STLV17: Karl Urban Waiting On Paramount Decision For ‘Star Trek 4’ – OK If ‘Beyond’ Is His Last Trek

The only main cast member from the Kelvin movies at Star Trek Las Vegas this year is Karl Urban, which makes sense as he may be the biggest fan of the cast (although Simon Pegg could possibly challenge him on that). Karl’s time on the stage covered his time with Star Trek and other projects including his upcoming role in Thor: Ragnarok and possibly a new Judge Dredd TV series. In regards to playing Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy he had a lot to say about last summer’s Star Trek Beyond, working with Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin and of course the latest on the possible next feature film.

Karl Urban at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Waiting on Paramount – OK if Beyond was his final Trek

On the subject of the next Star Trek feature film, the actor echoed recent statements from co-stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine saying he would be “the last to know” what is going on. However, Urban also noted that all of the cast “would love” to return for a fourth Star Trek film. He put the onus on the studio saying:

The ball is in Paramount’s court. There is a new head of Paramount Studios [Jim Gianopulos] – a great guy – and they are just in the process of looking at their slate at what is coming up. So fingers crossed we get to make another one.

But Urban also noted he is ready to let go:

That being said…if [Star Trek] Beyond is the note that we end it on – as sad as that is – I am actually happy with that film.

The actor stated that of the three Star Trek films he has been in, Star Trek Beyond is his favorite. He specifically noted how his character of McCoy was “most developed” in the script for Beyond and he especially liked how the film showed the respect between the characters of McCoy and Spock.

Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek Beyond

Almost didn’t return after Into Darkness

Even though Beyond is his favorite, it apparently almost didn’t include him. Karl was asked by a fan about reports that he almost didn’t return for the follow up to Star Trek Into Darkness, which he confirmed:

There is some truth to the story. Firstly, I was a little disappointed with the lack of development with McCoy in [Star Trek Into Darkness]. So it was that. Even though I had an amazing experience working with J.J. [Abrams] and the cast, at the end of the day I didn’t have much to do. So when they came to me with the offer for [Star Trek Beyond] I was literally in the final stages of negotiating another film.

Of course the development of the follow up film to Into Darkness was tumultuous with Roberto Orci’s original script and deal to direct the being scrapped by Paramount shortly before pre-production was set to start. Director Justin Lin was brought in and a new script to be written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung was commissioned. Urban noted the process was “kind of rushed and kind of late” and without a script it was difficult for him to agree to sign on. In the end it was Lin who was able to convince him to do the movie.

They were basically asking me to take a leap of faith with them and I was unsure. I knew that if I didn’t do it I would regret it. As I said before, it’s like family with those guys and it’s so much fun. It was really Justin Lin. We got on the phone and even though I couldn’t read a script he told me the story and when he explained the situation of Bones and Spock being shot out of the turbolift into space and crash landing on a planet and being marooned together I was like “In! I am in in a big way!”

It was sort of me letting them know I expected a somewhat higher caliber of contribution for the character of McCoy. And it prompted them to develop it more and I certainly had a great ally in [co-star and Beyond co-screenwriter] Simon Pegg. 

Karl Urban in Star Trek Into Darkness

Sees Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship at heart of Star Trek

Urban then talked about how he saw the character of McCoy:

I grew up watching [Star Trek] The Original Series, and I always loved how that triumvirate worked together and essentially what [Star Trek creator Gene] Roddenberry did was split Kirk’s personality into three. He would have the two aspects of his brain argue out the dilemma of the week. Obviously with Spock having the cold, hard, rational, scientific, logical perspective. And with McCoy being passionate, altruistic, and human. And Kirk takes the best of both arguments and making a decision and proceeding with that. That was really the core of the show.

He then drew a comparison to how that triumvirate worked in the new films:

For the reboot, Spock became a lot more contemporary where he was a little bit more in touch with his emotions and a little bit more emotional. So it made that argument somewhat more difficult to play. That is sort of why I was appreciative of Star Trek Beyond and how we actually got to explore that together and some great interactions.

Karl Urban and moderator Scott Mantz listen to fan question at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Making Leonard Nimoy cry

Prompted by a fan question about not being able to meet the original Dr. McCoy, Urban noted that it was something that he did feel he missed out on, but he has received good feedback from many who did know the late DeForest Kelley. He retold a specific story about the late Leonard Nimoy, conveyed by his wife Susan:

After we shot [Star Trek (2009)] and as it was being released, William Shatner had a charity event and a whole bunch of us went along and Leonard and his wife Susan went too. And I was walking ahead and I hear “Hey Karl,” and I turn around and it was Susan and she pulls me back and says “Karl, I just wanted you to know that when Leonard watched the movie the other night when you came on screen he cried.” What it was is that the work that I had done reminded him of his dear friend and to me that was the greatest nod of appreciation that I have ever had to know that I was on the right track.

Karl Urban at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Promoting Beyond after Yelchin’s death was ‘toughest thing’

Another fan question was about working with the Anton Yelchin who played Chekov in three movies before being killed in a tragic accident last year. Urban started off seemingly echoing the sentiments of producer J.J. Abrams that they will not recast the role saying:

Anton was such a beautiful man. He is irreplaceable – irreplaceable.

The actor then recalled what it was like watching Yelchin grow up working on the Star Trek films:

When I met Anton he was literally just a kid. He had his mom on set on the first movie and I remember them arguing with each other in Russian with lots of hand gestures. And then through the course of the films he got older but he was still fundamentally a kid at heart. He was the smartest guy in the room but you wouldn’t know it.

He also said it was difficult for the cast to go on a promotional tour so soon after Yelchin’s death:

We were obviously devastated at his loss, absolutely devastated. It was brutal. And to literally four weeks after we lost him to gout out there and promote Beyond was the toughest thing we ever had to do.

Anton Yelchin in Star Trek Beyond

Talks Thor: Ragnarok + ready for Judge Dredd TV

Urban also talked about his other projects past and future. With regards to the next big Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok (coming in November) he said he didn’t have any idea what the movie was going to be like except it is “going to be good.” He was especially impressed with director Taika Waititi. Urban did give a description of his role as Scourge:

My character is operating the Bifrost device and suddenly Cate Blanchett  walks through the Bifrost and I very astutely realized I either joined her or die. So my character is a survivalist. The journey of Scourge is really “OK, now you made a pact with the devil and it comes with a price.” That price is constantly upped through the movie and that is his journey.

