. Its actually hilarious that you’ve been sitting at home stewing over how lousy streaming technology is when the fact is, its actually AMAZING and you have an old Internet plan and wont even accept it.

How many times have you complained about streaming to people and they snicker and day “uh yeah, I hear ya” lol

First, I have been telling you the truth from the start. The only reason you think otherwise is because it flies in the face of what you wish were the case (or because you are just playing).

My internet plan is not old. My ISP is performing quite well. Told you this before. Streaming has improved but it still is not as good as I can get with BD. That is a concept supported not just by me. But by many in the know in the industry and who report on the industry. No one snickers when we talk about it. Not that you will accept truth. You will continue to believe what you wish to believe no matter what. So no reason for any of this to go on. Unless you wish to continue your play time.

No, you liar. I QUOTED you and you not only seem to have a very convenient memory loss but when faced with ACTUAL quotes, you wont admit it.

They are all dated. Go look. What a lying classless person you are.

“ML, you absolutely said your Netflix consistently buffers and is of poor quality.”

You are a dog chasing it’s own tail. This has been covered already. Many times. Why are you incapable of moving forward? Yes, I said I noticed it when watching netflix. But I NEVER blamed it on Netflix. That would be idiotic. It’s like blaming the car maker for a bad ride when the road is of very poor quality. Netflix is the car. Streaming tech is the bumpy road.

“Just today (or yesterday) you referred to netflix as “sucks”. You stated disc based media is “billions” times better.”

I said “streaming tech sucks”. Not Netflix. And sorry for using a tried and true writing element where one exaggerates to make a point. Most people understand that if you say “Nobody showed up at the game” doesn’t mean literally there were ZERO people there. It means there was a much much smaller crowd than one might think there. It’s a writing device that I will TRY to not use with you since you do not understand it. If I do it again to you I apologize in advance. But will try not to.

“You’ve never qualified that by suggesting specific services are poor. ”

Nope. I DID qualify it. Did it yet again just today. Go find it. It’s there.

No, you are lying. absolutely lying.

You complained about DSC being offered on streaming saying the technology sucked. (Mind you you made that sweeping statement without ever having used CBSAA).

When called out you offers evidence of poor steaming tech by claiming your Netflix consistently buffered.

Repeatedly you stated that. You further said you’d watch Netflix more if it was more reliable

When myself and others tried to explain to you that your symptoms sound more related to your service provider than Netflix you doubled down by insisting that it was Netflix.

Now you out and out lie. We can at least take comfort in the fact you feel you must lie, meaning you know know you were wrong.

But you are so ignorant and lacking character that you simply cannot admit it.

Not only are you a thief, you’re a liar. What a wonderful example you are. Shame.

Just because you say I’m lying doesn’t mean I am. It helps if you actually cite where I contradicted myself. Yet you NEVER do.

I did indeed question the quality of streaming and was bothered that the only way to get dsc was to stream it. Yes. Give yourself a cookie. You got at one right.

You also got it right that when watching Netflix it had delayed action controls and in general lower quality.

This is where your getting things right ends. When told it could be my isp I mentioned that I don’t have issues with anything else. So it seems unlikely it’s my internet. I NEVER made the foolish conclusion it was Netflix. That was concocted (made up) by you and only you.

Then you tell me I lied again but you fail to be able to say what it was I allegedly lied about. If your accusations had ANY kind of support you would display it. Instead we get accusations with zero to back them up. You know it. I know it. Everyone here knows it. You aren’t helping your case here.

No, Ml, you’re back tracking now which is evidence you know you’ve been caught. You did not express that steaming was lower quality, you flat out stated that you did not watch Netflix because it repeatedly buffered and you used that as evidence that streaming tech was not yet up to snuff.

In fact, that remark got other responses from people incredulous at your ignorance.

Be a man and admit you said it and were wrong. You have an internet issue, not a streaming technology issue.

You still refuse to reveal what sort of TV/surround sound set up you have because you know if you did so (honestly) it would reveal that you dont have the set up to tell the difference between streaming’s best quality and a Blu Ray.

