‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Phaser Rifle Revealed

CBS has unveiled yet another prop from Star Trek: Discovery. Following their earlier reveals of the communicator and phaser pistol, this afternoon comes a phaser rifle. The update also came via Twitter with the note “Lock and load.”

A closer look

The new phaser rifle shares some elements with the phaser pistol revealed earlier, notably the nozzle. However, the rest of the design aesthetic seems to have more in common with modern military weapons. Mixed in with the gun metal are some red elements underneath what seems like radiator grills on the side. It also sports a double grip, shoulder stock, scope and even a flashlight on the side.

A new rifle for a new show

Unlike the new designs for the communicator and phaser, which modernized the original props while retaining the basic design, this phaser rifle appears to have a completely new look. This may be because a phaser rifle made only one appearance in The Original Series, in the second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” when Kirk uses one to hunt down Gary Mitchell.

That rifle had a very 1950’s “ray gun” sensibility to it, and stylistically was a bit incongruous with the rest of the show, which may be why it was never seen again. The big copper cylindrical power packs of the TOS model do seem to be echoed in the rounded grills (with what appear to be copper coils underneath) on the sides of the new rifle.

Phaser rifle from original Star Trek episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

Phaser rifles were something more common seen in the 24th century Star Trek shows and the the  double grip style of the new phaser is reminiscent of the The Next Generation’s phaser rifle.

Star Trek: The Next Generation phaser rifle

And the scope and flashlight functionality is something seen in the upgraded phaser rifles seen in The Next Generation movies.

Phaser rifle in TNG movies

There’s also some design similarities to the MACO rifle seen in Enterprise.

MACO rifle from Enterprise Season 3

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US. See our Discovery info page for more details.

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It has some design lineage with the Enterprise MACO rifles too.

Yup. Supports my contention that the franchise evolution is Enterptise – Kelvin – Discovery

TOS is the outlier. Understandably so. They are giving that era a much needed make over

Reality supports the conclusion that franchise evolution goes TOS, TOS movies, TNG era, Enterprise, Kelvin, Discovery. No one is an outlier. Just the next take.

@ML – you’re no fan of reality. You replied simply to try and insult me. This from a guy who cant figure out how internet works and claims streaming technology isnt good enough to provide a consistently good picture quality when its clearly an issue with your internet.

Yeah, ill take advice on reality from you.

Go ahead, dig your heels in and look more foolish.

If you dont comprehend my point, simply ask for clarification. It didnt go over everyone else’s heads.

But since you’re so delicate, Ill remind you.

Everyone with the comprehensive skills greater than a rock understands the point of visual evolution within the time line.

And there is a clear connection between Enterprise – Kelvin – Discovery. If you add in TOS, it is the most glaringly out of place one.

Discovery is “recording over” the visual look of TOS-era and so far, doing as great job of it.

If you can’t see that Enterprise – Kelvin – Discovery have a reasonable evolutionary look, thats your failing. Dont come here and insult me.

Touchy, aren’t we?

Someone questions your conclusion and you become monumentally defensive.

If I got it wrong, then you could just be a decent person and say, “hey, you got it wrong. What I meant was X”. But no, you had to go and be snarky and antagonistic. In other words, you had to be you.

Even with your explanation you are still wrong. Clearly TOS was the beginning of the evolution of the look and feel of Trek. It evolved to the TOS movie look. To the TNG look (used in the next 2 spin off series’). Then it evolved (or de-volved as it was a meant to lead into TOS) into the Enterprise look. Then evolved to the Kelvin look. And then the Discovery look. No one is an outlier here and there is no “recording over” going on. TOS is still canon in the non-Kelvin timeline. They’ve even used the look in the spin off shows a few times.

Please do not bother a reply unless you wish to calm down and be civil.

Man this is hilarious watching ML31 squirm. Let me get some popcorn.

Not touchy, just sick of your nonsense. If you were half as smart as you think, then you’re snark and insults would at least be on point. unfortunately they fell well short.

I realise you are having an extreme issue with understanding the point and I invite anyone else who doesnt get it to tell me if I am being unclear.

