SDCC17: QMx’s ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Phaser, ‘Discovery’ Badges And New Figures Including Two Khans

One of the big attractions at San Diego Comic-Con is the Exhibition Hall, and every year you can count on seeing a lot of Star Trek products. We have been touring the floor to check out what’s new from a number of Star Trek licensees to get some first looks, and the company with the most new Star Trek products was Quantum Mechanix, who showed us their latest–including some prototypes–and also talked to us about some stuff they have planned that wasn’t on display.

Quantum Mechanix has a lot of Star Trek to show off at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Star Trek Beyond phaser

QMx is following up on their replica Star Trek 2009 movie phaser with one from last year’s Star Trek Beyond. They showed off a prototype, which will be shipping in 2018 and be priced around $75.

QMx Star Trek Beyond phaser replica

Detail on QMx Star Trek Beyond phaser replica

Star Trek: Discovery badges on sale, more Discovery products coming

QMx has been doing badge replicas for the Kelvin-era Star Trek movies and now they are doing them for Star Trek: Discovery. The badges come in two sizes: $15 standard size (to match those seen on the show) which come with a magnetic backing, and $4.95 mini-badges with pin backing. These badges were on sale at Comic-Con and should be available online soon. A spokesperson for QMx said they also have planned some “interesting things” for Star Trek: Discovery, so stay tuned.

QMx Star Trek: Discovery badges

QMx Star Trek: Discovery operations badge

Smaller Star Trek: Discovery badge from QMx

Smaller Star Trek: Discovery badge from QMx

Star Trek: Discovery badge from QMx in package

Khan, Scotty and Sulu are next TOS 1:6 Figures

The next 1:6 figure out from Quantum Mechanix will be an expansion of the original Star Trek series line with a “Space Seed” Khan, which should be available for pre-order in about five months and priced around $150.

QMx Star Trek TOS 1:6 figures shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

QMx TOS “Space Seed” Khan

QMx were also showing off prototypes for Scotty and Sulu which should be available in early 2019. And a spokesperson for QMx tells TrekMovie they are also working on an Uhura for 2018. Details, accessories, and pricing for those figures is still being worked out.

Prototype for QMx 1:6 TOS Sulu figure

Prototype for QMx 1:6 TOS Scotty figure

Wrath of Khan Kirk, Spock and Khan 1:6 figures

Also planned for 2018 is a line of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan figures, with Admiral Kirk, Captain Spock and Khan again. QMx was showing off prototypes of these as well and haven’t confirmed pricing and details yet.

Prototype for QMx 1:6 Wrath of Khan figure


Prototype for QMx 1:6 Admiral Kirk figure from Wrath of Khan

Prototype for QMx 1:6 Captain Spock from Wrath of Khan

TNG 1:6 line adding Riker, Geordi and Worf

QMx was also showing off their new Star Trek: The Next Generation line. The  Picard figure was just recently released.

QMx Star Trek TNG 1:6 figures shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

QMx Star Trek TNG 1:6 Picard figure

They were also showing off a number of prototypes for their TNG 1:6 line. Commander Data is likely to be next, hopefully by the end of the year. Early next year they hope to release Worf, Geordi and Riker. They are also considering doing Dr. Crusher next for late 2018 or early 2019. Pricing and details are still not locked in.

Prototype of QMx Star Trek: TNG Data 1:6 figure

Prototype of QMx Star Trek: TNG Riker 1:6 figure

Prototype of QMx Star Trek: TNG Worf 1:6 figure

Prototype of QMx Star Trek: TNG Geordi 1:6 figure

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Stay tuned to TrekMovie all week and weekend for our full team coverage of San Diego Comic-Con.

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Worf says: “Pull my finger.”

Oooh, that’s a dangerous game to play with a Klingon I bet!

Riker looks good except why is he looking up?

Wow all of these look spectacular particularly movie Khan and Riker. Worf looks like he’s making a recommendation to attack something and Riker is in the midst of rolling his eyes at him as per a typical TNG officers conference.

Most of these are spectacular, especially the Khans. Though I’m not sure why they included a John Boehner figure in the TOS lineup, wearing Scotty’s uniform.

@Trekmovie, you guys are doing fantastic job with your live coverage of SDCC on Twitter @TrekMovie and here as well.

The Discovery phaser (or TOS or TNG) make the JJverse phaser look lame.

Some good work on the dolls. (Angry Worf: I am an action figure, NOT a doll! Call me that again and I will kill you where you stand!)


Wonder if they’ve changed sculpters…the likenesses aren’t quite as on-point as they were with the initial releases of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. May be the angle or the lighting, but Scotty, in particular, looks pretty bad.

So, do the badges do anything else, in terms of their construction (I.e, the split)? Are they constructed the same? To they open up, or pull apart as some have suggested upon seeing more detail recently?

Beautiful figures. There goes some more hard earned cash.

Badges look good, JJ phaser looks silly as per usual, figures look great except for Scotty. What the heck is going on with that one?

JJ Phaser looks fine, actually.

Looks Beautiful, with a hint of the TMP/TWOK Phaser.

I will never, ever be able to bring myself to like that JJ Phaser; it just looks like something designed to sell toys.

The TNG figures look good, but those doll stands that clip in to the genital areas are kind of weiding me out :)

Think some of the reflection & lighting isn’t capturing some of the figures in the best light. But from the figures I have in hand so far QMX are doing a bang up job.

The Discovery Badges are Beautiful- it looks like the only people who knew what they were doing was the Props Department.
Unfortunately they clash with the rest of the Mess that is Discovery.

Wow, you mean you’ve already seen Discovery??

Are these life-sized? And where is Uhura?!