SDCC17: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Panel Gives New Character And Story Details

Sonequa Martin-Green at 2017 Star Trek: Discovery panel

We were in the front row at today’s Star Trek: Discovery panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, featuring cast members Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), Jason Isaacs (Lorca), Doug Jones (Saru), Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Wiseman (Tilly), Anthony Rapp (Stamets), and James Frain (Sarek). They were joined by executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Heather Kadin, and Akiva Goldsman. The panel was moderated by Rainn Wilson, who guest stars as Harry Mudd on Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery panel at Comic-Con included Akiva Goldsman, Heather Kadin, Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg

Star Trek: Discovery panel at Comic-Con included Akiva Goldsman, Heather Kadin, Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg

Cast and characters details


Michael Burnham is Sarek’s adopted daughter

Star Trek: Discovery lead Sonequa Martin-Green told the crowd that she was in Buenos Aires when she got the call telling her she’d be the star, and screamed with joy, then cried. Harberts told everyone how hard it was to cast the lead, and that they looked for months, and then had to wait for Martin-Green to finish The Walking Dead so she’d be free. But he and Berg knew she was right for the part the minute they saw her.

She also talked about how much she loves Michelle Yeoh, and how the relationship between Burnham and Georgiou is a close one. When Burnham’s parents were killed, Sarek and Amanda became her surrogate parents, and committed her to Georgiou.

Sonequa Martin-Green at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

James Frain spoke about how we’ll get to explore Sarek in his somewhat younger days, and understand how unusual it was for him to marry a human. Becoming a mentor to Burnham was a way for him to raise a human, to understand her complex nature, and face the challenge of dealing with her emotions. The Vulcan ideal, he reminded the crowd, evolved over centuries. At this point, executive producer Alex Kurtzman pointed out that they know giving Spock a “stepsister” [ed. note: this is not really the correct term, “adopted sister” would be more correct] is a step away from canon. “Be patient with us,” he told the fans.

James Frain at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Captain Lorca is a new kind of captain

Jason Isaacs explained that his Captain Lorca will be different from other captains because he’s “probably more fucked up than any of them,” and has “a lot of sharp edges.” He’s trying not to look or sound like any other previous captains.

Jason Isaacs at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Stamets gets a boyfriend

According to Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz (who played Rickie on My So-Called Life,  and like Rapp is a veteran of Rent)  will play his love interest on Discovery. Rapp then rattled off some “exomycology treknobabble” to impress the crowd. But he got serious about his character. “I play the first openly gay character in the history of TV Star Trek. I’m very proud of that & he’s a scientist.”

Anthony Rapp at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Following the panel CBS released a photo of Wilson Cruz and revealed that he plays Dr. Hugh Culber, medical officer of the Starship Discovery.

Wilson Cruz  joins the cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

Saru has hooves

Doug Jones explained that Saru, as a Kelpian, has hooves for feet, and demonstrated his character’s walk. “I’m balancing on the balls of my feet when I walk,” he explained. Saru is 6’8″! His costume, he said, is very snug, and the costumers wanted to pad his flat butt but he said it would make him too human.

Saru and Burnham will have a brother/sister relationship. James Frain said that all the real drama will come from what’s happening between characters. Rapp added that the relationships on Discovery will be more dynamic than those on some previous iterations of Trek.

Doug Jones struts his stuff at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Mindful of Star Trek canon

Alex Kurtzman assured the crowd that they are all huge fans of The Original Series, and take their inspiration from that, always remaining mindful of canon.

But he reminded everyone, in answer to a fan question submitted to Wilson, that it’s 2017, and creating sets to match the original show wouldn’t work. But “we are consistent with origins,” he said.

“Obviously we wanted to be accurate, we are within canon, there are raging debates all day in the writers’ room among all the writers and producers about what is within canon and what’s not, what we can do technically.”

Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Executive producer Akiva Goldsman assured the crowd that he’s a true Trekkie; his first convention was in 1976, when he was a teen — and that his mother didn’t know about it.

Co-showrunner Aaron Harberts spoke to the theme of the series: they’re trying to show how conflict can be solved by peace. There will be mistakes along the way, but at the end of day it’s about understanding each other.

Jason Isaacs, now involved in two iconic franchises, talked about the connection between Star Trek and Harry Potter: “Both fandoms love storytelling and look to it to navigate life.”

Goldsman pointed out that the idea that Star Trek is without conflict is not accurate, it’s always been there. It’s about the search for a solution that is not dystopian, but utopian.

Rapp admitted that he was weeping backstage when the new trailer was shown. He can’t wait for the world to see all the work they’re doing.

Akiva Goldsman at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Embracing Star Trek’s Diversity

Rainn Wilson brought up some of the backlash and negativity about Discovery‘s diversity, but said that diversity “has been part of the Star Trek universe from the beginning.” Martin-Green chimed in to add that Trek has always been about unity and diversity, and that’s one of the main reasons it’s so important to so many. “If you say you love the legacy of Star Trek, but you don’t love that, then you’ve missed it,” she said, receiving much applause along with an “amen!” from someone in the crowd.

Goldsman admitted that the degree of backlash was confusing to the team, saying that “if you love science fiction, then you love imagining yourself as something other.” He thought the backlash, “spoke more to what’s happening culturally on the internet than it did to Star Trek, because Star Trek is just about how we hold hands and move forward together.”

Wilson told the crowd that watching the original series as a kid was inspiring to him, and showed him that we can get along with other races, and other species.

Rainn Wilson at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Klingons who speak Klingon

Co-showrunner Gretchen Berg explained that because of the story they’re telling, it’s very important to have the Klingons speak Klingon. (“You’ll be reading,” she told the crowd. “There will be subtitles.”) They wanted to make sure that people see Klingons in an entirely different light, and not view them as just “the thugs of the universe.”  Discovery will be expanding the culture that we’ve seen so far. “The Klingons have their own pride, interests & talents,” she said. “It’s a very fascinating culture.”

Producers are also making sure that the Klingon language is correct. “There is someone policing this all the time … we’ve gone to great lengths to be incredibly accurate in our Klingon.”

Gretchen Berg at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

15-episode emotional journey

Executive producer Heather Kadin explained that unlike other Star Trek shows, Discovery will have a story that continues, and follows the characters’ emotional journeys for 15 episodes. Kurtzman said that there will be many surprises along the way, and lots of big reveals over the course of the season.

Shazad Latif pointed out that episodes won’t just be about the scifi and tech — it’s a character show, and they all have emotional complexity.

Aaron Harberts at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Behind the scenes, and a composer announced

Music will be composed by Jeff Russo, whose previous work includes Fargo (the TV series) and American Gothic.

Wilson teased Isaacs about playing a lot of tennis in between shooting episodes of Discovery. 

The actors have been spending a lot of time together, and Isaacs told the crowd that Sonequa Martin-Green is the queen of the set–and fierce on game night! Martin-Green agreed that the cast has become very cohesive, and they value each other and their stories, then said the fans are a big part of that.

Sonequa Martin-Green waves goodbye at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

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Stay tuned to TrekMovie all week and weekend for our full team coverage of San Diego Comic-Con.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

Photos by Aaron Harvey. Thanks to Laurie Ulster for assistance with this article.

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Great, cant wait!

I hope this POS show tanks badly. It is motivated by greed and people knowing Star Trek is nothing but a cash cow.

I sometimes feel that way.
If they ever make another Star Trek series, it should be for creative reasons not just to exploit the brand.
Yes I know money is always what the studio wants but we need a creative force to come to them with an inspired Prime Universe idea not them just paying someone to do make a show based on current trends not the original concept..

oh to hell with this. this bums keep talking about how they’re respecting canon yet everything about this show SCREAMS JJverse BS! burnham is spock’s stepsister? EXCUSE ME? and they ruined the look of the klingons and their ship design is gobsmackingly awful. these people don’t love star trek – THEY HATE IT. they want to turn star trek into star wars and that trailer they just released is 100% evidence of that. these people deserve to boil in the pits of Gre’Thor for ruining star trek like this!

