Review: 2017 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments – USS Franklin and TNG Data and Picard

This year Hallmark has two new Star Trek ornaments and they arrive in stores on Saturday, July 15th. This year’s ship is the U.S.S. Franklin from Star Trek Beyond,  and the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is being celebrated with an ornament featuring Captain Picard and Data on the bridge of the Enterprise. TrekMovie got an early look at both for this review.

U.S.S. Franklin Hallmark ornament

The U.S.S. Franklin (NX-326) is a nice addition to the Hallmark series. Designed by Jake Angell, the plastic model is 3.5″ W x 1.1″ H x 5.15″ D.

Front view of Hallmark’s U.S.S. Franklin ornament for 2017

Like most Hallmark ships, this one does not come with a stand. A metal loop is provided for hanging.

Top view

The U.S.S. Franklin is a “Magic Light” ornament (batteries are included) with lights on the nacelles and in the bridge window.

Lights on

Side view

The ship’s registry is printed once on the top of the saucer section and twice on the bottom, as well as on the sides of the widely spaced nacelles.

Underside of Franklin ornament

The detailing of the saucer is enhanced with texturing from the mold, not just paint. Since the Franklin was partially buried on an alien world for more than a century, it has a “dirty” look to it, which is achieved by smudges of color.

Detailing on nacelle

The quality of  this ship is very good and comparable to the other ships in the Keepsake collection. The paint is well placed and the colors are true. It will look nice on the tree or displayed as part of a fleet collection.  The Hallmark U.S.S. Franklin is recommended and a must-have for any collector. It retails for $32.95 and you can pick one up at Hallmark stores or

Packaging for the Franklin ornament

Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard and Data ornament

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we have Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data aboard the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D. The ornament measures 3.9″ W x 5.1″ H x 3.3″ D and features Picard sitting in his captain’s chair with Data standing behind him.

Hallmark’s 2017 Star Trek: TNG Picard and Data ornament

The figures are permanently attached to a hexagonal base with “Star Trek The Next Generation” printed on the front of it and it can be hung or stand on its own.  Surprisingly, “30th Anniversary” is nowhere to be seen on the ornament itself, only on the box. The colors of the paint seem reasonably close to screen accurate, and the combadges and pips are nicely detailed. There are also LCARS stickers affixed to the arms of the captain’s chair, making for a nice detail.

Chair detail

This is another of Hallmark’s “Magic Sound” ornaments. Pressing a button on the base plays dialogue from the show through a speaker underneath the chair. There are seven audio clips including one of Captain Picard saying, “Let’s make sure that history never forgets the name…Enterprise.” Some of of the other choices are less iconic. You hear the full set in the unboxing and demo video below.

Side view showing sound activation button and speaker

While the statuette is as well-made as any of the Hallmark Keepsake line, the sculpt does not seem up to standards of previously released ornaments. The characters are recognizable from a distance, but closer inspection reveals Captain Picard’s head appears too narrow and his facial features are are rather sunken, giving him a gaunt look. The whole thing makes him look more like Mr. Homn than Patrick Stewart. Hallmark’s 1995 Picard was better at capturing his likeness.

Face sculpts on 2017 Hallmark ornament

Data’s head is also quite narrow, and his coloring is more greenish. Comparing this one to the 1997 Data ornament, you can see a difference in shape and color.  While they were able to capture some element’s of Brent Spiner’s features, like his nose, the whole effect for this new ornament is that he ends up looking a bit more like a zombie than Mr. Data.

Comparison to Picard (1995) and Data (1997) ornaments

Another odd choice, which may have something to do with balancing the ornament when it is hung, is the placement of the hanger loop on Picard’s shoulder, which is unusual for this line.

Rear view

This Picard and Data ornament can only be recommended for the most avid collectors and completists. If you are looking for your first Data or Picard ornament, you may be better off finding a previous release on eBay. The Star Trek: TNG Picard and Data ornament retails for for $29.95 USD and you can pick one up at Hallmark stores or


Unboxing and sound demo

The following video shows you how the ornaments are packaged and demonstrates the “Magic” sounds for the TNG Picard and Data ornament along with some other commentary.

Hallmark convention exclusive: battle-damaged Enterprise-C

There is actually another ornament coming from Hallmark this year, but it is only available at some select conventions. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” depicts the iconic starship with a battle-damage paint scheme as it appeared on screen. This repaint of a 2015 Keepsake Ornament has a total production run of 3,325 and sales will be limited to 225 per day during SDCC. In a first for Hallmark, they will also be selling the ornament at the Official 2017 Star Trek Convention, scheduled Aug. 2-6 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, with 100 available each day, and the rest will be on sale at New York Comic Con.

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