New Web Promo For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promises Show Will “Boldly Go…”

This afternoon CBS released (via Twitter and Instagram) a new online promo for Star Trek: Discovery. It doesn’t show any new footage from the show, but features various characters along with space graphics and a voice-over by star Sonequa Martin-Green.


Our mission is not to conquer, but to discover. Discovery begins September 24 on #CBSAllAccess. #startrekdiscovery

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The voice-over states:

As we stand at the edge of an unknown universe, we know our greatest challenges lie before us, that our future is not bound by fear and that our mission is not to conquer, but to discover. That is our destiny, a destiny written written in the stars. So, we boldly go where we have never gone before.


New Character GIFs

Over the weekend during Star Trek Las Vegas the official Discovery twitter account also posted three animated character GIFs for Discovery, including one for the Klingon character Voq, who was revealed with the release of 11 new character posters last week.


“We are creating a new way to fly.” -Captain Gabriel Lorca #StarTrekDiscovery premieres September 24th!

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Meet Voq! #StarTrekDiscovery premieres on CBS All Access on September 24!

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“My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone: to sense the coming of death.” – Saru

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Cast wish Michelle Yeoh happy birthday

Yesterday was Michelle Yeoh’s birthday. CBS released a brief video with some of the cast of Discovery wishing Captain Georgiou the best on her 55th.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.


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Lovely promo.
I for one don’t mind the new twist on the old phrase – “SO WE BOLDLY GO WHERE WE HAVE NEVER GONE BEFORE”.

So CBS is geoblocking their Youtube channel AND Twitter as well!

Because overseas it is Netflix that is hosting these promotional spots.


I’m in Canada where ‘Discovery’ will not be available on Netflix but rather on Bell’s Space channel.

Looking at the twitter accounts of Space @SpaceChannel and Netflix @StarTrekNetflix, neither are showing the promo as of yet.

Blame Space then. They should have posted those promos!


Sure and will continue to blame CBS for choosing a crappy partner like Bell rather than giving it to Netflix Canada.

In fact, the rumor is Netflix Canada offered more money and a better deal but CBS figured it would be fun to watch Canadians go nuts so they decided to go with Bell instead. Moonves will have a live video feed of homes all across the country so he can watch them cry. Those tears will be collected and Less will use them in his Martini’s.

Or, Bell made a great offer. Many Canadians will be trilled to get the series on Terrestrial Television actually. Then those that think streaming isnt very good wont have to worry about it. And those that dont want to pay wont have to worry about it.

Same thing happened with WWE Network. Rogers paid for the exclusive rights. As WWE worked out the bugs, I was heartened by the fact I could watch a live Pay Per View with zero issues while my American friends experienced streaming problems.

It’s still idiocy- limiting promotion.

No it’s not. It makes perfect sense if you work for Space. This is probably part of their agreement to distribute, they don’t want CBS pushing promos to their audiences. They want to control promotion to make sure audiences in Canada are seeing it’s on SPACE.


“They want to control promotion to make sure audiences in Canada are seeing it’s on SPACE.”

Except for the fact that 24 hours later the promo is still not available on Space website or their twitter account.

As Captain Whino said it is “idiocy- limiting promotion”

They screwed the pooch with the most recent trailer too.

Cbs and bell need to get their heads out of their asses and coordinate info dumps.

Heh — makes me wonder if they contracted out promotion to Paramount Pictures

[Any chance I get to make a dig at Paramount’s sucky Promotions relating to Trek]

Marja – I get the impression Paramount was cutting their losses by the time Beyond came along and felt they’d rather just let the core fanbase support the movie and not throw good money after bad trying to market it more widely.

I’m in Australia.

It let’s the track howany views it’s getting I’m the market that they’re responsible for selling the show in. It’s necessary.

But not Instagram, just a hint! :)


Thanks for the heads up. Just watched the promo on Instagram.

Thanks for the head’s up, I just swapped all the videos in the article to their Instagram version.

My student asked what ‘don’t split the infinitive’ means. I almost told him to skip that rule.

it’s a dumb rule.

I said that a lot of people skip it. There are WAY too many rules in English. I want to obey, but come on!! I also dangle my prepositions shamelessly.

As long as they’re not propositions you’re safe from the authorities

Media could not be played on the videos in the UK

Here is the trailer on Youtube without geo-blocking:
No idea how long it will last, might be taken down.

Seems appropriate. A web promo for a web series.

Also, using “we” is a nice take on the “where no man has gone before” thing. Better than just replacing “man” with “one”. Which never made sense to me.

I don’t follow. Are you not familiar with “no one” as a phrase in the English language?


Because I am indeed aware of the meaning of the term “no one” is why it doesn’t make sense.

Why doesn’t that make sense? It just means where no person, male or female, has gone before.