The actor also was asked about his role in the 2012 film Judge Dredd. As a fan of the comics Urban told the crowd one of his stipulations for taking the part was sticking to the character’s roots and never having Dredd take of his helmet. He also noted that he is possibly going to return to the role for the television series currently in development:

I am in discussions with them about that. I told them that if they write the material and give Dredd something to do and give him a function, I will be there. I would love to.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

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“ok” if it’s JJ’s last Trek too.

I wish they could make more movies just so Urban could be in them, but honestly I agree with him that I’d be ok if Beyond is the end, and leave it as a trilogy.

There were a number of things I liked about Beyond, the fact that Earth was finally not in jeopardy, and actually hardly mentioned, that we had a more original villain (there was still a tendency toward the old TWOK formula of revenge, but at least the motivations were a bit different), and McCoy’s character was more fleshed out this go around. Urban is probably one of my favorite casting choices in the Abramsverse and he was almost criminally underutilized in Star Trek (2009) and especially STID. In Beyond he was a key part of the story and I liked that they stranded him with Spock on the planet. He even got to practice medicine for a bit. I felt in Star Trek (2009) and STID the writers were trying to push out McCoy in favor of Uhura, which personally I thought was a mistake. In Beyond they put things back as far as the Kirk-Spock-McCoy family, and they did in such a way, at least IMO, that they didn’t relegate Uhura to a background character. She still had a significant role to play in the story. I also liked how the writers handled Scotty. I was afraid with Pegg co-writing and him being a comedic actor normally, he would be tempted to return Scotty to the comic odious relief character he was in Star Trek (2009). I’m glad he continued to develop his character from STID. He has his funny moments, which is fine, but he is serious about his work.

All in all, I enjoyed Beyond, I thought the character development was the best here. Frankly, the only thing that really took me out of it was the whole Beastie Boy Sabotage resolution. I cringe whenever I see that scene. It worked ok in Star Trek (2009)–mind you not my favorite moment, but I can see how it fit, here though, it was just like you have to be kidding me.

But that being said, I do hope they make a 4th film. Things are finally in order, the cast is established and I’m ready for another go around. My concern is since Beyond didn’t make a trillion dollars, Paramount may try to interfere more. Cutting the budget, I’m not as concerned about that, sometimes it forces more creative writing. But I’d like them to continue moving away from Earth and maybe try to develop an original story. Well, we’ll see.

I agree with everything you said with one small caveat. Karl Urban’s Bones was my favorite casting choice. Which was a surprise for me. I thought I would love Qunito’s Spock the best. I think Urban though was able to take his love for Star Trek and channel it into the role and as a result deliverd a beautiful homage to Deforest Kelly’s work. On a side note, Its too bad it took them three films to realize that giving something for everyone to do would make a good film. I feel like a lot of fans got tired of the wait and gave up.

I like him a lot but he needs good dialogue and directing or has a tendency to over act. Mostly it’s the fault of the material. STID was just awful in that way.

Kinda agree, Damian. If this is all from the Kelvin timeline I am kinda OK with that. As fun as the movies can be Trek for me has always worked best on TV. Not a fan of that Sabotage song myself but if Beyond is it for them, it sorta bookended the series. Which I guess is nice.

“McCoy’s character was more fleshed out this go around.”

When? We know nothing about him that isn’t related to his interactions with the main guys. He’s pretty much just best friend of hero and comic relief. He has no life outside of one sided bromances, and he shines only through kirk and spock’s own personal arcs and relationships, but never gets his own to talk about and no one cares about his feelings and his persona. No one struggles with losing him. It’s all about Kirk and Spock, their personal problems and feels, their bromance that must define them both. He still didn’t interact with others in a meaningful way, either.
Even in the spock/mccoy supposed bromance they wasted the opportunity to make Spock know Mccoy more. He could’ve talked about his ex wife to give Spock advices, he could’ve talked about his friend, Kirk, wanting to leave the ship too. He could’ve talked about why he is in Starfleet when he seems to hate space.

McCoy is everything this fandom criticizes (or more like, faux feminism concern trolling) Uhura for, and worse because, unlike him, even when she’s marginalized Uhura still makes important contributions to the plot, and her relationship with Spock is mutual because the point isn’t just that she loves him and is there for him, he also is in love with her and she’s important to him in ways Mccoy isn’t for neither Kirk or Spock.
And that’s why I’m hard on him because I’m sick of this fandom glorifying dudes and their dynamics for everything they criticize female characters for.

“I felt in Star Trek (2009) and STID the writers were trying to push out McCoy in favor of Uhura, which personally I thought was a mistake.”

And yet, the first movies with the new trio are the most successful. The one who went backwards to restore the old trio nostalgia is almost a FLOP that might have doomed the reboot now making it end with the third movie.
But hey, beyond pleased the minority of conservative fans with nostalgia who hated the first two movies, who cares about letting the reboot be what it was supposed to be.

Most of the audience praised JJ for having different dynamics too and for making the woman the third lead instead of another white dude but, apparently, trek of all the franchises must be be stuck in the 60s and God forbid we don’t preserve the white dudes status quo. God forbid you give to the audience other dynamics besides the bromance. Are we still pretending this franchise is special? Why should a modern audience that made movies like wonder woman, guardians of the galaxy, hunger games, the new star wars and so on successful care about a franchise that preaches about progressiveness and inclusiveness but in the end, 50 years later, it’s still the same stuff about 4 white dudes and we need to sideline women and poc and their dynamics to give the white dudes more to do, apparently. Because, clearly, you couldn’t give Urban more screentime without keeping uhura away from kirk and spock and break s/u up.

It’s lame enough you need to sideline the woman to focus on the bromance more (it’s disingenuos to pretend Zoe wasn’t the one who had to “pay” to give you nostalgic bros stuff. It’s patronizing to make it seems we should be happy she got a consolation prize basically), but there is really nothing to praise beyond for when they ignored the integrity of this trek and its character dynamics just to placate fans with nostalgia. And at what cost? They alienated the fans of the first movies and all the people who loved the dynamics that are canon to this trek, not the old stuff they can watch in their tos dvds. So you got your tos fanfiction, you got this trek going backwards and against its so called “trek spirit” and now the reboot is maybe doomed and we won’t get more movies. I guess we should be happy that the potential of having another reality is forever wasted and never really used because we can’t find a way to not make nostalgia a hindrance. Why even make a modern reboot if everything was supposed to be still like tos?

