SDCC17: See The Federation and Starfleet Costumes and Props From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The Star Trek: Discovery exhibit opened on Thursday at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery, located a couple of blocks away from Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center. On display are genuine props, costumes and sketches from Discovery, a captain’s chair where you can take photos and a Star Trek gift shop. There are plenty of Starfleet (and some Federation civilian) costumes and props on display to feed the Discovery-craving fans.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Descriptions of all items comes from the placards in the exhibit.

Starfleet Costumes

Starfleet Duty Uniform

The fabric for the Starfleet duty uniforms is dyed a custom navy blue in Switzerland, then cut and built in Toronto by the costume department of Star Trek: Discovery under the direction of costume designer Gersha Philips.

Captains Uniform

Captain’s uniform adds gold piping on the shoulders.

Short sleeve variant

This is a variant duty uniform worn by Starfleet officers that features elbow-length sleeves and alternate detailing

Medical Uniform

Medical officers wear “hospital white” variants of the Starfleet science division uniforms. Like the regular uniforms, the fabric is custom died in Switzerland, then cut and built in Toronto by the costume department of Star Trek: Discovery under the direction of costume designer Gersha Philips.

 Tactical Jumpsuit and Vest

Starfleet officers engaged in combat situations or potentially hazardous away missions are issued an armored tactical vest and distinctive version of the duty uniform, trading metallic accents for a low-profile navy compression panel. Laser flashlights are installed in the shoulders of vests for guidance. Vests also contain additional functional elements for attaching mission specific gear. 


Starfleet Insignia Badges

Starfleet badges were made to match the time of the uniforms and are matched to Starfleet divisions: command (gold), sciences and medical, (silver), and operations (copper). The gold, silver, and copper badges were made in Toronto by making wax models from 3D prints, then creation plaster molds for silicon bronze to poured into. The bronze badges are then polished and plated by a jeweler to creation custom colors for Discovery.

Starfleet Long Haul Space Suit

The Starfleet Long Haul EV suit was built in the UK. It was milled by high-density foam as one unit and then draped in fiberglass. The suit was then sectioned into pieces that fit as clamshell of the actor’s body. The optically clear lens of extruded plastic was made from a 3D scan of the helmet and had to be perfect to fit the suit’s frame.


Starfleet Equipment

Tricorder and Hand Scanner

Standard issue for scanning and recording data on away missions. The tricorder includes a removable hand-held scanner. The screen employs the use of a smart phone with video looping images. Made entirely with a 3D printer.


Standard issue for away missions. These were heavily influenced by the ones seen on The Original Series and are made from milled aluminum.

Phaser Pistol

Standard issue by Starfleet Command, the hand phaser is reminiscent of the original series phaser, but the design was given a “tougher” look to indicate a more militaristic  functionality. The phaser was built and painted in Los Angeles and is 3D printed with a removable magazine that houses the batteries and electronics.

The left side of the grip has a power meter

Phaser Pulse Rifle

Standard issue by Starfleet Command, the pulse rifle is inspired by Pup rifle designs of today. The pulse rifle has one nod to the The Original Series phaser rifle that observant fans will notice and that is the orange/copper foil chamber with the barrel. The pulse rifle was built in Los Angeles and is almost entirely 3D printed.

Federation Character Costumes


His traditional robes reflect the Vulcan culture and its devotion to a life of pure logic, serious intellectual pursuits, and spiritual contemplation. Sarek’s costume is designed by Gersha Philips and built in Toronto by the costume department of Star Trek: Discovery.

Harry Mudd

Designed by Gersha Philips and built by the Star Trek: Discovery costume team, Mudd’s costume is primarily leather and inspired by Adam Ant

Captain’s Chair

The gallery also has a photo opportunity with a captain’s chair.

After taking your picture you get sent an email with the background from the U.S.S. Discovery to share on social media.

The chair also shows off some of the controls available to Captain Lorca.

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