More Details On The War With The Klingons In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

One of the emerging elements for Star Trek: Discovery that’s becoming clearer from the relevations from San Diego Comic-Con is the backdrop of a war with the Klingons. Today we have a couple of other tidbits to add to flesh it out a little.

Chris Obi as T'Kuvma, a Klingon in Star Trek: Discovery

Chris Obi as T’Kuvma

The Klingons’ motivations

This one comes from a press conference red carpet interview of Doug Jones (Saru) with IGN, who was asked about his views on the Klingons.

The Klingons in our storyline are the bad guy. They are the ones that can’t be reasoned with and they are trying to take over the universe for their own altruistic reasons that they think are right. But in the sensible world of reason we are trying to peacefully work this out. They won’t have it.

So I reflect the attitude of Starfleet in that we have to win this, but we must do it in Starfleet fashion. We have rules and a Federation to adhere to that is civilized.

Jones’ comment about the rules of the Federation may tie in to what executive producer Heather Kadim told TrekMovie about the “fall from grace” of Discovery‘s main character Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who apparently starts the war with the Klingons (based on dialogue from the SDCC trailer).

Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) on Star Trek: Discovery)

Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) in Star Trek: Discovery

Taking on the Klingons with space mushrooms

And the second new element about the Federation/Klingon war comes from Entertainment Weekly in a new tidbit about Anthony Rapp’s character Lt. Stamets from their upcoming cover story.

Stamets’ mushroom research will be key to Starfleet’s conflict with the Klingons, though he isn’t the easiest character to get along with. “He’s a really, really smart guy and as smart guys go, he sometimes can be a little difficult to deal with because not everybody’s as smart as he is,” Rapp says. “So he’s got a little bit of an edge sometimes, which is fun to play.”

Rapp also talked about the importance of his astromycology (the study of space mushrooms and fungus) in our exclusive SDCC interview with him and during the Discovery SDCC press conference.

New image of Anthony Rapp as Lt. Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery

More EW video: Discovery cast talk diversity and fave Trek episodes

Earlier EW released a video previewing their shoot for their upcoming Star Trek: Discovery cover story. Included in the feature on Anthony Rapp was another video with the cast talking about diversity on Discovery, including Rapp playing an openly gay character on the show.

And later they released another video about their favorite Star Trek episodes. Some are clearly more versed in the lore of Star Trek than others.


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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In a world where the United States and the west face escalating tensions with Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea and others, with adversaries on every continent — several threatening all-out war– this series seems like it could be highly relevant as an allegory for how the west should deal with these adversaries.

Do we abandon our ideals in the fight for survival and supremacy? Do we stick to our principles and risk losing ground to our enemies? Or is there some other solution in between?

So far I like what I see here.

U.S is not UFP, U.S was created through genocide, it still operates through manipulation and conquest, economic control, military posturing,
U.S is a combination between the greed of the ferengi, the cynicism of the dominion and the aesthetics of the U.F.P, but dont be fooled by appearances

The Federation represents what the United States should be.

Wow, someone has really missed the forest for the trees.

Not really, he’s simply offended by the comparison.

Please don’t ever reproduce. Thank you.


All of Mankind

Kian has some issues!

I like what I see as well and really do not mind if the UFP / USA upsets Kian types – creates some drama!! This is a time when the Starfleet runs on dilithium crystals – bring on the accusations of raping worlds for resources!!! I wish they had it where the Klingons were uplifting subject races and the Federation feels obligated to try to convince them they are being used and that the Prime Directive is the way to go. WARP SPEED!!!

Kian is speaking the truth, Americans live in Denial.
But we, who live outside of America can see how evil it actually is in reality, despite its aspirations & ideals.
I was fooled as a child to think America was the greatest & I wanted to go there when I grew up, but thankfully I Grew up & saw the Hypocracy of The U.S.. I live in Australia where we don’t have the same issues. I am so grateful to live in one of the greatest countries on earth, with Universal Health care. where we take care of everyone not just the rich, No Gun Culture, A Black person doesn’t have to worry about being shot by police every time they Leave their home.
Unfortunately our ties to America drag us into your Wars & we do now share the blood on your hands & are seeing Terrorism creeping in to our country.

I would rather hear Star Fleet oficers Telling how we resolved wars & became the Utopia of TOS/TNG rather than going backwards to wallow in it- War.
The Line that we will see how humanity over comes is just an excuse to show the War & Violence for ratings & support the Pro-War culture America is sickened with.

