‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Coming to San Diego Comic-Con

Star Trek: Discovery logo with SDCC logo

Con season is officially upon us, and with the production of Star Trek: Discovery in full swing, Trekkies have been waiting to find out about what special appearances are on the docket.

The biggest of the big conventions (at least on the West Coast) is San Diego Comic-Con, which runs July 20-23. Today, CBS announced that there will indeed be a panel for Discovery at SDCC. They promise that cast and crew will attend a panel on Saturday July 22nd at 2:30PM in Ballroom 20, making this the first substantial Discovery panel ever.

They made the announcement via Twitter this morning.

The complete list of panels and events around SDCC haven’t yet been announced, but in July TrekMovie will be doing a full preview of the event with all the Star Trek-related details including a guide to licensees and merchandise exclusives.

What to expect at SDCC

While we won’t know exactly what is planned for Ballroom 20 until it happens, we can certainly do what Trekkies do best and speculate. We do know that Ballroom 20 is where the biggest of the big television panels are held. If you’re hip to the SDCC scene, you might call it the “Hall H of TV”. The line for Ballroom 20 can easily stretch into the Embarcadero Marina Park, just south of the convention center, so if you’re planning to attend, get a group of friends, a deck of cards, and some snacks and prepare to wait around from about 7 in the morning.

The crowd in Ballroom 20 at SDCC in 2013. Photo: Gabriel Olsen.

What you’ll get for your time waiting in line remains to be seen, but it very well could be something big. We know the cast and crew of Discovery will be there, making this the first real panel for the new show. We might also see new material: a new trailer? Some scenes from the show? Behind-the-scenes photos?

Last year, Star Trek had a spot in the illustrious Hall H for a 50th anniversary celebration that included cast members from each television series plus creatives from the new, then unnamed, CBS show. There, then-producer Bryan Fuller announced the series’ title, teased a look at the new ship, and more. We got even more information about Discovery and the show’s themes during a junket and series of interviews after the Hall H panel let out.

TrekMovie will continue to monitor news related to Star Trek and SDCC so keep an eye out for updates.


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Great that CBS is ramping up their promotion for DSC. Hopefully they build momentum up to the premiere date, and also start heavily advertising it on CBS itself.

UK premiere? Anyone know?

September 25th, on Netflix.

Hoping for more series footage/trailers to come out of this!

If only there were a big Star Trek convention happening this summer in Las Vegas. They could also have a presentation there for the most loyal fans the franchise has.

with the way some of them treat Discovery and have treated anything that doesn’t fit the mold of past Trek, I kind of don’t blame them for not having a big presentation there. It’s why you haven’t seen more of the new film cast attend anything in Vegas. It’s a shame really for all the hard work people put into the new films and show even if it’s not the Trek you instantly recognize but I suspect if there’s more of an overall approval of the new show after it premiers, you’ll see a big focus on Discovery at the 2018 Vegas Con

Have to agree with this. This is the problem with fandom for me. When they like something they will defend it to their last breath but when they don’t like it they will tear it down faster than a house of cards. No one is saying they can’t have their opinions on it its just the viciousness that is sad to me.

I generally like all Star Trek and while I haven’t loved it all and has certainly criticized it, I never attack the actual people who creates it like I see here time and time again. Bob Orci might as well be the devil to some people here, its ridiculous. Same for many others. And yes anytime something looks a bit too different than the all pervasive canon you would think Satan is now the show runner as the case currently with Discovery (AND the KT films as well). Everyone can like what they like and hate what they hate but its the nasty sick tone of it thats really a turn off for me.

Its like people are just looking to hate it first. I mean I don’t get it, we all claim we want Trek but the second anyone do something slightly different with it we want to try and bury it before it even starts. You can certainly be critical of Discovery (and I am btw, but more hopeful than not) but can we at LEAST wait until the first episode has run until we decided its the worst thing created since slavery?

I would actually like to get a look at Orci’s aborted script for “Beyond” at some point. Something tells me I would have liked it.

More than hating Shatner, I hate those “I don’t like anything new and different” fans most. In fact, without them, I’d probably be pretty indifferent to the Shat.

Well they should be there in August,when the ST con is actually going on.

Time to show us the ship!

I’m very excited for the new show, but I hope they don’t reveal a lot at Comic Con, since I’d like to come to the show in September as unspoiled as possible (but I’m not strong enough to avoid all information :-D).

Aw man, I’m a comic book artist, and that’s the one day I scheduled all of my tabling/panels and podcasts and stuff. They’ll probably show footage and everything :(