ML, you do realise in the fictional timeline of Star Trek, Enterprise was the earliest series, correct? What purpose would they have in taking visual evolutionary nods to events that hadnt happened yet in the time of Discovery? You’re being anal and dense.

Clearly TOS is the outlier. If you remember your Sesame Street skits, imagine 4 boxes. In the boxes are Enterprise, Kelvin, Discovery & TOS. The little kids are singing “one of these things doesn belong” and unlike you, the little kids all successfully guess TOS.

Discovery is CLEARLY recording over the TOS-era visuals with their take on the props. Do you think we’re meant to think that while Discovery is using these props, somewhere on Pike’s Enterprise they are using the props from The Cage? lol

And because I know you’re confused about this as well, the USS Kelvin seen in Star Trek 2009 was Prime Universe. I guess there was some cataclysmic event that knocked TOS into the comparable technological dark ages after that, right, if TOS is the rightful evolution. lol

I knew that asking you to calm down and be civil was too much to ask of you. Care to tell me where the insult was in what I wrote? Calling your response snarky and antagonistic really isn’t an insult. It’s more like calling your comment for what it was. If you found that insulting I’m sorry for you. It wasn’t. The fictional time line doesn’t come into play. The time the stuff was made is what you were bringing up. Each show updates the look and feel as best they can to make it work. I did not ask Enterprise to make any visual or evolutionary nods to Discovery. Why would I? That makes no sense. Once again, you attributed something to me I never eluded to in any way shape or form. So at least that is settled. I hope you don’t bring that up again. (Your past suggests you will, sadly) But TOS DOES belong. It was the first. So how is being first the “outlier”? You keep saying it’s obvious but it is only obvious in that it was a 60’s era show with a 60’s era budget. It really isn’t an outlier if you look at the production values of all incarnations of Trek over the years with a full understanding of how and why’s and when’s of the production. If you want to say what doesn’t belong I would say the Kelvin version. It has a drastically different look and their skewed off the… Read more »

ML, you chose to reply to me with snark and now you look foolish. And you will keep digging your heels in even as you desperately squirm to try and get out from behind the box you created for yourself.

I CLEARLY made the point that Discovery was adhering to a visual evolution that was reasonable when you took Enterprise – Kelvin – Discovery. That is abundantly clear. Its not even a matter of opinion. Only an absolutely ignorant insane person would argue that TOS’ visuals fit with what we’ve seen from Discovery or as a reasonable evolution from Enterprise & kelvin.

Now you want to backtrack. Thats fine. its admitting Im correct. But you lack the manhood to simply admit that.

Your point about Kelvin is completely wrong. The USS Kelvin as seen at the start of Star Trek 2009 was not Kelvin Timeline. It was Prime. Period. End of debate. That’s a fact. And those visuals and technology were WAY ahead of ray guns and paper readouts and robot voices of TOS.

I do not like talking down to people. Its taxing and unfortunate. But you simply refuse to accept facts or reasonable perspectives from people with greater insight than you.

There are loads of really smart people here that I love reading. You’re just not one of them.

Ha! Thee was no snark in my reply. It was merely contradictory to what you said. You took offense to someone daring to challenge your take. You have nothing so you reply with snark and arrogance and claim it was the other guy rather than yourself. I’ve created no box. You are just pretending that because you have, thus far been unable to defend your take that TOS is an outlier. Look… You are going down a road that was not gone down by me. All I said was that TOS is not an outlier. It is the beginning. Each successive step made changes to the look. I even admitted that TOS was an outlier only in that it was a 60’s era TV show with a 60’s era budget. But Enterprise, and now DSC (and even Trek ’90 prior to the Narada arrival) tried to tie into the TOS look while still updating the show. Is TOS dated? Sure. But TNG is at this point too. Speaking of insulting and snarky… The following comments were made by you towards me. I didn’t initiate any of it. We can add arrogant antagonistic to the adjectives here too… ” But you lack the manhood to simply admit that.” – Insulting. “Yeah, ill take advice on reality from you.” – Antagonistic. ” This from a guy who cant figure out how internet works and claims streaming technology isnt good enough to provide a consistently good picture quality when its clearly an issue… Read more »

Your post was not contradictory in a discussion manner. It was snarky and if not, then it was absolute idiocy and you clearly couldnt comprehend the point being made. In which case, dont address subjects that are too highbrow for your brain, please.

