‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Novel Tie-In Coming September, Comic To Follow

In March we reported that the first Star Trek: Discovery novel tie-in was available for pre-order and titled Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours, written by David Mack. Now that CBS has set a release date for the series, Pocket Books has set the release for Desperate Hours for September 26th, the Tuesday following the premiere (September 24th).

As of now, there’s no cover or synopsis for the novel, but in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, Mack said of the the book:

I developed it based on characters, dialogue, backstory, and situations in the upcoming series’ two-part pilot. If we’ve all done our jobs correctly, it should serve as an excellent companion piece to the two-part premiere.

Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours can be pre-ordered at Amazon in large-format paperback and  Kindle e-book. It will also be available as an unabridged audiobook at Audible and other audiobook retailers.

Discovery comic coming too

IDW is also working on a comic book tie-in to Star Trek: Discovery. It will be written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer with art by Tony Shasteen. We know it won’t be released in September as it wasn’t part of IDW’s  announcement of their September comics, but it could still come as soon as October. We will know more when IDW announces their October solicitations in July, or perhaps there will be something announced at San Diego Comic Con.

Like with the novel, there are no details at this time, but in another interview with TrekMovie, writer Mike Johnson said:

The comic will be closely woven into the show.

Kirsten Beyer is also one of the staff writers for Star Trek: Discovery who was also the key point of contact with Mack for his novel tie-in. Discovery supervising producer Ted Sullivan recently described Beyer as the “keeper of the flame” and “defender of canon” for the show and as a regular author of Star Trek novels she is a natural fit for keeping an eye on how the show ties into the books and comics.  

TrekMovie will continue to monitor things related to these tie-ins and provide updates when there is more information.

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