I’m sick of the original trio fans. It’s 8 tears you all complain that the reboot, that is another trek and another reality, didn’t give you your fav dynamics enough..and yet, when fans of this trek complain that the actual dynamics of this trek aren’t developed enough, or sacrificed in the name of nostalgia, you preach about trek canon and patronize them with consolation prize excuses (‘but hey uhura still got her moments!’) and it’s pretentious as f**k. It doesn’t compute to any of you that the dynamics of this trek are its canon too and were loved by the fans of this trek who really don’t deserve less respect than the fans of the old stuff. It doesn’t even compute to you all that for a lot of the fans of the first movies, beyond went backwards and wasn’t even a real sequel…and the dudebro stuff is forced and redundant when you hadn’t watched the old thing or you weren’t a fan of those nostalgia dynamics already.

Karl Urban is such a classy fella. I like him a lot.

I really do hope for more with this cast and crew, but that said…if Beyond is the last, then at least it went out on a great note. No better note to end on than the crew setting off for the unknown once again.

I wish we got another movie that ends with a more hopeful and positive note, honestly. In the end of beyond I felt like the characters made no real progression and the dynamics and personal arcs got wasted and are stuck in a limbo where you aren’t allowed to do anything new with them that would make conservative trek fans cry about this not being carbon copy of tos. They aren’t allowed to be more than a homage to the old cast, at this point.

It also seems to be like a joke that we finally see them start the five years mission by stid’s end..only to jump 3 years later in Beyond and see the characters tired of a job we didn’t really see them doing (still didn’t see them really explore new planet’s and civilizations), and then the ship gets destroyed and they are stuck on Altamid instead of earth this time.. (I’m so disappointed the villain was just another human..I really hoped it was a completely new alien race with some complex culture and moral dilemma against the federation)

While I’ll be sad to let another crew of the Enterprise go. As long as this is not the end of the Enterprise I will be happy. I love all incarnations of the Enterprise and her crew.

I look forward to they day we get an Enterprise F or G. There are still plenty of letters left in the alphabets. ;)

Karl is the real highlight of these Kelvin universe movies & Beyond was his finest hour yet “alien despots hellbent on killing us” and “incomprehensible cosmic anomalies that could wipe us out in an instant.” Such classic lines delivered well. I hope Paramount grant our wish & give them 1 last adventure. I think the ST4 box office will surge as Beyond generated a lot of goodwill for the franchise. Its not like it lost much money just did not generate any profit. Sometimes a studio needs to back a film & take a leap into the unknown. Paramount risked a mega budget in 2009 they need to take 1 more leap of faith with ST4 while beyond is still fresh enough to retain the goodwill it quite rightly earned!

2019 at the earliest. I think it will be after 2020 before we have another film.

2019 would clash with Star Wars Episode 9 so 2020 looks more likely. Or even late 2018 could work Paramount should fast track for a late 2018 release now. Whatever they do avoid late summer go for early May or late Nov are the biggest box office windows.

The problem with Xmas 2018 is they would have to be deep into pre-production now. There’s no story, script, director, and none of the contractually obligated talent has principle photography in their current schedules. Paramount just doesn’t have the ability to call up cast and crew and tell them, drop everything, we start shooting Sept 1.

The death of Yeltsin threw a spanner in the works for a future film as well. No Chekov is a pretty big deal really.

No disrespect to the dearly departed Mr. Yeltsin, but Chekov is a fictional character. If a writer is feeling the need to explain his absence, have him transferred or on temporary assignment. Or recast him. Or make a Trek movie with Kirk, Spock and McCoy only.

“Or make a Trek movie with Kirk, Spock and McCoy only.”

No offense, but the delusion is real if people honestly believe that a movie that has only those 3 would be anything but a flop for nowadays audiences, especially after the results Beyond got with its trying to placate reboot haters, and old fans with nostalgia who only care about the white dudes status quo.

The actors, saved for Pine maybe, aren’t even that popular enough they could never carry a whole movie alone. Also, no offence to Urban but his face isn’t even useful for marketing purposes that’s why they tend to ignore him or sideline him in posters (was mostly blatant in the asian and international ones )

Why would anyone want a movie with just Kirk, Spock and McCoy? Yes on the show they were the stars but you still wanted to see the others, even if they were just cardboard. And I don’t think the average audience has the same kind of affinity in these characters like old fans of TOS did. Sure they like them, but I don’t think anyone is flocking to a Trek film to ONLY see them either.

“Why would anyone want a movie with just Kirk, Spock and McCoy? Yes on the show they were the stars but you still wanted to see the others, even if they were just cardboard. And I don’t think the average audience has the same kind of affinity in these characters like old fans of TOS did. Sure they like them, but I don’t think anyone is flocking to a Trek film to ONLY see them either.”

This? To reboot fans, the main 3 of this trek are Chris, Zachary and Zoe anyway. Chris and Zoe being the biggest stars of this cast, tbh. No offense to Karl, again, but I don’t remember him getting any award nomination, that’s just Zoe and Chris, sometimes Zachary, who get those (even for Beyond) and represent this trek in that kind of thing.
Never saw Mccoy’s costume being popular among cosplayers either, but I saw tons of Uhuras, Kirks and Spocks (and couples dressed as s/u) of all races.

These movies are not made for a niche of old fans only and truth is, most of the audience might not give a damn about things like the original trio and bromance because they don’t have any existing emotional attachment to all things old (read nostalgia), and thus not looking for excuses to carry the tos stuff over the new thing at any cost (tbh, not even all old fans do that. E.g. people like me who like the reboot on its own merit and have no interest for turning it into a tos fanfiction, quite the opposite) if they make everything about 3 white guys, when the first movies had a different dynamic, the general audience will just see another movie, of the many, that is too focused on white dudes and tropey bromances that are in a million of other hollywood franchises nowadays. Why should they watch? None of them is Tom Cruise, and even Tom Cruise can’t save movies from being flops (poor mummy).

Some trek fans are egocentric and out of touch with the reality in that they not only believe they represent all the trek fans, they actually believe they make the whole audience but they don’t.
Beyond failing to be successful, in spite of being popular among a side of the trek fandom, once again proves what a minority some people are and the fact that trek fans, alone, will never make a movie successful. Never did, and never will.

No doubt his death tainted this trek a bit and he’ll be missed and would be sad to have more movies without him, however, his character had always been the most marginalized so no Chekov is not the same as no Spock or no Uhura or no Kirk or Mccoy.

