‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Comic-Con Plans Announced + New Look At U.S.S. Discovery

This morning CBS announced more details on their plans for Star Trek: Discovery at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, which will include a panel, a gallery takeover, a social media challenge with prizes, and a free ride.

Star Trek: Discovery panel details

The panel is on Saturday July 22nd in Ballroom 20 (at 2:30 PM Pacific), and we now know that  it will be moderated by Rainn Wilson, who has a recurring role as Harry Mudd in Discovery. The actors attending the panel are: Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), Jason Isaacs (Lorca), Doug Jones (Saru), Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Wiseman (Tilly), Anthony Rapp (Stamets), and James Frain (Sarek). They will be joined by executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Heather Kadin and Akiva Goldsman.

Star Trek: Discovery gallery takeover

CBS is creating a “fully immersive Star Trek: Discovery experience” at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery (363 Fifth Avenue, San Diego). The exhibit will include a photo opportunity in the U.S.S. Discovery captain’s chair along with props, costumes, and sketches from the show. Each day 1000 fans will receive free, limited-edition Discovery posters and there will also be an official Star Trek Shop with merchandise exclusive to Comic-Con. The exhibit will run Thursday, July 20 through Sunday, July 23 and you will not need a Comic-Con badge for entry.

Limited edition posters

Discovery pedicab promotion

Also running Thursday through Sunday will be free “intergalactic” rides through the Gaslamp District on pedicabs “inspired by the design of the U.S.S. Discovery’s Captain’s Chair.” Each Discovery pedicab features distinctive stitched black seats and video monitors built into its armrests which “will screen trailers for the highly anticipated new show.” (Yes, the official release uses the plural “trailers.”) The pedicabs will also have an illuminated U.S.S. Discovery delta shield on the back.

SDCC Discovery pedicabs

#TrekDiscovery Challenge

CBS has also announced the “#TrekDiscovery Challenge” for Friday and Saturday in San Diego where fans will encounter an array of authentically costumed Trek ambassadors, representing crews from the first five Star Trek television series (The Original Series, The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise). If you post photos of yourself on Twitter or Instagram with all five series ambassadors and the Discovery Captain’s Chair at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery and tag all six photos with #TrekDiscovery, you will be eligible to win a Roku streaming stick and a subscription to CBS All Access. Prizes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Fans can find clues regarding the location of the #TrekDiscovery crews by following @StarTrek on Twitter and Instagram.

New short animated promo

This morning CBS also tweeted out a short little animated promo for Discovery with the message “Starfleet officer reporting for duty. #StarTrekDiscovery premieres September 24 on #CBSAllAccess.”

Final design for the U.S.S. Discovery?

As we have previously noted, one of the big things missing from the trailer and other images released by CBS over the last couple of months is a look at the U.S.S. Discovery itself. A version of the ship was revealed at last year’s Comic-Con but it was said that wasn’t final. The Discovery shown on one of the posters for this year’s Comic-Con shows there have been some changes, notably the gaps inside the saucer. Hopefully we will finally see the real thing soon enough.

Does this SDCC poster show the final design for the U.S.S. Discovery?

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The US Discovery looks great from that angle.

I’ll admit I don’t mind the ship design as much now since that horrible looking neck is gone. It’s still not my favorite but definitely better than last year’s unveiling.

She’s a beauty.

AMEN….!!! IT IS ….!!! TREK IS BACK !!!

So glad the roulette wheel is gone from Discovery. A courtyard effect is interesting. Of course, now the crew can look in each other’s windows. It also looks more advanced than a Connie, but at a certain point you have to make that choice. You can’t bury yourself, production-wise, in the 1960’s. I kinda like it!

It’s possible that it is a later design than the 1701. Most sources put its launch in 2245. This ship could be brand new in 2255.

Good point!

The triangle thing reminds me of the McQuarrie designs from the abandoned Phase II show in the ’70’s.