Australia has some of the most rampant racial issues anywhere in the world. While America is hardly the greatest, you might consider taking a look at your own internal issues before you consider your nation a shining star.

“I live in Australia where we don’t have the same issues.”

Not to start an international flamewar, but Australia’s policy towards its native population was hardly more enlightened than that of the US. And its refugee policy *today* is significantly worse.

Though I wouldn’t criticize you Kian, I would sure like to know where you hail from and your political ideology. It’s far too easy to simply cast stones.

And yet its the U.S. that produces shows like Star Trek in the first place. I always find it weird how people like you want to down the U.S. but has no problems enjoying everything it offers like shows like this.

The U.S. saved the word from tyranny three times: Granted, we didn’t win WWI, WWII and the Cold War all by ourselves, but we were the biggest factor in all three wars.

We’re first at spreading freedom and democracy and there is no second: People who hate America do all sorts of wacky backflips to deny the truth, but America is the world’s oldest continuous republic and we’ve been spreading the word about what a great system of government it is ever since. We haven’t just been talking either. Germany, Japan and South Korea are all free people today because of the United States.

The United States has its faults and has some pretty barbaric history. However, as a young nation, it abolished slavery and tyranny faster than any other nation on the planet.

While you spend your time in self pity and anger, make sure you’re happy you can complain and feel anger because brave men and women made sure that right was secure for you and many others all over the world… Or maybe you can do it in German.

“Granted, we didn’t win WWI, WWII and the Cold War all by ourselves, but we were the biggest factor in all three wars.”

Eh. The Russians (40 M dead) might have something to say about WWII, at least in the European theater.

And how many of those 40-Million where by the Order’s of Joseph Stalin…

Well, the idea that the cast members all have favorite episodes (as in, they have watched the show) may bode well. But… ahem… of course “Dagger of the Mind” had the first depiction of the mind-meld, not the excellent “Devil in the Dark”.

So Anthony Rapp’s favorite TOS episode is “Devil in the Dark”? – I’m really starting to like the guy!
To me “Devil in the Dark” is one of those “Star Trek in a Nutshell”-episodes since it contains so many concepts that are explored in later episodes and series. It’s about the challenge of the unknown, “seeking out new life”, overcoming narrow preconceptions and lastly about communication. It’s also sorta underrated since you hardly find it in any top ten-lists floating around the web.
But it’s a really prototypical episode, if you think of it. Take for example TNG 1×18 “Home Soil” (which in turn is one of my favorite TNG S1 episodes, of which there’s no more than a handful): It basically shares “Devil in the Dark’s” basic premise and just executes it a bit differently…

The only reason DitD is underrated is because the creature design is so awful. The alien looks like Pizza the Hut.

Yeah back in college we used to call it the ‘pizza monster’ episode, but we said that with endearment, and enthusiastically watched it every time it aired.

Cause you know what aliens look like lol.

Devil in the Dark always sticks out as a lasting memory of TOS but City on the Edge of Forever was the first thing that blew my mind and really kickstarted my Trekiness. But for TNG; I have five words for you “THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!”

Yes, this girl says yes. Star Trek has changed me and is deeply embedded in me; thus all my Sufi writing reflects these values. But I worry that they will miss the underlying theme when dealing with the Klingons.

Devil in the Dark was one of the First Episodes of Star trek I ever saw, along with Shore Leave, The Galileo 7.
I do love it.

CBS several months ago: “We’re not doing the Klingon war, Discovery’s got nothing to do with why we went after Axanar.”

CBS Now: “The backdrop of the show is the Klingon war.”

Hmm… 😏

Next thing we’ll learn is that Jason Isaacs is in fact (or will become known as) Garth if Izar, a “brilliant military strategist and tactician”…


It’s a possibility considering the way the character was described as “a brilliant military strategist and tactician” and what Jason Isaacs said at comic-con that Captain Lorca is a:

messed-up guy with a bunch of things going on inside. And it’s not apparent when you first meet him. He’s got all kinds of agendas that are involved.

According to Memory Alpha the Battle of Axanar took place in the 2250s which is the same decade that the events in ‘Discovery’ are occurring.

So either Captain Lorca is indeed Garth of Izar; if not then he’s most likely working for Section 31.

Even if it is the battle of Axanar, its CBS’ property and they have every right to prevent someone from profiting off their work…especially if they are using it themselves.

This is what it all boils down to whether people like it or not


Try to pay attention and stop acting like a CBS shill.