No way 2018! 2 year intervals no longer apply!

” I think the ST4 box office will surge as Beyond generated a lot of goodwill for the franchise. Its not like it lost much money just did not generate any profit.”

This seems a contradictory assertion.
If fans of the first two didn’t care about beyond enough to make it as successful as its predecessors, what makes you think that making more movies like beyond would make them successful?
I’d bring Jung back, but wouldn’t confirm Pegg and Lin because it seems counterproductive to put the franchise in the hands of a creative team who made the least successful movie of the 3. They’d need someone who really cares about this trek and is very inspired by it, and Lin honestly wasn’t like that. His interviews discouraged me (and sadly I was right about most of my impressions), he sounded so apaethic about these characters I’m not even sure he watched the first two, let alone like them. If not even the director cares about the characters and sounds excited, how can the audience care? (this has nothing to do with him being professional. I know he really spent days in the editing room and the cast missed jj but still talked good about Lin. I don’t dislike Lin as a director )

“Its not like it lost much money just did not generate any profit.”

It obviously lost enough money though. Believe me, if it didn’t do as bad there would be no debate about doing another one.

Urban as McCoy is one of the best things that could happen to Trek. I really hope he gets the screen time he deserves in a potential fourth film.

This cast is young enough there’s really no time limit. If it takes 3, 5, or even 10 years to get around to it, I still think there will be a sequel. In fact, it’s probably best to wait a little while. In 10 years there will be people who have legit nostalgia for this cast, and it will probably do better business.

I do not see this cast being remembered in the same vein as the original cast.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Studios don’t wait 10 years to do sequels anymore and they probably will either do one with them in a few years or more than likely do something else with new actors. If ww hear nothing in another year my guess the latter.

The problem is the actors cost a lot more now but the results are no guarantee. My guess STID will be the benchmark unless they bring back the Borg or something.

Ten years maybe…if they decide Star Trek isnt viable right now. Reboots and re-visits are all the rage. An older crew would be interesting.

I dont mind them dusting off every gimmick they can…as long as the story is good. In fact, I respect the idea they’d look at the best gimmicks. Borg. Time Travel. William Shatner.

$150 million budget. Has to use all the three gimmicks I mentioned. If you cant find a writer that can do it, then move on to the next because someone will come up with something.

Hire the writer that writes the best story for you. Dont hire hacks and then just produce whatever it is they come up with

I would not be ok if Beyond is Urban’s last Trek. For all the issues JJ’s Trek has had, he was the best part of it for me. I thought he managed to channel DeKelley so well, and really nailed the part without looking like a spoof. But he also didn’t stray too far from the way the character should be. He had the right look as well. Tremendous casting when they picked him.

I’m sure the comments are already loaded with “I’m fine if this is the last JJ Trek” or “I never liked the Kelvin films” or something along those lines… I enjoyed the first one and saw it repeatedly in theaters and felt the 3rd film found it’s stride for being what a Trek movie should be. I actually just went back and watched Beyond this weekend and found myself enjoying it so much more than I did previously. Because of that, I definitely would love to see more of these films. It just so happens that JJ Abrams shouldn’t be involved in making them. And that’s not a knock at the guy because let’s face it – he’s good at what he does, it’s just been proven at this point when you look at the trilogy.

And on the subject of Urban being the only Kelvin timeline cast to be there, that really shouldn’t be a surprise and has nothing to do with who’s the bigger fan. If I was a member of the cast, WHY would I decide to go to the Vegas convention after the fan response to these films all the way back from the 1st full trailer debuted for the 2009 film? I’d feel like you wouldn’t want me there. I’m surprised those members of the Discovery cast were there with the response I’ve been seeing from die-hards online. Stop acting like they’re the ones who wrote the script and came up with the production design for the show. It’s not cool at all.

I’ve never been to a convention, only seen video clips, but I never got the impression that the atmosphere during the panels was nearly as hostile as it sometimes gets in the comments on sites like this. No idea if the most extreme people just don’t go to these conventions or if it’s true that people say stuff under the anonymity of the web that they wouldn’t say to somebody’s face.
As for the Discovery cast, I guess that going to these conversions now is part of their contract to promote the show. CBS wants to get existing fans excited for the show, and sending these people to conventions as kind of ambassadors for the show is probably not a bad idea.

I agree with you that it’s not a bad idea. It’s a great idea really. But I think it was TrekMovie’s youtube page where I watched the interview and good lord the comments were brutal towards the new cast. Yes, Wilson Cruz mispronounced Jonathan Frakes last name but getting it yelled at him from the audience, you could just tell that they all looked nervous up there and that’s coming off of some brutal fan reaction online. This isn’t the days of AOL chat rooms anymore, it’s twitter and tumblr and facebook and instagram where any and everybody has a voice and can be as brutal as they want while not being a part of the inner circle that makes the decisions. You’ve got angry Axanar fans who can’t wait to jump all over this show and crap on it and many other groups. If I were an actor on the show and I was even mildly aware of what’s being said, I’d be intimidated going into this. Remember when last year’s or the year before’s Vegas Con ranked Into Darkness the worst Trek film ever (ranking lower than non-Trek film Galaxy Quest)? I just think that if I’m an actor in either the show or movie I’d be intimidated. I’m probably overreacting.

I don’t know if any of the actors have been at a convention before (I mean on stage, not in the audience). So sure they may have been nervous. I think the main problem right now is that (1) we haven’t actually seen the show and (2) they are not allowed to spoil anything which makes it hard to have a conversation. You could see that they were weighing each word carefully not to say anything they were’nt supposed to reveal. My guess is that a similar panel will run much more smoothly next year – unless none of them want to do another con or the show turns out to be complete crap.

You make a good point. I think that was me venting my frustration for how quickly fans react negatively to a cast or crew if they’re attached to something they don’t necessarily like overwhelmingly.

Honestly, even if they wanted to (go to conventions) Pine, Quinto and Saldana don’t have the time for these things, especially the latter.

Paramount’s inaction is, in and of itself, a decision. For the time being, there isn’t going to be any Trek on the big screen, and when it does reappear, it won’t be with this cast. The silence of the studio speaks louder then words, and it’s wise for Urban, Pine, and Quinto to be moving on to other projects.

The discovery cast may well go to the movies like TOS and TNG did, Why not? If they are a success then eventually they will be accepted by movie audiences.

