‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Bits: Free Month Of All Access, New Character GIFs, Sarek Family Photo And More

There are a few bits of Star Trek: Discovery news from the week to catch up on, starting with CBS offering a free month for Star Trek fans to acclimate to All Access. There’s also new character animations, a fun fan-made piece of Discovery-themed TAS art, and some sites that feel Discovery needs to solve all the world’s problems.

CBS All Access free month offer

Star Trek: Discovery arrives on September 24th. In the USA the first part of the pilot will air on the CBS Television Network. The series premiere will also be available on-demand on CBS All Access and the second episode of the series will be available exclusively on the service that same night immediately following the broadcast premiere. The rest of the series will be available weekly only on the CBS All Access streaming service. For many fans this will be a new experience and so to get you ready, CBS is offering a limited time free month of All Access leading up to the premiere.

You can check out CBS All Access on various devices and review episodes from the Star Trek library (all of which are part of CBS All Access). To get the free month: Click HERE to Sign up for CBS All Access using code STARTREKSALE by 8/18.

More character animations

Earlier in the week we showed off three character animations CBS has released on social media. Since then they have filled out the crew with animations for Michael Burnham, Capt. Georgiou, Capt. Lorca, Lt. Saru and Lt. Stamets.

Captain Philippa Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou. Stream #startrekdiscovery starting Sept. 24 on CBS All Access.

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First Officer Michael Burnham. Stream #StarTrekDiscovery starting Sept. 24 on CBS All Access.

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Lieutenant Saru, Kelpien and Starfleet Science Officer. Stream #StarTrekDiscovery starting September 24 on #CBSAllAccess!

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Captain Gabriel Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery. Stream #StarTrekDiscovery starting September 24 on #CBSAllAccess!

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Discovery Tweet of the week: Sarek family photo re-imagined

Star Trek author Dayton Ward found this bit of fan art on the Interwebs featuring a re-imagined Sarek family from when Star Trek: The Animated Series flashed back to young Spock’s childhood. Now included is a young Michael Burnham (taken in by Sarek) and Sybok too.

How much can Discovery do?

There are a lot of expectations for Star Trek: Discovery. It is the first Trek TV series in 15 years and it is trying to cater to the fanbase while fitting in with premium peak TV marketplace and bring in a new audience to the CBS All Access streaming service. So, no pressure right? Well there are some who have some additional ideas for a to-do list for Discovery. We have already reported before on how New York Magazine feels Discovery has to take on hot-button issues of the day. This week more outlets are adding things they feel Discovery must do.

Yahoo UK offers up “Why Star Trek: Discovery must deal with the legacy of Janice Rand.” which includes this:

Star Trek’s treatment of Janice Rand is fundamentally at odds with the utopian idealism that is so often sold as the franchise’s main virtue. For Star Trek: Discovery to now make attempts at returning to that 60s utopianism, it must by the same virtue address the legacy of Janice Rand within the narrative.

And Tor.com argues “Star Trek: Discovery Should Recommit to the Idea of ‘Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations’” and they offer up a number of areas Discovery must address, including disabilities, all aspects of LGBT issues, current affairs, faith, prejudice and more. Here are a few examples:

Where are the asexuals in Trek? The trans and non-binary folks? Intersex people? What about the people who practice polyamory?


Accessibility would be built into starship design, considerations made in prepping for away missions, text rendered in different fonts for officers with dyslexia, and so forth.

Sure it would be great if Discovery can address shortcomings of past Trek shows and also reset the bar for showing an inclusive future humanity. But maybe to start with, let’s just hope it is fun, thoughtful entertainment that feels like Star Trek. Then maybe later they can deal with Janice Rand and dyslexia and more.

Six weeks to go

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.


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oh, for Pete’s sake. Its a TV show.

“Accessibility would be built into starship design, considerations made in prepping for away missions, text rendered in different fonts for officers with dyslexia, and so forth.”

Hmm, never been an issue in Star Trek before. I would assume they’d develop some kind of brain surgery or therapy for dyslexia by then. Maybe secret genetic engineering for it, like with Bashir. Anyway, those sort of scenarios make for more interesting storytelling than… fonts.

You might (?) feel differently if you were dyslexic?

My point, in case you missed it, is wouldn’t a story about a dyslexic person deciding whether or not to undergo brain surgery hold greater possibility for drama than a corrective font?

Am I reading this correctly?
The free trial for Star Trek fans ends before the show begins?