My comment was focused on the possibility that Captain Lorca might be Garth, pure and simple.

Going out of your way to defend CBS, which I didn’t even mention in my comment, shows that either you’re a shill or a sucker.

No seasoned professional would ever write “Garth” as written by Peters. Have you read the script? He’s a complete cypher with no interesting attributes other than ordering the right space maneuvers. He’s extremely dull and one-dimentional.

@Ahmed – whats with all your name calling and belittling? You might be the nastiest poster here. It doesn’t bother me but it does destroy what little credibility you have.

Stop being so angry and negative. We get it, CBS didn’t call you for Star Trek ideas. Thankfully. Get over it.

Too many Studio mouth pieces who care more about capitalism than Star Trek

It still makes them liars though 😏 also, as I’m fairly sure Axanar was well-known before the plot of Discovery was even considered, it shows another worrying lack of imagination & creativity that they chose to “steal” a fan production’s idea when it proved popular (yes, CBS owns most of the IP they were planning on using; but the Axanar team were the people who first thought “It’d be interesting to actually see the Klingon War” & CBS just jumped on the coat-tails of the interest generated by that idea, effectively bullishly elbowing Axanar off of their own project)…

“Steal” lol. Go jump off a bridge. Fuller doesn’t need to steal anything. You on the other hand could use someone else’s brain.

Axanar looked terrible and peters was a moron, his followers blind peddlerS of his scammery.

You’re really not getting into the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision with your rather condescending keyboard-warrior aggression, are ya… 😏 You’ll notice that I myself put it in inverted commas, as it is CBS “stealing back” their own stuff; *but* from someone who had made it into something which – whether you personally think it looked any good or not – quite a few people were very interested in…

Axanar in TOS was the line below – nothing about Klingons – that came from some role playing game years later. In fact as a kid I concluded it was likely some sort of civil war that the Federation had avoided with a single battle.

“Whom Gods Destroy”
KIRK: I agree there was a time when war was necessary, and you were our greatest warrior. I studied your victory at Axanar when I was a cadet. In fact it’s still required reading at the Academy.
GARTH: As well it should be.
KIRK: Very well. But my first visit to Axanar was as a new fledged cadet on a peace mission.
GARTH: Peace mission! Politicians and weaklings!
KIRK: They were humanitarians and statesmen, and they had a dream. A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars, a dream that made Mister Spock and me brothers.
GARTH: Mister Spock, do you consider Captain Kirk and yourself brothers?
SPOCK: Captain Kirk speaks somewhat figuratively and with undue emotion. However, what he says is logical and I do, in fact, agree with it.

Two different issues.
Totally Unrelated.
Yes the Axanar Douch was making money on the side but it doesn’t change the merit of the proposed story & the other Fan film makers Star Trek Continues & Phase II New Voyages whice are/were doing great work & didn’t profit.
As long as they are not Profiting The Studio has no right to tell fans/Artsist what they can do with their love of Star Trek & the Star Trek Universe.
Either way it’s free promotion & keeps people interested.
It’s Win Win or would be if the studio’s didn’t Ban the Prime Universe Fan Films while betraying the fans with a reboot.

Oh boy, here come the Axa-idiots…

I’m surprised it’s taken this long!

I’m not an “Axa-idiot” but you must admit it does sound plausible. At least plausible enough that people aren’t idiots for considering it.

Axanar, the holy grail. Essentially conservative ‘fans’ getting ripped off but still defending what was doomed fan wanking. Just shows how narrow the creative mind of some of us works. It reminds me of those Trek books where Major Characters were always remixed into the narrative because of the need for recognizable hooks.

Agreed. Plus all of the teasing that there will be a lot of plot twists and reveals during the season. I think it is a good possibility that Lorca is Garth.

Anyone who invokes the word “axanar” in reference to one that awful fan film is an idiot. End of story.

Torchwood: Why are you so antagonistic (ie: calling people “idiots”)?

Because he doesnt get enough attention & is compensating for some lack of control in his life that trying to cyber-bully people fills.
I guess.

It wuld be a nice nod to continuity. Was it said what Garth’s real or full name was? When I read it on Memory Alpha, it only refers to him as Garth of Izar and I cant remember the episode.

Could “Garth” have been a nick name?

Only if his first officer is “Wayne.”

Ha, nice. Party on.


Anything is plausible in Trek. Lorca could turn out to be a young Picard fresh from the Stargazer, in disguise, on a mission to stop time-traveling space pirates.

