Paramount Ends London Theme Park Licensing Deal – Was To Include Star Trek Attraction

(artist rendering from proposed Paramount Park London )

Today it was announced that Paramount Pictures and the London Resort Company have “jointly agreed to discontinue” their licensing agreement for the proposed Paramount London Resort.

The planned £3.2 billion resort, targeting a 2022 open date, was originally announced in 2014 and was set to include a number of themed attractions based around Paramount properties including Star Trek.

The official release did not detail why the deal collapsed but Kent Online reports “the resort’s developers and Paramount have been unable to agree terms on some of the rights to major films, including the image rights for some of their top stars.”

Paramount London deal is dead

Kent Online also reports that LRCH came to feel “one studio could not provide the breadth of movies needed” for the park which has recently announced deals with Aardman and the BBC. LRCH plans to go ahead with development on a resort and will be submitting a new plan in November.

Alas, it appears that European Trek fans will have to live with just one Star Trek attraction, the newly opened Star Trek: Operation Enterprise roller coaster in Germany, which as of now is the only Trek theme park attraction in the world.

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I thought all Star Trek licensing, be it Prime (CBS) or Kelvin (Paramount) had to go through CBS Consumer Products?

Perhaps event and theme park licensing works differently. I mean, it’s not quite a consumer product.

CBS = TV Shows
Paramount = Movies
that’s my understanding.

They should really re-open Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. I know it was meant to reopen at a property downtown but never did. I was really impressed with it (I went in 2008) and it was pretty busy when I was there.

Its funny because it was my first trip to Vegas and we did some “3D ride” at the hotel that was promised to be super high tech and it was a joke. So I figured the Trek Experience would be similar.

It was amazing. I was really blown away by the effects and the whole production. It was a lot of fun. We spent quite a bit of time there between the “experiences”, the exhibits, Quarks bar & restaurant and everything else. It was great!

I was underwhelmed by Quark’s bar. Romulan ale served in plastic cups? Tacky!

I went through it twice, which was one time to many. Nothing was changed or updated between visits, which is usually a big tip-off that once attendance falls off the exhibit would be closed…which it was.

Another opportunity lost by the UK thanks to Brexit. Oh well, at least Nigel Farage is happy.

Wasn’t there a plan to build a Star Trek theme park in Jordan at one point? That has probably been put on indefinite hold because of the Syrian civil war going on next door.

LRCH? If someone doesn’t come up with a different acronym, the Charles Adams estate should sue.

Or Ted Cassidy’s.