I REPEATEDLY stated that TOS as an outlier refers to its visual look being created in the 60s.

Why are you arguing with me? You’re false fact BS is getting old. You argue a point and then pretend you meant something else. Stop being such a gutless child about it. You were wrong.

Unless you want to argue that TOS visuals are on par with Enterprise, Kelvin 7 Discovery, do everyone a favour and get lost and dont bother replying. You’re making a fool out of yourself and creating a silly unnecessary back & forth.

Once again, you are incapable of responding in a civilized manner. You were condescending and insulting. Generally people who do that do so because they refuse to admit someone made a good point or cannot make a reasoned response. This is about as good as anyone can expect, I suppose. I’ll take your insults as you conceding my points since you don’t want to actually say it.

So thank you for agreeing with me that TOS is not an outlier. That it is the genesis.

You are not deserving of any tone other then one of condescension. Stop picking fights and being so contrary for no reason and act mature and perhaps you will be spoken to like a grown up.

“You are not deserving of any tone other then one of condescension.”

So… Anyone with a differing view from yours is not deserving of any tone other than condescension. Nice.

Again, please study the difference between fact and opinion. You are welcome to have an opinion even if its moronic. But you cant say your opinion is fact when its wrong and expect to not be challenged.

You’re very rude, argumentative and your desire to slander the streaming industry in an effort to create a noose to hang around the neck of CBS because they wont give you the show for free is particularly odious.

I know the difference. Since you are thinking I don’t suggests you really don’t know. Nowhere in any thread have I ever put forth my opinions as facts. I would ask that you find examples but we both know they don’t exist. Besides.. I’m the one who challenged YOUR take, remember?

I’m rude? Says the person who spews out insults and arrogance to anyone who dares question anything he says. That comment is laughable. It’s just not possible for you to be more blatantly hypocritical.

And I’ve never whined about getting the show for free. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your libelous posts.

You have repeatedly stated that your experience with poor streaming of Netflix is indicative of a technology that isnt good enough to provide consistent quality. You’ve been quoted many times saying that. That is factually incorrect. Completely wrong.

Im sorry you cant stream. But its an easy fix. Takes a phone call to your Internet provider. Considering you want to split $9 CBSAA sub amongst 28 friends, I realize upgrading your internet is likely not something you want to do.

But its a reality in todays world that the same Internet plan you had years ago, will not suffice today if you are similar to most average households and have more and more wifi enabled devices using the service. Its quite simple really.

We’re just trying to help you, ML.

Your friend,


“You have repeatedly stated that your experience with poor streaming of Netflix is indicative of a technology that isnt good enough to provide consistent quality. ”

That is true. Notice that does NOT blame Netflix for the condition of streaming technology at the time. That was you jumping to a goofy conclusion.

“Im sorry you cant stream. ”

?? Where have I ever said I “CAN’T” stream? Nowhere. Once again, you are making stuff up.

“We’re just trying to help you, ML. ”

I am happy to accept help from people who are reasonable and make logical conclusions. Who understand the difference between sharing and stealing, for example.

The attention to detail is pretty damn incredible :)

With the shroud over the barrel end, this proves the power settings is done by a selector switch because you can’t twist the barrel like in the Cage with your hand.

I see a lot of Trek 6 influences here with the grills giving me a call-back to the original rifle. I, again, love the design aesthetic and kinda get what they’re doing a bit more. I applaud them and I’m excited as hell!

I’m really liking these little tidbit reveals. It’s making me pretty excited!

To me, the ripples/radiator on the side with the copper underneath are reminiscent of the bronze section on the originals.

There’s another nice “mashup” I’d say. To me the grilled cylinders (which are sticking out a bit at the sides) actually appear to be a reference to the copper-coloured “coils” of the ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’-phaser rifle, the compact overall setup does indeed bear a more than passing resemblance to the MACO-rifles (just imagine their topside covering extending a bit forward to form that sort of hood above the nozzle) and of course the little turning knob/dial-thingumajig again looks like it’s part of a TOS type 2 phaser.
And yes, the scope does resemble a TNG-film/DS9/VOY-era one, which, in my book, is the only true “inconsistency” here so far.