So yeah, it’s plausible this is the story of Axanar. But anyone who starts getting annoyed because they were fans of Peter’s dumb Axanar fan film are full-fledged, medical-grade, drooling idiots.

The fan film is dead. Get a life.

War will never make for a long running show.

Thats why is was going to be the first year in an annual anthology show,

I don’t doubt that this was a straw that broke the camel’s back, now that we know what we know, but Peters should have been sued for all sorts of other reasons. Plus, believe me, his script sucked. I’m not big into space war drama period, but I’m more impressed with this actual professional effort than the literal trash Peters was going to produce.

Quote from the article regarding Lt. Stamets: “He’s a really, really smart guy and as smart guys go, he sometimes can be a little difficult to deal with because not everybody’s as smart as he is”

I hope they don’t turn him into an arrogant prick who revels all the time in how smart he is and how stupid the others are. It’s such a cliché. Also I really hope that if Stamets talks about sciency stuff or is supposed to do sciency stuff that they actually get some science advise. Too often, scientists on TV/in movies are portrayed saying or doing stupid things just because the writers don’t know better. Instead you get what the writers imagine a scientist would do.
I know that this is a sci-fi show, not a documentary, but I hope that if his background as an astromycologist is supposed to play an important role that they make some effort to get it right.

“I hope they don’t turn him into an arrogant prick who revels all the time in how smart he is and how stupid the others are.”

That would make him into a stereotypical LGBT!

“That would make him into a stereotypical LGBT!”

Sigh – enjoy your trip back to 1950. Idiot.

I love that “Guest” posted to complain about Torch and then made that remark.

I guess you get alot of that, people pointing out how much smarter they are.

“Discovery cast talk diversity” Their obsession with this idea is so over the top it’s become almost comical. They seem to be twisting themselves into pretzels to make sure everyone knows and is fully aware they are for diversity and inclusion. Good grief, give it a rest. But I better stop right there, don’t want to upset the “Moderator Police” on Trekmovie.

You’ve made your point and revealed your hatred of minorities. Can I encourage your suicide without invoking said police?

TrekMovie, I’ve read several of Torchwood’s posts in Discovery-related articles over the last few days and he’s gotten away with nearly a dozen unprovoked insults towards other posters and is now telling one poster to commit suicide. Why is this allowed?

Maybe because he is pro CBS/Paramout & Non Star Trek fan- they are in bed with CBS/Paramount with promotion & not objective or in the interest of the fans.

Did you watch the video? Doug Jones says that the diversity in Trek is matter-of-fact, that it goes unmentioned. What that means is that in the 23rd century differences aren’t handicaps. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that people would ignore the reality of those differences as something unique, and to be learned from. Some of the best Trek episodes involve learning from each others’ differences, like Anthony Rapp’s favorite, “Devil in the Dark,” or “The Corbomite Maneuver,” “Arena,” “The Enemy,” “The Enemy,” “Darmok,” “The Ship,” “Dawn,” “The Shipment,” etc.

But what the actors are also talking about is the real-world impact of representation on television. Underrepresented peoples are often asked to relate to straight white males on screen, but the same is not usually asked of straight white males. What putting the underrepresented on screen does is allow them the knowledge that they’re descendants will be around in Star Trek’s future. That’s what the whole point of “Far Beyond the Stars” was about. Jake Sisko’s character, Jimmy talked about the lack of Black people science fiction stories about the future being a message that they’re not welcome in the adventures of space.

In the real-world, Whoopi Goldberg was ecstatic as a child to see Uhura on television because “there’s a black lady on television, and she’s not a maid!” Mae Jemison, who was actually consulted for the series, was inspired to become an astronaut by seeing Uhura. It may seem trivial or superficial to those that enjoy the luxury of saturated representation, but to those who long to see themselves reflected in media, it’s inspiring.

Don’t try to reason with this… person (I hesitate to call anyone with such backwards views a “man”).

At this point he is just a troll. He has voiced his objections to diversity, inclusiveness, and positive messages of acceptance in Trek (which he labels “propaganda”) over and over so now that he realizes nobody agrees with him, all he seeks to do is annoy everyone around him with his pathetic whimpering.

Read that piece this morning by Peggy Noonan in the WSJ? Calling Trump a weak, sniveling drama queen?

That’s his type.

