Watch ‘Darmok And Jilad’ Animated Music Video + James Marsters Blows Star Trek Audition + More Great Links

Earlier this year singer/songwriter “Tachyon Beam” released a single entitled “Darmok and Jalad“, inspired by the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok.” This past week an impressive stop-motion music video of the song was released, created by animator bluworm.

Marsters blows Nemesis audition

Actor James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Spike) is a genuine Star Trek fan, but unfortunately for him he blew his chance to be in Trek when he had a bad audition with Patrick Stewart. In a new video interview with SyFyWire, Marsters describes how he was up for the part of the Picard-clone Shinzon in the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis, but he choked it.

Video of the week: Star Trek: TNG stunt doubles

The popular YouTube channel JunkBall dedicated their latest episode to zooming in on the stunt doubles that can be spotted while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Quote of the week: SDCC and Trek

Comic-Con goes with San Diego like Spock goes with Kirk.
San Diego Mayor announcing deal for Comic-Con to stay in city until 2021

WTF of the Week: Spock the Sleuth Bear

This summer the city of Birmingham in the UK has a new public art trail exhibit called “The Big Sleuth“, featuring more than 100 painted bear sculptures in the city’s streets, parks and open spaces. Each is painted with a different theme such as “Shakesbear” and “Thread-bear” and the goal is for people to search the city to find them all. One of the bears featured will be a Star Trek-themed “Spock bear.” The Big Sleuth starts on July 10th.

Birmingham’s Spock Bear isn’t creepy at all

More great links

Wikia Fandom picks 4 abandoned projects Star Trek should revisit.

Screenrant ponders the question: Should Star Trek movie sequels return to the Prime Timeline?

WhatCulture picks 10 most important episodes of Star Trek TOS.

Movie Pilot finds 5 reasons why being rejected from Starfleet may be the best thing that ever happened to you.

GoldDerby gets way ahead of themselves when asking: Will Star Trek: Discovery wins Emmys?

SyfyWire’s Stuff We Love focuses this week on Garak in DS9’s “The Wire.”


That’s it for this week in Trek links! Keep up with all the Great Links here at TrekMovie


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Is the sequel ‘Shaka, when the walls fell?’

Junkball is one of my favorite YouTube channels. He does a lot of Star Trek related videos that are great. Highly recommended.

(I’m not involved with the channel in any way, would just like to see it grow. Great stuff)

Thank you for that fun video roundup TM!

Is it me or does that look more like a Spock Pig? Interesting that they would’ve/could’ve gone with Marsters as Shinzon. I LOVE him as Spike on Buffy but I just don’t see Shinzon or well I guess young Picard from him (nor Tom Hardy either but that’s a different story all together).

Too bad he blew the audition. I detest that film (worst Trek film ever), but he might have made it a little easier to tolerate. He also looked at the time a little more like Stewart than Tom Hardy.