That’s the way I read it. If they have confidence in the show, they should give us the free month AFTER the premier. If it’s good, we’ll be hooked, and then pay up.

@naHQun- Begin computations for time warp! If we start now, we might’ve gotten done by then. ;)

@naHQun — on my Smart TV’s All Access app, I have a free month trial of limited commercial streaming now, which has been available since I downloaded the app back in March. Unless CBS takes that away, I’m planning to take advantage of that come September 24th.

Right. A free month of content I don’t care about isn’t going to persuade me. I’m only interested in Discovery. Nothing else CBS has to offer is of the slightest interest to me.

@Al — well if you want the best deal, and don’t have to get it on opening day, you’ll wait two months into the run to sign up for one month only and watch all 15 episodes over that month, then cancel. That will be better than one free month, it’ll basically be two free months, and you’ll be able to watch at your pace and schedule. Life is full of choices.

Except, the way I understood from something I’ve read, CBSAA is splitting DISC S1 into two segments, seven or so in the first round, and months later, the remaining episodes.

If anyone knows differently, let me know. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t bet we can “put one over” on CBSAA.

No, you are correct. Skipping the holidays if I recall.

Its sort of a new marketing thing. The Walking Dead does it too. So you get all the first run episodes building to a “mid season finale” that does big numbers. And then all the hype for the Mid-season premiere.

I like it better than the old days. When I was a kid it seemed there was no rhyme or reason to how they did repeats. You’d get a few new episodes, a repeat or two, more new, extended repeats etc.

@Marja — then wait until after the holidays. There’s no “putting one over” on CBSAA, because whatever cost cutting choice one makes, they give up something. In this example, they give up seeing it when the majority of fans do, and not being able to discuss it, or getting the first run experience ruined by spoilers waiting to binge it. Or merely squeezing 15 hours of additional TV into ones life within a month …

Cadet, it is my understanding that the free month is only good BEFORE the Discoery premiere. After that, the offer goes away. If I’m wrong, then it would be wise for people to just wait until the show is nearing the end of its run and get their free month. Am I I reading this right?

@ML31 — most every streaming service has a free month option when the customer initially signs up. CBSAA has offered me that option since March. That is unlikely to change after DISC starts. This article is about a specific promo CBS is offering to entice those planning to sign up, to get started now. It most likely offers something the standard free month trial does not, which is that of being commercial free, which may encourage those planning to sign up to keep the more expensive commercial free option.

Cadet, I was under the impression that CBSAA was offering one week free. And that was for anytime. Now comes this one month thing that apparently does not spill over into the time Discovery is available. I kinda get the idea of “check us out before the thing you really want is here”. But the fact is, if there really is content that CBS thinks is good enough to get people to stay signed up they will see it when they sign up in September for Trek.

The more I think about this the more I think this is just a maneuver to get the percentage of people who forget to turn the service off. Personally, I really don’t want to be troubled with turning the service off. So when I get such offers I always turn the table on the. “I’ll take your free month but when the month is over I want you to automatically turn it off. If your service is as great as you are saying then I will WANT to make the effort to keep it going. Only once has an organization took me up on it. Some 9 years ago a TV provider I started offered me free Showtime. I told them to turn it off after the year was up and I’ll take it. To my surprise, they DID! After the year was up Showtime vanished. No great loss. Even when it was free I never looked at anything on it.

If the free month expires before Discovery airs its clearly a targeted ploy to attract those Trek fans who are interested but expressing a feeling that All Access doesnt offer enough value.

CBS is saying “then take a look”. If those people decide there still isnt value, nothing was lost. if any of them decide they enjoy it, then they have gained some subs.

And Im sure they feel some people will sign up for the free month and either forget to cancel or will decide to just extent “for one more month” to watch Star Trek.

The rise of Netflix was on the back of the free month. I dont blame CBS for not giving Star Trek away though. They seem to feel there is nothing gained by that. But at a time BEFORE a new series launches, there is nothing lost in providing free previews.

Another great move by CBS.

Then this isnt aimed at you. And its not aimed at the people who want to watch but wont pay. If you’re not going to pay, then they arent going to give it to you for free.

Its for people who are reluctant to pay because they dont feel there is value in CBSAA. CBS is saying “we feel there is value so check it out for free before Discovery launches and if you like it, you’ll want to subscribe”.

Makes sense. They are addressing people who say “there is nothing worth watching other than Star Trek”.