It doesn’t make sense because “no one” means ANYONE. Human, Vulcan, ANYONE. So they are saying they are going places where there is no one. Therefore, there will be no new life or new civilizations to be found. It contradicts the introduction. I understand the reasoning behind the change. It has Roddenberry written all over it, to be honest. But what Gene failed to understand is “man” is obviously a reference to “mankind”. Meaning ALL humans. If they wanted to move away from the term “man” because of ignorant reasons they should have changed the line to “where no human has gone before”. Or would Gene get all riled up because m-a-n appears in the word “human”?

@ ML31: If you want to split hairs the phrase “where no one has gone before” does not mean that they are going to places where there is no one. Life could still have evolved without alien contact. For all we know Earth is a planet where no one has gone before.

But if no one is there then there is no sentient life. Earth is not a place where no one has gone. There are billions of people here already. Again, if Gene had a problem with “mankind” then change it to where no human has gone. Don’t say “no one”. That just doesn’t work.

@ ML31: There are billions of people on Earth. And not a single one of them has gone to Earth. They have all been born right here on Earth. So yes, there can definitely be people on a planet where no one has gone before.
So if you want to meet new civilizations there are two options: (1) They come to you. (2) You go to an inhabited planet where no one else has gone before you (so no one has met them before).

But if you go to where no one has gone, then no one is there. So there is no new civilization to meet. If someone comes here, they did not go where no one was. There is sentient life here already.

@ ML31: You don’t seem to understand that “where no one has gone” is not the same as “where no one is”. You are mixing the two. No use in discussing this any further.

It phrase also means that if they go to a planet with sentient life they can only go to a part of the planet that is uninhabited

I do agree, however, that there is indeed no sense in discussing this any further.

Seriously? Christ.

Yeh, I’m like, ferfecksake!

Wow. Awesome Trekkie fight.

All this money could have made another movie.

It’s different people producing and different money. You might as well say that they could have made a new Star Trek movie instead of making Game of Thrones…

If those six episodes are half as good as the last two GoT I’ll be pretty happy.

And if not, you’ll complain.

Well, I’ll criticize it for sure. Why not? At least I’m not doing it before seeing the show, unlike so many here.

Exactly. If the show is not good we will say so. The same cannot be said for those digging their heels in already having not seen it. They will never admit they were wrong.

GOT has been smashing it out of the park recently. I’d be happy with a quarter as good!

isn’t Paramount & Bad Robot are making this for CBS All Access?

No. Neither has anything to do with this. Thankfully.

Two hours in a cinema as opposed to fifteen on TV and probably more series if it succeeds?

Also the capital to produce this was raised entirely from the proceeds of the deal with Netflix which was finalised even before production had started. So this money wouldn’t have existed anyway.

I don’t get this thinking? You now have 15 hours of Trek instead of two. For me, movies are great but for Star Trek, they dumb everything down and we just get cooler graphics. But the stories are best on TV. And did I not mention we get 15 of them as opposed to 1?

I guess for me, every time I heard what they spent on the latest Abrams movie, I just think how episodes they could’ve made with that and probably gone multiple seasons as well. A movie, you watch, then its over.

Trek is meant to be on TV. It simply works better in episodic form where you explore the characters more (whether serialized or not).

Yep. With a couple of exceptions, none of the films come within a light-year of the best of Trek on TV.

To me, Insurrection actually felt like an average fifth/sixth/seventh season TNG two-parter.

FLB.. I 2nd what you said. Even the normally reliable Jerry Goldsmith felt like he may have mailed it in a bit.

The influence of Stewart & Spiner coupled with the creative exhaustion of Berman gave us Insurrection. Bleh

Great promo…very well done!

That’s some rough-draft fanfic quality writing, or a rewrite of someone’s valedictorian speech. So far, I’m not impressed with any of the writing I’ve heard coming out of these actors’ mouth. It’s all shallow and dull-sounding so far, the kind of writing that can’t be saved by performance. I remain concerned but hopeful.

Though the reading was perfectly fine, myself.

Yeah, I actually really liked it!

I didn’t criticize the performance. The reading isn’t the problems. The words she is reading are the problem.

Very uninspired reading on that voice-over. I keep checking in here hoping something will inspire me to want to watch this but I am continually underwhelmed.

@Stanky M–

I can’t imagine that Discovery, with its modern sensibilities and long-form storytelling, will ever appeal to you. I mean this as an observation, not an insult–your skepticism about the Abrams reboots sadly turned out to be spot-on.

Have to agree on the reading, though I think part of it is that Burnham was raised by Vulcans and has picked up on their speaking style.

Love it! Very exciting. I wonder if this speech is our new “Space, the final frontier” opening speech?

I liked it too.

Already tired of this ‘all seeing eye’ thing.

Already tired of fannish complaints over stuff that doesn’t even mean all that much.

Already tired of the meaningless counter complaining from Captain Dunsel.

And I can’t believe it’s not butter!

Might as well get used to it. There’s going to be quite a lot, I think.