If Discovery really is as serialized as they make it sound it might be more difficult to transition to the movies. With the previous shows they basically went from 45 minute stories to 90 minute stories. Which Discovery, each story may last a whole season. Still, the movie would have to be self-contained story that’s also accessible to people who don’t follow the show. Plus, Disovery seems to be much more cinematic iself which lessens the added spectacle of doing a movie.

The shorter seasons might make it easier to create a film between seasons that ties into the series, actually.

@ TUP: Sure, from a logistical standpoint it might be possible to film a movie inbetween seasons. But modern blockbusters are “event movies”. Would the studio be able to create enough hype that people actually pay for a movie ticket if they can get the show for less?

Whats crazy is after the success of the pilot Broken Bow there was some talk the Enterprise crew could go into films after TNG was done. Yes it didn’t last long lol but there was at least the idea if the series was really popular.

And yes who knows, Discovery could be possible if its successful enough but that is so many years down the line and I’m not sure Paramount would even want to wait that long to make another movie. And since we are talking two different companies now essentially it would make things harder on the legal/financial front how much each side gets or contributes. Its not like the 90s anymore where the TV people also did the movies. It would probably be a more contractual mess.

Phil, just because this is what you are hoping does not make it fact. It has only been a year since the last film and the story and script are well on their way. Mainstream audiences care about THIS cast and after losing Marvel, Star Trek is one of the few big franchises Paramount has left. There will likely be a fourth film and if they can get Chris Hemsworth on board and J.J. back in the director’s chair? I think it could do pretty well.

That’s a first – if there is anyone who has been consistent with support for BR’s efforts over the last nine years, it’s me. That aside, except for Anthony Pascale’s irrational exuberance, there’s been nothing to suggest there is a forthcoming movie with this cast and crew. If you have any credible reference to any talent or studio type saying another outing is on the horizon, feel free to share. I’ll gladly admit to being wrong if they make an announcement tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath, and it doesn’t look like Mr. Urban is, either.

To be honest I do think the writing is on the wall. Now maybe something will happen in the 11th hour and make a fourth movie. Its still very possible but the silence is stunning. Beyond came out a year ago. They ‘announced’ a fourth film a week before the last one came out and now total radio silence. I have to agree more than likely Paramount has just moved on. They never officially cancelled the Terminator sequels either and we know those are dead in the water too.

Again something could still happen but not holding my breath. In fact the last time I remember when there was so little talk of the next Trek film was after Nemesis bombed. That was really the last time it was this quiet for another one. Rumors did start up for another Trek film 2-3 years later but by that point it was already with a completely different cast of characters and story line. And no that wasn’t for this cast, before them.

Don’t forget, they announced a sequel to WWZ, too – there is still some chatter about that, but it seems stuck in development purgatory.

If you remember, when they announced the fourth movie there was an implied “if” when JJ said he hoped beyond would be successful so they could do more for sure.
Beyond wasn’t successful.. so do 2+2.

I’m sad if we don’t get more movies because I loved the reboot and I’d love to see more of this version of the characters. This old tos fan loved to have another trek to like, but they wasted its potential and honestly, I’d rather get no more movies than see a fourth one fail and go even more backwards for nostalgia than Beyond did. And I’m not here to see them make everything about Kirk again and turn Spock into a caricature of Nimoy just to “restore” the original trio and reduce him to, again, the nerdy friend of hero who argues with other friend of hero and has no life outside of that and no other interactions.
If I want to watch tos, I take my dvds out and watch them anytime I want to or search the scenes over YouTube. I loved this other trek for different things.

I think JJ knew Beyond wasnt that good. Thats why he dangled the idea of Trek 4 with George Kirk’s return. He did it BEFORE Beyond opened, almost saying “yeah, it sucks, but make sure you see it because if you do, then we can make a GOOD films finally”.

These guys are masters. Like Orci about to be fired and suddenly his story idea to use Shatner & Nimoy gets leaked. Uh huh.

When I saw ST09 on its release day, people started cheering the moment Urban/McCoy’s voice was heard, even before we saw him. He absolutely nailed the role. Where all the other roles underwent something between moderate and substantial reinterpretation, once again, Bones proved to be the ‘bedrock’ of the series, just like he was in the original.

I hope we get more Urban Judge Dredd as well. Great, underrated film and he was tremendous .

Actually, I’d be in favour of eventually getting Urban’s McCoy into the Prime Universe somehow in the future or maybe come up with a spin-off concentrating on Bones.

I couldn’t agree more about Karl’s 1st scene as “Bones”…they is my favorite moment from any of the 3 films and I love Susan Nimoy’s comment that it moved Leonard to tears. It just goes to show the great affection Leonard had for the irreplaceable DeForest Kelley.

Yes good scene even if the writers seemed not to understand why “Bones” is a nickname for a doctor and had to create a silly reason for it.

I hope we can get Urban to cameo as a pre-TOS McCoy in STAR TREK DISCOVERY somewhere down the line.

I hope there is more, close the gap between the end of TOS and the motion picture

I don’t blame him on ST:ID; that was a terrible follow up to the awesome ST: 2009. Beyond saved the day, was a fun movie, but is it too little too late after the ST:ID trainwreck?

How could Beyond save the day when it’s almost a flop compared even to star trek into darkness itself?

And can you all stop blaming Beyond’s failure on a movie that is still more critically praised than Beyond, and far more successful than most of the other trek movies?
Stid had issues, its main one, the nostalgia, the one aspect that is actually even worse in Beyond. It’s funny how some people here who pretend stid was a flop are now pretending that Beyond’s saved this trek when it actually doomed it further.

What’s up with Trekmovie deleting comments?

Get the borg in the story and get on with it Paramount! It sells itself. But I would also love to see Urban as Dredd in a gritty R rated TV series. He was awesome in the movie!

This is the only crew that hasn’t encountered the Borg yet. It would be fun to see how they are portrayed in this universe.

They used them in the comics and left it with hints in the end they could come back …

Thats right. I never read it, but I do remember it coming out. I actually like to read it but I buy comics as often as I buy Trump’s lies…in other words, never. ;)

The TNG Trek universe got it’s collective @$$ kicked by the Borg. The TOS universe would be easy pickings….

True Phil but remember this universe is a bit more advanced than the other. And IIRC, wasn’t Nero’s ship so powerful because it had some Borg technology? Who knows what they used from it, especially Section 31.