Step sister is a weird phrase since they said her parents died. Perhaps foster sister would be more accurate.

He also asked you to be patient which indicates perhaps there is something about that that is within the story.

I have one question? With the database in the Federation. Why did Spock never mention this “Sister” of his?

Spock didn’t mention his brother Sybok, either. Seems to be a running theme with him.

Though one has to say he did eventually and was with the original crew when he did. He could of even mentioned her while talking about Sybok. But as we “all” know she was just created and only as a way to tie in those who have feelings for other trek shows.

Though one has to say that he only mentioned this when his sibling took over the Enterprise. Perhaps we can assume that that his step sister does not do this.

Anyone who says “could of” has no place complaining about anything anyone else has written.

Interesting you should mention Sybok. I’m getting a “Star Trek V” vibe from this attempt to retcon Spock growing up with a black human female stepsister he never once mentioned during all his years in Starfleet. At least with Sybok they had the “he rejected logic and left the planet and was ostracized by his family” excuse. Maybe Sybok took “Michael Burham” with him. Must make sense in Alex Kurtzman’s head.

Vulcans are private people. He didn’t mention Sybok, and for all we know he could have talked about them all the time while off duty.

@BillyBoy — why not a TWOK vibe? How is is Kirk never mentioned Carol Marcus and his SON David?

In TOS Spock even handn’t mention who his parents were until they visited the Enterprise guests and Spock admitted AFTERWARDS to his closest friends that this guests were his parents. Remember this scene?
“KIRK: As you wish, Ambassador. Mister Spock, we’ll leave orbit in two hours. Would you care to beam down and visit your parents?
SPOCK: Captain, Ambassador Sarek and his wife are my parents.”
They also knew less about the Pon Farr and that Spock had an engagement.
So, Spock not mentioning having a foster sister (who maybe didn’t stay much time with his parents) is very consisting within canon like Spock not mentioning his parents or his half-brother.
I wonder why nobody has come up with that. So the writers don’t have to worry.

Right… I do not recall any member of the TOS crew discussing their families unless the plot called for it (Kirk suddenly having a brother for example). Especially with Spock, he would never mention his sister unless he had to. He simply never had to, nor did anyone else (if they saw it in his service record or somewhere). Does Uhura not have any parents for example just because she never talked about them?

Thanksgivings on Vulcan are rough.

lol- because its not real & all made up people lol
But yes it would be nice if they didn’t add or change characters already established.
But then again spock didn’t talk about his family.
Then again this feels like they are trying to copy the Spock character Dynamic on some level.
& who would leave a Human in the care of the Vulcans anyway?
It would practically be emotional abuse to a human child.

Why did Kirk never mention his brother until the plot called for it?

@James — Why didn’t Kirk ever mention Carol Marcus and his son David?

For one thing he didn’t know he had a son… For another she and him weren’t together so what was there to talk about?

@James — Yes he did, he was asked to stay away and did as she asked. David didn’t know Kirk was his father. You wouldn’t talk about your son, and the love of your life ever during your lonely and vulnerable moments?

Nothing weird about it. At my current job I’ve worked alongside certain people for close to 10 years now.

We have a great working relationship but to be honest, I don’t have a clue how many siblings each of them have. Someone may mention a sibling in causal conversation every once in a while but that’s it.

I don’t bring up my personal life either unless it has a direct impact on my work. Kinda like Spock NOT mentioning Sybok until the situation called for it ;)

Maybe for you. I don’t see it. But you know, you can always watch Star Trek Continues to get that kitschy 60s vibe again if you want.

Trek fan 67 Still using that extremist Tactic- People complaining it doesn’t resemble the Original Star Trek & the established era its based in AT ALL must Only want a Carbon Copy 1960’s Reproduction like Continues, like you don’t know there is a middle ground.

Wow, that is some chip you got there.
I think from their enthusiasm about the show and the Trek messages, diversity, inclusion, peace, utopia, finding the future together, this cast and crew is respecting canon. Just because the visuals are updated doesn’t mean squat as to whether it is Trek or not.

As for specific design elements you call out: I was never a fan of the “baroque” Klingon ship design from the concept art, but the fancier ships (the sarcophagus ship and the raider) seem to be something “other”, maybe ancient. In the trailer, the “regular” Klingon ships seemed more like those of TOS with just a different approach to their hull. The Starfleet ships have always been smooth/aztec’d paneled, with greyish/blueish colors, very smooth, the Klingon’s seem to be tan with more of an sand/adobe color or texture. They still look like the Klingon configuration of a bridge out on a spire, two wings with underslung engines, but with a more alien approach than their TOS counterparts which always looked to me like they came from the same shipyard as the Starfleet ships, just different configuration.

“diversity, inclusion, peace, utopia, finding the future together,” sounds right but I just can’t believe these people, expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

Get a grip, man.

NO I’m PISSED OFF! Why aren’t you?!

Then don’t watch. Simple as that. I’m looking forward to this take on it. I’m excited, not pissed off. Nothing to be pissed off at.

Because we’re not socially stunted freaks.

There is NEVER a reason to be “PISSED OFF” about a TV show. You come across like a raving, rabid nutjob. Grow up.

“boil in the pits of Gre thor?”

What kind of fucked up nerd shit is that?

Grow up, you melodramatic whiner.

@mareboriy You mean “For ruining my little personal head canon”… that’s all they did :)

You are nothing but a troll. Go cry in your VHS collection.

You’re everything wrong with the fandom. Watch or don’t watch, either way stop crying.

They really don’t get what made Star Trek work & why it was a phenomenon, twice, in the 1960’s/70’s with TOS & the 1980’s/90’s with TNG- bothe Gene’s Original Concept! as soon as they moved away from that with DS9 & all the other series the show became less unique & less less important as it slowly becomes a general sci-Fi show with all the usual dark, negative common issues.
Every time they go to pump out another series they look outside to other shows instead of looking inward to the core of what Star Trek is/was.
So Sad.
These people have just been payed to make a successful show & are copying all the elements of current shows. It’s Cut & Paste Trek. Game of Treks. War Trek. Depressing Trek.

Yes they are saying some of the right things but is it just lip service like the JJ Films?
We will see. If they are bluffing us, they can’t do it for long once people see the series.

“Michael Burnham is Spock’s stepsister”

For real? And maybe Mudd is Amanada’s long lost brother!!

You are really becoming boring Ahmed. Don’t watch if you hate it so much. Why bother coming here to read up on it if you already judged it?

That’s one thing that has me… Urrrrgggghhhh…

I wonder what Leonard Nimoy would think. He was perplexed at Shatner for giving Spock a half-brother. Gene Roddenberry was PO’ed.


Yeah, it reads as a bad fan-fiction.

That was a back-end contrivance, because originally the character was just a renegade Vulcan. They only made it his bro in order to convince Nimoy there was a reason Spock wouldn’t shoot him.

Why couldn’t they had her own story why tie it to Spock and his Father? I see this as only a ploy to try to grab Trekkies but you would think they’d know Trekkies like their canon. Why couldn’t she of had a story more like Kathryn Janeway a strong female who captained the Voyager. No need to tie her to say Kirks or Bones granddaughter.

Well that’s not really a correct term. They used a few different terms during their panel. They couldn’t seem to find an appropriate term for her relationship to Sarek.

Really she would be an adopted daughter to Sarek. So Spock’s adopted younger sister.

@Matt Wright,

“So Spock’s adopted younger sister.”

Well, yeah. She is basically the never heard of before adopted sister!


James Frain said today in a group interview:

“I’m her adopted father in a sense,” Frain added. “I take her into my family.”