It should have been put on Netflix in the United States…Putting Discovery on CBS’s streaming service is a great way to alienate Star Trek’s biggest (United States) audience.

I just can’t get excited for this program as I refuse to pay a monthly fee to watch Discovery and a bunch of crappy CBS sitcoms. At least Netflix has some interesting programing.

Isn’t that horse dead yet? We get it, some people don’t want to pay for All Access, some people have no problem with it. CBS is within their rights to try this out in the USA to see if it’s viable, if it’s not, they’ll probably sell the US streaming rights to Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu. Then we’ll get complaints about whichever new service they’ve chosen. Can we just move on please and assume we know everyone’s position on this?

Really. We get it–CBS wants your money, and you don’t want to part with it. Why hijack the thread by complaining yet again? Maybe you’re right, but it’s not going to change.

Agreed Michael. Incessant spamming going on over the same thing. Its getting old.


Why do you and some others keep saying this.. ” if it’s not, they’ll probably sell the US streaming rights to Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu. ” That makes no sense whatsoever. If it fails CBS will most likely blame Trek for the failure and shelve TV Trek for another 15-20 years. Maybe longer.

Common sense. If Discovery doesnt attract the eyeballs to All Access that CBS expects but Netflix still wants it, then why wouldn’t license it? Just to be jerks?

You guys seem to think it would be great on Netflix but will fail on All Access, so your entire point supports the idea that CBS would be better to license the show to another platform.

I dont agree, because I understand what CBS is trying to do.

Except that has not been how CBS has been treating their property. They would not license it because they will still want to retain all the rights to the franchise down the line. If they had any intent to dish it off to someone else they would have done so. Supposedly some claim there were rumors Netflix has been wanting it.

I’ve never seen any post claiming that Trek would be great on Netflix and bad on AA. The only thing there is there are many people who would rather it be on Netflix, a service they are likely already getting, than on AA. A service with perhaps ONE thing to watch and would add yet another service to their growing list of paid for content providers. And it’s understandable why many might feel that way.

I dont think you understand how licensing works. Marvel retains rights to their properties that are licensed to Netflix.

If Netflix wanted rights to Star Trek that limited CBS’ options then sure, CBS can decline. But we can have that debate forever and play the “yeah but” or “if” game all day long.

Netflix wanted new original Star Trek content. The value of that desire is what made CBS decide to create a new series.

Content is king. If CBS didnt value Star Trek but Netflix did, CBS might very well have said sure, produce a new series. And CBS would absolutely have had their own people involved to preserve their interests. But Netflix’s desire made CBS realise the value in doing it themselves and leveraging it for their own streaming service.

The fact CBS, which is taking All Access global, still made the deal with Netflix for international distribution sort of kills your point. CBS gave up their own international option because it made the most business sense to do so.

No, I do understand how licensing works. Marvel isn’t CBS. Marvel doesn’t have lots of distribution options under their own umbrella. CBS does. It makes sense of Marvel to let Netflix handle some of their properties. CBS obviously didn’t want that with Star Trek. They wanted if for themselves. Even when they weren’t doing anything with it they wanted it for themselves. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for CBS to all of a sudden change their tune if AA flops. The international option to Netflix doesn’t kill my point in any way shape or form, BTW. There are many reasons why that happened. Legal, financial and technical.

Immmm did you just say Marvel doesn’t have distribution options? lol

Marvel is owned by Disney! lol

That is a fairly recent phenomenon. But it doesn’t give ABC the inside track to the Marvel-verse. Netflix has it’s deals too. Also, when Marvel started this they had to find others to distribute the films. Like Paramount for Iron Man, etc. Because you focused on that little bit I’m guessing that you are totally fine with what I said about how CBS has kept Trek close to the vest even when they weren’t doing anything with it.

Don’t move the goal posts. You didn’t realize Disney owned marvel. It’s okay to be wrong.

The fact Disney owns marvel and they make distributions deals with multiple networks, studios and platforms is a great counter point to your assertion that cbs would lock Trek away forever if All Access fails.

Coincidently Disney has also announced two streaming services and the removal of their content from Netflix.

Don’t make grand assumptions. I did indeed know about the Disney Marvel deal.

Another grand assumption which I already corrected you on but you ignored no one said anything about CBS locking Trek away “forever”. Blaming Trek for a failure is not the same thing. And it does not support or counter my assertion that CBS would still hold on to Trek should AA fails. It has nothing to do with it. The assertion comes from how CBS has already acted in regards to Trek.

How on Earth could you have known Disney owned Marvel and also state that Marvel didn’t have distribution options? Good grief. Disney is pretty big…owns lots of “distribution options”.

And as we all know, Marvel went outside their own family to make deals with Netflix. I think Marvel has plenty of distribution options.

As others have said, you keep embracing this “sky is falling” nonsense. Discovery hasnt even aired yet and you’re pushing the idea that CBS is making a big mistake, that it will fail and CBS will punish everyone by locking Star Trek away.

