‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Novel Tie-In Coming September, Comic To Follow

In March we reported that the first Star Trek: Discovery novel tie-in was available for pre-order and titled Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours, written by David Mack. Now that CBS has set a release date for the series, Pocket Books has set the release for Desperate Hours for September 26th, the Tuesday following the premiere (September 24th).

As of now, there’s no cover or synopsis for the novel, but in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, Mack said of the the book:

I developed it based on characters, dialogue, backstory, and situations in the upcoming series’ two-part pilot. If we’ve all done our jobs correctly, it should serve as an excellent companion piece to the two-part premiere.

Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours can be pre-ordered at Amazon in large-format paperback and  Kindle e-book. It will also be available as an unabridged audiobook at Audible and other audiobook retailers.

Discovery comic coming too

IDW is also working on a comic book tie-in to Star Trek: Discovery. It will be written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer with art by Tony Shasteen. We know it won’t be released in September as it wasn’t part of IDW’s  announcement of their September comics, but it could still come as soon as October. We will know more when IDW announces their October solicitations in July, or perhaps there will be something announced at San Diego Comic Con.

Like with the novel, there are no details at this time, but in another interview with TrekMovie, writer Mike Johnson said:

The comic will be closely woven into the show.

Kirsten Beyer is also one of the staff writers for Star Trek: Discovery who was also the key point of contact with Mack for his novel tie-in. Discovery supervising producer Ted Sullivan recently described Beyer as the “keeper of the flame” and “defender of canon” for the show and as a regular author of Star Trek novels she is a natural fit for keeping an eye on how the show ties into the books and comics.  

TrekMovie will continue to monitor things related to these tie-ins and provide updates when there is more information.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.


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“If we’ve all done our jobs correctly, it should serve as an excellent companion piece to the two-part premiere.”

Wow, that inspires real confidence. ;)

you took the words right out of my mouth

Oh, come on. It’s called being humble. Not everyone feels the need to toot their own horn at every opportunity. It’s not like that is the quote on the front of the book.

Mawazi – totally agree. Humility is highly underrated these days.

It’s called selling something — and it would’ve been way more effective if he had just taken out that first phrase. “It should serve as an excellent companion piece” is humble enough on its own

Sounds good to me!

Looking forward to all The .DSC. goodies to come.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be some STD stuff at Comic-Con. Perfect place to hype it up. And of course that Trek con in Vegas in August.

STD stuff at Comic Con? Common sense people–use some protection! ; )


No matter how much the show runners try to stir the acronym on a different road, I’m afraid that STD “stuck” with the fans. pun intended :P


2018 Ships of the Line is now available and it looks quite good, some lovely art this time – better than 2017 in my opinion.

O.O you’re right it looks incredible! I love the variety of ships and the creativity, can’t wait for 2018 now.

Just put it on my Amazon wish list.

The Desperate Hours novel is also available for preorder on iBooks Store

This is exactly what Abrams denied CBS. It makes absolutely no sense not to have and expanded universe tied into the films, with novels. But he wanted CBS to stop licensing everything else so that The Kelvin Universe would be the only Star Trek, and when they didn’t he walked away.

Those were his terms? Wipe out prime universe?

That is what we call an opinion.

In this case, an opinion would be the reaction to a fact. Whether or not JJ Abrams set such an ultimatum is not an opinion; it either happened or didn’t. It is either a fact or an untruth.

@Gary 8.5 — the details are up for debate, but that’s essentially the situation.

The feeling was Bad Robot wanted to create a new expanded universe based on their property around the Kelvin Timeline.

If I recall, they were annoyed that CBS kept selling original series merchandise with Shatner, Nimoy etc likeness feeling it was muddying the market. But since they were still selling, CBS would not stop. it would have really only been to the benefit of Bad Robot and whatever licensing arrangement CBS had.

JJ wanted to own Star Trek.

And while I agree that Trek is made for the “Cinematic Universe” treatment, the problem with Paramount & CBS owning parts of it (or rights to it) is it prevents that from happening.

The best thing to happen would be for Discovery to be so successful that Paramount has a “Sony” moment and decides to work with CBS, letting CBS take the creative reigns of producing new films that take place in the prime universe based on Discovery.

The Mike Johnson penned IDW comics I think are great and really feel like “episodes” of the “Kelvin Timeline” TV series (I highly recommend Countdown, Nero and Khan). It’s a darn shame those 4 novels got shelved, though.

“If we’ve all done our jobs correctly….” From what I have seen….you haven’t.

This is what happens when the adults hand Star Trek over to Millennials. They have no clue what they are doing.

@Jack D — assuming you’re joking … but who exactly are the Millennials you’re referring to in this situation?

Yeah I dunno what this nonsense is, and I don’t think you even know what a millennial is? You realize they’re 37 at the oldest now? But please go on about how Nick Meyer is a millennial. Sounds to me like you don’t have a clue what you’re saying. Typical old people, dumping on young people with no basis in facts.

Assuming you’re not joking, of course

I’m a millennial and agree 100%. A few weeks ago I even posted that one of my top problems with Discovery is that it has presumably 1990’s-born actors/actresses and I cannot see them as anything but teens of the snowflake generation (Even though they’ll be playing 23rd century-born characters.).

In relation to an earlier comment, I also read that Abrams wanted to put a stop to ALL of the prime timeline’s merchandise.

I hope the show doesn’t depend on the comic to make sense – I’m not a big fan of needing to do homework/buy stuff to understand a show or movie.

Agreed. Don’t expect me to go buy other types of media to fully explain your story. Do that IN the production itself. Like the comic which “explained why Khan didn’t look like Khan in STID” comic. No thank you.

Oh yeah I will watch the premiere of star trek discovery on CBS but the comic books series of star trek discovery from IDW until September for the first season of discovery its will have lot of action suspence and romance this star trek series will make history and continues of season one before season two my question is the starship shenzhou does it have a ncc register number plus starship discovery ncc-1031 has been revealed I want to pray for star trek iv if paramount and skydance will reveal a title and date keep star trek discovery seasons alive keep it on air no cancellation thank you live long and prosper

I dont care about the comics and they better not make the comic required reading to comprehend the story of the TV series like the JJ films did.

I don’t understand why we don’t have novels set in the Abrams universe? And why no Beyond novel?! A shame!