Been to a few SDCC’s over the years, and disappointed I’ll be missing it this year. Would definitely have gone to this panel!

I can’t help it but I LOVE that ship design. The triangular engineering section and the ring around the inner saucer… a true retro feeling, just like that wonderful 50s-style transporter room.

This show could be really great, if they don’t exagerate it with those graphic depictions of violence they might have in store for us. But I guess the popularity of GoT is just too much of a temptation not to go down that route.

I only found out today how many of my colleagues (all rather uptight, conservative teachers) are into watching GoT. The fun thing was that some could not even believe I was watching it as well. They secretly think of it as some sort of “guilty pleasure” I think and would probably never admit to watching it in front of our students. But then we all know they are watching it, too. Virtually everybody is watching it. So yeah, the DSC producers can’t help but take a cue from shows like this and honestly can’t blame them for trying… as much as I’d hate to see Star Trek go down that path…

As a conservative. I do not watch GoT because of my religious beliefs. I loved the books to a point but the over nudification and sexualization of the show is too much.

Star Trek has always been something I felt I could watch with my kids. They had better not make the wrong decision with Discovery as many parents would be angry.

Nudity isn’t really an issue in my country, violence however is. I for one don’t want to see nudity in Trek either. And I’m not religious. But I think it’s a distraction or nuisance to have to deal with it on a sci-fi / fantasy show when you’re not 100% committed.

I do…what’s wrong with nudity ?! We all came out of the womb naked. We humans are sexual….and violent beings. Well…I agree…the violence we can do without…too much in the real world….but television and movies…bring it !!!

I dislike nudity in TV shows and genre movies for a multitude of reasons:

First and foremost, while I am not religious myself, I respect those who are and I do understand why they feel the way they do. If you regard sexuality as some sort of “holy” mystery not to be tampered with lightly, there is hardly any way you can stomach nudity, let alone more explicite stuff on a good conscience. While I don’t share these beliefs at all, I respect them and I don’t want people to turn away from Trek because of the “Booby Trap”…

Second, unlike blood and gore, the nudity is REAL. You’re watching actual body parts of actual people, not CGI or prosthetics…So the inner “it’s just a movie” mantra simply doesn’t work here. If you have problem with this “real” stuff, you are given the choice between watching it against your beliefs or not watching it at all. And that’s a high price to pay.

Third, while I used to be fine with nudity and “softcore” adult depictions, the gross nature of some explicite online smutt has changed my mind over the years. For many people, simple nudity was just a gateway drug for worse, far worse contents. It’s their own choice, but nowadays, kids and teenagers have unlimited access to that stuff as well before they even contemplate the full nature of those activities!

Fourth, in genre productions such as horror, sci-fi or fantasy, the rare occassions of nudity often come with bloody, gory violence in one and the same scene and that’s just gross. I just don’t want that “From Dusk Till Dawn” attitude on Trek.

Fifth, I am not really into genre mash-ups and IMHO nudity belongs in erotic thrillers or adult comedies only. If you sign up for a sci-fi or fantasy flick, you don’t automatically sign up for eroticism and it feels wrong to combine both genres in such a way. Just because you are into one thing doesn’t mean the other one is your thing as well…

Sixth, nudity does do some arousing that might make you feel uneasy when you are watching stuff with other people, let alone minors. That unease or “shame” just is there, no matter how hard you try to normalize it mentally.

Seventh, Trek is a pre-established franchise that stands for adventurous, family-friendly entertainment and not gross adult-oriented materials. Including ultra-violent gore or nudity would change the very nature of the franchise for good. The moment this stuff becomes part of our beloved franchise, it sticks and can never be undone or unwatched.