What do you base that on? Star Trek has rarely been “off the air” since the 80’s and a lot further back when you count films.

I’d be a lot more concerned if Discovery was a main network show. But the expectations CBS has for the series on All Access make me feel pretty confident.

This is Star Trek’s best chance to flourish in a long time. Its a great business model. Because Discovery will not have to generate a profit based on direct advertising. Their budget is a part of the broader strategy for All Access.

Because they didn’t when they started out. And even still Disney does not distribute all the Marvel properties anyway.

Marvel going to Netflix, which is not a part of the Marvel companies, shows they did not have or want to use what options they had.

Others meaning one other sock puppet. And you are both wrong. There has been no “sky us falling” nonsense. The only nonsense is you ignoring what was said and repeating the same “we all want it free” silliness that no one has ever spouted.

DSC hasn’t aired yet and you are saying streaming is the best possible business plan for Trek. You have nothing to base that on whatsoever apart from your personal preference for streaming. For the record, Trek has been off the air since 2005.

Correct, Disney does not distribute all of Marvel. Which goes to show you Marvel has a lot of options!

What sock puppet? What are you talking about?

Discovery hasnt even aired yet and you are saying streaming is a poor business model. You have nothing to base that on whatsoever apart from your personal preference for, ahem, disc rentals. lol

Then why would you state that Marvel had no distribution options if you knew it was owned by Disney?

I am sorry, but this made me laugh.
No matter what happens with Discovery, StarTrek isn’t going to be shelved for 20 years

Well Gary, it’s been 12 years since Enterprise went off the air. It’s not unreasonable a bigger perceived failure could lead to a longer absence.

20. 12. basically the same. lol

No one said it was the same thing. lol

Yeah, except for that very noticeable 8 year gap.

ML31 is always throwing around ‘the sky is falling scenarios’ over and over again. Yes now Star Trek is done on TV for two decades if it fails on AA. And as usual spins and backtracks his points because its all based on ‘what if’s’ but he argues about them as if they are facts. Its all doom and gloom with this guy because he hates AA that much.

They say a broken clock is correct twice a day. Some people here aren’t even that lucky.

That is one time you are correct. Some people here really aren’t that lucky. Ironic you would realize that.

*Sigh* – this site could use a report function so we can weed out people like this. Sorry guys, I’ve tried. He wont learn.

You aren’t trying hard enough. All you have to do is just read the posts thoroughly and reply to people with respect. Most others seem to do it.

Tiger, where exactly have I ever tossed around even one “sky is falling” scenario? Spinning and backtracking is your milieu. Not mine. All my “what if’s” are presented exactly as “what if’s” Not as if they have already happened. Don’t blame me because you are incapable of discerning the difference.

Again, I defy you to bring up one example of what you said. (chirp chirp). Exactly.

This flameware between ML31 and TUP ends now. You have been warned before so I should ban you both now but this is the final warning. You two have two choices
1. stop responding to each other in this or any other thread or
2. be banned

Thank you,

The management

@Anthony – thank you!

$5.99 a month. Life can be soooooo cruel, can it? I pay more for that in parking fees every day.

9.99 a month if, like most, you don’t choose to watch commercials. I’m already paying that for netflix. I do not choose to support CBS in their quest to get Netflix money for Murder She Wrote levels of content.

So you’re passing on new Trek content, even if it turns out to be fantastic, strictly as a matter of principle? As someone who can be pretty critical of late-stage consumer capitalism I guess I should find that admirable. (At the end of the day DSC, good or bad, is just one more product, which is usually how Moonves talks about it.). But as a Trek fan going on a half-century, it’s not a battle I’d choose to fight.

I love how Moonves called Trek CBS’s “family jewel” … I think he meant to say “crown jewel” but LOL

Fine, but will you guys stop moaning about it already? Seriously? People have known about this for nearly 2 years already. Its happening, if you don’t like it don’t get it, but the constant ‘I don’t want it because its not so and so/CBS are evil for having the nerve to make a streaming site” spiel.

Im with you Tiger. I dont get all the whining. We’ve heard you guys cry about it from day one. Get over it. If you cant afford it, so be it. If you are morally opposed, so be it. Just give it a rest already.

If this is such an alienation of the fandom and SO MANY fans are SO UPSET, guess what, by Week Two, Discovery will be cancelled. But I bet it isnt. lol

The reality is, these same people literally have a Magic 8 Ball of complaints and they keep rotating through them. Now its CBS is “late to the streaming party”. Goodness.

The fact is The Internet of Things is real. Streaming is not just the future its the present in many cases. Its amazing technology that can deliver incredible quality. Just watch 4K HDR on Netflix. Incredible.

CBS isnt a charity. Why would they give it away for free? And Netflix isnt free.

Complaining about streaming is basically an admission of not understanding CBS’ business model.