Keep in mind that we knew absolutely nothing about Spock’s brother until Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Not only did we not know, but his besties Kirk and McCoy did not know. Vulcans do NOT volunteer personal information. Think about Tuvok and T’Pol; both were obsessively private. I think you could certainly justify Spock not speaking of her.

@Eric Styles,

Counting on a precedent from ‘Star Trek V’, of all Trek movies, is really not a smart move.

Well — but, what about the fact that Kirk didn’t know Spock was the son of the Vulcan ambassador? Now, that’s a contrivance.

Exactly. Spock was obviously deeply estranged from Sarek in the years leading up to his Star Fleet service. Maybe he wasn’t even aware of her. Or if he was, there was no logical reason to have any ties to her. Plus, as we learned in “The Menagerie,” he had some mad skills at altering computer records, so who knows what “canon” is?

Agreed. Totally unbelievable. So that makes it ok to cook up poorly constructed plot points in Discovery? Just because TOS did? If that’s the writer’s approach to these “issues” then we’re all in trouble.


Yeah, it’s so weird that people are justifying this by pointing to previous stupid moves in Star Trek.

@Michael Hall,

Whataboutism much?

I’m simply saying that this is not inconsistant with all of the developed Vulcan characters we have gotten to know in 50 years. So what does hurt you or any of us to give them a chance to make sense of these kinds of things?

@Eric Styles,

Making her Spock’s hidden adopted sister is something not even dumb fan-fiction writers would try.

The prequel is already creating a major mess.

As I said before I’ll watch the pilot but with these new info and the bleak trailer can’t say that I’m excited at all about it.

@Ahmed you are free to like or dislike it, but like I said, given what have learned about Vulcans in general and Spock in particular, it is not a complete and utter stretch to accommodate this innovation in the timeline. What happened in TFF is canon whether we like it or not.

My theory, I believe, is sound. Of course non of us will know until they explain it in the series. This is part of the fun of watching and being able to communicate about it. Lets watch the show, support the franchise and see what happens. Then we can return to these sites and hash it out with substantive evidence.

Hidden how? When do we ever get scenes of TOS with the characters chatting about thier families unless the plot called for it? Especially Spock!


“Hidden how?”

So you have seen Spock’s secret sister before? Please enlighten us where did you see her.

Blindly supporting ‘Discovery’, ignoring facts and restoring to whataboutism to justify a dumb decision is rather comical; especially when the producer himself acknowledges that “Spock’s stepsister isn’t canon”.

What I saying is that it wasn’t hidden- it was just never brought up. The same way no one elses family was never brought up.

It will be canon as soon as the episode airs!

Spock’s sister will be cannon as soon as this airs…..

It’s great that you’ve been chosen to determine what counts as precident. Wield your power wisely.

@Mawazi who was you comment directed towards?

and we didn’t learn about Kirk’s brother until he showed up either if I’m not mistaken……

We didn’t learn about Kirks brother until the episode where he was killed off.

@Gary — exactly. Writers come up with a reason to expand the character in various ways, and as long as that character doesn’t violate canon they can use it to enhance their story. The only difference here, is that the writers didn’t come up with Spock’s stepsister in 1969, during a 4th season, where it would have been a “revelation” to the fans, and not a sacrilidge. These poor fans are stuck in the past — frozen canon as they know it in time for all of posterity. Sadly that’s just not how fiction works, especially one as deep and complex as Trek. I have no idea if having this character being an adopted daughter of Sarek is a good idea or not — what I do know is that it does not violate canon, nor does it seem contrived. It is merely another revelation in the storied life of Spock and his family. It’s not a stupid idea, until we know for sure it is. Just like creating George Kirk was not a “mistake”, nor David Marcus, neither is this — yet. It’s staggering to me that people are willing to crap all over this idea until they’ve actually seen it, particularly since they are using canon to justify their ire, and twisting the facts of any rational debate, to suit their own agenda.

@Eric – STV!? What about TWOK — how is it we NEVER heard about Carol Marcus and his SON David!? And TWOK is arguably the best film and “episode” in the franchise!

Recall also how Kirk found out Spock was Sarek’s son?

These so-called fans are hysterical. They’re happy to look the other way when it suits them, but otherwise trump up alternate facts when it doesn’t.

@Curious Cadet,

Kirk was a womanizer, including Carol Marcus & her David wasn’t that shocking nor it was contrived.

It’s rather funny that your ‘argument’ seems to be that since they’ve done stupid $hit in the past it’s perfectly OK for a new show in 2017 to repeat mistakes of past productions.

Stop spouting company lines and get out of Trek forum and see how people are mocking this whole Spock sister thing.

It’s a stupid idea, pure and simple.

Holy crap but you people are pessimistic.

Why oh why oh why? Why create something so glaringly wrong while talking out the side of their mouth about canon. Especially when it could’ve been creatively handled differently. They’re not stupid. They knew this was going against the grain. Rather than put their creative talents to use they just rocked on with this just because they could and some folks just love to stir the pot. Nothing puts this series in the prime universe so far except them telling me that it’s in the Prime Universe. Why put on airs, just put it in the JJverse and call it a day already.

>> maybe Mudd is Amanada’s long lost brother!! Garbage. <<

At this point, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if Akiva "bat credit card" Goldsman tried something like that.

Looks fantastic! I’m excited for this new Star Trek series. Sign me up!

I’m really looking forward to seeing Harry Mudd. He looks like he has this really subtle kind of baddass-ery. Lol, fascinating :-D

“You’re mad.”
“I’m Mudd.”

Love it.

Everybody knows that Sarek ran an underground orphanage to get some extra dough to keep Amanda happy. Thats why he took in Sybok and the chic from walking dead.

because Earth girls, right?

I’m a little nervous that they’re trying to shoehorn Michael Burnham into Spock’s family; I REALLY hope that they do that well.

Aside from that qualm, I’m very psyched for the new show!

I couldn’t agree more in regards to Burnham’s relationship with Sarek etc. The producers are asking for our patience… I will give it to them. After all the oppurtunity to get a greater backstory where Sarek is concerned is one of the reasons I want to watch this show. I too just hope the answers make since.

On a side note thanks to the Trek Movie staff for staying on top of the latest developments and bringing them to us as quickly as possible! It’s great getting the news from people who know and love Star Trek.

I agree. This is the first item Im hesitant about. I hope there is a very good reason.

It doesnt help that there is confusion as to what her relationship is (step sister vs adopted sister)

First Female(African) lead in Star Trek – Check
First openly Gay main character(not including the small spot in Beyond) – Check
Going against Canon and knowing about it(Step Sister?? Really??) – Check
Ugh between their need of “diverseness” and trying to give Spock a sister we “NEVER” hear about yet this is a “Prequel” makes me really want to wonder if this is going to be a Star Trek worth watching. I mean look at what they did to the Klingons! lol Star Trek is dead this will just be another Scifi show with the name Star Trek. Might as well call it Expanse season 3 but in the further future. I’m disappointed to say the least.

An Era of pain is about to begin for you son lol

An Era? You mean a “Season” because that’s about as far its going to last unless they actually prove themselves.

Obviously. Although TNG was terrible for 2 full seasons before evolving into one of the finest dramas on TV.


They’ve already been extended. So when they get renewed for a second season you will come here and admit you were wrong? yeah right hahaha

You okay, James?

So for a handful of years of his 200+ year life, Sarek took in a human child? Cool. I’m willing to see how that plays out. Some interesting parallels with Spock and Saavik.

And, look, anybody who’s seriously complaining about diversity in Star Trek just hasn’t been paying attention (to the show or to the world).

@James – The moment you started whining against diversity is the moment when you stopped having anything of value to say about anything. You don’t understand Star Trek or you wouldn’t make such stupid anti-diversity comments. Since you hate the idea so much, and since you don’t understand the most basic concepts of Trek, you might as well STFU and move along. LL&P–and hopefully grow up, too.