This isnt for fans of the Good Fight to see if they like Trek. You either like Trek and will subscribe or you like Trek and dont feel there is value in subscribing or you dont like Trek.

They are saying, check out our service before you decide either way.

I was banking the free trial on my ps4 I’ve had sitting there to watch at least some of the series before deciding on whether I want to keep it. But if CBS yanks the offer I may reconsider and just wait for a blu ray release.

By the 23rd century there won’t be all those genetic malfunctions anymore.

Eugenics much?

Julian Bashir much?

They keep making sound like the first half of the pilot will only show on the network and not be put on the streaming service along with the other episodes. Somebody tell me I’m reading that wrong.

Both halves will be up on CBS-AA after the first part airs.

The first episode of Discovery will be broadcast on Sunday, September 24th at 8:30pm ET/PT (7:30 CT) on the CBS Television Network. Both it and the second episode will be made available on CBS All Access at 9:30pm.

Wait, so people on All Access don’t get the pilot at the same time as the broadcast folks?!
If I’m paying to watch it, I expect to watch it with everyone else.

Relooking at the press release, part 1 goes up simultaneously with broadcast:

“The series premiere will also be available on-demand on CBS All Access and the second episode of the series will be available on the service that same night immediately following the broadcast premiere.”


Arent us Canadians getting the second episode before you fine folks in the US?

Sorry folks, the wording was a little unclear, I updated the info. To the best of our knowledge yes Part 1 of the premiere will be up on CBS-AA simultaneously with the broadcast.

I hope so! I have the commercial free version of CBS-AA, so I can watch both parts uninterrupted!

That should be correct. And depending on where you live, you may get it on the app before it premieres on TV. When “The Good Fight” premiered, I know it was up on CBS-AA before it was shown on TV here on the West

I was half expecting Lt. Stamets to point a mushroom…

Wait wait wait… AA is offering a free month BEFORE Discoervy is shown? What good is that? A few potential customers might get it, but see that there is nearly nothing worth looking at available and quit before their tent pole show ever is available to them. Smart move, cbs.

They do foolish things like this but still nothing on making it available for Smar TV’s which aabsolutely has the potential to wring in new subscribers far better than giving people a month of next to nothing.

It would be really challenging to tackle issues of today with a serialized series; many of those issues would just be subplots that wouldn’t get the attention they deserve. Episodic TV is very good for that sort of storytelling, but I would be surprised if this show was able to execute it.

So you can’t binge watch the whole series? I’ll still have to wait weekly for new episodes?

Like back in the good old days

You will probably be able to binge watch the whole series once all the episodes are out, but not at first.

Months ago they said that only certain episodes would be up at any given time, so that would suggest they don’t want the binge option for viewers, and probably want subscribers who will actually be there for 15 weeks or so instead of just a couple.

@kmart — that’s probably a good point. Of course, the problem with that is if the series gets a lot of buzz the first month, and there’s a surge in interest for the second and/or third month, it creates the problem in which audiences can’t start at the beginning of what is being described as a serialized story, and therefore might actually cause people to drop off because they can’t follow it. I would think the previous months episodes would be available in any event, to allow audiences to catch up — though that still presents a problem with the third month as new viewers would still have to pick up in the middle. Given how little advertising is going on, I fully expect most viewers to find out about DISC after the fact, and will likely binge it over the holidays during the one-month free trial. If CBS is trying to circumvent that however, it’s going to create problems with subscribers who expect to be able to re-watch the series after the final episode. Perhaps CBSAA will limit access with the basic commercial plan, but allow complete access with the more expensive commercial-free plan, to offset the chance of binge watchers joining for only a month.

It wouldn’t work for a host of reasons, one you just pointed out but two because people will be signing up to AA for months and years on end. People seem to think everyone will just sign up the for 6 months or something. A lot of people will be signing up years later when Discovery (hopefully) is several seasons in. Thats the entire point of these streaming sites popularity: the fact you can now watch a show you never saw from the beginning and get caught up in a matter of days or weeks.

This weird idea CBS would be holding back episodes makes no sens because they WANT you to come back as often as possible. Sure, when a new season is rolling out people expect to wait to watch new episodes and even that people have been spoiled thanks to Netflix and Amazon when they drop entire seasons in one day.