I’m more or less fine with some adult-oriented TV shows out there (though the shere number of them is becoming increasingly staggering) but at least TWD, GOT, Westworld or American Gods are isolated individual franchises that got nothing to do with PG-13 / TV-14 / family-friendly franchises. That way, parents aren’t in danger of mixing things up and letting their kids watch stuff they BELIEVE to be harmless because it used to be harmless for ages…

Star Trek is one of these franchises, Star Wars, Harry Potter etc. as well…

Retconing PG-13 stuff into R-Rated / TV-MA stuff is a delicate, troublesome tendency. It’s already started in the realms of comic book franchises, with the Marvel Netflix shows invading the family-friendly MCU or the X-Verse being slowly turned into something different by the likes of Logan and Deadpool. And kids are VERY likely to continue watching a pre-established franchise even after those changes have been implemented. Most parents aren’t experts on these developments and still think of Marvel and X-Men as harmless comic book fun. Star Trek is also in that category… for the moment, that is!

The Original Series had plenty of mini-skirts, space pimping, and Green sex slaves. I hope they bring all that back (makes devil horns)

I hope, with Discovery airing on a streaming platform that the writers will not censor themselves. If a character needs to utter an expletive, do it. If two characters have a passionate night together, they can avoid the magic sheets that manage to intertwine themselves in all the right places.

People can believe what they want, influenced by the oddness of their upbringing. But its weird. If someone enjoys the creative arts to actually be offended by nudity is hilarious.

I hate to break it to some of these folks, but we’re all naked under our clothes.

And unless you’re kids are unbelievably sheltered, they know what a naked body looks like (namely their own).

I wouldnt let my kids watch GoT either, but there are plenty of PG type films or TV shows where there is some nudity that I wouldn’t have an issue with.

Humanity is weird. We have such wide beliefs, from those that hide nudity from their kids to families that are nudists and are naked all the time with their kids.

Go figure. Better, I suppose, than all humans being the same…like those pesky Klingons.

“I hate to break it to some of these folks, but we’re all naked under our clothes.”

Cool. And I’m perfectly fine with these new characters and actors being naked UNDER THEIR CLOTHES! That’s been the case for 52 years now :-)

“And unless you’re kids are unbelievably sheltered, they know what a naked body looks like”

The truth is they know more than just that these days. at the age of 13, they’ve seen it all online and there is nothing you can do about it unless you take away all their smartphones, laptops or tablets.

But there is a HUGE difference between online smutt and Star Trek! A major media franchise always serves as a (more or less) positive or negative role model for them.
Star Trek, Star Wars etc. offer a wide range of identification, to an extend not present in online tubes and hubs. While it’s no longer regarded a major offense, most people should be able to identify explicit online material as stuff that appeals to the lowest instincts.
But with Star Trek, I expect more. It’s been a shining anchor of decency for generations. If it is finally assimilated by contemporary indecencies, the final fortress has fallen.

“If someone enjoys the creative arts to actually be offended by nudity is hilarious.”

I’m not offended by nudity in general, but I’m offended by public nudity within major all-age media franchises pushed down our throats for sake of progress. I want to remain in charge IF, WHEN and WHERE to watch nudity, and that’s certainly not while watching Star Trek. Other people, who reject the subject matter generally should not be forced to watch it either if they are interested in space-based sci-fi, let alone a 52-year-old franchise that has never crossed that line before!

BTW: If anyone of us decided to get fully naked IN PUBLIC, that person would be arrested, fined, locked away or sent to mental institution.

I hate to break it to you, but being on TV is being IN PUBLIC! Publishing or releasing anything online makes the material PUBLIC to anyone. Age control and youth protection haven’t working in a while now due to the increase in juvenile computing skills, so basically anything online is available for anyone above the age of 10 who isn’t completely sheltered from modern tech.

But still, people get away with releasing such contents, because it is either perceived and acclaimed as “creative arts” or simply labled as “adult-oriented material”, the first being a matter of taste, the second idea being a straight-out lie because there is nothing out there that’s able to make sure it only reaches people 18+ of age.

And no, I don’t want Star Trek to be a part of that game.