Jack D made a very valid point. Especially early on, ALL of the emphasis from the production team was on “diversity” and almost nothing else. Trying to shut down opposing opinions by placing a “troll” or “bigot” label isn’t an appropriate discussion. Some would call that method bigoted. If you’re preaching tolerance, YOU should also practice it. We just elected a sometimes crude showman as President in great part due to people using false labels as weapons!

Oh you’re one of those. Got it.

Yes I am. And you are what you are. I prefer peace and tolerance to insults and name calling.

Why on earth would someone object to positive coverage of a positive issue like a diversified cast in key positions of an expensive and prominent TV show?

He may be a total bigot but he is actually pointing out a fact that that are harping on it because It’s the only thing in Discovery that resembles Star Trek so they have to focus on that not the fact its a Pro-War reboot.

IIRC, the talk about the show early on was that TUC would be a thematic touchstone, that the show would involve multiple crews, that Bryan Fuller always hoped for Angela Bassett in the lead (further implied by the recent EW article about Fuller’s departure, and how despite the changes CBS made to his vision, he was still proud that an Asian woman and a Black woman were leads), that the show would be political, that it would focus on an incident previously discussed, that the show would be ten years before TOS, that it would feature the first TV regular character that would be openly gay, and that it would use a unique style of storytelling.

That’s just off the top of my head. Diversity was certainly discussed, but it was hardly the only thing discussed, nor is it the only thing currently discussed. It does happen to make for the more prominent discussions because of how controversial it still seems to be. Every time a non-straight-white-male gets cast in one of these shows, the motives are questions, the quality of the writing questioned, and the abilities of the actor are questioned. So it’s only natural that it’ll be a bigger part of the conversation than how faithful to TOS/The Cage the new phasers, communicators, and tricorders look.

None of it counts because it is a reboot- its not prime Universe & it’s not Star trek.

I took Eric’s response as speaking for the record, and making a very positive case for the diversity theme…not necessarily even an attempt at reasoning with Jack…nothing personal, just ideas.

It’s the only thing in Discovery that resembles Star Trek so they have to focus on that not the fact its a Pro-War reboot.

This war sounds exciting!!!! Imagine being on the edge of the final frontier and the unknown AND at war with the Klingons – love the concept! Hope they do not abandon it quickly and enjoy the entertaining Wagon Train to the Stars type stories such an exciting universe presents.

Sounds dull, to be honest. At the edge of the final frontier and you’re at war -a common scifi story line – with the Klingons – a race we’ve seen way too much of over the years. As a concept its scraping an overscraped barrel. They could do it in a unique way, so who knows. But on it’s front it’s not amazingly exciting.

They should just stare at the view screen for 60 minutes every episode to show us the unique vision that space travel takes a long time and nothing happens.

This isn’t for the Trekiest of Trek fans alone. Its a very expensive series that CBS badly wants to succeed to help boost All Access. It will be Star Trek but it will be accessible. And that means action, drama, a storyline that is easy to follow and things that blow up. And all those things CAN be great. Lets hope they pull it off

And that is a counter point to exactly what part of what I said?

You know.

Dumbing Star Trek down to appeal to the 49% of Americans that voted for trump should not be the goal of the producers

Here’s a few items we no longer need to debate about Discovery:

“There’s too much emphasis on diversity! Boo, I want my want white men!”
“Ugh, ugly uniforms.”
“I Stand With Axanar!”
“Should have been post-nemesis!”

Because at this point a) diversity is here to stay, get over it, if you don’t like it, too flipping bad b) uniforms are here to stay, get over it, we get you don’t like em, too flipping bad c) Axanar fan-film is dead, Discovery is here to stay, get over it, you don’t like it we get it, too flipping bad, d)… I think you see where this is going.

If you need help here are a few possible critical discussions you can partake in:

“Hm, I’m not sure this will follow the style of the Trek I enjoy. Here’s what I hope we see…”
“So far I’m intrigued, but I have concerns on the story, I hope we see…”
“Visuals look nice, but I hope the emphasis is on…”

It doesn’t have to be effusive praise, but let’s please stop beating the dead horse of things that aren’t going to change and have been discussed ad nauseam for the the better part of 2 years.

Anyone got anything other topics we can move on from to add to this list?

Yeah, I agree. The diversity thing is silly. Its Star Trek and a lot of reporters, whether there is diversity in other shows or not, equates Star Trek, especially TOS, with being a torch bearer in diversity. With Fuller being openly gay, you were going to get questions from the media about it. And while it would be great to not see that Martin-Greene is black, we’re still at a point where starring roles in expensive major series’ for minority actors is worth celebrating. And rightfully so.