I, on the other hand, do. And from watching blu ray, Netflix, Youtube and broadcast, I can tell you, if you’re spending this much time whining about the difference between blu ray and streaming (with a quality internet connection), you’re being maliciously obtuse or are trolling.

@ML31 – actually, lets settle this. Did you:

– state Streaming was an iffy technology with a tendency to freeze and buffer?

– state that streaming tech was crap and low quality?

– state that cable TV was a higher quality video and audio than streaming could provide?

– claim that cable was a superior quality to streaming?

– make the generalization that streaming is unreliable and you’ve never seen a good example of the tech?

– Claim you rarely watch Netflix due to the buffering every few minutes?

– say that streaming quality was crap?

– state that there are no streaming friendly properties because the tech is crap and state that even shows like House of Cards arent helped because of the the issues with streaming?

– state that issues with Netflix would be equivalent to having 70% of discs be bad and that more than 70% of Netflix subscribers have issues?

– say that CBSAA will not rise to the level of Netflix (to criticize CBS’s decision to try to juice their streaming service)?

– admit you use your friend’s Netflix account for those rare times you want to watch the service?

– state that Disc Quality is light years ahead of Streaming?

– claim your Internet was adequate but that streaming was still low quality?

– claim Netflix made you jump through hoops if you wanted to watch 4K and you needed a separate device to view it through?

– admit you do not have 4K TV or player?

Can you admit the above are all true?

– Not exactly but yes.

– Not exactly but yes.

– Not exactly but yes.

– Yes.

– No.

– Yes.

– Yes.

– No

– No.

– Not exactly but yes.

– My friend offered me her password to use her Netflix whenever I want. So no.

– Depends. When you say “billions” is that exaggerating to make a point or are you taking it literally?

– No. it depended on the device.

– There was a time when that was true. It may or may not be now. That was admitted to you. Like a grown up.

– I never confirmed or denied that.

I answered these knowing full well that telling the truth will only cause you to continue to misconstrue and make stuff up. And likely not help clear things u at all. Please prove me wrong. I really WANT to be wrong on that one.

