‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Has A ‘Star Trek IV’ Easter Egg + More Great Links

This weekend Spider-Man Homecoming blew through expectations bringing in $250m worldwide for its debut. And this latest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise had another surprise, a very subtle Star Trek easter egg. There is a scene that includes the young Spider-Man swinging through Queens when he is cheered on by a couple of guys on the street. Some people saw something familiar about one of those guys, specifically the one holding a boom box.

Turns out that guy is Kirk Thatcher who played the “Punk on bus” with a loud boom box who gets nerve-pinched by Spock when the original crew travels back in time to 1986 San Francisco in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Kirk Thatcher as “punk”in Star Trek IV shows up again as a punk in Spider-Man Homecoming

Thatcher himself confirmed it on Twitter joking that he is ‘an easter egg.’

And in another tweet when asked if his Spider-Man role (which is credited as “Punk on street”) was reprising his role as the “Punk on bus” from Star Trek IV, Thatcher said it was “spiritually speaking.”

The new Spider-Man had a few nods to 80s films including Risky Business and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but the Voyage Home easter egg was probably the most subtle. It isn’t clear how this came about but being that it is so hidden, it is probably just something that director Jon Watts or one of the producers at Sony or Marvel thought would be fun.

Tweet of the Week: Patton Oswalt Trek trolls Mark Hamill 

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill congratulated nerdy comedian Patton Oswalt on the announcement of his engagement to be married, and Patton replied with some cross-franchise fun.


More Great Star Trek Links

Investment site Seeking Alpha has some Star Trek-themed advice: Think Like A Vulcan Or Pounce Like A Klingon, But Don’t Be A Ferengi.

SyFy Wire argues Klingon isn’t the language of warriors. It’s the language of scholars.

Den of Geek offers their picks for the 10 worst Starfleet Admirals.

A father and son team built their own Star Trek: TNG-style warp core complete, check out their project blogs (and the final result below).


That’s it for this week in Trek links! Keep up with all the Great Links here at TrekMovie.

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Talk about obscure easter eggs! Best film of the summer, by the way.

Wonder Woman was a little better, IMHO. Neither are great, but they’re both pretty good and definitely worth the price of admission.

I agree on your second point, but I preferred SMH. Something just a lot more fun and satisfying, with higher rewatch value. WW was really good too, though.

To G7’s point, I no longer speak in those terms– CBM’s are now legit films and their own genre– like science fiction, romance, or western– so I consider all of them “real films.” SMH, more than WW, in my opinion, is something that has more broad appeal outside of superhero and comic book fans, and generally just a better movie.

Sorry. Gotta differ.

Wonder Woman was bad if not terrible in parts.

Diana “was created” but raised as a girl? And when Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor did not want to sleep with her “because of his beliefs” was interesting but then left unused in any way. What a conversation it could have been between the two as they talked about his Christianity and her mythological beginnings.


We cut to their little ship being towed SOMEHOW into London the next day.

That was a missed opportunity for establishing a great character arc between the two.

Note to writers. If the fate of their mission was sooo terrible, why did’nt Trevor pop the question? Yup. How about marrying them and making a statement about COMMITMENT between a Man and a Woman?!

There were so many other things that bothered me about that movie plot line and they had so much money to make it right with all the “Re-shoots”. And then in the end she even killed the wrong guy. Did I get that right?

I was pretty disinterested by this point.

And then Trevor (SPOILER ALERT) KILLS himself by detonating the plane and gas – in close to his friends?! I thought he had to be at least fifty miles away? I thought he was a hero. I prefer heroes that save people. Trevor’s death seemed, and was, meaningless. Pine especially seemed to have a look in his eye like, when will this ever end?!

And what about that atrocious final shot, of Wonder Woman jumping from the top of that building – into like – NOWHERE – in that strange and unflattering pose?!


Wonder Woman was just a TERRIBLE movie!!!
Now go see Spider-Man Homecoming.
A movie with a lotta’ heart.

Or better yet, visit my website and watch something worthwhile…
Or even better yet,…

Wow. You want Trevor, in the middle of an important mission with the fate of the war (and the world?) in the balance, to stop and propose to a woman he just met? No. Just… no.

I’ll give you the speedy arrival in London, though. I was baffled by that to.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was pretty good. But it was too much High School angst and too little superhero derring-do for my taste. Maybe if you’re younger and closer to that High School age, you like Spidey better. I preferred the two more mature characters in Wonder Woman, acting like responsible adults.

The high school parts are what gave the movie heart and charm. I’m by no means close to being a high schooler, but found it fun and engaging, and the characters’ youth helped set it apart from the standard superhero fare. Of all the characters, Spider-Man is the perfect one to focus more on the alter ego issues than on the daring do. Loved it.

steve’s death helps galvanise Diana to take down ares with her god killer power.

and its a great movie, one of the best origin movies have I seen.

That’s the one of the things I had a problem with in WW: it shouldn’t have been steve’s death, it should have been an internal callback to her training, that galvanized her. It really felt like that was what the whole point of her training early on was for, to prepare her for that ONE moment where she needed that last ounce of strength.

the internal callback was her last moment with steve before he got on the plane. and then she was able to act against ares.


Which was stupid because the callback should NOT have been to Steve. They barely knew each other, he should not have been her “strength” moment. Also, as they were trying to get across that she was a strong female independent hero, for her to rely on a man to galvanize her was a huge flaw in the climax. Should definitely have been a callback to Hippolyta.

Did you actually watch the movie? Diana “was created” was a reference to her original comic origin story. And later on in the movie they admit she’s the biological child of Zeus.