If people say “you know, Im not a fan of the unis”. Ok, cool. Thats an opinion. They arent perfect. Fuller wanted something similar to TOS and that would have been cool too. But after the JJ films, I think Im bored of those unis anyway. if Discovery runs multiple seasons, chances are we will see multiple uniforms.

Can I also add, knock off the “it violates canon cause it doesnt look like TOS”?

I like diversity in Trek. I wish Shelby had replaced Picard as Captain after BOBW. I loved Sisko as Captain. Female Dr. Who awesome! My worry is that the story gets side tracked – “we are diverse, we don’t need no sci-fi danger, action, adventure, conflict”! Give the media what it really wants all the time with a perfect socialist utopia rid of capitalism and it will be boring, I guarantee you. The Federation is at peace. Everything is free. Everyone gets along. It will be us preaching to the Ferengi. BORING. Let the new West be really wild!! Yes with diversity. Yes with optimism. But with DANGER, ACTION, ADVENTURE, CONFLICT, NO PERFECT ANSWERS ON THE FRONTIER. Hints of optimism that maybe one day crews will be able to play holodeck all day but don’t let that be the day we see week in and week out.

Next thing you know these vans will complain that the black panther movie has an all black cast and then the villain is white! Oh wait, they already are.

How does reversing racism achieve anything?
White cast with black/ethnic villain vs Black/ethnic cast with white Villain.

Shelby as Captain? Nah, she wasn’t that great an actor to replace Stewart. I DID think they set her up as a potential replacement for RIker though.

Some of these things are perfectly valid discussion points and opinions to have. But we’ve discussed them to death. Can you imagine people complaining about the look of the enterprise D in season seven? We get it, you don’t like it. But it’s not going to change let’s move onto discussing something that we don’t know about yet. Story, character, style, tone, these other things are not changing and the whining is just getting obnoxious at this point.

As for the uniforms: Every show needs to have its own unique visual identity. There’s a reason why Deep Space 9 was set on a Cardassian space station. Why they used the cadets style uniforms. They wanted to set the show apart from the visual look of TNG that was going on at the same time.

It’s the same reason they change the uniforms for the TNG movies. Which by extension changed the uniforms for deep space nine, conveniently setting that show apart from voyager. Considering the Abrams movies used uniforms very close to the uniforms from the original series, I completely understand and agree with CBS’s decision to not use uniforms like it. This way discovery has its own unique visual identity.

An in-universe explanation for the uniforms is as simple as reading the threads – a constant flux between a more exploration/military functional Starfleet and a more exploration/science agency Starfleet. The Discovery uniforms look more militaristic and functional (war with the Klingons). Then comes public backlash – too militarisitic – resulting in TOS uniforms (do not say military). Then the designers go TMP pajamas and then the Starfleet crews argue that they want something more functional/militaristic so then we get the Star Trek II-VI uniforms. By the 24th century everyone thinks those designs are way too militaristic and goes TNG pajamas again. Perfect! (Ironically out of uniform, that is what basically happened. Nick Meyer – I want uniforms that look like they would work on a naval frigate in Horatio Hornblower Gene Roddebery in TNG – Too militaristic!!!!!)

Yeah they could get cute and have simple throw away lines to explain the uniforms. Or show a guest ship one episode with the cage style unis with no mention as to why to really get the whiners’ heads exploding lol

STARFLEET IS NOT MILITARY Gene Created Star Trek he is RIGHT not Myer of the talentless designer on Discovery.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the D design so of course arguing about it would be pointless, it had its own artistic integrity.
War in Star Trek & Space Tracksuits are wrong & must go in the second Season/series.

As long as they keep lying about it being a reboot, we will complain it doesn’t fit cannon.

They wont correct these issues if fans don’t continue to complain & show thew where they messed up.

Lots of news coming out about Fuller’s departure. Apparently his idea for uniforms were similar to TOS unis.

And the most recent delay in filming was due to AMC refusing to release Martin-Greene if they didnt delay (trying to preserve the surprise of her death on TWD).

Interesting article to say the least. Mostly because I have been pushing for a Trek anthology series for the past 20 years! That said, I can see CBS’ reluctance: constructing new sets, hiring a new cast, and having to design everything new over and over could get very costly very quickly.

And I’m sure Edgar Wright would have been great, but also very expensive!