Take my money!!! Here!

Tomorrow: The Rarely Seen TOS Toilet!

Yes. I’m guessing brass seat and lid.
Have you ever noticed NOBODY ever has to go to the restroom on Star Trek?

Yes. They studied Moclan biology and developed biotech that enables them to have to urinate only once a year, so they put on some Depends once per year on the designated day. They usually stay in their quarters on that day so nobody will see the “puffiness” under their tight uniforms.

Smart fabrics. No need to bother anymore.


These tech teases are absolutely genius! Generates buzz without giving away too much.

And they look tremendous. They should be very proud.

I saw them tweet that Star Fleet has become “brand conscious” as they feature the delta on absolutely everything. Which is sort of funny but I wonder if it will become distracting.

I’m 36, loved TOS as a kid, still watch TOS with kids. Watched TNG and eventually matured to the point I was admittedly bored despite the brand name. “Wagon Train to the Stars” was done post VI in 1991. Wait DS9 episode from time to time – dream is alive!! Voyager should be awesome – no wait, TNG again.. I’m done for sure… Enterprise!!! No free energy, hardships on the frontier, aliens that are different, Klingons that want to rule the galaxy, primitive nuclear missiles and an earth recovering from WW3…. nope TNG. Not even Bakula saves it, wait last season.. Andorian homeworld??? Romulan war?? Maybe there is hope… cancelled??? I give up… ST 2009 reboot – Kirk, Spock, McCoy, wagon train to the stars is back baby!!! ST:ID – Evil Kahn is going to take over by manipulating galaxy and working with Klingons?!! Nope -beam across galaxy, poor Kahn evil Starfleet took his family and wronged Klingons, Big E lasts 5 seconds. What have they done. ST Beyond good but too little too late?? Now I must say – ST: Discovery – frontier, conflict with Klingons, awesome comms and phasers, cool cast, retro ship… Fine I am in again!!! Please please. Fingers crossed. Wagon train to the Stars!!! … they pull you back in!!

You’re babbling, old man, take your meds.

Well said

I get that his sentiment is fair, TUP, but how can you say it was “well said.” lol

It has indeed been an emotional roller coaster haha Fans I think are actually really easy to please (see the reaction to the beautiful updated Cage/TOS phaser) that it is mind blowing when the studio goes so off the mark (example: Enterprise pilot where you attract a mass audience on the prequel concept only to have the first contact between Klingons and humans end up with peaceful coexistence/understanding and transporters invented in no less than 60 MINUTES!!!! How? Why? What?!?!? Is there not $$$ invested in this?)

The sentiment is well. I mean, there are worse examples of wall of text than that one.

Star Trek has often set us up for disappointment. And Discovery is no different at this point because there is a lot to be excited about.

Nope nope nope nope – the STD rifle does not look one lick like an Eisenhower death ray zapper from the planet of Mongo so what I am currently smelling is the burning plastic from my complete set of Deep Space Nine poseable figurines. Goodnight, sweet Morn. Sumner Redstone, National Amusements, and CBS Corp have betrayed me for the last time. I don’t care if Ralph McQuarrie designed Lt. Saru’s astromech droid sidekick based on a fever dream of Fred Freiberger … it’s all over now, baby gorns.

i hope cbs can get some good licensees on board. i want some reasonable priced collectable ships like the bandai (not playmates/bandai) refit enterprise, enterprise e, nx-01, voyager, or sth like the aoshima enterprise d. please not just toys.

What’s this?! Positive comments about the show?!

Where are the horrified screams of people complaining its looks nothing like the aesthetic from TOS? Or popping by to throw shade on JJTrek for no reason whatsoever?!

Phaser rifles – they don’t make sense.

Agreed. More powerful versions of small weapons are entirely impractical, particularly in a universe full of powerful adversaries and harsh alien environments.

I think “lighter” versions of phasers make more sense– a thimble sized phaser whose beam simple tickles people and shakes objects when hit.