Actually, ML, you have lied. Let’s play a game of “Maury”: – state Streaming was an iffy technology with a tendency to freeze and buffer? You said: “Not exactly but yes”. The test result say – DECEPTION: July 19th 2016 “streaming is STILL a very iffy technology. It has a tendency to freeze and buffer” – state that streaming tech was crap and low quality? You said “Not exactly but yes”. The test results say – DECEPTION: July 20th “I will NOT pay for streaming. The quality is crap. Somehow the business behind this has gotten people to think that low quality is an acceptable trade off for portability. ” – state that cable TV was a higher quality video and audio than streaming could provide? You said “Not exactly, but yes.” The test results say – DECEPTION: July 19th 2016 “And the sound and picture quality is just not as good as disc, let alone what I can get through my cable provider.” “Preferring the current superior quality of cable and blu ray over the lower quality of streaming has little to do with it,” – claim that cable was a superior quality to streaming? You said “yes”. The test results say “WOW, TRUTH” (Too bad that is pure idocy since 4K broadcast is very very much in its infancy when 4K streaming with ZERO issues is widely available – in fact I watched some last night). – make the generalization that streaming is unreliable and you’ve never seen a good example of the tech? You said “no”, the test results say “LIES” July 20th “I will NOT pay for streaming. The quality is crap.” “The thing is, back in the late 70’s (when cable really started booming) you paid so you could get QUALITY pictures. This is not the case regarding streaming yet.” August 24th “I have yet to see a good stream of ANYTHING.” “Why do we have to put up with crap streaming tech” August 11th “I don’t want to stream my shows. The quality is terrible. It’s crap” Sept 1st “Streaming is crappy and unreliable technology” Jan 11 “Streaming quality is just crap. There is no way around it” March 8 “NOBODY has streaming friendly ANYTHING. The streaming tech is still in its infancy and is unreliable and terrible.” – Claim you rarely watch Netflix due to the buffering every few minutes? You said “yes”. The test results say “True!” (An indication, as we have all said, that you have a poor internet connection that is unable to deliver the stream. Dont argue when you know you’re wrong. When people, including myself, can watch 4K Netflix with Dolby Vision and surround sound with ZERO buffering or delays and you cant even watch regular HD, that is not a “streaming tech issue”, it’s a YOU ARE A STUBBORN JERK issue and wont admit that your Internet is not good enough. What other explanation can there be? – say that streaming quality was crap? You said “yes”. The test results say “Another Truth!”. (Which is weird since you also denied saying streaming was unreliable and admit saying it was crap lol) – state that there are no streaming friendly properties because the tech is crap and state that even shows like House of Cards arent helped because of the the issues with streaming? You said “no”. The test results say that was a lie: March 8th “There are no streaming friendly properties because the tech itself is not reliable. Duh… House of Cards and Daredevil are pretty good stuff. But streaming doesn’t help them.” – state that issues with Netflix would be equivalent to having 70% of discs be bad and that more than 70% of Netflix subscribers have issues? You said “no” but the test results say that was a lie: March 10 “But in the case of streaming it would be like 70% of the discs were bad but kinda sorta playable.” “I never guessed at what % of Netfilx users have poor quality. And if I did, I would guess higher than 70%…” – say that CBSAA will not rise to the level of Netflix (to criticize CBS’s decision to try to juice their streaming service)? You said “not exactly but yes”. The test results show that was DECEPTIVE (look at the dates of these two posts): March 8 “That has been a huge concern. That this series will not raise CBSAA to even close Netflix levels” March 10 “In fact the part about CBSAA not reaching Netflix like success was a VERY long time ago. You really reached into the wayback machine for that comment.” LOL – admit you use your friend’s Netflix account for those rare times you want to watch the service? You said “My friend offered me her password to… Read more »

“Let’s play a game of “Maury”:” You got me there. I do not know what game “Maury” is. Yow wrote the following… “The test result say – DECEPTION:July 19th 2016“streaming is STILL a very iffy technology. It has a tendency to freeze and buffer”” Need a source. Not a date. And are you confirming what I said? Not really following you here. See, what I just did was instead of jumping to foolish conclusions on something I did not follow, I asked for an explanation. You do the opposite of that. “– state that streaming tech was crap and low quality? You said “Not exactly but yes”. The test results say – DECEPTION:” Hardly a deception. First, I did agree. That quote does indeed sound like something I said you did not provide any way to verify. Same is true on the next one. Sounds like something I said but there was no way to verify. I did agree anyway so there is no deception. “(Too bad that is pure idocy since 4K broadcast is very very much in its infancy when 4K streaming with ZERO issues is widely available –” First, 4K was already addressed. How available it is does not factor into it. First class on airliners is widely available, too. When people talk about how uncomfortable it is to fly they are referring to how the vast majority (including themselves) are traveling. Therefore, you are the one being deceptive here. There was a “no” that was a mistake on my part. I was in error. I meant Yes on the general lesser quality of streaming. In my defense many of those are repeated and it was a little rough to keep them from blending together. But I own up to my mistake. It’s what grown ups do. Please take note for your future behavior. “You said “no”. The test results say that was a lie:” No, test results show it to be the truth. “March 8th “There are no streaming friendly properties because the tech itself is not reliable. Duh… House of Cards and Daredevil are pretty good stuff. But streaming doesn’t help them.”” This confirms what I said to be factual. You are wrong here. (yet again) ““But in the case of streaming it would be like 70% of the discs were bad but kinda sorta playable.”” Ahh.. So THAT’s what you meant by that. You need to put things in better context. Hey, still would like verifiable links to these things so I can go back and review context. Unlike you I do not have oodles of free time on my hands for that sort of project. “You said “not exactly but yes”. The test results show that was DECEPTIVE (look at the dates of these two posts):” Context is your friend. Again, please cite where these game from. They sound like something I would write. But I need to know the context of them or they really don’t support anyone’s side whatsoever. “You said “My friend offered me her password to use her Netflix whenever I want. So no.” The test result shows you contradicted yourself in your own answer – its not a “no”, its a “yes” and thus you have lied. Further proof:” This is one of those rare cases where your repeating your lies has worked. You repeat the same “stealing” lie so often that when you talk about me using my friend’s account I just read the subtext from you as “stealing” my friend’s account. On that, I will own up to. So when I say “no” I was saying no to your own subtext. My bad. ” (Its not the quality of the stream, its the quality of your Internet – this is clearly true since so many others can watch much higher quality streams with no issues)” This is either ignorance or a lie (or your just playing) on your part. There is nothing wrong with my internet. Told you over and over. Not only does it work well for everything I need but I’ve had friends in the business who know more than me and you combined tell me I was set up fine. Yet you will just not let this go. “The test results say you are evading the question, so that counts as a lie:” Nope. Test results show the question was vague. And this time instead of answering without entirely knowing what the context was, I asked for clarification. Which you did not give. Not surprised. ” (and by the way, exaggerating isnt the issue, but exaggerating to indicate the wide gulf between the two indicates you are ignorant to the quality of streaming in routine use today” The exaggeration was appropriate on my end. The gulf is indeed wide enough that the decision… Read more »