But then to WAIT for episodes that have already aired? That just won’t fly in today’s media environment. Again the entire point of having a streaming service is that you can watch everything in its entirety once you click on it. It would defeat the purpose and CBS would lose a LOT of new members that way. They certainly would lose me.

I see some people are critical of CBS for making decisions in their interests as a business.

Ofcourse, what Netfluix has taught us is its not that people want to binge shows. its that they want the freedom to watch when they want to.

I would think they will have to make some careful decisions.

It would be unusual for Netflix to not keep the already-aired episodes up for binging later. So it stands to reason CBS would do the same.

They MIGHT try to screw around a bit about removing some but I dont see the point in that. Especially if the show is a hit. Being able to binge the first half of the “critically acclaimed new Star Trek series” would be a marketing ploy to get people to subscribe in time for the second half. Not making those episodes available makes little sense.

This does present a catch-22. Cbs wants to force people to subscribe for multiple months especially considering the mid season break as if it is a regular network show and not a streamed one. That just is totally designed to retain subscribers who would drop when their show is over. But many (not sure of the exact demographics of this) prefer the binge option. But they would be more likely to get just one month. Cbs doesn’t want that. Perhaps their research shows there aren’t as many binge watchers as some might think? We shall soon see exactly what transpires.

@ML31 — FULLER HOUSE on Netflix is one such show that airs new episodes weekly, rather than putting them up all at once. it just depends on the show and what Netflix is trying to accomplish with it. But once Thure up, they’re up. That’s why I don’t really expect CBS to limit access to shows which have broadcast already, which means if someone wants to put off watching the show for 4-5 months, they most likely will be able to binge all of it for free in the final month. But then, they’ve had to wait to see it. CBSAA needs subscribers upfront, so there’s little to care about someone who’s going to deny themselves the episodes until the end, risking spoilers and not being part of the conversation, by waiting until the end to binge it all at once.

Did Fuller House have a mid season break too? Anyway, it might be that some of this speculation comes from how CBS has ran their streaming before. If you have AA then you can stream all their shows, including episodes from some ago at all times. If you were not a subscriber, the shows they just aired were available for streaming, but only something like the last 4 or so. With that in mind it would seem reasonable that CBS would not change their current AA model just for Trek. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.


And I say this over and over again: BOTH AA shows are fully up. To try and keep episodes off to try and get someone to subscribe a bit longer is just silly when all it will do is alienate anyone who is new and haven’t watched the show. That system just couldn’t work, especially past the first season.

When and where did they ever say that? Please put up a link. I have AA now, both Big Brother and The Good Fight seasons are completely up and AA exclusives. I have said this over and over again, you can NOT expect to get new viewers all year if you can’t watch the early episodes of whatever show you signed up for. This wouldn’t work for many reasons, mostly because they are now in a very competitive environment and you can’t hold back episodes when places like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix has everything up all the time.

These promos still seem to be focused only on a few select characters. Which makes no sense to me. After all we already have quite a bit of info about Burnham, Saru and even Staments. I would prefer to get some info on the rest of the cast as it helps to piece together the bigger picture.

I also agree with the author of this piece that all of these stories about what Discovery needs to have done before the show airs is a bit much. Why doesn’t everyone wait until the show airs before it starts sending out memos about all that it needs to fix? After it airs then by all means start sending in changes. Until then give it a chance. It may already have the things you want in it and you just don’t know it because it hasn’t been advertised.

I’m guessing that half the characters we have been introduced to so far will be dead by the end of the pilot episode. So maybe there’s no reason for us to get attached to them, maybe? *shrugs*

They seem to be releasing one every day or other day. With seven weeks to go, I’m sure we’ll be getting more of these. They made at least a dozen of the eye/delta posters

The Tor.com excerpts imply they think Discovery needs to be Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” crossed with Star Trek. (Discovery already being the first Trek series where diversity is now mandatory rather than groundbreaking to various degrees.)

While Harrison Bergeron may prove to be the blueprint for the social justice warrior’s ideal vision of the future (dystopia for the rest of us)- Star Trek wasn’t about being inclusive in the Bergeron sense – quite the opposite it was about the best and brightest people being in a military organization doing scientific exploration. Not everyone qualifies for starfleet. Star Trek as a show merely being an entertaining goalpost on TV for what society could achieve someday.

So reductio ad absurdum – it will be a really sad day when another Trek series gets made…this time with near sighted morbidly obese redshirts that always survive lest any particular group be offended.