Of course you may argue that my street-nudity comparison is not valid because movies and TV shows show A LOT of activities that would be illegal in real life: mass-murder, slaughter and other atrocities that would get you imprisoned for hundreds of years if you commited these crimes in reality.

But there is a HUGE difference between those instances of graphic violence and nudity. No one has ever been shot, stabbed, beheaded or eaten alive for making a Hollywood movie. Those crimes are all make-believe, using practical FX, CGI, rubber body parts and film blood. Although I hate overusing these gruesome images, I can still justify all of it by telling myself (and young people): “It’s just a movie. It’s not real.” You can learn that during your teens and maybe it’s a good thing young teens are exposed the these FAKE images earlier today.

But when it comes to nudity or online “intercourse”, the luxury of that “it’s make belief” is gone entirely. It is actual nudity on display, not CGI or rubber body-parts (for the most). I hate to be repeating this time and again, but that’s what makes it so difficult for me to accept it in mainstream movies or TV shows…

But obviously killing and murdering people is way cool and no problem. You people belong in the Victorian age with their anal obsession with chastity and nudity. You don’t even realize the utter immoral message you wish to convey here. Killing people is ok, because you know, it’s just a movie. That alone makes you unfit for any morality play about nudity, sex or otherwise.

You would gladly take your children to a movie with gruesome deaths but balk at the idea of naked people in that same movie. Doing perhaps what is considered a completely normal thing, while MURDERING people is NOT. By telling your children it’s ‘just a movie’ you desensitize them from what killing and murdering actually means, what horrors are involved with these heinous acts and the devastation it creates in the lives of those who are left behind. It doesn’t matter if there is rubber involved.

Puritan bullshit, that is what you are preaching. Morals in which death and murder are fine but the most primary human act is wrong. Human bodies are wrong unless clothed, physical expression of love or attraction is wrong. Teach that to your children and look around what kind of society this creates.

@Bert Beukema.

Your harsh reply shows me that you didn’t get my point at all.

“But obviously killing and murdering people is way cool and no problem…Killing people is ok, because you know, it’s just a movie.”

Killing people is NEVER okay, but showing those killings by fake SFX if it serves the story is sometimes necessary. I totally dislike the rise in brutal TV shows these days, but it’s still a completely different thing from ACTUAL nudity.

Now, if they used CGI or rubber to emulate nudity without actually showing real naked bodies, those scenes would be a lot less offensive than CGI gore, let alone real nudity.

On a scale from 1 to 10:
1 actual violence and bloodshed 1,000,000+
2 actual nudity 9
3 fake violence and bloodshed 6
4 fake nudity 1

“You would gladly take your children to a movie with gruesome deaths but balk at the idea of naked people in that same movie.”

I don’t have kids myself but I would NOT gladly take them to watch these movies or TV shows. However, no one can fully protect them from watching them anyway. And this is why I’m glad you can deconstruct these movies into SFX and film blood once they are accidentally exposed to those scenes. “It’s just a movie” can take away their fears after having watched something they cannot deal with (yet). And it’s okay if they learn that difference at a younger age than 30 years ago.

However, on movies nudity and violence seldom come separately. Watch Friday 13th 1-X, watch From Dusk Till Dawn, watch Night of the Demons, watch that infamous Bilquis scene on American Gods… very often (real) nudity and (fake) violence come hand in hand. And that further complicates things…

“…what horrors are involved with these heinous acts and the devastation it creates in the lives of those who are left behind. It doesn’t matter if there is rubber involved.”

It matters a lot! Otherwise we’d be ending up in Roman times with actual people murdered in the arena for entertainment purposes.
At least, movie-making is able to deal with death and violence without having to kill actual people. And GOOD movies and TV shows DO deal with the psychological results of those acts. I’m not fine with the FLOOD of modern-day “mature” TV shows these days, but the OPTION to deal with these themes from time to time is okay. Actually, the mindless killing of hundreds or thousands in PG-13 movies is a lot more troublesome sometimes.

