SDCC17: Full ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Panel Video, Plus Photo And Video Round-Up

On Saturday we reported on the Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con via our live tweets and post-panel report. Now you can watch it yourself as CBS has released the entire event on video. Watch it below (as a playlist, broken into five parts).

Official post-panel cast interviews

CBS also posted three brief post-panel videos with members of the cast. Sonequa Martin-Green talks about Michael Burnham’s Vulcan upbringing, Jason Isaacs discusses Captain Lorca, then other cast members describe watching the new trailer with the SDCC crowd.

Media interviews

The cast also did some group interviews with some of the bigger entertainment outlets. We have compiled them below.

Entertainment Weekly:

TV Line:

Entertainment Tonight:

LA Times Hero Complex:

More panel photos

Sonequa Martin-Green

Jason Isaacs

Doug Jones

Rainn Wilson

James Frain and Mary Wise

Anthony Rapp and Shazad Latif

And now, even more photos!

TrekMovie SDCC17 interviews

Sonequa Martin-Green on First Officer Michael Burnham

Anthony Rapp on Lt. Stamets in ‘Star Trek: Discovery

Shazid Latif on Lt. Tyler in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

‘Discovery’ showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg and executive producer Heather Kadin

Mary Wiseman on Ensign Tilly in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

(and more to come)

More TrekMovie SDCC17 coverage

‘The Orville’ panel report and new trailer

‘Discovery’ press conference report

New trailer and images from ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

IDW Panel reveals details for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and Boldly Go comics

See ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Federation and Starfleet Props and Costumes

See ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Klingon Costumes And Props

Klingon Torchbearer Revealed + Gentle Giant Announces Discovery Collectibles

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Concept Art Details Klingon And Federation Ships

Stay tuned for even more coverage of San Diego Comic-Con.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

All photos by Aaron Harvey





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Things are coming together! Whether you like the look of this series or not – it will inaugurate a new era of Trek!

I agree wholly.

Unfortunately you’re probably right.

…or the last.

So, are the seven actors featured at the panel (not counting Wilson) considered the “main cast?” I know this show isn’t like past Treks and the cast will likely be fluid overtime, but I assume they will still start with a main cast. Is this them?

Who really knows how this show will prevail , if Enterprise only lasted four seasons which should have been seven seasons this show may only have one season

If Enterprise deserved 7 seasons, then based only on what we’ve seen of Discovery so far, it should be on the air for 300 years.

Not 100% on that. I’d speculate that Rainn Wilson, for example, is probably a guest star. But with a show like this, it can be hard to separate. I recall some shows with these ongoing stories that had guest stars who appeared in more episodes than those billed in the main cast.

It seems like they are going to keep it fluid. Give it room to build over time – like GoT or Walking Dead. And I think that fluidity mirrors real life: Your year-to-year group of associates/friends is never quite static.

That is fine. But Star Trek has always been a family orientated show. I.e. The Crew is a family, growing older together, having adventures, facing challenges together. The joy of TOS and TNG is that we get to see the characters grow and change over many years, and the actors growing into their roles too!

Panel videos are “not available”. What gives?

They are region locked. Try downloading them, it worked for me.

VPN is a close friend of mine. :)

Try YouTube

Well, it’s not working on YouTube, and I don’t like searching the site for illegal ripped & region-unlocked content that I, as a Trek fan & consumer & future DSC customer, should be entitled to see on the regular channel, with ad revenue and view counts for the original distributors. We do have Trek fans & Netflix in Europe too. ;) Anyway, VPN is much quicker.

Jason Isaacs should have been the lead character. Pushing the Captain to secondary status is so bizarre.

But the story is not about the Captain… derp.

I can also envision a purely political Star Trek series, UFP, admirals, diplomats etc., or a gritty Starfleet secret service series etc. Trek doesn’t (always) need captains as the lead, or even among the cast, because it’s a whole universe of potential stories.

I think it will work out fine. In some ways, it reminds me of the sitcom Parks & Recreation. Leslie was only the assistant director of the Pawnee Parks Department, but she was still the “lead.” However, the actual director, Ron Swanson, was still a great part of the ensemble.

I remember when TNG first premiered the plan was for Picard to largely remain on the ship and Riker would be the de-facto “man of action”. That quickly changed as the dynamics of the cast and relative popularity of the characters caused things to be moved around a bit. Same with Worf taking on a bigger role as Tasha’s quickly diminished, to the point where Denise Crosby asked to be killed off.

Discovery’s plan might to focus to be on the lower officers out of the gate but I think the whole thing is fluid enough that it may evolve over time based on what the show-runners think is working and what isn’t.


And if it doesn’t, and it ends up focusing on Burnham, I think that’s just fine.

I don’t have a horse in that race; all I’m saying is that shows evolve, certain characters rise up, others fall back. 7 of 9 largely replacing Kes is another example. The dynamics of an ensemble cast, and the whims of the audience are impossible to predict. So enjoy the ride, see where it goes.

It’s also conceivable that Capt. Lorca could take after Pres. Bartlet on THE WEST WING. Bartlett was originally supposed to be a secondary character, making a cameo every couple of episodes. Rob Lowe’s Sam Seaborn was supposed to be the lead. It turned out that Martin Sheen was so good that Bartlet became a main character, and it was hard to identify who was the “lead” character in a very ensemble cast (Bartlett, Leo McGarry, CJ Cregg, or Josh Lyman).

I sincerely hope that Michelle Yeoh remains throughout the series.

Great coverage on Discovery– now stop covering Orville please. Start a separate site for that, or rebrand as “

Dude if you don’t want to read stories about Orville….just don’t click on it, problem solved. Right? And a lot of us LOVE the coverage of both Orville and Discovery. I think TM should keep them coming. Its not like we are losing stories of other Trek for Orville so don’t get the issue.

Videos not available? :(

Phew, so much stuff to watch and so little time on my hands. Dangit, guess I should allot some of my spare time to watching those videos instead of ranting like an old curmudgeon in various comments sections…

Update: Oh, that stuff is region-locked anyway… alright, back to ranting then.

I’m curious as to how the cast credits will appear in the opening theme. I think it may appear like this:

Starring Sonequa-Martin Green, Jason Isaacs, and Michelle Yeoh, with the rest of the cast appearing as guest stars. But who knows…

Dribbles .. we’ll know in a few months

In alphabetical order would be nice.

Michelle Yeoh was curiously silent in the last DSC trailer, and her non-appearance at Con has me thinking her character just…won’t be as consequential, or her role as captain will be overshadowed by Isaac’s character

we know Burnam will be on Discovery probably by the end of the premiere. And in the last trailer it didn’t look too great for the Shenzhou. Its a chance her character doesn’t make it or pull a George Kirk and goes down with the ship.

So crazy to see Sasha and Malfoy on Star Trek together. Sooooo crazy.