So, you ignorant jerk, your position now is that you wont even admit to the quotes from above? Those are all you. Why don’t you go away forever and never come back? You’re an insidious little jerk, a liar and a thief.

The only reason I repeat what I say is because you keep responding with stuff that has already been addressed. You want to stop the repeats? Respond to what was said. Don’t repeat the same drivel.

I told you why your comment about what my personal set up is worthless. You want to stay on that, then address what I already said about it. Otherwise, accept that that path is a blind alley and move on.

You do not know it will be available. Season 1 of Netflix’s Daredevil didn’t show up until well after season 2 was available for streaming. You just do not know. Your attempts as sarcasm need work. Usually it’s pretty easily recognized.

You have no idea what makes this annoying even though it has been made as clear as is humanly possible. You will likely NEVER get it. You are just being too arrogant to allow yourself to understand. So please, do the board a huge favor and just drop it. We all get it. Your message that you don’t understand has been made loud and clear. Take your own advise and get over this.

There’s no outing for us to get over. You’re just being an idiot. You’re obsessing.

If It bothered me so much you know what I’d do? Gripe about it once upon announcement and then forget about it.

You’re just a baby.

That is hilarious. Your response here shows you absolutely would NOT make one comment and move on. That’s not your MO here. You have been incapable of letting things go. Learn to act like a grown up and let it go.

Strike that and reverse it. You’re the one who can’t seem to move on. It was announced on CBSAA 2 years ago, and people like you are still crying about it, and when we point out how.

Your repeated responses here to people pointing that out show you absolutely would NOT make one comment and move on. That’s not your MO here. You have been incapable of letting things go. Learn to act like a grown up and let it go.

Sorry, incomplete sentence lol i’ll try again…

It was announced on CBSAA 2 years ago, and people like you are still crying about it.”

This is why we need an edit button, admin, if you’re listening!

Oh man… has it really come to that? You are using the playground “I know you are but what am I?” tactic?

Facepalm and heavy sigh…… That really does say it all.

This is fun.

I’m not too excited. They even didn’t want to pay Michael Dorn 1% of his DS9 wages for the last episodes. But those are the kind of Cameos Trekkies really love.
Sorry guys, I don’t want to be pessimistic about DSC, but for me it really seems they don’t care very much for the old fans and try to aim the show at a completely new (Abrams-liking) audience.

Yeah, I agree with what you are saying… I can’t help but feel that this will be a series for the JJ fans, but set in the Prime line to appease us! I really hope I am wrong.

We have no idea what they were asking Dorn to do, and do you really think Dorn’s appearance would lead to more views? Dorn is not a name that brings in viewers.

