Marina Sirtis Back For ‘Young Justice,’ Zoe Saldana Honored Twice, & More Star Trek CelebWatch

Zoe Saldata at Nalip Latino Media Awards

It’s time to catch up on the latest news from some of our favorite Star Trek celebrities. This week we have Marina Sirtis and George Takei lending their voices, Takei’s Broadway play heading to LA, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Zachary Quinto and Robert Picardo getting some recognition by the Hollywood establishment, Armin Shimerman’s new role at USC and sad news on the passing of Skip Homeier.

Sirtis is a queen again

Marina Sirtis announced on Twitter she would be returning to the revived animated superhero series Young Justice, which was canceled back in 2013. The Star Trek: The Next Generation actress will be reprising the role of Queen Bee for a third season, which will be available on a new DC digital service in 2018.

Queen Bee from Young Justice

Takei bringing Allegiance to LA, voicing new games

At age 80, George Takei is not slowing down. He just wrapped up an extended Broadway engagement starring in Pacific Overtures, and now he’ll headed back to the west coast  in 2018 with his musical Allegiance. The East West Players and the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center have announced Takei will star in the Los Angeles premiere of the Broadway musical Allegiance at the JACCC’s Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles from February 21-April 1, 2018. Previews will run from February 21-25, with the opening night performance and reception on February 28.

Lea Solonga and George Takei in Allegiance on Broadway. The show is headed to Los Angeles in 2018

Good news, everyone! Futurama is back with the new mobile game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, with the full cast. Also lending a voice to the new game is George Takei (as himself), as seen in the launch trailer:

Speaking of games, Takei has just been named as a board member for the Hong Kong-based developer Fifth Journey, who make a number of movie tie-ins. They are currently working on a game for the 2016 animated film Kubo and the Two Strings which featured Takei; he’ll be reprising his role for the game.

Zoe Saldana honored with Latino Media Award and a star on the Walk of Fame

At a ceremony in Hollywood last weekend, Star Trek’s new Uhura was honored by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Saldana received the Outstanding Achievement in Film award for her roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar and Star Trek, among others. She gave an emotional acceptance speech on “stressing the importance of surpassing race and ethnicity when it comes to talent,” some of which can be seen in the highlights video below.

Saldana is also being honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce; her name is on the list  for new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018.

Picardo, Cho, Quinto invited into Academy, and Whoopi joins the board

Each year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invites new members (who also become Academy Awards voters), and this year a number of Star Trek stars were on the list, including Zachary Quinto (Kelvin movies), John Cho (Kelvin movies) and Robert Picardo (Voyager). Picardo even took to Twitter to joke about it.

The Academy also shook up their 17-seat board of governors with 10 new additions, including Oscar-winner and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Guinan, Whoopi Goldberg.

Professor Shimerman

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Quark can now be called Professor Shimerman as the actor announced his latest gig in Shakespeare studies at the University of California.

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Gates McFadden was quick to congratulate him.

Shimerman joins other Trek actors who have made the trek to academia, including Avery Brooks (at Rutgers) and Robert Beltran (at USC’s cross-town rival UCLA).

LeVar reads to you

Many people grew up to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton reading to them and celebrating books with Reading Rainbow. Now he’s back with a new podcast simply titled LeVar Burton Readswhere he reads short stories. You can listen to the intro promo and first episode below.

Celeb Photo of the Week: Berman’s boys

Today former Star Trek producer Rick Berman shared this photo of himself with John de Lancie, Brent Spiner and Armin Shimerman.

Celeb Gram of the Week: Isaacs sees Trek everywhere

Star Trek: Discovery’s Jason Isaacs was out and about when he spotted something that reminded him of his day job.

It’s catering, Jim, but not as we know it. #startrekdiscovery #toexplorenewfries

A post shared by Jason Isaacs (@therealjasonisaacs) on

In fact, so did Star Trek: Discovery writer Bo Yeon Kim.

RIP Skip Homeier

The Hollywood Reporter noted that actor Skip Homeier passed away at the age of 86 on June 25. Homeier is known to Star Trek fans for playing Melakon in the TOS episode “Patterns of Force” and Dr. Sevrin in “The Way to Eden.” Homeier’s acting career began in the 1940s and lasted through to the 80s. He was particularly well known for westerns on film and TV including The Gunfighter, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Bonanza and The Virginian.

Skip Homeier in The Gunfighter and on  Star Trek

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Skip Homier will be missed.

Skip Homier is stepping into Eden.

Yeah !!! top 3 comments

I REALLY hope Trek fans welcome the Discovery cast and crew with open arms. I like that they’re feeling more like family with their social media posts and not just actors who leave it at the studio when shooting is over.

George Takei: Master of all media!

Awww, I’m sad to hear about Skip Homeier. But what a run–86 years! My best to his family and friends.

I suppose any news about Futurama is good news (everyone), but dangit, the news I want to hear is “Futurama is returning to Fox in 2017!” :(

I just saw Homeier on “The Rifleman” a few weeks ago. It airs several episodes Saturday mornings on AMC. Almost didn’t recognize him, he was so young. RIP, Skip. Step on in to Eden.

In that picture, Jason Isaacs reminds me of John Hamm.

I noticed CBSAA is splitting Discovery into two parts: Seven episodes then six episodes to be broadcast a few months later. So much for binge-watching in one month, y’all.

Congratulations to Zoe Saldana on the NALIP award. She truly deserves
it for her representation of minorities in cinema.

Congrats to Prof. Shimerman and congrats to those chosen to “represent” in the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences.

I love the Futurama game announcement. DeGrasse Tyson, Hawking, Nye — and George Takei — ROCK! And congratulations on another staging of “Allegiance,” George!

Skip Homeier, RIP among the stars