Those lists of what Discovery “needs” to accomplish are just written by Social Justice Warriors. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Star Trek, in all its incarnations, is crews of “Social Justice Warriors” in space. Haven’t you watched the show? I <3 SJWs :)

It must also represent the hillbillies and rednecks and address their grievances. As well as those dudes that live in vans down by the river. Otherwise it’s not diverse enough.

That’s not what young Sybok looked like. Sorry.

It’d be cool if this young officer as a teen had the hots … for SYBOK! You know, committed idealist bearded dude attracts the chicks …

That’s it, that’s the solution: “Yesteryear” gets another digitally remastered re-issue, but this time including digital retcons, like Burnham standing around in the background in a couple of scenes and Sybok shuffling past the “camera” in one shot — the George Lucas school of retconning, you know.

If Discovery ends up being simply MSNBC-in-Space it will fail horribly. The show, and the CBS platform, can not survive solely on viewers in NYC and on the west coast. It’ll have to appeal to normal Americans who just want to escape in a well written well produced science fiction show as well.

Who are these “normal” Americans you refer to? California and New York are as American as it gets. Did you mean depressed small-town America that everyone who can moves away from? The states that depend on California and New York for federal tax money that they need because they take in vastly more than they pay because they don’t have vibrant economies and can’t anchor people with prospects and abilities to stay? And, BTW, Discovery is 100% paid for by Netflix for international audiences… so factually it doesn’t matter if “normal Americans” even watch it as the production budget is international funded and not by CBS. Also, the show is made in Canada, so there’s that. Get over yourselves, Americans. You are 5% of the global population and when the show cats people of color (the majority of humanity) and women (at almost 51% of the population, also the majority of humanity) you whine about the horrors of diversity. No wonder your people are caring confederate flags and running down people in the streets. As your president would tweet, SAD!

@Luke M, What I would have said. Except I’m American ;-)

@Mr. Wadsworth — I thought TNG was already MSNBC in space. Regardless, you’d better look at that electoral map again … many of the so-called red states were won with a slim majority, meaning about half the state sides with the other side, and that doesn’t even include those who didn’t vote. So even if DISC turns out to confirm your worst fears, it’s likely going to have broad support across the entire United States, not just your stereotyped ideas of the coastal population centers.

@Mr. Wadsworth if you don’t like America you’re free to leave.

MacMan48m what a wonderful idea! I married a Mexican guy and left long ago. Before that I lived in Quebec for years. Do I miss uneducated, mono-lingual people who support bombing countries most of them can’t even find on a map? The endless wars they start? Nope. Do I miss the trailer park types that argues about giving healthcare to kids and grandmas cancer like every other developed country in the world all the while spending over 50% of their taxes on the military killing machine, that, despite their chanting “USA number one!,” is the only thing they are actually number one at? Nope. Americans are insecure, angry, ignorant people paired with an arrogance that is unearned and undeserved. Just look at the racist, anti-science thing they elected their president. He’s a tacky casino builder, wrestling show and reality show joke. He was caught on tape confessing to sexually assaulting women by grabbing their ***** and they still voted for him. What does that say about them? Glad to be as far away from them as possible. So yes, smart people – the new moving out of your redneck cow town to the city or coast – is simply moving out and way from the dilapidated trailer park that is the USA. :) Also, what place does dull-witted nationalism have on a site that is about a post nation-state future where we’ve outgrown the childish kind of division that telling people “America, love it or leave it” entails? I suggest you watch Q’s monologue from the very first episode of TNG called “Encounter at Farpoint.” Listen to Picard’s response in which he referred to Q mocking humanity by wearing a US military uniform talking about “patriotism” – Picard called that way of thinking “nonsense.”

@Luke Montgomery I suggest you reread Mr. Wadsworth’s claim that the residents of America’s largest population centers are not normal Americans.

Get one month of free access, but you have to start that free month no later than 5 weeks until you can watch just the initial hour for free on CBS…? How dumb does CBS think we are with this “special offer”? I’m still planning to wait it out a year for the DVDs.

@David G — I’m gonna just try CBSAA for one month free via the app starting on Sept 24. My App currently offers a one month free trial since March, just like all of the other streaming services, so I don’t expect that to change. This promo appears to be targeted at those customers who are already planning to pay for the service to watch all 15 weeks of DISC. So it’s unlikely there’s any grand conspiracy which assumes its audience is stupid. CBSAA also has a commercial free option which this may either be designed to give customers a taste of, or help make the choice. Either way it gets customers signed up and tuned in ready for the premiere. Based on some of the posts I’ve seen around here, there are many geriatric fans who are still using flip phones and DVDs, and may have some trouble figuring out how to access CBSAA. Personally I wouldn’t waste my money buying anything on DVD ever again, but that’s just me.