Oh wait, that ship got gobbled up by a black hole lol. OK, maybe Khan invented nanoprobes for them. ;)

Class act, this guy. The JJ Trek films had a great run and were way better than most people could have reasonably expected (I know some will disagree). They reversed the old Trek trend by having the odd numbered ones actually be good, so maybe it’s for the best that there isn’t a 4th, although it would be nice to have two great Trek films one after the other for the first time… ever? At least since Search For Spock/Voyage Home, and even that is debatable to some.

Loved him in Dredd too, deeply underrated movie.

1) If Zoe Saldana, the actual third lead of the first movies, had said the same thing about beyond, you all would call her an ungrateful diva with “ego” now (like I already saw happening before, for much less) and lobby for her to get fired, but since the one complaining is a white dude, he’s, of course, praised for voicing his “rights”. You relate to his ego. And yet, Urban plays a secondary character who always got more than Sulu and Chekov – I dunno who made him believe he’d be the protagonist with Kirk and Spock when not even DeForest could get that (in fact, later if he got a decent contract for the movies it was thank to Nimoy). I’m sick and tired of him preaching about how he has “credit” for adding rank to the female uniform as if that somehow makes him a feminist, and the movie progressive, when he has no problem with the fact that a woc got sidelined to give him more screentime like he requested, and he became the third lead (and possibly payed more) replacing Zoe who was part of the new trio of THIS trek (which is still, ironically, the trio used for promotional stuff). Urban is the perfect trek fanboy cliché: all this pretentious preaching about trek’s progressiveness and inclusiveness ideals but when it comes down to it, when it really counts, he only cares about preserving a 60s flavour ‘white dudes status quo’ where bromance must be the only kind of interpersonal relationship developed, and he gets angry when someone has the audacity to elevate a female character to the original trio level. He’s all about stupid, unreasonable, tos nostalgia and makes no effort to propose a new role for his character that doesn’t require the creative team to make everything about the same 3 dudes AGAIN. To make some things mutually exclusive. Sure, Beyond had Uhura and Jaylah being bada$$ and a super vague super implied gaySulu subplot that isn’t even a real subplot, yay! we are so modern and progressive! Just don’t pay attention to the fact that the two poc of tbe cast got so sidelined that Sulu couldn’t even talk about his family when the latter was in danger. Don’t pay attention to the fact we sidelined the female lead and went backwards with the dynamics to essentially restore tos white dudes status quo. Don’t pay attention to the fact that only the (white) dudes are allowed to express feelings, and have relationships, while women (and poc) are dehumanized and, in Uhura’s case, she isn’t even allowed to have her own scene about her own relationship with Spock. I don’t care about Mccoy assuming what her feelings about Spock leaving where, I want to see Uhura expressing them on screen and not her own relationship and human connection being only used as a pretext for dudebro bonding and give Mccoy and Spock something to talk about. It’s sick that 50 years later, bromance still is the be all end all of interpersonal relationships. It’s ridiculous you have to sideline the woman and her dynamics to make dudes more important. 2) “It was sort of me letting them know I expected a somewhat higher caliber of contribution for the character of McCoy” And yet, his role is still nothing more than Kirk’s friend. He got more screentime in beyond, but he’s totally reduced to “the friend” role and he gets no personal arc and makes no contribution to the plot besides being a one-sided friend to Kirk, and someone who listens to Spock’s problems in beyond. He doesn’t even know his best friend was leaving the ship too so he’s not allowed to have feelings about that. He has nothing for himself alone that isn’t related to the real protagonists. At least in the other movies Kirk would worry about Bones too and you got the idea he was important to him TOO; here you only see the doctor being there for him but, in the end, the it bromance is still kirk/spock only and the narrative conveniently forgets Bones is Kirk’s best friend when they need to pretend that Kirk needs Spock more than anyone. It’s funny to notice the double standards even here, also, because I see people constantly concern troll about Uhura being just “the girlfriend” because of her relationship with Spock all the while the same people praise Bones for the very thing they consider an issue for Uhura: his character being totally defined by (b)romance. Even when she’s marginalized, Uhura still makes important contributions to the plot that gave nothing to do with her romance, abd she’s constantly portrayed as a skilled officer. The one and only character who is defined by a relantioship is Mccoy and he’s lived… Read more »

I know there are some typos but the struggle is real when I’m writing from mobile with the autocorrect on

What a rant.

Firstly, no, most of us would not be critical of Zoe for voicing the same thing. I’d be thrilled if she was upset over her portrayal of the overly emotional stereo typical girlfriend who is driven to act impulsively and emotionally and unprofessionally.

And Zoe’s character has nothing to do with Urban wanting a better role to re-sign. Isnt that exactly the time to negotiate for something more interesting? During negotiations?

He’s obviously quite right that many people missed the Kirk/Spock/Bones dynamic. And that had less to do with the need to elevate a woman or a black character to the lead than it did with poor writing.

There is nothing wrong with advancing the character of Uhura was essentially a glorified receptionist in TOS when you consider the importance of the role in the 60’s/70’s to real life culture. Or when considering the popularity of Zoe as an actor.

But there is no hard and fast rule about needing a three-person lead. The character of bones was poorly written because it was written by poor writers not because Uhura was bumped. Because Uhura was poorly written too. So was Spock for that matter.

If we want to attach some silly social justice nonsense to Uhura, then we have to question why the revelation of Sulu being gay was downplayed so much on screen even as it was heralded off screen. Again, just poor writing.

And its not specific to characters, but also to ideas. The reason Kirk/Spock/Bones worked was because Spock and Bones were the two sides of the coin and Kirk, the tactician would weigh both arguments. They were essentially the devil and angel on his shoulders.

Once Spock was changed to be super emotional, it reduced the need for Bones’ traditional role. And since the writers sucked, they simply turned the volume up on McCoy’s “grumpy old man” personal for laughs, rendering the character even less relevant.

In short, blame the crappy writers, as Urban essentially did.

” overly emotional stereo typical girlfriend who is driven to act impulsively and emotionally and unprofessionally.”

