STLV17: Photo Wrap-Up – All Good Things…

Star Trek Las Vegas wrapped up last weekend. TrekMovie dedicated full team coverage to the event, producing hundreds of tweets during the event and over a dozen articles during and after with all the big news, interviews, and more. We also just posted our Shuttle Pod podcast wrap-up. Before we move on to resume our regular coverage, we have one more story for you: some of the best of our remaining pictures of Star Trek celebrities and from around the con.

More Star Trek celebrities at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Women in Star Trek: TNG panel

Gates McFadden and TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino at Women in Star Trek: TNG panel

Star Trek DS9 panel

Nicole de Boer

Marc Alaimo

Jeffrey Combs

James Darren

Casey Biggs

Kate Mulgrew

Robert Duncan McNeill surprises Kate on stage for a hug

Voyager panel with Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, Robert Beltran, and Ethan Phillips

John Billingsley crashes Voyager panel, saying that people already confuse him with Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips makes a surprise appearance at Voyager panel Q&A

Enterprise panel

Linda Park

John Billingsley

Vaughn Armstrong

Steven Culp

Astronaut Mae Jemison and Nichelle Nichols

Walter Koenig

George Takei

More photos from around the con

Here are some pictures of the the environment around the convention center inside the Rio hotel.

There was also a special ‘Ten Forward’ photo op area along with a ‘TNG Vault’ full of Star Trek: The Next Generation props and costumes.

And that’s a wrap. This is the end of our Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 coverage . See you again in 2018!

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Thanks to Trekmovie and their staff for tremendous coverage!

The TrekMovie staff has done an amazing job covering all the recent events. Thank you!

And, the blue in Kayla’s hair looks pretty cool.

Looks like Kayla is becoming a STLV panel-regular. Keep up the good work!

And thanks to Youtube users for uploading the videos of the panels. Terrific!