Well it is a special offer, you get one month free. It doesn’t mean they have to give anyone one month of Discovery free. I don’t think CBS thinks people are dumb, what they are trying to do is show people, especially Trek fans, AA is more than just about one show and maybe people will like its other features.

I don’t know about that, Tiger. The fact is that if a Trek fan tunes in for Trek, it is reasonable to expect them to poke around the service to see what else is there. They are still paying for it. If there really is content worth keeping AA for, the Trek subscribers will find it. Therefore, your theory of why the 1 month before Trek is on, while it MIGHT be a small part of the decision to do it, is more than likely not the main reason for it. I really think they are mainly trying to grab that % of people trying it who just plain forget to cancel. Every little bit will help this start up.

Every Trek fan knows when Discovery premieres now. I don’t get your point, if you are already taking the one month free chances are you will be signing up to watch Discovery anyway. If you’re not taking a FREE month of viewing then more than likely you never will sign up. I just think this is more much ado about nothing.

And if you can’t remember to cancel in an age you have computers to remind you of such things well then you signing up for one month of a streaming service is probably the least of your problems.

Tiger, I disagree. I’d say there are not all that many who are planning to sign up for Trek who have no interest in that free month before Trek starts. They are signing up for Trek. Not for anything else there might be on AA. Since the show is weekly it also stands to reason that since they are indeed paying for the service they may use that extra time to find what else there might be on AA. They will not need that advanced month whatsoever. Therefore, the main goal of the free month seems to be just to catch the % of previewers who fail to end the subscription. They will need as many as they can get.

“What about the people who practice polyamory?”
So, Denobulans?

BINGO, Perplex!

LOL great response! Didn’t that guy have 4 wives?

I tried to join CBS All Access using that code and got the message “Invalid Coupon.”

CBS says it’s still valid, but only for brand new customers. Had you signed up for All Access previously?


Young Spock made the all Vulcan swim team? Aqua Spock, meet Aquaman. I smell a DC crossover here….


Wow, three of these have characters brandishing weapons. But this show is about humanity and exploration lol. Oh well.

Yup, exploration and humanity traditionally never involved weapons or conflict.

That’s sarcasm by the way.

I’ve been a STAR TREK fan since TOS, and have viewed every incarnation–movies and TV series many times, but what’s troubling me is why I am not in the least bit interested in this series. I’ve seen the trailers of Discovery and they have all looked great! Yet, I can’t figure out why there is absolutely not a spark of interest or passion from me regarding this new series. Can’t figure it out. I have thought and meditated on it and the one things that keeps coming up in my mind is I am just sick to death of the starship formula and concept. There are now 6 live action TV series, and with the exception of DS9, they have all focus on this format. Am I the only fan who believes that a TREK series can be more than just a starship based? I’m sorta curious.

Trekking through the stars is sort of the point of Star Trek. I have to disagree with you.

Im excited for Discovery although maybe not the way I was with TNG…maybe not even Enterprise.

And I think its more to do with how often the powers that be screwed it up. Im much more “show me” than “tell me” now.

I think there is a lot of unreasonable hand wringing going on but Im cautiously optimistic. But the last time I was excited, STID, I was so disappointing.

Discovery will get me eyeballs on day one. What they do there will decide if they keep them.

TNG’s first season was abysmal, but it went on to become excellent. So I plan to watch the new show for awhile before deciding whether it’s worth it.

It’s been the main focus of TREK. It doesn’t have to be the only focus. There’s an entire fictional universe that is STAR TREK also. Why not explore that as well? DS9 provided a new road map for TREK producers to follow. I don’t mean war and spiritualism, but the focus on another area or aspect of TREKs fictional universe. There are rumbling of other series on the horizon, so for people like me who are weary of this formula, there is hope.

Hopefully the damage to the franchise can be kept to a minimum with release online streaming since most fans are cheap and likely not be interested in paying to see this abomination.

Why so much desired focus into sex…?! Sex is a personal choice and matter… It’s not Starfleet’s business…!! Star Trek should not be about all human aspects of sex definition… This would be too narrow, too restrict to the show…!!