Yeah, we cant say if Fuller’s ideas would be better. I was not overly excited about Fuller as I much preferred Dead Like Me after he was fired. He seems to be someone who has conflicts with studios. Its great to have ideas but you have to deliver them in a reasonable way. He was already over budget and he wanted an anthology? I can see why CBS was concerned

So you care more about a studio’s profit concerns than the artistic integrity of the product you claim to love?

So whatever happens in the final episode can we please, please, PLEASE have a Constitution class crusier engage a D-7 battle crusier in a fight to the finish complete with marine boarding actions when shields collapse? Final episode, the Discovery sacrifices herself and is rescued by Captain Robert April and the USS Enterprise or the USS Constitution or something.

Three main revelations from the recent EW article:

1) Fuller was indeed planning on making an anthology show but CBS rejected it:

> Fuller sat with CBS executives to deliver his pitch. It wasn’t just for a ‘Trek’ series but for multiple serialized anthology shows that would begin with the ‘Discovery’ prequel, journey through the eras of Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and then go beyond to a time in ‘Trek’ that’s never been seen before.

> CBS countered with the plan of creating a single serialized show and then seeing how it performed. It was a fair compromise, yet demonstrated the first conflict of vision between a powerful company and an inventive writer that would eventually lead to a dramatic falling-out.

For morons saying there is no story Post-NEM, Fuller clearly has an idea for such an era.

2) Fuller didn’t leave the show voluntarily, he was fired by CBS:

> In October, after months of backstage tension, CBS Television Studios asked Fuller to step down as showrunner

3) It looks like they dumbed down ‘Discovery’ story as well.

> Some of Fuller’s ideas were tossed, however — from the more heavily allegorical and complex story line to his choice of uniforms (a subdued spin on the original series’ trio of primary colors).

Post TNG you have three choices: 1) TNG in Andromeda which is basically the same as TNG and Voyager (perfect humans, with unlimited energy going warp 9.99999999999999 with unbeatable shields, replicators that can create anything needed exploring a universe where everyone wants to be like us progressive humans when we aren’t playing in the holodeck.. how could the audience ever decline with an exciting proposition??) 2) The Federation collapses that there is conflict like the proposed cartoon series, a battle to restore the Federation. I thought TNG was boring as hell but I do like the optimism in Trek; how sad that all our Trek adventures ended up with a destroyed Federation? 3) Counter-revolution.. the Federation realizes it lost it’s way post-TOS and everything is falling apart as it is becoming a dictatorship/authoritarian regime on par with the Borg and the frontier with a collection of truly alien species being wronged must save it. Yeah, that might work but if pre-TOS upsets TNG fans this would give them a heart attack. There is a reason why all roads lead to the TOS era, I just wish the studio realized why they keep coming back to the same conclusion and then embrace the Wagon Train to the Stars.

I think there are many ideas. Every idea could be explored. It could be a non-serialized exploration series. Although in today’s TV landscape, you’re going to have an over-arcing story regardless.

My whole lack of enthusiasm for a Post Nem series was simply that as you get further and further from NOW, you get into the realm of fantasy.

When people complain that certain “fantastic” futuristic things in TOS are not futuristic enough compared to 2017, imagine extrapolating that to post Nem.

As much Star Trek as there is, when you look at the past scenes from First Contact all the way up to Nem (and to an extent beyond because we’ve seen tech from the future star fleet in Voyager), its a huge length of time with relatively little shown.

TNG, VOY & DS9 all showed the same era. There is a huge gap between Enterprise and TOS and TOS and TNG, Its worth exploring.

My preference was Enterprise B. But we have Discovery, so great.

For about 20 years now, there has been a fan faction calling for a Star Trek Anthology series. It was argued against then, because it would just be too expensive. Too many revolving cast members, too many standing sets, too many props and costumes, etc.

Now we see that even a season-at-a-time anthology series appears to have scared off CBS.

Scared off CBS? Well, if it did, its not without merit. Imagine how the execs felt when they were open to the idea but wanted to see how Discovery performed first and Fuller went well over his budget already.

We have to accept studios do not have unlimited, open ended budgets for TV shows. Doing an Anthology would be very expensive. One way to reduce costs somewhat would be to use the same ship throughout the different eras. So you could reduce the amount of re-buiding and re-CGI’ing. You’d still have to make some changes of course but that becomes part of the series – the refit, upgrades, repair etc.

And actually that allows the ship to become a character in the series as it starts off brand new and ends up super old.

