More Details On The War With The Klingons In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

One of the emerging elements for Star Trek: Discovery that’s becoming clearer from the relevations from San Diego Comic-Con is the backdrop of a war with the Klingons. Today we have a couple of other tidbits to add to flesh it out a little.

Chris Obi as T'Kuvma, a Klingon in Star Trek: Discovery

Chris Obi as T’Kuvma

The Klingons’ motivations

This one comes from a press conference red carpet interview of Doug Jones (Saru) with IGN, who was asked about his views on the Klingons.

The Klingons in our storyline are the bad guy. They are the ones that can’t be reasoned with and they are trying to take over the universe for their own altruistic reasons that they think are right. But in the sensible world of reason we are trying to peacefully work this out. They won’t have it.

So I reflect the attitude of Starfleet in that we have to win this, but we must do it in Starfleet fashion. We have rules and a Federation to adhere to that is civilized.

Jones’ comment about the rules of the Federation may tie in to what executive producer Heather Kadim told TrekMovie about the “fall from grace” of Discovery‘s main character Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who apparently starts the war with the Klingons (based on dialogue from the SDCC trailer).

Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) on Star Trek: Discovery)

Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) in Star Trek: Discovery

Taking on the Klingons with space mushrooms

And the second new element about the Federation/Klingon war comes from Entertainment Weekly in a new tidbit about Anthony Rapp’s character Lt. Stamets from their upcoming cover story.

Stamets’ mushroom research will be key to Starfleet’s conflict with the Klingons, though he isn’t the easiest character to get along with. “He’s a really, really smart guy and as smart guys go, he sometimes can be a little difficult to deal with because not everybody’s as smart as he is,” Rapp says. “So he’s got a little bit of an edge sometimes, which is fun to play.”

Rapp also talked about the importance of his astromycology (the study of space mushrooms and fungus) in our exclusive SDCC interview with him and during the Discovery SDCC press conference.

New image of Anthony Rapp as Lt. Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery

More EW video: Discovery cast talk diversity and fave Trek episodes

Earlier EW released a video previewing their shoot for their upcoming Star Trek: Discovery cover story. Included in the feature on Anthony Rapp was another video with the cast talking about diversity on Discovery, including Rapp playing an openly gay character on the show.

And later they released another video about their favorite Star Trek episodes. Some are clearly more versed in the lore of Star Trek than others.


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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