This reads like someone who never saw or understood Star Trek before wrote this.

You know the type – diversity is fine as long as they can’t see it.

This reads as a racist homophobe getting mad that his favorite show is getting too black and too gay.

Also, no canon violation with the adopted sister. That’s just ignorant to complain about when you dont know the facts.

They even admitted it was against canon. Way to show your own ignorance.

Actually, brain surgeon, they said it was not in canon and in fact Kurtzman misspoke anyway. “not canon” is not the same as “violating canon”.

Who’s the ignorant one now, pal?

It’s clear that everyone involved has put a TON of thought and work and hope and heart into this show! Those were the things that made some of the previous Treks great, and I hope this one will be, too.

Exactly! This is what we all should be celebrating here. The creators care about Trek and are doing their best for it. (More than some of what we got in the waning years of VOY and ENT). We will all get new Trek on TV (finally) and it looks like it will be high-quality stuff – whether you agree with some design choices, some character choices or not – we should all be looking forward to a more robust franchise and more Trek to come.

Yup. I am especially excited about the cultural bits for Klingons. They always felt like cartoons to me, aside from Micheal Dorn’s great work. So, that is something I am look forward too.

I also think the focus on one culture in particular feels more grown-up then than the bing-bang doneness of the episodic different humanoid and other species were handled in other Treks.

The fact that they are dealing with diplomacy and mess-ups, and possible war over the season with Klingons feels more mature and I love that.

I agree. I like the ideas of Klingons rising to unite their houses and use hat as a way to focus on narrative character arcs. It is going to change our perception of this Star Trek. I suspect even the package of the way scenes are delivered is going to be different.

Because whatever universe this is actually in, maybe even its own, the writers are determined to keep it interesting.

Perhaps the point of Klingons saying “worth paying attention to” and it somehow be Michael’s mess-up, really is the Don Draper moment of this series. Haunting our main character because these mistakes have their own lives.

I believe the Sarek we will meet is actually a younger and idealistic person. For people who are worried about the dark one, we have that in TOS.

The thing that never makes sense in Trek, but absolutely keeps us paying attention is why did Sarek have long relationships with Earth women (he did twice at least) but reject Spock for joining Starfleet. What brought him to that place? Is this really a major motivating factor in DSC? It seems like it.

And the are just random thoughts….

–Perhaps the point of Klingons saying “worth paying attention to” and it somehow be Michael’s mess-up, really is the Don Draper moment of this series. Haunting our main character because these mistakes have their own lives.–

Yep. The fact that they made sure that we knew that Michael isn’t perfect and in fact REALLY screwed up to the point of going to war with the Klingons, is reflective of what they have been saying over and over… That this is about characters.

Given that we are in a golden age of deep and well-done characters, they simply could not skimp on that. We can’t have easy “types” anymore that we delve into only in special focus episodes.

I also agree with what you say about Sarek. I absolutely think that the events in this show will help us to better understand how his curiousity and love for humans turned more towards the impassive condescension we saw in later years.

Sarek has always been interesting character, he stood apart from other Vulcans in his marriage to Amanda, so it makes sense that he would also take in a human ward, if he knew her parents before they died.

I agree. Sarek is s interesting. You get the impression his “it was the logical thing to do” as a reason for marrying Amanda was meant to mean that as Vulcan ambassador to the federation, he felt it would help his job to better understand humans. But what we find out is, that was likely a lie, a way for Sarek to justify his choices while maintaining a pro-Vulcan culture.

He married Amanda because he loved her. And the fact he married another human women tells us he clearly preferred the outwardly emotional human woman.

But why he objected to Spock joining Star Fleet? perhaps to spare him from being ostracized or “standing apart” that Sarek experienced when he married a human. He knew Spock was in tough already, being half human, but had he embraced his Vulcan side, maybe Sarek thought he’d do better. Perhaps Sarek envisioned Spock following in his foot steps, an Ambassador and Federation leader that had the best of both worlds. An old story really – the father being disappointed the son chooses his own path.

Perhaps its as simple as Michael going to Star Fleet and Sarek being okay with one kid making that choice but not two.

They have a fine line to address Sarek in this series. Because what was great about Sarek was watching this unemotional, logic driven person evolve over time to love and accept his son, accept and respect his friends etc. If they have Sarek come to do all that too early, it undercuts that character evolution we see later.

They should of done a Post Next Generation show focus it on the Enterprise F have a handoff ceremony where Picard gets promoted to Admiral or retires and a new fresh faced Captain who much like Kirk showed great promise and was given command. That would be a show I’d watch.


How would it be boring? What matters is the missions that would make it fun to watch. Hell all I did was give a idea of moving the show further into the future instead of keep coming back to prequels like ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Kelvin’. But if you want to keep doing that fine. I’d rather see something “NEW” not something reused and repackaged. But good for you and Trek fan 67

Lo and behold James, you hit the nail on the head: “What matters is the missions that would make it fun to watch.” That’s your justification for post-TNG. That’s this series’ justification for pre-TOS. Guess what — the time period doesn’t matter, period.

Time period means something. As you run into the “laziness” factor and suddenly you have Harry Mudd on your tv show again. I bring him up not because he isn’t interesting but because its an example of how being in the past makes reusing ‘Old’ content way more tantalizing then creating whole ‘new’ content. Got it?

I think so many of you are so “desperate” for some form of Trek. That all you can do is attack anyone with a different opinion that may go against your new precious show whether that show is good or not.

James, none of us have seen the show yet. Neither have you.

I get what your saying – why do we need to see Harry Mudd again? I guess the showrunners seem to think there are some interesting stories here. And some interedting ideas about this time. Why set a spy/cop/whatever series in the ’60s instead of 2017?

yeah, funny how it is okay for some people to bash the new series but if you embrace it, you are somehow betraying all of Trek Fandom.

I see the value of having wholly new content too, for sure. What I will never understand, however, is how so many people on the internet can bash the hell out of the show because of the time period, as if that justifies all other criticisms. There have been countless examples in media of successfully bringing new life into old concepts and characters. If it’s been done before, it can be done with Trek. I respect and appreciate differing opinions, it’s just that to me, the time period is of no concern. As long as I’m entertained by the stories, and the series brings prestige back to the name Star Trek, I’ll be a happy fan indeed.

Desperation? More like exasperation. Maybe the people responding to you just aren’t in the mood for negativity. It is a little early considering not one episode had aired.

By the way, a good show is more important than canon. Get used to it or don’t watch.

Actually James, you are and your like-minded few who are whining over and over and over about every little thing and grasping at straws, some invisible ones, are attacking everyone.

And then you pull the “why cant I have a different opinion” card. Why cant everyone else?

You come to a Star Trek forum and rip things in largely a silly manner and you’re supposed that people take exception?

Come on…

I am looking forward to meeting the new Harry Mudd.

To be honest… that would be a little boring.

Go watch Enterprise matey haha

This show coming out has more in common with “Enterprise” than my idea does. But sure thing.

Boring isn’t one of them and that’s all that matters

I’d love to understand how my show would be boring? All I did was make it in the future with ties to a previous show much like DS9 had ties with Next Generation. I in a sense want a Next Generation 2.0 just as Next Generation did for TOS. If you find that boring. Than you also found Next Generation and DS9 boring. But again go you.

As much as I would like to see a early-25th century Trek (maybe for 2019?!), I don’t think we would need to see another Enterprise with another Kirkian captain. I am hesitant to promote any particular fan concepts (as most are clearly not developed by experienced writers, and most simply wouldn’t work), but at least of lot of the ideas that have been floated out there are different/more interesting (Section 31, an animated series, Temporal Agents, etc.).