Wouldnt a rifle be easier to use in heavy-fire situations? Especially with double grips, a scope and a light? and let’s assume the hand held has a finite power pack and a rifle has a longer one. Plus, if you end up in hand to han combat, you could use a rifle as a blunt object.

If a hand phaser has a kill setting, then, sure, a rifle isnt more powerful. But it might be more dangerous, accurate and efficient in a serious battle.

I think even your rationale for it is overthinking it. It’s really not a big deal either way. I don’t get what gets into some people’s panties and works them up over stuff like this.

Yes, its as simple as ‘when they break out the rifles, sh!t is getting real’

I think you’re right. It’s realistic, sure, but it’s also a dramatic symbol. You know the adversary is a threat when the good guys feel it necessary to bring out heavier weaponry. It’s a visual way of telling the audience without saying a word or showing the enemy at all.

Yep. Phaser fights in general make no sense. This is a weapon that can vaporize a wall…a rock…a tree..anything people hide behind really. It streams like a steady laser beam, no need for pinpoint accuracy, just sweep the beam into the target. No real need for a rifle. But I’m all for artistic liberty to make the dull more interesting.

Next up: The tricorder!

It will be the iPhone 201.

You’re probably still using a rotary dial phone and wondering why you’re data is so slow.

It’s no wonder you don’t have friends.

It’s no wonder you don’t have friends.

At least my friends share. And would get the concept of a tricorder being the iPhone 201.

But you don’t have friends.

His friends share. haha stealing Netflix. I could use my friends’ netflix if I really wanted to. But 1) I can afford my own 2) its not intended for stealing 3) I have the 4K package because I like to watch in the best available quality unlike ML who cant even stream 1080 due to his lousy internet.

Except you think that sharing = stealing. Earlier you suggested that you don’t share anything with anyone because that is the same as stealing. I guess it might have been a bit of a leap but I can’t imagine that someone with friends would never share anything. Therefore, I concluded you don’t have any friends. Even if it is wrong it is certainly not an unreasonable conclusion given what you yourself said.

ML, stop being so anal. If you dont know the difference between sharing and stealing, attend a local kindergarten class.

You cannot share something you do not own. If you buy a rake at Home Depot, you can share it. If you buy a Blu Ray, you can share it (First Sale Doctrine).

If Netflix provides your friend a license to stream their content, they do not own that content or a physical copy.

Let’s ask the CEO of Netflix:

“Hastings, who earlier in the day also revealed Netflix was now in 130 countries, didn’t address broad password swapping, but did say a household sharing an account was fine”

Netflix does not enforce the no “password swapping” rule because they dont need to. To come down hard, which is within their rights, would be a PR firestorm and Netflix is enormously successful.

Other streaming platforms follow Netflix’s lead but limit the amount of sharing by restricting the number of devices you can watch on.

You can watch the US Netflix in Canada too…its easy. But you’re not supposed to. And Hastings clearly just said they intend sharing to be among those in a house hold. Not your friend because you’re too cheap to get your own or too cheap to upgrade your internet.

Now grow up.

Dude…. You are the one who accused me of stealing when the whole world knows it is sharing. LEGAL sharing.

Yes, let’s ask Mr. Hastings…

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that consumers sharing Netflix account information was “a positive thing.”

You were saying something about growing up? Take your own advice and learn the difference between stealing and sharing.

Yeah genius, that quote is from the SAME article I quoted where he clarified he meant HOUSEHOLD. You think you can lie and get away with it? hahahahaha

My quote was from a TechCrunch article. In which is specifically quoted Hastings and did not specify “household”. Your example does not specifically quote Hastings but rather the writer was paraphrasing. I’d say the one with the direct quote has the better claim to being correct.

You are incorrect.

You’re 100% wrong but it doesn’t matter. You’d never admit it anyway.

But even if you didn’t steal Netflix or plan to steal all access, you think streaming sucks and can’t deliver consistent image without buffering. Which is untrue as well. So why bother?

You’re not going to watch unless someone provides a way to watch for free so why comment? You certainly have no right to complain.