You wrote McCoy (and Kirk) wrong. McCoy who sneaked his best friend aboard the ship with him, McCoy who acted insubordinate with the acting captain to defend said insubordinate best friend. Mccoy who is constantly petty and racist with a member of the crew whose only fault is the fact that he isn’t (only) human like him but he’s part of a different culture that requires him to experience and express feelings differently. Dudes who never refer to their captain as their superior and pretty much do what they want. How ‘professional’ your faves are and sure, Uhura is the unprofessional and ‘too emotional’ one who acts ‘impulsively’. It’s laughable you even wrote that but thank you for making, once again, my point and proving how sexist and double standard some people in this fandom are.
Spare me your redudant and unconvincing concern trolling about the female characters when it’s obvious that Uhura is bad for everything you guys love the white dudes for, in and out their interactions with Spock.

I don’t even need to read the rest of what you wrote.

Also, super disingenuos for you to claim you wouldn’t a problem with Zoe saying what Karl said when there is enough evidence in this very site that she got attacked and insulted for much much less and actually called a ‘diva’ for merely saying, once, that she hoped to see more of her dynamics. And I well remember you calling her with derogatory terms used for women because she had the audacity to point up that while her male costars can get all the kind of stupid perks and extras from the studios she works with, she was made to feel like she was being ‘difficult’ for asking something as simple as a nanny for her kids when she was on set for 18 hours a day.
Don’t even try to convince me that had Zoe said the same exact thing Karl said, some of you wouldn’t attack her and lobby for her to get fired and give Uhura’s role to someone who was less diva and more ‘humble’ and ‘grateful’ to be in trek. Don’t try because I already saw it happening in this site and elsewhere.
The stuff I read being said about Zoe/Uhura these years from trek fans made me feel ASHAMED to be a trek fan.

I’ll reply to this though: “And its not specific to characters, but also to ideas. The reason Kirk/Spock/Bones worked was because Spock and Bones were the two sides of the coin and Kirk, the tactician would weigh both arguments. They were essentially the devil and angel on his shoulders. Once Spock was changed to be super emotional, it reduced the need for Bones’ traditional role.” because, once again, you understand why the original trio makes no sense in the reboot but, still, fail to understand that it’s the point and not really a ‘flaw’ of the reboot itself. It’s only a flaw for those who are stuck in the past and only care about the original trio dynamic and want to see it again no matter what, but from a writing perspective the fact they did something different isn’t a problem, even less a ‘flaw’ or bad writing. It’s a choice, as valid as having the original trio in tos. It’s just that some of you can’t accept changes, not even in a reboot that is in another reality. You want everything to be like tos and when it itsn’t, you try to rationalize it claiming it’s a flaw. But it isn’t. Just because something is ‘different’ it doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad. case in point, it’s not that Spock got changed to be super emotional in the reboot: it’s that he’s the protagonist TOO so the ‘new trio’ didn’t have to have the purpose of being about Uhura and Spock representing two sides of the same coin and the ‘devil and angel’ at Kirk’s side. These 3 don’t have to have ‘symbolic’ roles (you don’t develop characters that way anymore and even in tos, that stuff is more fanon than canon honestly with Roddenberry retroactively repeating it back years later. I don’t remember the ‘id ego superego’ stuff being written in the official characters guides the cast got). It’s an entirely different dynamic with different purposes. While the original was only about bromance and one male protagonist, the new one still has bromance, but it also has a romantic relationship and a m/f friendship (because Kirk having a female friend is as ‘new’ for trek as Spock having a girlfriend tbh) because human relationships aren’t JUST freaking bromance. It’s a spaceship, not a male-only monastery. Making Spock the protagonist too meant he had to be allowed to access to the same narrative elements Kirk is allowed to access to, otherwise there wouldn’t be any balance between them if Kirk still was the only one who had his own dynamics separated from the bromance with Spock. Spock had to get something that tells something about him too, and just him not Kirk. Spock had to be more than the nerdy friend of hero who argues with his other friend. In fact, Kirk has Bones while Spock has Uhura. The fact that the dynamic with the woman is a romance doesn’t make it less relevant than ‘bromance’, this simply is a prejudice that some people have about romances (and in general dynamics with women) by default, regardless how they are developed (in fact, if anything, the bromances in this trek are often overinflated and overrated by fans even when they are, from a realistic standpoint, quite forced since Spock seems to really have no reason to want to interact with either Kirk or Mccoy outside of their work place. No reason why he shouldn’t want to interact with others more, especially if he might have more interests in common with them) again, Spock isn’t merely ‘changed to be super emotional’, he always was emotional in tos too.. it’s just that when making him the main guy too you are allowed to develop different layers than the ones explored by tos, and because this is a modern reboot made in another time, they had the chance to explore his dual heritage in a more realistic way and less stereotyped than tos did. Nimoy himself loved this aspect of new Spock and he was happy about them giving him new layers and exploring his character in a different way, especially thank to the device of an alternate reality (thus this isn’t supposed to be the same exact Spock, anyway, and if ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations’ still means something, it shouldn’t be that surprising that characters with free will might not be carbon copies of their tos counterparts) In the 60s, a character like him who (in Roddenberry’s words) represented an allegory of a mixed person of color would get developed with the stereotypes that were typical of the time, such as the mixed person ‘passing’ with that half side of themselves that would be accepted by society more. So Spock was more vulcan than vulcans and on denial about his human side… Read more »