This is one bizarre rant lol. I can’t wrap my head around it its so bizarre.

“When will this ever end?!”
I know how he feels.

Diana’s march through no man’s land is iconic.

I wholly agree!

Sorry. Again.

No Man’s Land was another fail for me.

They made a point of setting the camera up in the trench pointing at the Ladder up into NML. But then, just as Wonder Woman is ascending the ladder, they cut the anterior shot before we could get a good look at Gal’s goodies.

I know. It makes me sound bad as a male. But I wanted that shot!

It was OK to show Pine full frontal earlier, but no azz shot for us true Wonder Woman fans WHEN YOU CLEARLY HAD THE BEST POSSIBLE CAMERA ANGLE.
Sorry it was just distracting and shot poorly. Did any one else notice?

And come on. If Pine did not want to sleep with Diana because of his noble attitudes, then he surely would have been thinking of proposing. Just saying.
And Steve’s death WAS pointless if not unobserved – from everyone.
At least they brought back Cap by the end of his movie.

‘They made a point of setting the camera up in the trench pointing at the Ladder up into NML. But then, just as Wonder Woman is ascending the ladder, they cut the anterior shot before we could get a good look at Gal’s goodies.’

its what happens when she is on the battlefield that matters.

INDEED IT DOES, and when it came to nabbing the sniper in the city square, AGAIN came another laughable action scene.

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, while under heavy fire, decides to run into the middle of the square to begin lifting a heavy steel door — for what reason I don’t know.

Then Trevor orders his comrades into the same position under the steel door, without explanation he orders them to all lift it. Then, Wonder Woman runs toward them all, and then leaps from on top of the steel door, the group pushes up and she is propelled – HUNDREDS OF FEET INTO THE AIR – to the top of the building where the sniper is perched. Where she slices the buildings columns to smash the sniper.

Why did she need Trevor there? Sorry that was a lame action scene.

WHY?! Why, when it is shown earlier how strong WW is, that she could smash concrete with here bare hands, WHY did she need Trevor and his friends to stand under that door in harms way? Just stupid.

I am just bewildered at what the general public will consume.

Yeah, I noticed there was full *top* frontal. Pine did not jangle the dangly bits for the viewers. You have an odd idea of full frontal.

So a true Wonder Woman fan is just looking at her ass? Not watching her be a hero? What — and you, such a Christian? You’re a puzzling fellow.

C’mon, Marja. It was just one shot I was looking for.

And Chris Pine’s frontal shot was almost too much “Pine” for me.

Don’t Litter!

Yeah.. WW was a lot better, actually. And I still like Sam Rami’s Spider-Man best. But it was better than The Amazing Spider-Man.

Naw. WW was not as good. I enjoyed the Raimi films for what they were, but they are VERY much a product of their time and don’t really hold up (though I know I’m in the extreme minority there).

SM:H is not only the best comic movie of the summer, it’s among my top 5 comic movies period, (though that list getting harder and harder to define since Marvel has made so many good movies).

Wonder Woman is a fun, but heavily flawed film that is WAY overhyped.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

WW fought a good portion of that final battle…. using her rope.

Not impressed.

It was good but I think Wonder Woman was a better film. This is a good comic book movie. WW is on the verge fo actually being good enough to be a film, not just a comic book movie. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Totally agree with you as a 30+ year comic book fan, I could see the differences between both and it’s why WW has edged it out for me.

This means that everything in the MCU is now canon in the prime ST universe. Get ready for crossover films.

** shudders ** at the thought. Unlike Reese’s I don’t like “chocolate in my peanut butter and peanut butter in my chocolate” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJLDF6qZUX0

Hee! What a cheezy ending to a great series that was. I miss “St. Elsewhere.”


okay Patton-congrats on the marriage but ST is way beyond your chops. Not about the latest “ITS ME” thing.

Discovery will break away from the Hollywood “COOL” or “GOTCHA” cliche and make it’s own mark.

Ooooooo….Ima gonna run out and see it now. No, I won’t. Spidey battles bad guys. Spidey wins. There, I just saved a bunch of you fifteen bucks. You’re welcome.

Thanks!! And if you warch all the trailers and tv spots you get the basics. Although they ARE saying that a lot of the stuff in the trailers and such,are not in the movie. Guess that’s the new norm,trying to throw people off guard so they can lie their hearts out,and we all know how that can go. Yes JJ,I’m looking at you!

Thanks, because knowing how a movie ends is the only reason I watch movies!

LOL! I don’t care if I know or not,long as I enjoy what I see.

Well, if it turns out that Spidey is killed by Ant Man, in supersized form, with a can of Raid then you might be on to something….


Yeah, going to wait for it on Netflix Canada. Marvel movies are becoming so bland and indistinguishable from one another that it’s not worth the hassle to watch in theaters anymore.

Didn’t make it past the twenty minute mark when Dr. Strange showed up on Netflix US. That bad…

‘Live long and prosper! No, wait… ‘


“this is not a drill”? What does that mean?

I want a warp core!!!!

Does that mean that the Marvel films share the same universe with Trek and are part of Star Trek canon? :)

Why not?

There were some pretty fun Marvel easter eggs in S:H too.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy “S:H” as much as I did. I loved MJ, drawing pictures of people in crisis ;^) and the Captain America PSAs were funny especially at the end.

Great callback to “Birdman”

I enjoyed it, too.

Although looking back. The Cap pieces should have showcased Cap’s super powered abilities.

Chris Evens appearing for 30 seconds in a slightly goofy-looking Captain America suit soured quickly after the second viewing.

Yes. I admit it. I saw S: H twice.

So much better than “the alleged” Wonder Woman