It’s mainly the fact that nudity and violence come hand in hand in most genre productions that include nudity that offends me.
An innocent “picture painting” scene like on Titanic would be hardly an issue. But shows like GoT, American Gods etc. COMBINE both elements, a fact you didn’t take into account at all… The Species movies, From Dusk Till Dawn, Friday the 13th, you name it… there is no such thing as “clean” nudity on most adult genre flicks. Keep that in mind before boasting about my complaint about future Trek nudity AND gore. It’s not going to be separated entirely.

Do you really think they would cencor themselves to “harmless” nudity on an adult-oriented sci-fi show? It may start with some half-decent, harmless scenes: Burnham mediating in the nudes, a gay couple in the decon chamber or under the sonic shower, but then they would go on, showing naked alien vampire ladies seducing their victims before slaughtering them, Klingons involved in harsh intercourse that might also result in death…
It’s a sci-fi show and it won’t limit itself to Data painting an act once the boundaries on nudity and violence are crossed… And you are complaining about my inability to appreciate innocent nudity…Don’t fool yourself… If they take a cue from GoT, there’s more than just boobies to endure…

Game of Thrones is a great show. Who cares about the nudity and sexualization ? Just because you watch a show, does that mean that you will start behaving like what you see on television ? Maybe some nuts will….but it is a show, and I appreciate a storyteller who tells a story the way they want to tell it. I been working on my own comic book series since 2006…which includes a lot of nudity, profanity….ect. I remember being in college, and I let several people read it, some was cool, some said …whoa…too much cussing. You know what I did…I went back and took out a lot of it….and then I got depressed because now I was conforming to what society expected….so my professor gave me some great advice. “You tell the story the way you want to…until it is finished.” We are artists first and foremost. I wish Trek did have nudity and some cussing in it. If you got kids, just don’t let them watch it…put on The Muppets…they’ll have a ball and your conservative self won’t have to worry. Oh…and there is no such thing as conservative.

“If you got kids, just don’t let them watch it…put on The Muppets…”

Doesn’t work…
1. “The Muppets” will do with younger kids, but older kids and teens will use their electronic devices to dig NudeTrek up eventually between 11 and 14…
2. Lots of parents may confuse family-friendly Trek of the past with the new stuff, not even realizing that is has changed until it is too late…
3. Some people want Trek to stay family-friendly because turning it into something “contemporary” does actually hurt their feelings, even if you’re perfectly fine with all the other “mature” shows out there…

I don’t want “family friendly” Trek, thanks. And I certainly don’t want my TV viewing censored so that some tween who’s aged out of THE MUPPETS might be spared seeing nudity. STAR TREK is for adults. People who want kiddie-friendly sci-fi can be content with Jar Jar Binks.

“STAR TREK is for adults.”

I feel the complete oppsite. Star Trek has always been family-friendly. Yeah, it dealt with lots of adult themes on a very intellectual basis but hardly ever crossed the line between intellectuality and sheer voyerism (STID and those ENT decon chamber scenes being the exception to that rule).

I don’t want that sort of “adult” and “mature” entertainment on Trek, that thinks of itself as “art” but is nothing but relentlessly serving the lowest instincts of humanity. Most people don’t watch GoT for its literary intellectuality, they watch it for boobs, death and gore. You could tell (almost) the same stories without that sort of dark “eye candy”…

“I wish Trek did have nudity…”

Just imagine for second Next Gen’s first season episode “Justice”, the one with the hedonistic Edo and their “God” protecting their infamous trespassing laws, just imagine that episode with nudity…

Back in the early 90s, at the age of twelve, I already felt uneasy about the skimpy outfits combined with the permeable, laszive nature of that Edo culture and their attitude towards “free love”… It was only implied in that episode, but it was far enough to send my 12-year-old self over the edge because I wasn’t able to deal with it due to my conservative upbringing…

Now imagine that episode realized with full nudity, explicit (while not “hardcore”) intercourse, it would at least be a Conan- or GoT-style orgy of sorts.

