SDCC Exclusives From Bif Bang Pow!, IDW, Titan and ThinkGeek Announced + More Star Trek Merch

Titan Star Trek: TNG SDCC exclusive book set

Just like with our last two Star Trek merchandise updates we again lead with newly announced San Diego Comic Con exclusives, this time from four Trek licensees. In addition we have more Star Trek merch updates on what is fresh of the truck at Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Roddenberry.

SDCC Exclusive: The Big Bang Theory Star Trek: TNG Cosplay Figure set

First up is Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth with a The Big Bang Theory/Star Trek: The Next Generation figure set. The 3 3/4″ articulated figures based on the Star Trek: TNG cosplay episode “The Bakersfield Expedition” have been for sale individually before but the limited edition SDCC set includes a new Vasquez Rocks pop-up display backdrop. The set costs $49.99 and will be available at  booth #2343 at San Diego Comic-Con. You can also pre-order the set and if there are any remaining after the con you can get one. 

The Big Bang Theory set is the third Trek-related SDCC exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth. The others are a TOS Spock bobblehead and a TNG Enterprise-D bobble monitor mate.

SDCC Exclusives: IDW Boldly Go Vol. 1 and Collection w/ bonus Spock Whalen poster

Just today IDW Publishing announced their SDCC exclusives which includes a couple of Star Trek related items. First up is the first collected volume of Star Trek: Boldly Go with the first six issues. At SDCC booth #2743 IDW will be selling just 200 limited edition copies of a photo cover variant (see below). The regular collection goes on sale July 25th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Boldly Go Vol. 1 SDCC Exclusive Cover

IDW will also be selling a Star Trek Limited Box Set Collection of 6 books: Stardate Collection Volume 1 (hardcover), Gold Key Archives Volume 1 (hardcover), Ongoing Volume 1 (trade paperback), John Byrne Collection (trade paperback), Nero (trade paperback), and Starfleet Academy (trade paperback). The set also includes a free bonus Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection Mini-Print by J.K. Woodward. The set can be pre-ordered at IDW’s site for $100. At IDW’s booth you can buy the set and get a SDCC exclusive free Tom Whalen Spock Poster (below).

Bonus SDCC Tom Whalen poster with new IDW Star Trek box set

Also on the subject of IDW Comics, Vault Collectibles has a limited SDCC retailer exclusive cover for next months Star Trek: Waypoint #6. The Dave Dorman Gold Key cover variant (below) costs $15 and will only be available at booth #1530.

Vault Collectibles SDCC retailer exclusive cover for Star Trek: Waypoint #6

SDCC Exclusive: ThinkGeek Free Star Trek Mirror Pin

ThinkGeek will be at SDCC at booth #3349 and they have a few new con exclusives including a Star Trek: TNG 30th Anniversary Mirror Mirror Pin. And the pin can be yours for free if you spend $50 or more at the ThinkGeek Booth.

Free ThinkGeek Star Trek pin at SDCC

SDCC Exclusive: Titan Star Trek: TNG Art Book

One of Titan Books’ SDCC exclusives this year will be a limited edition of their upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation The Art of Juan Ortiz. This book is a follow-up to last the 2013 Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz poster collection book. This new TNG book features 178 posters and includes a signed tip-in sheet and exclusive art print.  It will be available for $60 at Booth #5537. The regular version will be on sale in the fall for $49.95 and you can pre-order it Amazon for $31.42.

Titan Star Trek: TNG SDCC exclusive book set

New at Amazon: Star Trek 2018 Calendars

Last week the 2018 edition of the fan-favorite Star Trek: Ships of the Line wall calendars arrived at Amazon and one can be yours for 21% off at $11.82. If you want to go old-school the 2018 Star Trek: TOS calendars are also available for $10.39. There will also be a 2018 Star Trek: Discovery calendar released in October which you can pre-order for $11.59.

Ships of the Line out now

New at Entertainment Earth: Star Trek Tiki Tiki Totems

Bif Bang Pow! has just released their set of stackable Star Trek: TOS Tiki Tiki Totems. There are a total of six available: Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, and Scotty. Sorry, no Chekov yet.

Tiki Tiki Trek from Bif Bang Pow!


New at Roddenberry: TNG Posters

Roddenberry Productions is offering a new 3-piece TNG 30th Anniversary Poster Set. The set features two 40″ x 27″ prints with heroes and villains across all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The posters retail for $99 and will be limited to 1800 sets and each includes a 28″ x 13″ key poster signed by artist Dusty Abell. .

Can you spot all the TNG characters in these new Roddenberry posters?

Keep up with all the Star Trek merchandise news at TrekMovie.


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More great stuff, love the TNG posters. I’m guessing Dusty is the artist who did the similar TOS poster with all of the characters (talked to him briefly at last summer’s Vegas Con, nice guy).

This one doesn’t make much sense to me, “Star Trek: TNG 30th Anniversary Mirror Mirror Pin.” I’m guessing the TNG 30th Anniversary part is a cut-and-paste issue.

Also, for any Doctor Who fans, the SDCC link ( lists an absolutely gorgeous comic book cover of the 12th Doctor.

TOTALLY getting that Who comic! lol! Yep,I do love my sci fi,lol! I knew about the Who comic couple of weeks ago,when I saw the two covers and read about the story. Sounds like fun!

As a huge Trek fan and someone who attends SDCC almost every year, there is nothing on this list that appeals to me, and that’s disappointing. I might be interested in the Mirror pin if it weren’t for the big Trek logo over it.

What a lame, dull, low-end, utterly unimaginative bunch of “collectibles”; I would have expected more quality than this from wares being sold exclusively at SDCC. Trek marketing continues to disappoint.

I really don’t know why the powers that be don’t take advantage of Trek merchandising more.

those posters make me chuckle