Now, if Bryan Cranston said, “hey, I’d love to guest star” I’d say pay him whatever he asks, if I’m a producer. I also think Trek is the kind of thing a guy like Cranston would say “pay me whatever you like” because if he WANTS to appear, like big star cameos in the past, he may not care.

Dorn on the other hand, may need that money, and would rather go to a convention and make more for less work. He’s also been in Trek before, so it’s not a novelty to him.

Cranston appeared in b5!

@Spocky — I’m glad Dorn didn’t do it. Personally speaking, I think pandering to the old school fans is not the way to move Trek forward. At least not at first, until the identity of this new series is established. Dorn fit perfectly in TNG & DS9, for the time they were made, but I would never cast him in a serious modern reinterpretation of the franchise as DSC purports to be. In fact, his appearance in TUC only took me out of movie, which already crossed the line too many times with the original cast. Sometimes these crossovers do a disservice to the franchise, even if the core fanbase delights in them. Trek needs a fresh start. Going back to the former cast is not a good way to do that …

People also forget, CC, that when Dorn joined DS9, TNG was still very popular with general audiences, so adding Worf to the cast wasn’t necessarily pandering to a niche audience: it was adding a popular character from a hit show to a struggling series, like during sweeps when a character from Cheers would pop in on Wings.

Now, 25 years later, Dorn, nor any TNG/DS9/VOY actor would not hold the same excitement as it did in the mid 90s.

Maybe Patrick Stewart would, because he’s still relevant and is even more popular now than he was then.

I believe him when he says how good Fuller’s influence was. He’s still down as a consultant I believe, so I just hope once they’ve working through his initial ideas, Kurtzman isn’t afraid to pick up the phone again.

Jebali te pederi u šupak budalo…

I much rather see familiar faces from Trek turn up.

As fun as it would be for Michael Dorn, or Robert Picardo to pop up in a small role, I’d rather they bring in really great actors like Timothy Olyphant from Justified or Jeffrey Wright from Westworld.

I agree Chris but this being a prequel it limits a LOT of characters from TOS on. The only ones who can appear without a crazy gimmick are the Enterprise cast and yes most would have to appear very old. TOS characters can appear but obviously not the original actors and the KT film actors, not a chance thats happening since CBS acts like the KT films don’t even exist.

It would not surprise me to see a time travel episode in a future season, and have a stunt casting of Scott Bakula, or even someone from TNG– an elderly Ambassador Picard, for example. But I think they’ll be smart to stay away from these gimmicks in the first season.

That said, I can’t deny that I sort of want to see them continue the “previous series guest star” in the first episode. An elderly Scott Bakula as Archer, even if in a picture frame, would be fun. Mostly just to keep the tradition they started when McCoy appeared in ‘Farpoint.’

But I don’t care enough to be annoyed if it’s not there.

Yes I think a lot of people want to keep the tradition of having a former character from a previous show or film show up in the premiere episode. I honestly think thats what Dorn was going to be used for even if not Worf himself but an ancestor of his.

And it just makes logical sense it will be someone from Enterprise both being the only true show in canon to this show and that it was the last show on the air.

Would love to see either an elderly Archer, T’Pol or even Phlox (we don’t know how long his species live).

If that was what they wanted Dorn for, no wonder they weren’t offering him a ton of money, and pretty silly of him to demand more.

But I want to see the character AND original actor! A Scott Bakula cameo on a computer monitor when someone scolls through a list of Federation diplomats will be enough for me.

I don’t think Dorn was being a prima donna about it. It just sounds like he didn’t want to just do a cameo. And thats his right. For the film Generations, half the TOS cast turned down appearing in the film because it was just a cameo and they weren’t being offered a lot to do it. James Doohan and Walter Koenig actually did it and of course Shatner got the big billing so he was on board no matter what but I don’t think it was a big deal the others said no. In fact Nichelle Nichols has been offered 3 different times IIRC to be in other Star Trek as Uhura. She has turned them all down for that very reason and to this day the only TOS actor who has appeared solely in TOS (official productions that is).