TUP, Discovery might not be cancelled by week two but if is as successful as I hope it will be, it might be renewed by then or at least the renewal talk will have begun by then.

@gary I agree. The fact they already extended it bodes well. Given the speed they renewed the good fight I would strongly suspect they already know it’s coming back barring a complete failure to atttact subs

They will wait for the appropriate time to announce the renewal. Probably very early on in it’s run.

@Tiger good luck man. The same 5 people won’t stop. Ever.

You mean the same 3 people won’t stop. Ever.

You could be right. It might only be 3 of you.

No. You are the one who can’t let anything slide. You are the one who started all this AGAIN. I just made a post days ago. You can’t let stuff go. You need to learn to do that.

ML, please stop. The mods have asked nicely. They do a great job here, please dont make them have to do the negative job of chasing people around over silly nonsense. I havent insulted you a single time since the mods asked us to back off. You have repeatedly.

Im not sure what else I can do to help you along here. I hate seeing anyone get turfed. Please stop. There is a lot of great discussion here that you can take part in in a mature manner. Lets do that, okay?


If this bugs you so much stop making it happen. You are acting like I am solely responsible here. All I did was make a post. It was you who made your snide and arrogant responses to it. My fault was engaging your silliness at that point. I’ve asked you to let it go. The mod has asked us to let it go. You have proved to be incapable of doing so. I can’t tell you how many of your baiting posts I’ve already ignored….

Please do us both a favor and stop your baiting. Please.

Al, Your attitude seems to be a common reaction. On other sites I read the same kind of thing. There are a few who are fine with the streaming only thing but more who are unhappy with it. The reason for this is because CBS is VERY late to the streaming party. People are already paying for multiple services and at this point seem to be reluctant to add even one more to the mix. It will probably be that way until someone decides to bundle a bunch of the streamers together in some sort of pay one fee kind of deal. Sort of like Cable but for streaming.

“There are a few who are fine with the streaming only thing but more who are unhappy with it. The reason for this is because CBS is VERY late to the streaming party. People are already paying for multiple services and at this point seem to be reluctant to add even one more to the mix.”

Announced today:

Uh, you were saying? This is what you and others are NOT getting. Companies like Netflix are on burrowed time because 90% of their library is someone else’s IP and as I been saying for literally a year now, only MORE studios and networks will create their own streaming site, especially when 100% of the revenue now goes to them and not just split with another company.

Trust me, this is only the beginning. In time there will be more companies getting the hint and making their own. Disney has been the biggest no-brainer to do considering how ridiculously big/popular their films and shows are. I have said people will gladly pay $9.99 (or more) to have access to that library from animated films, classic movies, Star Wars and Pixar. I would buy it for all animated shorts I grew up with alone. Netflix must be devastated by this. That site will look very different in 10 years time.

Now lets hear all the cries of how ‘evil’ and ‘late’ Disney is for having the nerve to make their own streaming site and even taking all their movies and shows off of Netflix to do it. Now they are forced to pay for another site to watch Rogue One. Life is tough. Can’t wait to hear all the whining over it.

So, instead of shelling out $150/month for cable, people can now shell out $150/month for streaming


Marja… That is essentially what I have been saying for over a year. Everything old is new again.

@Marja – yup, sounds about right. Those TV guys are pretty smart.

Well no BECAUSE unlike cable you are NOT forced to buy all of them at once. AND unlike cable you are not forced into a ridiculous 2 year deal. So if you find you can’t afford to keep them all you can cancel whatever you want at any time. This is WHY people are cutting cable in the first place, the lack of control.

With streaming sites, at least for now, you just have a lot more control. I imagine in a few years as the market mature there will be a lot of options and yes more restrictions. My guess is in time sites like Netflix may offer a one year membership where you save more money instead of month to month which Amazon has now. Or there will be bundle packages as ML31 mentioned.

But they can’t turn into cable for the same reasons people left cable in the first place. And people have to remember cable is that way because its basically one big licensing deal between all those channels and suppliers. Its a bit different now but for channels to survive there had to be a guarantee that people can’t just cancel them whenever they wanted and we know if it was up to us, literally hundreds of those channels would probably be gone.

At least with streaming you know EXACTLY what you’re getting before you get it. You know if you’re not happy you can get rid of it. And what I like about things like Disney and AA is that the content will always be there because they own it. There is no guarantee of that with places like Netflix and obviously cable outside of the properties they own.

For the record I love having cable. I prefer to watch that over streaming in fact. But what I DO hate about it is as you said the high price that comes with it and knowing I’m paying so much for 500 channels when in reality I might watch maybe 10% of those. And out of that only 30% I watch on a regular basis like CNN, AMC, HBO etc. It just comes down to lack of options when the fact is we have WAY more TV than we really need these days. At least with streaming you get tons of content but you can essentially get the top stuff through 5 ‘channels’ as oppose to cable where its spread out everywhere.