The start up costs for an ordinary series are high, and for a science fiction series they are astronomically high (no pun intended.) The studio and network want their investment to earn a profit, and that means amortizing those start-up costs over as many episodes as possible. Doing 10-12 episodes and then starting over does not promise much in the way of profit, and thus is almost certainly not going to be approved by the studio or network.

So much for the Game of Thrones Budget & Film level Production Values- They cheaped out.

Not really. GoT is not an anthology series, either. Pretty much everyone is in the same costume style and with the same props (most swords are more or less alike), the same group of actors (albeit with an exceedingly high mortality rate among characters) the same writers are writing stories for a limited (compared to an anthology series) set of characters, all revolving around one major plotline in the same time frame (even the flashback to Jon Snow’s birth was indistinguishable from the rest of the series.) Even if they did “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” (set 100 years earlier) it would still be largely indistinguishable from GoT.

But a Star Trek Anthology series can’t get away with that. The Discovery era looks very different in most every way from TNG era or the Enterprise era. And it gets worse if you want a show set on a Klingon ship. It is just too expensive to consider. Now if Discovery is a big success CBS might give Fuller a call. But with so many Star Trek ‘fans’ insisting they won’t pay for CBS All Access, I think that level of success is unlikely.

“Take over the universe”… WTF?!

Only one who watched TOS for educational purposes, inscructed by CNBS excecutives before work on Discovery, can said that best Star Trek episode is some episode form TOS about Sarek and Amanda. That person never watched Best of Both Worlds, The Inner Light, Darmok, All Good Things, In the Pale Moonlight, The Battle of AR-558, The Vistor,.. And that person is Sonequa Martin Green.

In her defence Journey to Babel was better than Best of Both Worlds, The Inner Light, Darmok, All Good Things, In the Pale Moonlight, The Battle of AR-558, The Vistor, etc. = ) I’m with you Sonequa Martin Green.


I mean, you’re perfectly entitled to your opinion but you’re still very wrong. :)

But it’s not surprising giving that half of your comments here and on other threads are just bashing of TNG for no reason, I guess you’re still stuck in the 60s!

Uh, in case you haven’t noticed ST:Discovery is pre-TOS. I’m all aboard. Your the one stuck in the 90s = ) There is hope for you, some comedy or something on Fox?


“Uh, in case you haven’t noticed ST:Discovery is pre-TOS.”

And? In case you haven’t noticed ‘Discovery’ will feature same elements from TOS, from the Klingons to Sarek and Mudd, not to mention making props that looks a lot like the one from TOS.

Unlike you I’m not looking for another TNG era show but rather for them to move ahead of that era to something we haven’t seen before. People like you seem to be more than happy to relive their old times over and over and over in a never ending loop.

Agreed, Star Trek Discovery is going to be.. GLORIOUS!!!!!!!! I want new, but new stories in a universe of rough and tumble Trek! Star Trek: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.
Now that’s an awesome 2017!

Can you explain why you want Star Trek to be something else? Why not just watch another series instead of wanting Star Trek to be something incompatible with the genesis of the show?

Something we haven’t seen before. Hmmm, haven’t seen Discovery before. Sounds its exactly what you want.

Dont cry over the fact YOUR preference for the series era wasn’t selected. Mine wasn’t either. The decision has been made. Get over it.

Ahmed, considering your immature behaviour in these threads, you’re the last person to be wagging your finger at anyone.

Why belittle someone for preferring TOS? That diminishes your own preferences too and is childish. Please grow up.

In defense of Sonequa Martin Green, she is entitled to like whatever she likes, and she is not obligated in any way to be Trek-versed to be cast in Star Trek. Damnit, Jim, she’s an actress, not a nerd! :-P

I don’t think any Star Trek, Dr. Who, or BSG lead was a big fan of the source material when they were hired. That’s never been a prerequisite for any acting job ever. But, hey, put impossible standards on the black woman. That’s the story of their lives.

Actually Peter Capaldi was an avowed Dr Who fan before he got cast. He lists the first Doctor as his favorite.

Star Trek is not an acting school.

Are they joking about xenomycology being key in the war? If not, can I be the only one who finds that absurd? That sounds like an Orville plot thread.

War of the Worlds. Know something about Science Fiction.

I think the Organic Look or the “Klingon Sleeper Ships” are actually “Hur’q Ships”…

Actually it was the TOS episode, Errand of Mercy, that disclosed that to that point there had been no war between the Federation and the Klingons, so how is a war with the Klingons 10 years earlier consistent with that?