Doesn’t have to be Kirklike but I still after going into the past for the past 10yrs since Enterprise. I would think more people would want a show set in the future of Trek not in the past..

I want both Discovery (to know more about the TOS timeframe) and post-24th century Trek (cause the 24th century stuff is so big and interesting and I want to see the consequences of TNG/DS9/VOY).

Well hopefully what ever Nicholas Meyer is working on (other Star Trek project) will satisfy mine and your ‘post-24th century Trek’because whether I like it or not I will have to watch this show and hope it gets me to like it.

Those who wouldn’t want to move forward in the Timeline and have a DS9 or Next Generation 2.0 show must really loved “Enterprise” and the new “Kelvin Universe”.

First of all: SHOULD HAVE not Should of; Second: So you just want the same shit over and over again ad nauseum?

Isn’t that what we are getting by them diving into the past ever since Enterprise? Just same shit with some fresh tech thrown on top of everything? Even though in TOS none of that shit existed? Also don’t play teacher with should of and should have its purpose by you is only to discredit so you don’t have to come up with an actual argument in response.

So, doing a pre-TOS series is “same shit” even though there has been one series previously set before TOS.

But post TOS, we’ve had three and you want another because its “fresh”?

lol Never under-estimate the lack of logic of the whining few.

To each their own. I would have loved to see a young Picard on the Stargazer series – I love the TOS movie era setting and the Stargazer just looks so cool – I alwayys imagined it as an old run down ship. Fan dreaming, but to each thier own. Its fun to throw out “wish” ideas. I’m still excited for what we are getting here though.

Sounds like a mishmash of TOS/TNG.

Why does everything have to be about a ship called Enterprise, I loved Voyager and DS9.
Let’s give Discovery a chance.

A lot of good here, but this is more about the Klingons than I ever wanted to know. Preferred it when they were thugs of the galaxy,mean and ruthless, only showing up for a handful of episodes over the course of 3 seasons. Then they turned them Japanese and slapped TOS Roumlan characteristics all over them in TNG. Ugh. I can only speculate how touchy-feely they are going to be now, not to mention a constant presence. Sorry, I wanted imaginative exploration full of awe and danger in the unknown….not The Days of Our Klingon Lives and war.

This looks fantastic, it’s good to be a Trekkie once gain. Not since DS9 was last on air have I been this excited for Trek. That was in the previous century

Geeze this show is an even bigger middle finger to the fans than the Kelvin films were. Sarek’s adopted daughter? Really?! Not only does that contradict canon and Sarek’s character, but it’s really unoriginal and sounds like a horrible piece of fan fiction. But my biggest problem is this:

“Alex Kurtzman assured the crowd that they are all huge fans of The Original Series, and take their inspiration from that, always remaining mindful of canon. But he reminded everyone, in answer to a fan question submitted to Wilson, that it’s 2017, and creating sets to match the original show wouldn’t work. But “we are consistent with origins,” he said.”

He literally just contradicted himself. You’re not being mindful of canon if you’re doing away with part of it. We can debate this all you want but the looks and visual styles are just as much a part of canon as the origins and stories. And yes actually they could create sets to match the original series that would work in 2017, it wouldn’t be that hard to tweak everything to be more modern but still retain the aesthetic; they’re just a bunch of unimaginative, uncreative, and untalented hacks. And just in case they still couldn’t find a way to pull that off, just set the effing thing sometime else then like maybe after all the other series so that you don’t contradict canon! Holy crap it’s not that hard it’s like people in Hollywood these days lack any common sense whatsoever, and that also goes for the people who are defending these hacks and this dreadful show. I don’t see how some of you can’t see this as bothersome.

They are just desperate to have Trek back on “TV” in some form. So they are willing to accept anything even Spock having a sister…

You’re exactly right James!

Not remotely.

@James — I still don’t see this as a problem. Spock, in particular, and Vulcans, in general, tend to keep their personal lives close to the vest. Remember how Kirk found out Spock was Sarek’s son? Seriously, there’s no problem with this at all — unless someone can provide evidence that demonstrates conclusively that this new evolution to canon is impossible to remain consistent with established canon, then there’s not a problem here. Just people who don’t like change and wish the art direction looked like “The Cage”.

How bout the relationship between Spock and his father? Remember it was very strained because his father wanted Spock to adopt Vulcan ways and close out his humanity it wasn’t till later he accepted Spock as he is. So how do you think Sarek would react to a full human child? Lets just say these “writers” have ALOT of work ahead of them to convince me of this woman being adopted into Sareks family.

@James — Spock was his flesh and blood, and a Vulcan. They already told us he adopted her to better understand the human condition. As far as Sarek was concerned, she was a science experiment, one he always expected to fail him.

Without knowing the hows and whys as explained in the series, the reasoning does seem to fit Sarek.

He was the Ambassador to Earth and seemed perfectly able to work with humans. Was always shown having respectful relationships.

Where there is conflict is in the fact he was angry that Spock went to Star Fleet instead of the Science Academy. The implication being, Sarek wanted Spock to pursue Vulcan endeavors not the human-heavy Star Fleet.

That created the dichotomy where it was okay for Sarek to marry a human but not okay for his son to go join a human-led organization.

So if we assume Sarek felt it was logical to relate closer to humans because of his important job and thus why he married Amanda, it also makes sense that he’d take in Michael, especially if she was willed to him and/or Amanda or they were otherwise close to her parents.

What will be interesting is, does Sarek (and Amanda) raise Michael as a Vulcan or try to raise her to embrace her humanity?

And the interesting thing is, here is a human that grows up to be a scientist and join Starfleet, perhaps with Sarek’s blessing whereas Spock was a Vulcan who grew up to be a scientist and join star fleet against Sarek’s wishes.

That’s quite a middle finger to the creators of Discovery there.

Sarek adopting a human daughter does not break any element of canon.

Yeah, they could have just made TOS-sets with higher production values, but they went with modernizing the overall look. That doesn’t make Discovery a “dreadful show”. These are the opinions stated with such hatred and closemindedness, that give some ‘Trek fans’ a bad name.
Keeping the theme and heart of Trek is the most important part, and I think you are forgetting that.


“Sarek adopting a human daughter does not break any element of canon. ”


Kurtzman: we’re aware Spock’s stepsister isn’t canon.

@Amhed – you arent grasping this. not canon is not the same as violating canon. Think before you type please.

@Ometiklan The creators of Discovery deserve the middle finger cause since its inception this show has been seriously flawed. I think what gives Trek fans a bad name is that they’re willing to accept anything despite how horrible it is, and as a result Hollywood will keep making crappy things cause fans will keep watching them. The opinions of mine and others aren’t stated with hatred and closemindedness, unlike some of the other fans we actually have critical thinking skills, we just want what’s best for the franchise and won’t accept anything less. And so far this show has not kept the theme and heart of Star Trek no matter what the creators try to claim. Myself and others see right through their BS.

Unfortunately, TM11, you’re wrong. You’re opinion might be that this show is flawed but that is not a fact.

You’re entitled to your opinion but flawed just doesnt seem like an accurate fact. Sorry you wont be watching. So long.

Hahahahahaha lmfao! Did you seriously just say that I’m wrong but then go on to say that my opinion isn’t a fact lol?! You’re opinion that I’m wrong isn’t a fact either lol. If my opinion isn’t a fact than therefore I can’t be right or wrong cause it’s an opinion along with your opinion that I’m wrong. You’re basically saying that I’m wrong for having a different opinion than you lol. Holy hypocrite batman.

@Ometiklan — exactly right, there’s no violation of canon here that I can tell. Kurtzman said that while Spock’s stepsister is not previously revealed in canon, they will be consistent with canon in depicting this new character. Just like Kirk somehow managed to not mention he had a son, and baby moma, until TWOK. Yet David Marcus doesn’t break any element of canon — he almost did in a draft of Charlie X, where he lamented he may never have a son, but the TOS writers were much smarter than the Berman-era writers who pandered to the fans and cemented all kinds of things in canon, like Klingon ridges, tying the hands of future writers.