tl, dr: I honestly fail to understand what you are criticizing the writers for. – So Kirk isn’t the only protagonist anymore and thus we can’t have a trio that is basically all about him, so what? They finally aknoweledge that Spock was the most popular character, and since this trek doesn’t have to deal with Shatner’s insecurities and him making writers change scripts and scenes to make Kirk more important, we can finally see Spock get what Nimoy couldn’t get. ‘about time! Don’t like Kirk losing the exclusivity, so to speak, of being the only protagonist? that’s ok, that’s fine and legit as opinion but it doesn’t make the reboot inherently bad for the choices they made. There are plenty of fans who, after the first movie, said that the reboot should actually make Spock the ‘hero’ because he’s more interesting to them. In the end, it’s a reboot and the writers could do what they wanted. For some it worked, for others it didn’t. You can’t make everyone happy, that is universally obvious.
– So the characters don’t have to have symbolic roles and, basically, they aren’t one dimensional anymore. So what? I dunno how THAT can even be a bad thing, honestly. I don’t need to see Quinto play an impersonation of Nimoy, like Urban does with Deforest, just because McCoy cannot have a purpose if everything isn’t like the old thing. Kirk is different, Spock is different, Uhura is different.. but McCoy is stuck in the past and apparently the actor wants him to be like that when he knew from the beginning that this was another reality with a different dynamic.
Again, it seems unreasonable and silly to criticize JJ&co for ‘failing’ to have a thing that they, honestly, never really wanted to have/create, to begin with. JJ had been pretty clear from the beginning that in this trek the trio was Kirk/Uhura/Spock and that Spock is the main guy too, not just Kirk. But some people didn’t like it, they didn’t like change, they didn’t accept the white dudes status quo to get challenged in order to make the reboot a tad more realistic and contemporary, a tad more ‘following what you preach’ when it comes to the progressiveness and inclusiveness trek fans always talk about. Years later, people still criticize JJ because he wasn’t able to have the original trio and couldn’t give McCoy the same exact role he had in tos, in spite of that never being the intention. Snd people ven understand why the narrative made his role redundant and forced, why McCoy needs to have a different role here just like Kirk and Spock.. but still, you all insist there is no other way but the old trio. As if there’s nothing more they can do with the characters. You all insist that if it isn’t like tos and they don’t force the old stuff into this trek, even when it makes no sense, it’s a problem and a flaw in the writing. And then, when they give you the ‘homages’ you still criticize them because, of course, that stuff is forced and doesn’t make sense with the narrative they have. I wish I could feel pity for the new creative team desperately trying to placate reboot haters and tos purists (though, I think Lin&Pegg were willing to ignore the integrity of the reboot dynamics because of their own bias too).. but I don’t. I can’t not be bitter and sad that they wasted the potential of their own thing and might have doomed this reboot because of nostalgia.

“If we want to attach some silly social justice nonsense to Uhura, then we have to question why the revelation of Sulu being gay was downplayed so much on screen even as it was heralded off screen. Again, just poor writing.”

and yet, you pretty much pointed up that both the interracial couple and the gay couple were downplayed in this movie in favor of white dudes bromance.
We did see two random, unknown, crew members kiss each other at the beginning of the movie, yet the two characters of the main cast who have actual relationships, one of which had been one of the most important dynamics of this trek that a lot of fans already love, not only weren’t allowed to be physically affectionate with their significant other on screen (because that would be ‘too much’) but they weren’t even allowed to TALK about their relationships.
Maybe it’s silly social justice nonsense for you, but it’s still hard to not notice that in a franchise that preaches so much about being the most progressive and inclusive, the two poc of the main cast got so sidelined to the extent that even their relationships are sidelined. And not just their romantic ones, but also the dynamic they were supposed to have with each other too because the Sulu/Uhura duo is pretty much the only one that got no real development on screen. They were just pair the spares because they wanted an excuse to put Uhura aside (away from Kirk and Spock) in order to make McCoy and Scotty the ones who interacted with the protagonists the most. It’s poor consolation prize that Uhura ends up interacting with the villain the most when Idris himself played a villain that is the most sidelined of this trek, especially if compared to the attention that Benedict got in stid during promotion too.

They pretty much made a movie that, all things considered, is as safe as possible for conservative fans.
You call it just poor writing, I call it writers making deliberate choices.
and demoting Uhura/Zoe from her third lead status to give that role to a white dude, again, is a choice. Going backwards with the dynamics is a choice.
I can’t forgive poor writing and lame plot elements, but not the deliberate choice to go backwards.


Star Trek is one of the few franchises Paramount have left. Transformers is finished now the latest movie took $600M less than the last yet still they are going ahead with a Bumblebee spinoff story (which will be another massive loser). Mission Impossible, Star Trek & Terminator (with James Cameron behind the scenes in 2019) are the only major franchises they have left & all are Skydance co-productions. I cannot see David Ellison not pushing this ahead. He just signed a new 4 year deal with Paramount so sooner or later I think they will announce it!

No one is saying Star Trek itself is dead. Simply might move on to a new crew and characters in time. The movies have been around since 1979, they have had three different crews since (since technically this crew is in another universe) so it won’t be a shock if and when they do it again just like the TV shows themselves.

In fact I hope if the KT films are done they take a REAL chance and create a new cast of characters and stories just for the films. Yes its riskier than doing it on TV but they throw in a few big stars and make it good they will get an audience.

But Star Trek isn’t going anywhere, all that is being said is these actors are done. And even then they may pop up again somewhere on Discovery and future productions if there no more films in their future.

David Ellison is smart he will not throw away this cast its pointless to waste the 3 movies so far building the cast up globally to replace for others. STID was the only let down the other 2 movies were very solid. I think we will get ST4 with the current cast probably slightly lower budget so less action but more Trek style pseudo science which is a good thing as they can naturally layer the drama onto that to increase tension & stakes thematically!

Sony replaced Amazing Spider-Man cast after just two films and the second film made more than twice the money Beyond made. Studios are loyal to brands these days but actors not so much unless they can really prove they can bring in the film and after three years I don’t think the KT actors have proven that.

When your favorite movie is a box office disappointment, and the least popular of a trilogy, you gotta be realistic and ask yourself some questions, IMHO.

The main issue with “original trio” mentions in nutrek is that one can’t forget that, after all, if those 3 guys were the “heart” of tos it has a lot to do with the sexism and racism of the 60s too; it wasn’t even Roddenberry’s original plan, he just couldn’t do differently.
Critical thinking of something you are a fan of is essential sometimes, and I don’t think it’s fair, or necessary, to expect a modern trek reboot to get limited by the same cultural mindset still.
I, for one, welcomed JJ trying something new with the relationships, and that kelvin Spock is more in touch with his feelings and he’s, like Karl said, more contemporary. It works.
Everything nutrek doesn’t need is a third male protagonist and more bromance to add to the kirk&spock and kirk&mccoy relationships. Evolution isn’t just better special effects.

Karl Urban does the most believable McCoy of anyone I can think could be cast. Having been around from the beginning of it all, I get the references to past”series or movies”, and when I do I am glad I’ve seen all the movies and read most all the books and paperbacks.
Slowed down a little buying but still have spaceships handing from the bedroom ceiling. And I wished the philosophy played out in all the genres was understood AND that the play was supposed to be entertaining. DS-9 was a little hard to get into, as there was a Babylon 5 or similar going at the same time. And a short period where there was ALWAYS news episodes of Trek running. Trek is just about the best entertainment. I have told my doctors, that if I need reviving, to play a ST music tape or disc and I will re-boot.

Tremendously happy with the character development of all main roles in the last reboot film, I will be deeply saddened with not having Anton in the next flick. Omission of any other main actor would be a shame.