Star Trek: Timelines Launches Klingon-themed July Event

Disruptor Beam’s freemium mobile game Star Trek Timelines  has month long event titled “A Good Day to Lie” focusing on the warrior race.  As part of the Klingon mega-event, players will have access to brand-new Klingon-themed Gauntlets, limited-time Distress Calls, and rewards, as well as many new characters such as the legendary Kortar, a mythological god-slayer with immense power.

The first of four events in the series, “Scales of Power,” starts tomorrow, Thursday, July 6, and asks players to enter the fierce realm of Klingon politics after Chancellor Martok has gone missing. In his absence, several galactic powers are vying for control of the now open seat on the Klingon High Council. Fleet captains have a unique chance to steer the Klingon Empire into an age of tolerance or economic prosperity. Subsequent events will include “When Giants Walk”, “The Heart of the Empire,” and “Blood for Blood.”

Add honor to your selfies

Fans can honor their Klingon heritage next week by heading to Disruptor Beam’s Facebook page and using the photo filter to Klingon-ify selfies.

Star Trek: Timeliness is available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Facebook. For more information on the Klingon event and , visit this post from Disruptor Beam.

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Is that Neelix as a Klingon in the Scales of Power picture?

yes, from the voyager episode where the hirogen took over voyager and placed most in a ww2 simulation, but neelix in a klingon one

Don’t see any Discovery-type Klingons on here, this can’t be canon

You win the nerd-net with that comment! 😂😂😂😂

I wonder if the ‘cosplay’ section of fandom will end up embracing the bald DISCOVERY ‘Klingon’ look with as much vigour?

…apart from those fans that are already bald I mean. ;)