You obviously misunderstood him. He was saying that there’s some twists we wouldn’t have expected based upon what we’ve already seen.

Let me ask you this, does this really contradict other episodes? I mean really?

Has it ever been stated that Spock didn’t have an adopted sister? It’s never been said.

True, the episode “Yesteryear” makes it seem unlikely, but their really is insufficient data on the subject…she may have been away during that time, or just not shown…she may have been in her room or not there at all.

I’d wait to see it before I knock it.

How does this defy canon? I don’t recall Spock or other characters chatting about or listing off their family members…. so does that mean they don’t have any siblings either. Even Kirk and Spocks brothers were not mentioned until they showed up unless I am mistaken.


“How does this defy canon?”

Everyone not blindly supporting ‘Discovery’ knows that Spock’s secret sister is NOT CANON.

Even the Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman was smart enough to admit that.

Kurtzman: we’re aware Spock’s stepsister isn’t canon.

Thank you Ahmed! I’m so sick of everyone blindly supporting this crap!

@TM11 — sorry, how does the producer aknowleging that something isn’t canon, defy canon? Every new concept introduced into Trek was previously “not canon”. Show me how something new conflicts with canon and there’s a debate to be had. But the mere introduction of some new element which was not previously part of canon, and in fact modifies established canon, doesn’t necessarily mean it defies canon.

Agreed. By that logic, we can never have anything new on Star Trek because it will defy canon.


That’s BS. TNG & DS9 all gave us brilliant new characters and interesting events without restoring to long lost/unknown adopted sisters, mothers, whatever.

So what? In this case, they felt the need to relate her to Sarek who is a character on the show. Have you seen the show? No, so why dont you shove a sock in it and reserve judgement til it airs?

Better yet, dont watch at all! And then you wont have any reason to come here other then to hear how wrong you continue to be.


And you didn’t watch the show, and yet you keep defending it non-stop.

You keep spamming every thread with your trolling, going after everyone with different views like a mad dog.

Trekmovie really need to add an ignore function for trolls like you.

@Ahmed – you’re the troll, my friend. Ive consistently maintained the position that I like what I see so far. i’ve expressed when I am hesitant about something (like Spock’s sister) but ultimately, I havent seen the series.

So basically, nothing we’ve seen can make me have a negative opinion because we havent seen anything in context.

On the flip side, you drone on and one incessantly using false facts, negative narratives and utter irrelevant garbage to hang a noose around a show you havent seen.

If you hate it so much, dont watch. Why post here? Instead of an ignore button, just go away and dont come back. I mean, you hate the show. Why would you subject yourself to watching that which drives you so obviously nuts?

You post contrary to stories and to posters and yet its you and people like you who are the first to attack opposing opinions and get so mad about it. Like only YOUR opinion is allowed.

Dont be angry because my opinion is just so much more sensical than yours. Either formulate a better debate position or wait til the show airs.

If Discovery sucks, I will be here on Night 1 to scream it from the roof tops, believe me.

@Ahmed – you have once again gloriously missed the point. Captain Sheridan was quite rightfully pointing out that nothing new can exist if it, by your definition, defies canon if it wasnt previously mentioned and thus cannot be included.

The obvious point being, something that is not already established in canon is not the same as defying canon.

Spock having a sister is not violating canon. It is not established in canon, but it does not violate it.

If it was then you really hated Star Trek II. And III. And really hated V. And VI (Sulu as Captain was defying canon). I could go on and on, but you’ll just reply with some insult or anger.

@Capt. — yes, isn’t it interesting that Kirk NEVER ONCE spoke of Carol Marcus or his son David, whom he knew about full well prior to TWOK? Guess some people just can’t handle the truth.

Some people are likely sick of the vocal minority blindly crapping on everything, especially when they are using irrelevant or unknown or simply silly reasons to support their biased negative narrative.

What about blindly calling it crap before seeing it? I defend Star Trek because I love Star Trek. Love is blind!

1) she’s not his step sister, she’s an adopted sister

2) being NOT CANON is not the same as VIOLATING CANON

You whiners are grasping at staws and since you fancy yourselves the “true fans” its weird you dont know much.

Unless Spock specifically stated on screen that he had no adopted sister, it does not violate canon.

Take a deep breath and shut up. :-)


Well fanboy, it’s pointless to have a discussion with you since you have only one position; to support the show no matter what, changing the Klingons, why not? Spock has a sister? Who cares?

And act as the attack dog toward any and all who have different views than yours.

@Ahmed – awww poor you. Here come the “insults”. Oh no, Im a ”
fan boy”. yes, I am a fan of Star Trek (arent you?) and yes I am a male (arent you?). Maybe you’re a fangirl, I dont know. I thought Ahmed was a boy’s name but hey, Michael is also a girl’s name so who knows.

You’re attacking the messenger belies your desperate lack of relevant response. You posted nonsense and were appropriately debated and you have nothing to say in response.

let’s review:

Canon is what appears on screen and more accurately what appears on screen most recently. Spock had no siblings in canon until Star Trek V established that he did. Prior to Star Trek V, was it “canon” that he had a half brother? Of course not, no one knew.

So its not currently in canon that Spock has an adopted sister. But the second Discovery airs, it IS canon. So grow up.

I mean, hey, be critical all you want. But dont get pissy over things that make sense.

While Sybok was cast completely out of the Vulcan order basically went renegade. They aren’t treating “his sister” this way. So why was she not at his funeral in Star Trek III/IV? I’ll tell you why, because she never existed! So stop trying to defend the indefensible when they the writers themselves have pretty much admitted they are breaking Canon!

“So why was she not at his funeral in Star Trek III/IV?”

You mean Spock’s totally unscheduled, unannounced fal-tor-pan ceremony (not funeral, which was never shown on-screen) that only occurred after the crew of the Enterprise stole the ship, fought off Klingons, escaped the Genesis planet, and commandeered a Klingon Bird of Prey? The spur of the moment ceremony that only occurred AFTER everyone thought Spock had already been laid to rest? Remember.. we have NO CLUE what ceremony occurred on Vulcan to commemorate Spock’s death between the time his torpedo tube was shot towards the Genesis planet (and David Marcus even had to remark how the gravitation of Genesis was in flux and the tube must of soft-landed) and when Sarek made it to Earth to meet with Kirk. For all we know, Burnham could have been at THAT ceremony.

So, forgive his adoptive sister, who may very well be an admiral at this point, or retired with a family of her own, or dead, if she wasn’t able to make it from wherever she was to Vulcan in an hour or two to attend a ceremony that NO ONE expected. I mean, you might also ask why Spock’s MOTHER wasn’t at the fal-tor-pan ceremony, even though Amanda WAS present at his retraining in Star Trek IV.

You see, it isn’t difficult to “defend” or justify something if you just have an OPEN MIND and a bit of IMAGINATION!

With all the vitriol that flows so easily these days, I thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy that this kind of Internet did not exist back in the 80’s. Even though it is held in high esteem now, I shudder to think how some of these fans would have reacted to TWOK when it came out. Phasers as bolts and not steady streams? And what’s with that hand phaser and the four emitters? And, oh my God!! Khan KNOWS Chekov? WTF!!! I can’t believe they let Meyer crap all over Canon by having Khan know Chekov! Everyone knows that Chekov wasn’t on the Enterprise for “Space Seed”! This is a disaster!! Wait… and SPOCK DIES too! I’m boycotting this movie! This isn’t MY Star Trek! I hope this movie TANKS!

You see how that works?

Fortunately, people were more imaginative, creative, and tolerant back in the day, and didn’t let few inconsistencies ruin what turned out to be a great thing. In fact, they came up with nice, creative ways to explain the whole Chekov thing and went on enjoying the film.