Incorrect. I’ve owned up to be wrong when it is shown I am. You just haven’t been able to do that. I’ve never seen you admit to being wrong on any of the things you have been blatantly wrong about, however. Weird that you work so hard to save face yet it’s your own doings that have created your own embarrassment. An embarrassment you don’t seem to perceive. I’ve never stolen Netflix in my life and I do not plan to steal CBSAA. I never said I was only going to watch if I could do it for free. All I have said on the matter was I found three other friends willing to share an account if CBS allows for it. You see… Sharing means we ALL chip in. Like sharing a cab. And as someone who would like to see the next Trek iteration I have every right to complain when the chosen platform for it is of subpar quality and the purveyor has intentionally limited it’s distribution. For the record, I have spoken to yet another electronic media professional yesterday who endorsed the fact that discs are still very superior to streaming mainly because of the compression to the lowest common denominator. Also that 4K streaming is not true 4K because of the same limitations. 4K discs are still vastly superior and will be until the compression issue can be solved. But hey, if you think you are streaming in true 4K don’t let the actual facts… Read more »
You still dont understand what sharing means in different contexts. No one said like for like discs werent potentially better than streaming. But I just spoke to 3000 media professionals, in fact I spoke to the man who invented electricity and the man who first developed common sense in humans and he told me that only a moron thinks its apt to compare 720 (at best) cable and 1080 disc to 4K streaming. You dont have a 4K TV or a 4K player so why are you even discussing 4K? You whine about quality but you dont actually use the latest technology. So again, what does it matter? And since you have trouble with simple comprehension, I guarantee you could not see the difference with 4K content streaming on Netflix. I’ve quoted you many times to prove you’re wrong and you just ignore it because you know you’re caught. You once accused people of using the wayback machine to find an old quote of yours when it was made two days earlier hahahahaha Hey, maybe you’re just saying your Trekmovie account with all your friends! You have slandered the steaming industry due to your ignorance and honestly, its okay to be ignorant but once you’ve been educated, there is no excuse for your continued slander and negativity. You still refuse to answer the question concerning how your 1080 netflix can be so poor and buffer all the time when other people watch crystal clear 4K with no issues. How is… Read more »
“You still dont understand what sharing means in different contexts.” Says the person who constantly says sharing is the exact same thing as stealing. “No one said like for like dicks or potential he better than streaming” Um… you sorta did when you claimed 4k streaming was the best it gets. And he cable comes over at 1080i. But I don’t expect you to know that. Just educating you a bit. I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it this time for the last time. I have indeed seen 4k. It’s obviously better than HD. However the jump from HD to 4K is not nearly as wide as the jump from SD to HD. Combine that with the lack of 4K content and for me I decided it wasn’t worth making the investment to that level yet. It’s really funny that you cry and moan when I mention 4k. I only went there because you won’t shut up about it. It really didn’t come into play. But you won’t let it go so I had to educate you a bit on that to. If you don’t want to talk about 4k fine. Stop bringing it up. It was never part of my comments to begin with. You have quoted me from time to time but the quotes never support what you claim. In fact they only reinforce what I already said! Some of the quotes you put up were indeed made to days earlier but others were made months earlier.… Read more »
Sharing isnt stealing. Stealing is stealing. If I have keys to my job where I can access supplies and I “share” my keys with you and you help yourself, that’s stealing. Not sharing. Grow up. We can agree to disagree on Netflix. I think the CEO’s remarks are crystal clear in that he avoids condemning people like you but clearly supports sharing within the specific context of households. Thats a fact. There are many quotes to support that. But its a moot point anyway. Usually people are smart enough not to brag about being so cheap as to getting a group of people to share a streaming password. Its hilarious actually. And you dont watch Netflix anyway. Because you’re internet isnt sufficient to stream it consistently. So why argue the point? You dont like streaming because it doesnt work for you even though it works for the majority of other subscribers. We’ve all told you what the problem is but you dont want to resolve it because you dont want to pay for it anyway. I never said 4K streaming was the best. I said 4K was. I have a high end 4K player and I watch 4K blu Rays on it. I, not you, enjoy the best available technology. You, however, do not and complain about the quality of streaming. The point is, you whine and accuse the streaming industry of being consistently poor when that is not true. We live in an age where I get 4K streamed… Read more »
“Sharing isnt stealing. Stealing is stealing.” Then stop calling sharing stealing. “If I have keys to my job where I can access supplies and I “share” my keys with you and you help yourself, that’s stealing. Not sharing.” Sure. Because the contents behind the lock aren’t yours to share. Duh… But my account and password IS mine to share. According to every rule in the book. As you say, “Grow up.” “We can agree to disagree on Netflix. I think the CEO’s remarks are crystal clear in that he avoids condemning people like you but clearly supports sharing within the specific context of households. Thats a fact. There are many quotes to support that.” No, that is not a fact. He doesn’t condemn people who share because they have said over and over and over again that they are perfectly good with people sharing. They just wanted to curb it by limiting the devices. When they implemented the limitations, they did so because there was so very much sharing going on that they felt they really needed to curb it. But they didn’t want to curb it so much that their subscribers would revolt. Hence, the 4 device limit. This is well documented but you have refused to accept it. “But its a moot point anyway. ” It is. Quite frankly, Netflix isn’t losing a subscriber because my friend shares anyway. If she or any other friend of mine opted to be a jerk and not share with their friends… Read more »

