Wil Wheaton Reunites With Wesley Shirt, Star Trek v Star Wars Dance-Off, and More Great Links

Wil Wheaton reunited with Wesley Crusher's shirt

Over the weekend, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton was at Awesome Con in Washington D.C. where he was reunited with his iconic Wesley Crusher shirt. He shared the moment on Twitter.

Star Trek v Star Wars: the dance-off

On Saturday, minor league baseball team the Frezno Grizzlies held a Star Wars night and as part of the festivities they set up a ‘confrontation’ where some Star Wars characters ran into some Star Trek characters and had a dance-off. However , since it was a Star Wars night, the Trek crew had as much of a chance of winning as the Washington Generals do against the Harlem Globetrotters.

Charting Star Trek: TNG baby names

Over on Reddit in the ‘Data is Beautiful’ subreddit user inkindme shared his chart of Star Trek: The Next Generation baby names (using the U.S. Social Security database) over the years where you can see there has been a drop-off of Jean-Lucs since TNG went off the air. But there does seem to be a resurgence of baby Rikers.

Trek baby names graphed (Reddit/inkindme)

Celebs channeling Trek?

The UK’s Daily Mail spotted actress Emma Stone on the red carpet in a certain outfit prompting the headline “Hollywood: The Next Generation! Emma Stone channels Star Trek android Data in black and gold gown at Diane Keaton gala.”

Emma Stone looking TNG on the red carpet (Twitter/AFI)

Brent Spiner himself also noted the familiar-looking color scheme with his joking tweet.

And Stone isn’t the only celeb being seen through a Star Trek lens. After actress Sienna Miller joined Instagram, both Elle and Vogue declared her first photo post (below) to be inspired by Trek.


Hello World Wide Web. #givenin #peerpressure #luddite 🙃

A post shared by Sienna Miller (@siennathing) on

Videos of the week: real size of Star Trek ships

The popular YouTube channel Generation Tech – which usually focuses on Star Wars – took a diversion into Star Trek with two videos that tried to put the size of a number of Star Trek ships into perspective. In just a couple of weeks the videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

Craft of the week: TOS Phaser rifle

Model-maker Scott Brodeen took it upon himself to imagine what an original Star Trek era phaser rifle would be like, modeled after the phaser pistol used on the show.

An imagined TOS phaser rifle (Scott Brodeen / Peter Greenwood)

Yet even more links

Decider.com declares Simon Pegg the MVP of the J.J. Abrams-era Star Trek films.

CBR examines the urban legend surrounding the Vulcan mind meld and 60s fear of hypnosis.

What Culture has picked what they see as the 10 most important episodes of TOS.

The Carer UK profiles some Blackpool volunteers who got a free visit to Star Trek: The Exhibition.

Blastr celebrated Captain Picard Day with 11 Picard quotes to live by.

CNN has a  video profile of U.S. Army 3-star general Nadja West that includes her love of Star Trek.

Gen. Nadja West shows off double Vulcan salutes on CNN

That’s it for this week in Trek links! Keep up with all the Great Links here at TrekMovie.

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Wil’s face suggests he’s wearing the duck-backed pants… and they’re a tad tight.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, covers STAR TREK’s effect on science:


Looks like PARAMOUNT’s Essex Disney land-style park, which featured a STAR TREK section, is a bust:


“Paramount has split with developers of a the Paramount London theme park in Kent over rights to its blockbuster movies”

Gosh that Wesley uniform was always so horrible. I don’t know what they were going for. I’m guessing the three bands of color represented the three departmental colors but it was just awful.

Please give Wil Wheaton a shaver.

What a horrible costume to put the kid in at that time. Like a bloody rainbow.