First, it would have been the last episode of Trek I would have been allowed to watch by my parents…

Second, as insecure as I had been back then, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to watch Trek ever again…

I know, that most kids today are used to these images a lot more due to a more liberal attitude in large parts of society, due to the internet and due to the other “mature” series that may be directed at adults but are widely watched by kids and teens anyway.

But still, some might be overwhelmed by what they see, some may develop a taste for worse and other could be prevented from ever watching Star Trek again by reigious parents. For what it’s worth, I might have never become a Trekker if that episode had been on back in the day…

Why should everyone else have to endure boring, kid-friendly Star Trek just because you kids?

The Star Wars websites are that way~~~~~>>>>> I’m sure they have a boring, kid-friendly plush Jar-Jar for sale

@The Dingo That Ate Your Baby.

“Why should everyone else have to endure boring, kid-friendly Star Trek just because you kids?

The Star Wars websites are that way~~~~~>>>>> I’m sure they have a boring, kid-friendly plush Jar-Jar for sale.”

Why should everyone else have to endure gory, adult-oriented Star Trek just because your lust for blood and nudity?

The Game of Thrones websites are that way ~~~~~~~>>>>>> I’m sure they have a nude, adult-friendly Deanerys poster for sale.

Seriously, I’m 37 and I don’t want to see nudity on Trek myself, regardless what it does or doesn’t for kids. That’s just an additional aspect. I just don’t want to watch it on Trek and if they include it I’ll be having a hard time coming to terms with it as well as with that relentless Klingon bloodshed we are preparing for…

Looks like they’ve moved the nacelles back too.

The Discovery is looking better — but I still argue there’s a reason rejected concept art from an aborted series was rejected…

I can promise you it was NOT rejected.

It was designed for Planet of the Titans, the film just didn’t get made and the pre-production material was just shelved. It was an approved design by Ken Adam, who designed a lot of Bond stuff.

They took the basic shape of the design from planet of the titans and used that as a starting point for the Enterprise D

Agreed; would have preferred they started from scratch on a design.

Perhaps the outer disc rotates?

Ugh. As with STID’s Vengeance, gaps in the saucer make no sense from any design perspective that I can think of. Just more change for its own sake, though I’m still very much committed to giving Discovery a fair shot.

How about the ability to separate the ship’s command and assault section from the primary hull?

Looks good.

I bet the pilot will suck, but the actual web-show should prove interesting.

Not a good trade off if it makes the ship more vulnerable overall. Not that I claim any design expertise whatsoever. I could very well be wrong. But to my eyes it looks absurd.

Thats an interesting point. It does seem impractical to have gaps like that. But if the center piece can be popped out for whatever reason, I suppose that does make sense.

Love the Discovery design. Not sure what the rationale is for the saucer gaps tho’. Is it possible the outer ring is detachable?? Interestingly, if you remove the outer portion, the inner saucer is quite close in proportions to the original McQuarrie design. Hmmm…

Those spokes look like trouble! If the ship gets damaged there, then the people on the outer ring can’t reach the rest of the ship…

Yes. It’s structurally unsound — get rid of those very frail spokes and the entire center section of the saucer (including the bridge, for heaven’s sake!) would be lost. At the very least, this reduces the usable interior volume of the saucer. Why on earth — or off of it — would anyone ever build such a thing?

Very poor science fiction, if this poster reflects the actual final design.

Since the main character isn’t the captain, I suppose they could be INTENTIONALLY designing a ship where the bridge easily and frequently gets cut off from the rest of the ship, so that Burnham would have a chance to command while the captain is isolated or something?