As for Dorn he never made a fuss about it and was pretty diplomatic about it when word got out he turned it down.

But I agree with you I don’t want to just see a familiar actor in a different role the point is to see a character that actor was known for. And maybe ANOTHER reason why Dorn didn’t want to do it. He might have wanted to play his original character.

Well I don’t think he was being a prima donna– and I retract my “silly” remark– but to me by making statements on the money aspect of it (he said the compensation just wasn’t enough for the appearance) he came off as a bit classless.

Now, I don’t think the actual quote ever got out– a reporter only paraphrased his statement– so maybe it was an off-the-cuff remark without thinking; but he could have said “it was only a cameo, and i’m not interested in returning to Trek for that kind of gimmick” which would have been more diplomatic.

No judgement though– he’s always seemed like a great guy, and it’s perfectly fair for him to not want to do it for what he doesn’t deem an appropriate pay scale (i’ve certainly turned down a number of contract offers in my career over low pay), but again, didn’t seem like the classiest thing to say from my perspective.

OK fair enough. I wasn’t bothered about what he said, he was just being honest about why he didn’t want to do it, but he was diplomatic about it. I imagine it was off the cuff. We now have a U.S. President who twitters things off the cuff, so ‘classless’ is allll relative these days lol.

While not the same actor, the character of Sarek will continue the tradition of handing off to a new iteration.

I think Sarek is going to have a recurring role on the show though. They got a pretty known actor to play him. I doubt its going to be like Bones or Zefrum Cochrane showing up for 2 minutes in the pilot. It looks like his story line is going to be pretty sizable and deal directly with Burnham’s story arc.

IMDB has James Frank listed as only being in one episode, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. It also says Chris Obi as T’Kuvma is in two episodes and I would have assumed him to be in more.

Frain, not Frank. Darn auto correct!

My favorite cameos are the ones you don’t notice, like Mick Fleetwood and John Tesh in TNG. If no one told you they were there, you’d never know it.

And whose to say it won’t be that way? He didn’t actually say any names so my guess most will be surprise cameos. Maybe if a BIG name comes on they will obviously market it for ratings but my guess is if they haven’t announced this big name by now they won’t make a big deal about it or there is no one big enough in that class. No offense to John Tesh but even then he wasn’t exactly a big name lol. Fleetwood certainly bigger for sure but not exactly move the Earth type of appearance.

I don’t know if I would’ve recognized Fleetwood on sight back then, but I would’ve known Tesh from Entertainment Tonight. That show was big back then. Before the internet, it and a few magazines was the only way to get movie news.

I mean no one was going to advertise John Tesh being on the show like they would’ve an actual big actor. Sure people liked ET but TNGs ratings weren’t going to double because he was on the show. Thats what I meant. Its just a fun cameo.

You’d never know they were there in any event if you didn’t know who they were. Neither of them are celebrities on the scale of Tom Hanks. Or maybe that’s your point. In either event, I don’t know the stories of how they got those roles. If they’re just fans they could easily squeeze into a role because they happened to know somebody then that’s fine I guess. But if they’re putting someone in the show because of who they are is the point, then I think it undermines the point of the show for the fans. The worst thing is an unmistakable celebrity cameo that sticks out like a sore thumb and has the audience thinking about the fact a huge celebrity is playing the character, rather than what the character is doing.

Yes, that’s my point. Put them in alien makeup and stick them in the background. It’ll be a fun factoid but not distracting.

The story of MOST of the TNG-era celebrity cameos is that they reached out to the producers and said “I want to be in an episode I’m a huge fan!” and the producers said, “sure, but you’ll be under a lot of make up.”

On occasion, it was a case of the producers finding out they were fans and offering it to them, as was the case with Stephen Hawking and Mae Jemison, I believe.

When Voyager was on the air, it became more about ratings, with the likes of Jason Alexander, Andy Dick, and The Rock (who was not a fan, but they wanted to do a tie-in with the other popular UPN show at the time, WWE Smackdown).