I think people just need to learn to relax, enjoy, and wait to see where the breadth and direction of the story take us, and stop getting caught up on minor inconsistencies. I will take those if the story is good!

Yup! I’m still cringing at the thought of Spock having an adopted step-sister, but I’m waiting to see how it all turns out. Trekkers didn’t boycott TWOK in the theaters because the budget was smaller than TMP or burn the flag of the Federation when Spock died.

‘She’s supposed to have transwarp drive…’

‘Aye… and my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon!’

‘Come come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas… Be tolerant!’

Ill admit this sister thing feels too contrived. But Ill assume there is a reason for it. There is also some confusion. The quote was that Michael was Spock’s half sister and there are even news stories saying she’s Amanda’s bio daughter.

But the Discovery Writers twitter said that is untrue. She is the adopted daughter of Sarek & Amanda. I’d have preferred “foster” but we can assume, perhaps, that Michael’s parents were either close to Sarek or close to Amanda (being human) and so they took them in.

Much like most parents today have a couple they designate to raise their children in the event of their deaths.

She was either dead or too far away to make it there in time. Or she was not close to him. Why was Sybok not there?

She wasn’t there, for the same reason that Sybok wasn’t there.
Neither of them had been written yet.

@Gary — precisely, where was Chekov during “Space Seed”? Clearly Khan recognized him in TWOK…

This is literally the stupidest example given for whining about “canon”.

By the way, Michael being an adoptive sister (foster would have been been better)is not a canon violation since it was never stated on screen that Spock did not have an adoptive sister.

Why do people have such trouble with this?


True, they should add Spock’s twin brother as well since it was never stated on screen that Spock did not have a twin. #Dumb

By your logic Ziyal should never have existed because Dukat never mentioned her until she was introduced. Neither should George Samuel Kirk because he didn’t exist until they just wrote him in (and had Shatner play him which is just stupid).

Yeah, the first trailer was good- this one, meh in some ways. Seems like a cross between Kelvinverse and BSG.
The visuals were stunning but its impossible for me to believe based on THIS trailer that it takes place BEFORE Kirk and Spock. That being said there was a potential big bright spot. We get a brief glimpse of Discovery as it goes into Warp and u hear Lorca talk about the new future (creating a new way to fly)where they can work to end the war- this brief scene reminds me of Trek and I think the rest of the series on the Disco will bring the Trek feeling and authenticity…………

Will we see the youthful Sarek during his fling with the “Vulcan princess” which gave his world (and confused fans) Sybok?

Uh! Proper Klingon and not just a word or little phrase sound really interesting :D

Don’t forget Anthony Rapp was also in the cult classic Adventures in Babysitting

I have had just about enough of the hate filled reactions from of the members of this community. The fact that you are so determined to hate this show and try to convince others to so proves Sonequa’s point: you have missed the whole idea behind Star Trek.

Some of you would complain if they recreated the uniforms of The Cage and the general aesthetic of that episode, you would rage if Berman and Braga had created this. You are determined to loathe the show simply because it doesn’t conform to what YOU want.

Star Trek NEEDED to change to survive. Let’s not forget that its because the franchise DIDN’T change that it went off the air after Season 4 of Enterprise.

Stop trying to make those of us want to DSC to succeed and want to enjoy it join you in pointless hating and complaining. Stop ruining the enjoyment for everybody. Change your tune and quit whining.

So they’ve gone to all that trouble to make sure the Klingonese is accurate, but the Klingons themselves? Nah.

As for Spock’s stepsister, well we never knew about Sybok either (who I hope gets namechecked).

I find it curious that they are so insistent on banging on about it being canon consistent, yes visually it clearly isn’t. So I can only assume they are just referring to stories and events, rather than aesthetics.

I hope so! The aesthetics of 1960’s would kill this show before it launched.

Baloney. It would do nothing of the sort. Weak defense by those who just don’t like those aesthetics. The bridge looked pretty damn slick in Mirror Darkly. Thinking hard, don’t recall one complaint about how bad it looked and how it wasn’t believable when the episode aired. Same with Relics in TNG. You know, just because something is angular and not rounded and curved doesn’t mean it’s not made with milled aluminum or plastics or fiberglass. The design is of the original bridge is not only futuristic looking, but it’s camera friendly. It’s creative for camera positioning….being two levels and removable “Pie” sections gives directors 360 degrees of freedom when composing shots. That makes for interesting cinematography. The flashing lights…whatever they are, are so non-descript that they still look futuristic because nothing we have today displays information in that manner. Same with the controls. They are unique and have no modern day equivalent as a user interface. Also, they look really good in the background. Not to mention tactile controls make all the sense in the word in a work environment where there is no room for error. Touch screens are disasters waiting to happen. So everyone needs to just stuff all that malarkey about it “it wont work, made of plywood” and how the Enterprise was hung by strings (which it never was, but that’s a whole different argument about ignorance), back under their hats. It doesn’t work…FOR YOU…simply because you don’t like it. Conversely, many many do. So give it a rest, already. Now the foam rocks, and planet sets? Sure, they look bad, I’ll be the first to admit it. That’s what location shooting and green screens are for. But the standing sets of the ship? Some more careful finishing out, add a few more metallics and some glass and you’re good. The rest is up to the artistry behind the lighting and how it’s filmed….what cameras, lenses, etc. The whole notion that those designs wouldn’t be accepted today is sheer nonsense.

I find myself agreeing a lot more with you than I recall ever doing in the past, especially about TOS design on interiors. And the thing about the phony planet sets is that if you look at the 2nd Q show, the planet set there looks SOOOO much worse than even the lamest of TOS, like GREEN ACRES-level realism.

@kmart — and I may be disagreeing with you when I rarely did before. TOS interiors would never fly today. In fact it’s bare nostalgia that drives it. I’ve taken a critical eye toward those sets when I watch TOS since these discussions began, and I can tell you they don’t hold up for me. I find that I take the sets in stride and watch past them for the story and content. TOS holds up because of the writing, directing, and acting, not the sets.

To each their own….. I thought the TOS bridge on In a Mirror Darkly did look pretty out of place and thats what they turned down the lights so it wouldn’t look so bright with all those 1960s tecnicolor colors.

@Capt. — it looked totally out of place — just as it looked out of place in DS9 Trials and Tribulations. And Relics was just sad. But I sat there and marveled at it, all the same. It was pure nostalgic fan pandering. And there’s a place for that in the franchise, especially when there’s a strong fan base. But by the time Enterprise came along, that fan base was dropping, and clearly were not gaining a lot of new fans. In A Mirror Darkly was part of the 4th season that sought to stem the tide of deserters by securing the core fan base, along with the other nonsense that unfortunately canonized the Klingon ridges. No modern audience would accept one single interior Enterprise ship set from TOS in a modern production. Just look at what they did to the Enterprise sets for TMP. Clearly that wasn’t good enough for Rodenberry — in fact neither was the original TOS bridge, which he wanted to be perfectly round, but budget couldn’t afford. He finally got a round bridge in TAS, and the bridge he really wanted in TMP. Are we to live with the compromises of TV budgets in the mid-1960s simply because that’s the visual canon propagated by misguided stewards of the franchise? No. They have absolutely takes the correct approach here. Anybody who wants to relive the old sets can tune into THE ORVILLE, which has to have one of the cheapest, lamest, knock-off sets of TNG ever contemplated for a modern production. That’s pretty much all I need to see to know the TOS sets would never fly with a modern audience. THE ORVILLE works because it’s a comedic parody that’s supposed to remind audiences of TNG — that’s the entire draw, that and sophomoric jokes. Serious as Sci-fi has to push the bar forward, even as the series is set in the past. Those who can’t see that, can’t because they have buried their heads into the sand.