Still, I hate to think of Starfleet engineers being that stupid…

….yet fittingly the Enterprise neck was a poor design too…. So, Starfleet making poor designs is canon? Then again, the E-s neck was only shown as vulnerable once, so maybe not such a bad design after all?

Those are space struts… They are super strong! Yeah that’s it. Overall I agree the holes make littl sense (yet?). I will wait to pass judgement once seeing the show. They do add a layer of cool though!

Oh, no. I hope not. Cutouts in the saucer make no sense. It’s lazy design, of the standard of unimaginative fanboys designing their own starships. It looked rubbish on the Vengeance and it looks rubbish here. The delta-wing secondary hull is bad enough.

Ugly ships and thouse gaps make no sence at all.

There was a lot of room for improvement but this looks like a real hero ship. This redesign is one I’d like to add to my star ship collection!

Horrible horrible Star Trek Starship design. I was hoping that this was not a Trek nightmare. I know maybe, the team working on Discovery liked Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Trek TMP Enterprise design, but I like a lot people hated that design. I guess a lot of you like it. I am glad we all have different opinions. I love what he did with Star Wars, but this one sucked Klingon poo. Why did they have to pick that one. Aw the geek in me hopes that I am not the only one, and they blow it up somewhere in the series(if it lasts), and go with a cooler more original design. If you don’t believe me, here is a link to some of the concept art that Ralph McQuarrie did.


I met the man years ago, and he even told me he did not like his own designs for that. He was watching a documentary on the making of the Original Blade Runner , when I was chatting with him. He was coolest kindest man. Well at least we are getting a professionally made Trek series, let us hope it is not as bad as this Starship design. Of course this is my opinion, and I see some people like this ship design, but I for the geek nerd in me, say nay to thee. Of course long live Star Trek, long and prosper, but as long as this ships long fuselage . Yuck. lol

Shut your mouth ! It’s a great design and you will be watching. Unless you can create your own starship and get it approved by paramount or cbs…sit back and be thankful you getting a new series. Shhhhheeeshhh….these kids today !

Take your own advice.

huh, what advice? Or are you replying to me or Alec?, ha ha ha. I cannot wait to see the new show, and am looking forward to it. I just think the new Discovery ship is not so good, and they shouldn’t have reused, and an old concept. I want something that people would say when they see a new sports car, like wow isn’t that cool, or anything but that design. Isn’t taking Trek fun? It would be great if they had a show called Talking Trek , like they do for the Walking Dead. So what is the advice? lol

It is a crap design in my opinion, sorry Alec. I am very thankful to have a new series, I am 53 BTW. I wanted to see something better. A great design, that I would buy a model of, and have my wife complain I have to much junk. The JJ Abbrams Enterprise from the first three movies sucks too. Although I do like the newer version at the end of Star Trek Beyond its a beauty, and wouldn’t mind a model of that one. I think I already said I am thankful , and said at least we are getting a new series, which I am very happy about. And yes, I could design a much better version , than that one. I wish us silly geek fans could have had more of a say so, on that. I am very grateful to have a new series, but the ship sucks dude. You really like that V ship reused old 1978 design? That is why I said at least we are entitled to our own opinion, which is a very positive thing with us fans to speak our minds right? I like blue, and my wife likes blue, but some people like Green or Yellow. I cannot wait for the new series, and wish it was not streaming online only. I think it should be everywhere making money for CBS to make more Star Trek. I will subscribe of course, but I am hearing the clarity of resolution is not so great, that is what I worry about. I know Netflix streams in 4k, and look super duper fantastic, but Amazon does not currently from what can does not look so great Res. wise, and I hope that Star Trek on CBS looks like Netflix quality wise. We’ll see. I love Star Trek, and the new show from the previews looks great, except the ship. I hope the series is awesome.

Mark, when I saw the Discovery, that was my first thought. In fact, it looks too much like Ralph McQuarrie’s concept for TMP. I wonder if they will give credit to McQuarrie and $. Then again, since I’m sure he was paid for his work already, Paramount owns the concept anyway.