But even Voyager had it’s share of background celebrities like Tom Morello as an unnamed ensign, and King Abdullah of Jordan.

Celeb cameos are a trek tradition, as are Trek Alum’s guesting, like McCoy and Nimoy in TNG, Frakes and DeLancie in DS9, Barclay, Troi, and Geordi in Voyager, and Brent Spiner and Rene Oberjenois.

To be honest, the Trek alums always feel a lot more gimmicky to me, and I hope they stay away for a little while, at least. If a major star wants to guest, that’s fine, considering the caliber of talent in the principal cast already, it won’t feel very out of place.

RIP Adam West

First George Reeves, then Jonathan Harris, and Leonard Nimoy, now Adam West. All the great heroes and entertainers of my childhood. I bet they’re having an amazing party together…

Ugh. Wish it were it Shatner instead!

@ Torchwood – not that we should be surprised, but you’ve really hit a new low with that comment.

Just you wait. I am always looking to lower the bar wherever I can!

Wishing death on someone should be a bannable offense here and if take issue with the mods if they let they one go

Truly deplorable remark.


It does seem odd that TORCHWOOD, who will go to inordinate ends in attempts to make appear sound his unsound reasoning in other topics when occasionally he posts without completely thinking something through, acts as if his declaring a death sentence on Shatner for the capital offense of “people talking about his returning to act in some future STAR TREK” is a sound position to repetitively state as it continually and openly invites the criminal investigative authorities to seek him out should Shatner actually meet with an other than natural demise?

Also, one marvels at how the power of his intellect actually concludes that Shatner’s passing would result in people talking LESS about Shatner when it actually would result in them talking MORE about the actor which TORCHWOOD has indicated on more than one occasion is a special kind of hell on Earth for him to endure?

Since its fair game I wouldnt be upset if Torchwood disappeared off this earth forever. But I would miss Shatner.

Funny, in a world where they took away the up/down voting because people were so sensitive, wishing death on the franchises icon is apparently no big deal.

Torch is a piece of garbage for that remark and I’d feel that way even if he said it about someone I don’t like.


What’s sad about Touchwood offensive comments is he seems to only be doing it when he was attacked for doing it a few weeks ago. Instead of just moving on from it he’s doubling down on it to make it seem like its OK. But if this guy has kids and they said the same things about about them I doubt he would be so cool about it. Yeah he would pretend to be now given how low he’s gone with this so he can’t look like a hypocrite but he knows this is classless and insulting. Why keep doing it? He only looks more offensive over it.

You can think Shatner sucks as an actor but NOT wish him death at the same time. This is why the internet sucks sometimes.

My daughter says stuff like that all the time and we have a good laugh.


Shatner’s passing wouldn’t stop people discussing him, this I know. But what it would stop is his incessant pestering of producers to get on a new Trek show or in a new Trek movie, and in turn, fans from littering the interwebz with petitions to get him back into a role he should never return to.

If he’d close his mouth I would have no issue with him.

Just like me and you’re issues with me, i’m sure ;)


Re: you’re issues with me

When it comes to defending your right to speak freely perhaps not as many as you’d think. However, we are counseled in the US that our freedom to swing our fists in exercise extends only as far as we don’t cross paths with another person’s right to swing theirs unobstructed likewise. In a similar manner, we don’t have the freedom to sound any number of false alarms via free speech in an SRO club – this being a three pronged threat to life, liberty, and limbs.

So, only to the extent that you and your daughter think it your rights to freely and delightfully speak of a plot for the demise of another merely because you believe his liberties inconvenience you in some small way.

People often confuse freedom of expression with freedom from consequences. Unfortunately, it appears the consequences for wishing death on William Shatner are non-existent here.


Re: If he’d close his mouth I would have no issue with him.

So it’s his freedom of speech that you have issue with? You do realize that in the country where he plies his trade that robbing him of his life because of it carries extra penalties?

Although, I did note that as a Canadian that Shatner apparently doesn’t believe his free speech rights to be as sacrosanct as US citizens and curtails it.