Its really a closer-knit relationship between the consumer and the studio. No middle man. Netflix is fiercely protective of its information because its so valuable.

When Netflix and Amazon approached CBS about licensing a new Star Trek series, that told CBS all it needed to know.

Yeah Tiger. They are going to have a tough time, too. But what I have been saying for over a year is still right on track. The only way all those streaming services have a shot of all surviving is if they all get bundled together in a cable for streamers sort of thing. Individually many will fail. It’s so amazingly obviously predictable.

LOL sure man. All your whats ifs are predictable. Well here’s my prediction: Streaming sites will only grow bigger in time as technology only grows and improves. YOu’re not whining over all the smart phone options out there, thats what this is, options. Sure they won’t ALL succeed but the fact is there are going to be many out there as like everything is in America: choice.

Look how many channels are on TV. How many movie theaters there are. How many radio stations you can find. This idea that only 2 or 3 streaming channels can survive is absurd because you seem to think everyone is going to all get the same ones. It will be like everything is now, yeah some may dominate but people will pick and choose as the services just get better. This odd monopoly people believe should be there is weird and certainly not American when the opposite is always true and that is more join the fray in time.

For ME this is a positive because it gives the consumers choices, drives down prices and yes keep everyone on their toes. So yes some will fail but hopefully just the bad ones. But even then most of these will go for years regardless. The fact that one hasn’t closed up shop yet says it all. As more enter that may happen at some point but right now the market is wide open.

And sure in time there will probably be some kind of bundle packages but that can ONLY happen if we have more than two to dominate the market.

Yup, Tiger. Its really simple and easy to grasp. More choices for consumers. One big complaint for cable companies was being forced to take channels you didn’t want or being forced to pay for a group of channels to get the one you wanted.

Up here, they changed the law to force cable to offer pick and pay. More choice.

Streaming is the ultimate “more choice” option for consumers. And when the smoke clears, the services that offer the best programming at the best price is likely to win. It means content becomes really important, especially quality.

And while an expensive show like a Star Wars live action or Star Trek are hard to justify under the old model of commercial founded, they make sense as investments to support the subscriber base.

This is exciting news. Perhaps some won’t love it. But there was a time when we didn’t have VCR’s…or Blu Ray Players…or Netflix…or Smart Phones…or iPads. The people that complain about new tech invariably look silly.

Yes exactly!

I don’t get how this weird view you can only have a few streaming sites and call it a day? When does that ever happen in American industries? No one said you have to get ALL of them lol. If you only want or can afford 2 or 3, well just stick to 2 or 3. Its so bizarre as if people think they are being forced to get all of them or something. Uh, no, ALL it means is you now have more options to choose the better ones. I get this whole argument is over Discovery not being on the site ‘that they own’ but for god sakes do people think EVERY show is going to end up on the one they already own??? I don’t even understand this argument.

Should I be upset with Disney for putting their Marvel shows on Netflix if I own Amazon? Should I be upset with them for putting their Marvel shows on FOUR different networks/platforms: ABC, Freeform, Hulu and Netflix when they could’ve put it all on one place at least? And they don’t even OWN Netflix or Hulu, how come no one is whining about that? Oh right, because most people have those I guess. At least you can argue as a Star Trek fan ALL the shows are now on AA. Of course in two years maybe people can say the same about Disney content as well ;).

But yes for ME I think competition is only a plus, not a minus. Competition is what drives away monopolies. And yes competition WORKS! Look at Netflix and Amazon as an example. Amazon use to charge only a year membership, but it changed to monthly because guess what thats what Netflix does so it had to find a way to make their service more compelling by not forcing people into year long contracts (but that option is still there if you want it).

And on the other end, Netflix made an addition to its service by offering offline downloads of their shows and films recently. Why, because Amazon did that first and it was an instant success so now Netflix is offering the same thing.

These are just small examples but it proves how having healthy competition keeps all companies finding ways to finding/retaining customers. The more that enters the more everyone will have to do to keep the quality up and a reason for buying every month. And now that the head honcho Disney is joining the fray in a few years they now have to get even more competitive to slay the dragon. Who can resist having all Marvel and Star Wars movies at their fingertips anywhere they go? And yes, imagine if they announced a Star Wars TV show for their shiny new site. The internet will lose its mind lol. Its going to be interesting!

Tiger, Nobody is complaining about smart phones because it is NOT the same thing. It’s not even close. This is the 2nd time you made that comparison. And the 2nd time it has been debunked.

Please pay attention to what you are responding to. I didn’t say only two or three would survive. I gave the scenario where the most will survive. Nobody said anything about streaming becoming a monopoly. You pulled that out of thin air. But now that you mention it, it does seem likely that some streamers will get bought out by larger ones. Just like what happens to tech startups and other businesses.

The fact that no streamer has closed up shop yet tells you nothing. It’s far too soon to draw any kind of long term conclusion. The tech is still at toddler stage.