I don’t understand the tactile controls argument- if the console is without power would it not matter what the controls were like?

@Capt. — I agree with the tactile controls argument. There are many problems with TNG consoles which the show itself highlighted — during “Parallels”, Worf could not find the fire control when he popped into the station because it was configured differently than he was used to. That’s a problem in such an important station — not only should the controls be fixed such that if Worf were injured in combat that any officer on the bridge would be able to jump in and instantly locate essential controls. In addition, certain essential controls, like a firing button, should be tactile, with protections, such that an officer can keep his eyes on the view screen, while simultaneously knowing exactly where the firing button is, and not accidentally press it should the ship take fire and throw the crew off balance. Touch screens are great for non-essential functions, but for the primary systems, tactile buttons must be implemented. That’s a problem that touch screen makers are constantly struggling with now, so we know the issues will have to be dealt with in the future as well. Who knows maybe they did, but that’s one they’ll likely have to show us in order for us to accept it.

I can see that. I always thought that a new user could just hit some buttons to have the station recall their preferred configuration, but I can see trying to do that while in an emergency would be bad. I don’t think they really need to look at the viewscreen to aim weapons though. You are selling me on the tactile controls. Next time I watch TNG era I will head-canon that they are trained to optimize the usage of touchscreens.

hahaha @jonboc – if you think the 60’s look would fly today, you’re out of your mind. I mean, dude, thats the end of the debate right there.

It would look SO out of place today and it would look SO out of place when you soncisder Enterprise & Kelvin. What, Star Fleet went back in technology? Come on.

If this bothers you so much, dont watch. Its that simple. And since apparently there are “so many” fans upset, when none of them watch and Duiscovery gets zero viewers, they will alter thing. But I bet that doesnt happen!

Sonequa is so compassionate and caring, she’s terrific

Isaacs’ “bad guy” captain is going to be amazing!!!

Yeah, I thought of Makenzie Calhoun when I heard about his character.

I totally agree with this comment.
And for the record, I do not watch The Walking Dead.
But, I Love what I have seen of Sonequa so far.

That canon is screwed, is obious. Let’s just hope it is still SciFi with a bit Trek in it and not fantasy war in space… sick of complaining…

@spocky — of what cannon do you refer? I don’t see any canon violations so far …

@Curious Cadet,

“I don’t see any canon violations so far ”

You guys are hilarious

Kurtzman: we’re aware Spock’s stepsister isn’t canon.

They could have solved this by saying this is the Kelvin timeline, but oh well.

@gingerly — solve what? There’s no canon violation here. At least no worse than Kirk having a son, and baby moma, he never spoke of to anyone until TWOK. Remember, Spock didn’t even bother to mention to Kirk that the Vulcan ambassador they were transporting to Babel was his father, putting Kirk in an embarrassing situation several times during that episode. If the most beloved Trek movie of all time can do it, TWOK, then this is a minor update to canon, that does indeed have interesting possibilities.

CBS doesnt own the Kelvin timeline, if I am not mistaken.

Keep in mind, that is apparently an error, a mispoken line. She is not his Step-sister. She is his adoptive sister.

This seems to be a widely reported error though. Its still on Space’s official website where they say Michael is Amanda’s biological daughter.

But the Discovery writer’s twitter sent word that she is “adoptive” daughter of Sarek & Amanda.

But its true that it is NOT canon because it was never shown. However, it does not violate canon either because, as near as I can recall, Spock never stated he had zero siblings. And even if he did, he also claimed he didnt have a brother before seconds later saying he had a half brother.

So Spock would certainly say he had no sister…because he had an adoptive sister. Though thats a rude way of saying it. But considering their different races, perhaps acceptable.

The reason the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is that the grass over there is hypothetical, it’s fantasy grass, whereas the grass over here is real, actual grass. In the grass over here, I can see some things I don’t like so much. I can see a few thistles here and there. The ground here is uneven, and in spots there are groundhog holes that if you’re not careful, you could step in. Over there, on the other side of the fence, I imagine there’d be clover in and among the grass, and the ground probably slopes gently, and I’ll bet there’s a stream there.

We do this, all of us, in all sorts of places in our lives. We criticize what we have in front of us, because we can see bits that do t fit our definition of perfection, and we idealize what we don’t have, the fantasy thing, that is perfect precisely because it isn’t real. It is everything we want, because the hard decisions haven’t had to be made. You see this with political candidates, who are always far more popular before they actually have to start governing and making hard choices. You see this when people have affairs, preferring the fantasy person who excites them rather than the person they have had to grow to live with over the years. You see this with the fish that got away, with the perfect job that they inexplicably didn’t hire me for. Wouldn’t that have been great? And so we don’t do the harder thing, learning to be thankful for what we actually have, and cheering on the folks around us.

Folks think that the show would have been better if it had been post-Nemesis, or if it had more closely embraced the pre-TOS design philosophy, or if it had been funnier, or if it had been less this, or more that. All this based on a show we haven’t yet seen! But the creators of Discovery were actually in the room. They hashed out the hard questions, they made the tough decisions, they took an idea – a new Star Trek TV series – and they instantiated it, made it real. They said yes to some things, which meant saying no to others. That doesn’t make them immune to criticism, but it’s useless comparing what they have done to some mythical, fantasy idea of what you think they should have done. That show, the perfect Trek show you imagine, doesn’t exist. And if it did, it would have its own problems, problems you can’t see now, because it exists only in the gauzy haze of fantasy.

Let the show live or die based on its own merits or shortcomings, not based on some imaginary, nonexistent show that will never be. Be thankful for what we have.

I don’t know, that’s my rant. Love you guys!

Counting down the days until this launches!

More and more excited for this!

Me, too!

The series finalie will probably be Kirk and Spock in Where No Man Has Gone Before. Gary Mitchel. . .

@DataMat — better yet … pike handing over command of the enterprise to Kirk …

So, it would seem our beloved Spock not only had to compete for Sarek’s attention with Sybok, but also Michael.
Poor Spock. It seems like Sarek married Amanda for a challenge. He was challenging his own bigotry for humans. When he failed with Spock, he probably used that experience to mentor Michael. As for why Sarek was compelled to marry Amanda, I suspect we will learn sooner than later why “It was the logical thing to do.”

Isnt Michael older than Spock?

re: art direction for STD- While I understand all the elements on all sides of the aesthetics argument, I still contend there’s no clear-cut reason the design of this new series can’t have some allusion to TOS in order to attempt some mild continuity. At its heart is the reality that Midcentury Modern (MCM) design — which informed so much of that first series — hasn’t been relegated to the dust heap of history.

If anything, MCM has enjoyed a resurgence in the last 15 years. It is still extolled in art school. Eames chairs, Nelson lamps, Eichler homes, Googie architecture and the myriad expressions of that sensibility are valued as much now as ever. We see them used in numerous ad campaigns, in corporate environments, in lauded series like “Mad Men” and throughout our world. It’s just become so commonplace, we don’t think about it anymore.

I’m not talking about cheap plywood sets, clunky computer manifestations or antiquated tech concepts that look like the interior of a 1964 RCA TV set. I’m talking about design sensibilities like the chairs that were used on TOS, the artwork (background sculptures, etc.) and other subtleties.

It would be completely feasible for STD art direction to start slowly bending toward that style and it’s streamlined aesthetics so that whenever STD wraps up, the jump between its look and TOS wouldn’t be so bizarre.

It does, in the design of the props we’ve seen thus far and some of the sound effects.

Everything I’ve seen and read about this show has gotten me more and more excited for it. September cannot come soon enough!!

First gay character. I just hope they do not make the relationship to front and centre. I hope it comes across as natural and of no real concern to the story.

I guess in the age of “Alternative Facts” they think they can have “Alternative Cannon”

Expecting the worst, hoping for ok.