Sure. In your narrow view of distorted reality I’m sure you believe that. Anyone else can just look up the article and see it doesn’t mention “households”. But you just go about your business with your blinders on.

Ummmm, the actual quoted piece from the story stated HOUSEHOLDS. lol You are false facts on a level not seen since Donald Trump. ‘ lol Also, a US federal court ruled that password sharing is illegal. There was a lot of news about that as it relates to Netflix and the fact Netflix could use the law to stop people sharing. Its Netflix’ decision now not to crack down. But its also clear they intend their liberal sharing policy to apply to households. Here’s another quote: “We love people sharing Netflix whether they’re two people on a couch or 10 people on a couch,” Hastings said at the time. “That’s a positive thing, not a negative thing.” Unless your couch extends from your house to your friends’ house, he is clearly stating that they love account sharing, among people in the same home. Heres another quote: He later also added that the company sees account sharing as the first step in its broader user acquisition strategy. In other words, children share their parents’ accounts and eventually move out of the home and subscribe themselves. “As kids move on in their life, they like to have control of their life, and as they have an income, we see them separately subscribe,” ***Do you understand now? The CEO expected that when you got your own income you’d get your own account. Now Im sure he’d understand that you simply cannot comprehend the quality of streaming since you have made many ridiculous negative… Read more »
“Ummmm, the actual quoted piece from the story stated HOUSEHOLDS.” Ummm… That’s not where I got it from. There was no mention of households in the article and it directly quoted Hastings. Yours little bit was not a quote. It was the writer paraphrasing. “Also, a US federal court ruled that password sharing is illegal.” That is true. But it was also in regards to pirating. People sharing accounts legitimately are not violating that ruling. There were many articles about this “But its also clear they intend their liberal sharing policy to apply to households.” What is clear is they are totally fine with people sharing so long as they do not exceed the allowed number. This horse has been dead for quite some time. Why do you continue to beat it? “Unless your couch extends from your house to your friends’ house, he is clearly stating that they love account sharing, among people in the same home.” He is being rather vague. It could easily be that it could be different couches. Especially when they went to their limited device plans they went out of their way to make sure people who were sharing still could share. They just anted to rein it in a fear deal. Which I don’t blame them for one bit. “As kids move on in their life, they like to have control of their life, and as they have an income, we see them separately subscribe,” Yes. That is their HOPE. But their policy… Read more »

And for the record, Netflix endorses sharing. Their execs and business model even say say.

You say that because…. Why exactly?

(chirp chirp)

That’s what I thought.

It’s true, Netflix endorses sharing among friends. Not sure what your point is here.

The point is, someone here keeps confusing sharing with stealing.

The article made a point about the TOS phaser rifle never appearing after “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” It’s too bad, now that I think of it. Wasting a prop like that. They might have used it again in “Day of the Dove,” when security was in the Briefing Room watching the Klingons (before, y’know, the swords – BOI-OI-OI-OING!). I’m sure I could think of other examples if I weren’t pressed for time now, i.e., working. :)

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