Hey, Murder She Wrote was on the air for 13 seasons.
Don’t knock successful shows because you are mad at CBS.

Voodoo, It really should have been on one of CBS’s many cable channels. (Even, ugh, Showtime) And THEN made available to stream live on their AA site commercial free for a fee. That would be the win win for everyone. Show is available to more people. CBS gets a 2nd revenue stream. People who love streaming can still stream it to their puny screens. But it’s not and we are forced to deal with CBS’s poor foresight and repeat of history.

And for the record, CBSAA as of this date is STILL not available on Smart TV’s.

It is with a device that allows you to stream on Smart TV’s.

According to CBSAA themselves on their own website they are currently NOT available on Smart TV’s. Seems they have just over a month to rectify this oversight.

It is with a device that allows you to stream on Smart TV’s.

However, i strongly suspect that Les Moonves isnt sitting in his office laughing maniacally about screwing people out of a direct Smart TV app as some seem to think.

This is advanced technology and takes time. They know the value of making it easy to watch. You’ve complained about this before but you have stated you wont watch it anyway so its moot.

But for everyone else, if you look at the history of streaming platforms, the smart TV app comes along in time. Many people here can explain how to watch it using other devices or lap tops plugged into your TV.

I watch New Japan world by plugging my lap top into my TV and surround sound. Crystal Clear video and wonderful audio. ZERO buffering. And to be fair, I whined to myself about it…until I spent about 2-3 minutes setting it up and then invited friends over because I was proud of how simple it was and how good it worked.

WWE Network, which uses MLB Advanced Media (an industry leader) did not launch with a smart TV app. Now it is a featured app on many platforms.

Netflix really benefited from the deals they made to include their branding on smart DVD players.

So, we can complain about this forever or we can wait til they create the app. Or, if people want, they can plug their lap top into their TV. Its as simple as plugging it into their wall.

I repeat… CBSAA’s very own website tells us how it is NOT available on Smart TV’s. This sort of thing is hardly advanced technology. Both my TV and older disc player came with lots of apps. Including ones for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and a bunch of services I never heard of. If one is launching a streaming service in today’s world (not the world of 5 years ago) they would do it making their service as widely available as the current technology allows. CBS is not doing this. (as of this writing).

I have indeed connected my laptop to my TV. It works but there are also certain limitations. It is pretty straight forward but it is hardly the same as plugging a plug into a wall. Not even close. There are a number of setting that have to be changed for that set up. I can do it but I find it a major hassle. That is also a hoop that I find unreasonable of CBS to expect their customers to jump through.

It really is feeling like CBS did not fully think the delivery of their product through when they announced this. It’s almost as they thought, “look at all those streaming services out there. We need to get a peice of that and do it as fast and as shoddy as possible!” Yes, I know they didn’t literally say that but the way this thing is rolling out it sure looks like they could have.

No, what CBS is telling you is they don’t have a Smart TV App. Nothing precludes you from doing what I and others have stated and hook up a device or lap top to view it

Again, it is not uncommon for new streaming services to have tv apps. I don’t know why. I can assume its related to the technology involved.

I guess its possible Moonves just wants to drive you nuts. but I suspect he knows and wants to make it a good experience.

Either way, feel free to watch it on your computer or not at all. I like Outback Steakhouse but they don’t have one in my city. I don’t complain incessantly about it. If I want Outback I go there when Im out of town. Meh

The fact that they don’t have it available to be directly available to smart TV’s is the point that I am making and the fact that you are glossing over. Asking people to jump through extra hoops is hardly a sound business practice.

It seems to be quite common for new streaming services to have streaming apps. This is not some sort of advanced technology. Even oddball streaming services no one has ever heard of have streaming apps on smart TV’s and even disc players. In today’s world it is foolish to start a streaming TV service without easy access to, you know, TV’s.

Boo hoo. Go to Outback and offer to start up a franchise in your city if you like it that much. Or move to where there is one. You have options. Stop bringing up worthless complaints in a Star Trek thread that have nothing to do with Star Trek.

Why don’t you offer to finance and produce a Trek series?

Stop being so rude and immature. This site needs a report function for people like you.

Do you realize that you are behaving in the exact fashion you accuse others of or are you oblivious to it?

I made a point of saying I enjoyed Outback so you snarkly told me to open my own. If thats the reasonable reaction, is it not reasonable for you to produce your own Star Trek show then?

Works both ways, pal. Be nice and people will be nice to you.

Regardless, CBS supports Roku. So the idea you cannot watch it on your TV is 100% FALSE.

Do you need to buy a device? Yes.

Then again, for me to watch it on my TV in Canada, I need a device as well. Its called a cable box.

Again, stop moving the goal posts. You have said you will not pay for All Access so its availability on TV is moot.

You can watch it on TV. You choose not to.

Also, if you want to claim what CBS website reads, dont be disingenuous and ignore that their own site explains Roku.