I don’t hate the design as its too early to say but its hardly ‘original,’ that is for sure.

I am fine with the design of the ship. Don’t love it yet, but I need to see it in action on screen before I can make a better judgement.

My wife “I almost want to go to that panel to stand up there and tell all the whiny purists to just shut up.”


Thank you. And not just to tell them to shut up, but go all out Worf on their whiny butts

The ship looks a lot more like concept art from Star Trek Online – which is a compliment coming from me.

I am wondering if those struts on the outer saucer retract and allow the ship to separate.
I really do like the design though, but hey … we have new Trek! I’ll watch regardless what the ship looks like!

That is still one butt-ugly ship.

Enterprise D was and still is the ugliest ship design.

You’re kidding, right?

I’m serious. Always hated the Enterprise D. Too top heavy. Hated the whole look of it.

I like it. It is like the Love Boat of Starships. Very 80’s looking, but it still works. I did not like the Defiant from DS9, and thought that design had nothing blah blah bonk bonk on the Trek fans like this one. I liked the Runabouts. My favorite fictional spaceship designs ARE as follows, original TOS and TMP Enterprise, and Klingon Cruiser, TOS Shuttlecraft SPACE:1999 Eagle, and Hawk, UFO Interceptor, Original Planet of the Apes Space ship, and Lost in Space Jupiter II Original one, and STTWOK Reliant. Enterprise D , is not so pretty, but it still have some good lines.

Yes, someone else totally agrees. Thank you mister Viking. I wish they would use both CGI and models like Seth Macfarlane Orville is doing. Expensive, but the shots in the Orville trailers of the ships look awesome. I think for Discovery they are just using CGI, unless I am mistaken.

I wonder if we will see the enterprise or any constitution class ships on discovery? It would be interesting to how it would be update.

Love the ship. Gives homage to the never used design from STP. Haters be damned….Star Trek must and will evolve. I am on board for the new series….always was. I may not like every decision made….but I will continue to be a faithful supporter of gene’s Legacy !!!

It looks like the outer primary saucer can detach, and possibly even land on a planet, using the four gangways as landing gear.
Sweet ship with a lot of potential.
The only negative is that it’s so different, it’s hard to believe the design is Starfleet, considering we’ve never seen it before.

Zoom in and look carefully at the picture/image of the Discovery, it appears that the outer ring is NOT affixed to the inner ring, there appears to be some sort of anchor(s) or clamp(s) holding the outer ring to the inner ring at the spokes.

And if you look at the design of the ship it seems like the outer ring could be designed to detach.


I will say the ship looks a little better. STILL ugly IMO but an improvement. I think when I (finally) see it in action I will get use to it. I’m just happy that ugly brown color is gone and the nacelles have improved at least. Also looks a bit sleeker.

here are some questions for the panel which I am sure you would ask anyway.
1. What changes have been made as a result of Bryan Fullers departure?
2. Why this particular timeline?
3 Michael Dorn was asked to be on the show. Do you foresee past Trek characters appearing in the series such as Original Series characters other than Sarek given the timeline?
4. At last years panel Bryan teased a Shatner return. Well?

They took the Two worst designs, the rejected 70’s Phase II Enterprise & the USS Vengence and put them together as the main ship of the series.
Who are these people.

How can they justify this 1950’s design elements when they claimed they couldn’t use any elements of the Original Series 1960’s designs but they can go back to the clunky 1950’s Sci-Fi looks?


whine whine whine, thats all you can say. Most likely you have been whining about every trek series when it came out. Trek doesn’t need you whining children, it needs actual fans. Piss off.


Well.. If that is the final ship design I can’t call myself a fan. But then, the ship design really is not that big a deal. I never liked the design of the Enterprise E either. But that really had little to no bearing on the actors and writing of the episodes…

That ship design is awful. Looks totally out of place compared to other TOS era designs.