Since apparently you council your daughter different from that I received as a US citizen in regards to freedom of speech, is it safe to assume that you hail from a land other than, the US?

“I hope you die dad the way mom did. Hahahahaha”

You should raise her better.

Wow…. just…. wow. That just says it all about you.

It says I’d rather have Adam West with us than William Shatner.

A truly tragic loss.
I will miss him.

was watching tng’s ‘defector’ last night.

that show rocked when it needed to.

LOVED that episode!

Kurtzman just made these comments, regarding the repeated delays:

“We postponed our schedule because the truth is we did not want to put out something that was subpar, and as the vision expanded we started feeling like we weren’t gonna be able to deliver the scope and the scale that was on the page. And CBS was extremely supportive in saying, ‘Okay you know what, this is streaming, it’s not like we have to beat out right away, let’s do the best version of this, Trek is too important for all of us.”

Surely some of the delays had to do with Fuller exiting to focus on American Gods, but I with regards to the delay from Spring to Fall I do believe him.

And this is one of the benefits of streaming, as i’ve been saying for some time. They can focus on making a great show, instead of just churning out a product to hit a date.


“We postponed our schedule because the truth is we did not want to put out something that was subpar”

Yeah, cuz that worked out so well when you were working on Star Trek Into Darkness, Alex.

Well considering Alex has very little day to day influence on Discovery I’m not sure the comparison is apt. Regardless of how it turns out though, wouldn’t you rather they at least TRY to produce something better than not?


For clarity’s sake, exactly which STID delays are you ascribing to Alex’s postponement due to his NOT wanting to put out a subpar, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS?:

1. The decision to NOT start writing the script until the last minute?

2. The decision to halt production to rewrite Khan’s alias as Harrison even though they had film in the can from sets already broken down that they were not going to be able to reshoot from with the new name?

3. The decision to add a whole new unscripted action sequence involving a fire extinguishing water hose?

Paramount “greenlit” a sequel to 2009’s Star Trek when the film was still in theaters, and gave Kurtzman & Co. a very generous 3 year window to get the film in theaters by June 29, 2012.

That didn’t happen, of course. The screenwriters (namely Orci and Kurtzman) continually missed deadlines and admitted they did not even a script written yet in 2012, while claiming publicly they were “working hard” on the sequel. Eventually the movie was finally released four years after its predecessor, when all the excited for Trek’s revival had died down.

The excuse for the four years gap between movies, according to the powers that be, was that they were “taking the time to get it right”.

So how’d that work out?

Worked out great. It was the highest grossing Trek movie of all time, even adjusted for inflation.

I also quite liked the movie.

too bad it was the bullet in the head of this version of Trek films. Sure, the patient didnt die immediately. It lingered on through Beyond, even showed a few signs of recovery. Ultimately, the patient died. STID was the cause.

Agreed. STID was a good-looking movie visually, but I can never sit through that story again. The dvd I unwisely purchased out of allegiance to the franchise is next in line to be a beer coaster.

And so disappointing because STID had the bones of a really good story. If you give me really high end ingredients and ask me to cook a 5 star dinner, you’re going to get something with all the ingredients but it wont be 5 stars.

That was STID. They gave a 5 star idea to 2 star writers and let them indulge their own selfish political nonsense.

Wow, took a few days off from the internet, and came back to find this thread devolved into a mess of name-calling and plain old nastiness. Often, message boards and social media in general bring out the worst in people.

Can’t wait for Discovery to start, not because it looks especially good to me, but because of the hate language it’s going to spawn.

As far as cameos, I’d be up for Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks, who are both self-admitted Trek junkies.

Ah well, back to my latest The Walking Dead binge…

Very funny. Me too. No internet at all!! It was great.

Yes, its a shame when people ruin it.

I assume this thread is dying. But Im not surprised @ML31 is pretending to ignore it and my post pointing out all his lies and BS. You insulted me and others many times and viciously attacked CBS and an entire technology. And when the truth is pointed out, you run away and hide.

You’ve been exposed. Good day.