CBSAA is available on Roku devices…

Shhhhhh some people don’t want to let facts get in the way of the fake news.

So what CBS says on their own website about their own product’s shortcomings is “fake news”?

No, they are saying they do not have a Smart TV app. That is true.

But when someone tells you that you can watch it via Roku, and you chime in that you cant, that is fake. because its not true.

New Japan does not have a smart TV app either. But oddly, I watched an event on my TV. Took me 30 seconds to plug my laptop into my TV.

Both can be true.

Great. They still don’t have a smart TV app. And they are still saying on their own site they aren’t available on smart TV’s.

If they dont have a Smart TV app then its very fair of them to report on their website that they arent available on smart TVs.

Which ofcourse doesnt preclude you from watching it on TV.

Stop pushing this weird obsession with Showtime which you dont watch anyway.

Showtime does have its own OTT service. You’d have to ask CBS why they decided to push All Access rather then Showtime. I suspect it has to do with licensing and the marketing of the CBS brand.

Also, Showtime OTT is available on Smart Tv’s via Roku and a TV app. One would assume All Access will as well.

I do wonder if the future will bring us a merging of streaming services. For example, if All Access is a success, might CBS roll Showtime OTT into All Access or would they maintain separate services with different catalogs?

What obsession are you talking about? My one and only mention of Showtime has been that it would be the best outlet for Trek if CBS really was interested in making the most money off of Trek. How is that obsessive?

Showtime does indeed have a streaming serive. A couple of different types, actually. If you read my original post (you have a tendency to respond without reading what you are responding to) you would have seen that. We know why Trek went to AA rather than Showtime. It wasn’t for Trek’s benefit. It was for AA’s.

I haven’t looked for a Showtime TV app. But it doesn’t matter if they have one or not here. AA does not. So that assumption would be a poor one.

It is not unreasonable to see someone like Comcast or some cable provider to reach deals with multiple streamers and bundle their services together. It will likley be the only way many will ultimatly survive. This has been said already, too.

If you had CBS All Access but not Netflix would you have the same complaint about, say, Orange is the New Black?

I wonder how many people whined when HBO aired The Sopranos instead of giving it away for free (to be fair, I was lucky because in Canada, CTV aired the Sopranos uncut in prime time as counter programming to the Olympics but once I saw it for “free”, I never whined…I subscribed to HBO!).

There is no alienation going on. If you cant afford All Access, no problem. Dont watch. Im sure some people cant afford HBO and are sad they dont get to watch Game of Thrones which draws monster ratings.

The failure to understand or appreciate what CBS is doing is not a failure of the concept.

“Game of Thrones” is the most popular bit-torrent [illegaly downloaded] program out there. GoT producers/showrunners brag about it!

In fact, the highest rated episode this season was the most recent, AFTER the episode was stolen and released online by hackers.

Its been shown that series’ that are highly sought out in any regard continue to do well.

The ratings for GoT are really unbelievable. The percentage of HBO subs that watch is mind boggling.

You realize that the price to watch Discovery is about ten dollars cheaper than the price of your average movie ticket in the United States, right?

Well, at least they were honest this time. They couldn’t say ”where no one has gone before” since they’re essentially going where everyone has gone in the past decade or so. CBS won’t likely be breaking new ground here, but essentially try to cash in on the stream train.

BTW, Akiva Goldsman’s resume is getting ripped (and deservedly so) in a new article on the A.V. Club. Worth a read. Or maybe not:–259059

Though they do mention that when he sticks to producing, rather than writing, his results are better. Fringe was a very good show, IMO. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

Case in point: Damon Lindelof. Alternates between horrific stuff in movies (Prometheus, anyone? Bueller?) and terrific stuff on TV (The Leftovers, although that is admittedly an adaptaion of Tom Perrotta’s novel).

Some guys are better at coming up with big ideas but not so good at the details. Some guys are better at the details when its someone else’s big idea. No shame in being either one of those especially if you know it and work within your strengths.

As much as I criticise Bob orci, I think he’s probably a really good big idea guy. He’s just not a very good writer.

While I like the promos I hope they expand them to include more characters from the show. While I understand the attention focused on Burnham I feel like others in the main cast have not gotten as much attention. I know some of that is them believing that Lt. Saru will be the “Spock” of the show. However It never hurts to vary it up a little bit. Then again maybe they will be released tomorrow and these comments will have been for nothing.

At this pooint, I could understand if the whole thing *did* turn into an anthology with Burnham as the main thread (or Sarek?).

I that flaming planet is Qo’noS then I’m sayin’ No thanks I wont be watchin’.

I find this offensive, we all know this series is a static war story- all one story spread over 15 chapters, no exploration, no adventure just gritty war propaganda
They are using this promotion, exploiting the brands history to sell something else.

How do you know, have you seen all 15 episodes?

this show will boldly go…right into the realm of cancellation.

I want it now.